WordPress Plugins To Increase Your Website Speed

You Got A Slow Website? I got 3 secret plugins for you for free

WordPress Plugins To Increase Your Website Speed

3 WordPress plugins to increase your website speed to help you get a better ranking score on google. Blazing fast website speed is crucial to keeping mobile visitors on your website.

Nobody is going to wait around if your site takes longer than two seconds to load. First off it all starts with the hosting that you are using. Shared hosting for a WordPress website will not give you the speed you need.

You better be using managed WordPress hosting. Your running an online business and you will lose customers with a bogged down slow performing website. Another big reason why your website might be slow is because of the images that you are using.

Resize them and get the heavy weight off your website. Header sliders and things of this nature could be another culprit that is making visitors turn away because they do not want to wait for that stuff to load up.

Come on now. You really have to do a website check up every now and then. Think about it. How long would you sit there waiting for a site to load? Where do these people go if your website is not loading fast enough? You got it, right down the street to one of your competitors.

More than likely you’ve worked hard on your masterpiece and want to show it off to the world. You’ve spent countless hours writing great relevant content and you are finally getting folks to your site. Now they have to stop at a red light, which is your site. It’s one of those long drawn out red lights that seems to take hours.

Top Performance WordPress Plugins To Increase Your Website Speed

We are going to give you 3 top performance WordPress plugins that will help you give your website that under 2 second blazing fast speed you need. Like we said earlier is that you must have great hosting to start with or your just wasting your time.

Especially when your sharing bandwidth and all kinds of other things. Once someone gets a few people on their website, your website will come to a crawl. Go check out an article about the best website hosting companies and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Another good thing to do before you upload any image to your website is resize the image. The less weight and using the proper size will give you a big boost in website speed. Lucky for you we have some good friends that offer this type of service and they will let you resize your images for free.

Who does this? Go check out the internet marketing ninjas. Its a good place to crop your photos that you plan on using on your website. Not only do they offer this as a free service they offer all kinds of service to increase your speed, website design, link building and a whole lot more.

Take the time to get all of your website images cropped to the proper size that you need them. Another item that is worth noting is that too many plugins can also slow your site down. So use them sparingly and wisely. Next lets discuss the 3 WordPress plugins to increase your website speed.

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

The WordPress plugin EWWW Image Optimizer is a plugin that is recommended by our hosting company and even comes loaded when designing a new website. We also used and tested a few other image optimizer plugins but got the best speeds using the EWWW image optimizer plugin.

To give you better results we are only going to mention WordPress plugins that we actually use and have tested on our website against other plugins that can give you the same type of performance.

This plugin come free and does have a paid version. We have only used the free version so that is all we are going to talk about. It is simple to install and very easy to use. Any updates to the plugin are automatically performed as long as you click the update notification that you receive.

Shane Bishop is the author of the plugin and they keep it updated and we highly recommend any one using WordPress to use it. It will save you storage space, bandwidth and increase your WordPress website speed by way of image optimization.

One other good piece of advice to help with your ranking score is to use the Alt attribute. Make sure you give the image a title and a description. This not only helps google or other search engines identify your images, but you’ll more than likely get a better ranking score.

It will also provide the title of the image to a customer just in case it did not load. Next up is the plugin called Autoptimize.

2. Autoptimize

The Autoptimize plugin version that we use is free. Its simple to install and set up is a breeze. Autoptimize aggregates enqueued Java Script and CSS. Then it allows you to minify or should we say compress your CSS, Java-Script and HTML files so your page files are lighter and your pages will load faster.

It will not optimize files from third parties. Only files from your domain. Files or scripts like google font and Facebook will not be affected. You can go here if you need step by step instructions to set up this plugin Autoptimize.

This plugin can be used with other cache plugins. The one it should not be used with is W3 Total Cache because it has all those above options already preinstalled. The author of this nice handy plugin is Frank Goossens.

We haven’t had any issues with this great plugin and it definitely increased our speed. At the time before we started using this plugin, we had probably tried about 4 others that did not even come close to the increased speed we got from Autoptimize. Once we installed it we were completely happy.

3. WP Fastest Cache

This plugin is known as the worlds fastest cache and you can get more information about it at WP Fastest Cache. It also comes with a free and paid version. We took the free version because it did what we needed. It increased our speed, not doubt about it.

The author of this plugin is Emre Vona.This plugin creates static HTML files and saves the page. It leverages the browser caching which reduces page load speed. It just doesn’t have to keep reloading.

You can also enable GZip Compression which reduce the size of the files sent from the server. These files are sent to the browser enabling you to have a faster speed for your web page.

The WP Fastest Cache plugin is easy to install and it delivers fast performance. You cannot go wrong acquiring this great plugin. We recommend it and it has been an awesome product for us.

Share Your WordPress Plugins That Offer A Faster Website

We are always looking for ways to get some blazing speed from our website usage. If you have a WordPress plugin that has helped your website obtain a faster speed then feel free to share it in the comment section.

Be sure to try out these 3 WordPress plugins that have increased our website speed. Sometimes it takes trail and error. There are times when we try to use different combination of plugins and see what happens.

These 3 are our best we have come up with working together. Researching and testing plugins help you learn so you can earn in the future. You may also want to learn and earn with the hosting company we use. It’s a great story.

Did you get a chance to read our article about an affiliate marketing keyword research tool? It will not give you any more speed but will help you find that low hanging fruit. Everyone could use some more traffic.

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