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March 21, 2018

Tired Of Not Getting Traffic Let Me Show You How Traffic Comes To Us

Why Your Not Getting Traffic

Learn and earn money online from the reasons why your not getting traffic. How can you get more visitors to your website? Think like a farmer. Plant good seeds and take care of the crops to feed the stock.

Never stop learning.

We show you 3 ways to build your brand so people trust you and start coming to your site.

When your first starting out it seems that you just can’t get people to your website. Even if you been in the business for a while. Sometimes you just got to get back to the basics. You may need a little training or some fresh ideas.

Do you know why your not getting traffic? It could be a lot of reasons. One of the major reasons could be that you have not successfully built your brand on some of the social networks that are available to you.

Another reason is that you may not be using enough video to help you with your marketing efforts. Are you even using video as part of your content marketing strategy? Right now, video is super hot.

When you combine both of these traffic generating resources you can start getting more folks coming to your website so you can finally start making money online.

When people land on your website do they know what your site is about? Do you have the right content that targets a niche audience? This may be something that you may have to take a look at.

Is Training Why Your Not Getting Traffic?

Is Training Why Your Not Getting Traffic

Getting the right training, using the proper tools and marketing to your niche audience could be your answer. These recommendations may be your answer of why your not getting traffic and can double your visitors in a very short time.

If you got a few coins handy you might want to try to get more traffic using paid methods on Facebook or Google. But you better know what you’re doing or you could lose a lot of money real quick.

First off, what is your target market? For example, our target market are people that want to learn and earn money online. That is a big group of people.

So we market to this group of people in a lot of different ways which we will cover in a moment. We break down this group of people into smaller categories. That way we can target a specific audience.

We mainly target 2 types of audience. Beginners that don’t even know how to build a website and people that are struggling to make money online.

So we got people that need to learn the basics. Then we got the audience that needs help getting traffic to their website so they can start to earn money online.

Both of these groups need training so they even have a chance of succeeding online. You may be here because you need to learn ways of generating traffic to your website.

Once you know who your audience is, it’s time to create content. Write your content so your audience understands what your talking about.

Then promote your content. You can do this in many ways while building your brand. Get some internet marketing training so your not in the situation of figuring out why your not getting traffic on your website.

Training For Beginners

The first group are the beginners. They need training in building a website, building their brand and getting traffic. These are the first things you need to know how to do. That’s why we offer free training on how to build a website. Do you have a name for your free website? Enter it below.


Most beginners have little knowledge how everything works online and have hardly any education of how to earn money online.

So we provide a place they can get free training to see if internet marketing is what they really want to do. We don’t offer no get rich program and we want you to understand that it take’s smart work for you to succeed.

Training For Struggling Marketers

The second group of people either need help building their brand or getting traffic to their website. This group of people are struggling marketers. They just need a little guidance to get them in the right direction.

Everyone into internet marketing has a keyword research tool. Which one are you using? What do you pay monthly for the tool? Ours is included in our WordPress hosting plan.

We use Jaaxy because it is simple and easy to use. You can get the Jaaxy keyword research tool as a stand alone if that is what you need. It’s included in the premium training and hosting package. So we save money.

How much are you paying to host your websites? We get to host 25 WordPress websites and they all come with an SSL certificate. That gives us the ability to have many small niche websites that will help us make more money online.

We’ve used HostGator and Blue Host. Both are alright companies. The reason we choose WA is because of the value. You can get training, keyword research tools, hosting and a great community of entrepreneurs to guide you along the way. Plus, super fast website speed and the results are in our review.

Are you a member of a group of entrepreneurs that is willing to help you out when you it? Do you have a coach or a mentor? Our community will help you in both. You can also take the free training and learn how to build a website using WordPress.

Learn And Earn Money Online By Being Educated

Both groups can always use internet marketing training courses to help them succeed. Some folks have not even figured out a niche market yet.

The good thing is all these skills can be acquired with proper training, tools of trade and someone to help you along the way. Are you even investing in the tools you need to help you get traffic?

When we first started we struggled. We took the road of hard knocks. Naturally this could of been avoided if we had just listened and got the training to start out with.

We have seen many people struggle to try an earn some cash online. 90% of all marketers fail. We wanted to be in the top 10% that succeed. It’s funny when I think back to my story of struggling trying to earn a $1000 online.

You got to get serious and really want to make it.

Some folks just need a system to follow so they are more effective. There are other people that quit before they even had an opportunity to succeed. It does take discipline and hard work. That is for sure.

You also have to understand that it takes time to figure this out. Once you really start understanding how the system works you will start earning money online.

Some folks take longer than others. We are all different. Just make sure you start with something that you enjoy. If you enjoy cooking, do something along them lines.

Do you like photography? Then do that. Maybe your into art or your a social butterfly. It don’t matter. Just do what you enjoy doing so you can have better results.

You must be able to define your niche. Just solve a problem. Come up with a solution. Your website should be written so your target audience can understand the information that they are looking for.

3 Ways To Get Traffic And Build Your Brand With Results

Build Brand and Get Results For More Traffic

Why your not getting traffic to your website could be due to your brand. Is your brand trusted? Do people recognize your brand? Do you want results?

Think like a farmer. He’s got to plant good seeds into soil that has nutrients. This is your training phase and when you start to write good content.

Then the farmer has to maintain the crops. It takes time for them to grow.

Maintain a content marketing strategy and start feeding social media sites with little billboards and pictures that get them thinking. Every now and then, share some of your great content.

Your building the trust factor. The more valuable information you provide, the more you will start to become an expert to them. Farmers don’t get paid until they have ripe crops and solid stock.

Once you get that rolling, the trust factor kicks in. People will know who you are. Your becoming that expert in your little niche. Just like the farmer. He had to take care of those crops. Day by day they start growing bigger and bigger.

Then the farmer makes a little money selling some of his crops. He also feeds the live stock from these great crops. They grow bigger and bigger. Now he starts making more and more money from his stock.

This is what you get to do. It takes time. The more you do it the more you will make. Start planting those seeds. Take care of those crops. Feed that stock. Next are the 3 hot ways to get traffic to your website.

1. Use Content Marketing To Get More Traffic

This is where you lay out your plan of attack. You need to have a strategy. Here is an example. Plan on writing a minimum of 30 blogs over the next 90 days. That’s 10 blogs per month. You must take action for it to be a plan.

By having a plan and a schedule will enable yourself to get into the swing of it. Believe me, once you start you will just want to keep rolling. Your confidence will increase and you will start feeling like an expert from all your research and blogging.

Take out that memo pad and start writing down what you plan on blogging about. It’s time to start taking action. Why do you want to put it off? Your on your phone. No problem. Use your memo pad on your phone.

If you cannot write, then say what you want to promote on audio. Use an mp3 or mp4 format. Send it off to rev.com and have it transcribed to a written format. No excuses. They will charge you a few bucks. Check them out for details.

Write a detailed blog post that will offer a solution to someones problem. Follow the search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines to help you with ranking on the search engines. Make sure your following a schema format.

Use good titles and headlines so folks will want to read your content. Use images to draw them in. Remember a picture says a 1000 words. You have no images? Well you could buy some online or take your own.

Now if you were taking those training courses you would have access to over a million images included with the premium membership. There are other places that offer images online that you can find with a search.

The more you write, the more opportunity you have for someone to find your website online. You should not have to ask, why your not getting traffic, as long as you are producing good content for your niche audience. You just got to find the low hanging fruit. In addition, produce a video for every article that you write about. That’s next.

2. Use Video To Get You More Traffic

Video is red hot in 2018. Many people are not using video and are wondering why they are not getting traffic. The 2nd largest search engine and you don’t want to miss out.

You need to be using video to increase your brand awareness  for one. You Tube is also a search engine that can drive traffic to your website using keywords. Another reason you need a keyword research tool.

Now each post or blog that you write all you have to do is create a short video for it. 30 seconds to a minute long. The reason for that is you want people to click the link to come to your website.

You also want people to start recognizing you. It will start building that trust factor. Your confidence will grow with each video. You can even use a white board video maker like Animoto. Another video service you can get is Lumen 5.

Both services are a paid service and they may have a free version. Check with them for the details.

Use your smartphone if your funds are limited. Smartphones are a great way to share videos and are very effective. Most of us have these devices and carry them with us daily. Just take the main points from your articles and produce a preview of your articles. It’s that easy.

There are many experts online that you can get valuable information and tips to produce your own videos. One of the guys that has driven a ton of traffic to his website is Mark Harbert. You can get some great ideas from him.

He will show you how to generate leads and offers a workshop as well.

3. Use Social Media To Get More Traffic

Why your not getting traffic to your website could be because your not using social media effectively. Social media is another way to build your brand and get your trust factor rolling.

Also you must remember Facebook is not the only game in town. Most people that are just starting out have a hard time getting some traction on Facebook. Reason is. You have to pay to play. Not always but for the most part.

You can start building your brand with Twitter, InstaGram and Pinterest very quickly. Just follow their procedures so you don’t get shut down. You can develop a following over a short time frame.

You will want to optimize your images for your Facebook fan page. This will help with your branding and your images may even be found on google.

Right now Pinterest is one of the hottest social sites for drawing traffic and building your brand. Women are the big players on this site. Like they say, its a bloggers paradise.

Bria is a rock star on Pinterest and has tripled her traffic in as little as two weeks using a service called tailwinds.. There are many people that can give you ideas with a simple search.

Images are not the only content you will want to post of social media sites. Those videos you produced about your blog post are a great way to build your brand.

In addition, those videos are like little billboards all over the information highway. You will get traffic from them just by posting them to your site. Make sure you added a back link on the video to come back to your blog.

Learn and Earn Why Your Not Getting Traffic

Learn and earn money online. Don’t just sit there wondering why your not getting traffic on your website. Follow these 3 steps to get more traffic and build your brand that we listed above.

Take that 90 day strategy and just keep repeating every 90 days. Use your data to make any corrections or adjustments that you may need to be more effective.

Make sure you get the training that you deserve so you can learn other ways to drive traffic to your website. Never stop learning. Sometimes you just need a coach, mentor or a community to guide you along the way.

Are you ready to start getting more visitors to your site? Write good content that solves a problem. Offer your solution with your content. Produce a short video of your post or article and add it to video sharing sites like You Tube.

Share those videos on social media. Use images and video to build your brand on social networks. Think like the farmer. It’s not an overnight process.

Building your brand is one the biggest things people forget about when starting an online business. It will pay off and as your building your network, you will become an expert.

Thanks for Visiting The Learn and Earn Show

We hope you gained some valuable knowledge so you can get some more traffic coming to your site. Those little billboard videos will work. You just have to have the content to back them up. Little commercials on social sites.

Can you do us a favor? Drop down below and write a positive comment. What did you think. Tell us some ways your getting traffic.

Bonus. When you leave a comment you get a bonus. It’s another traffic and branding tip. Your going to like it. After you write something below, sign up for the newsletter and we’ll send you our bonus tip.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment just might help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Learn and earn money online.

Remember sharing is caring. Think like a farmer. Share us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank You.

Ken VanNortwick



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  • These are excellent points. I know that when I first started internet marketing, I was all over the place. I would try one thing, give up when I didn’t see results. Once I joined wealthy affiliate and committed to it, I started to see results. What helped me was they had a check list of things to go through. As I would get off track, I would go back to the checklist. Checking things off when I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere helped me stay on track. I finally started to make some consistent sales and that motivated me to take even more action.
    Your recommendations are spot on. Content marketing combined with video and social media will help to boost your traffic!

  • Glad you enjoyed yourself Melinda. Staying on track is very important. Sometimes you just end up wasting time messing around with things that are not that important. The checklist method is an awesome way to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

    When you combine your content marketing, video marketing and your social media it gives you a way of building your brand and will get traffic to your website. It won’t happen overnight but as long as you stay focused on the end result you will have success. Keep following your plan and those checklists because you will keep making more sales as time goes on.

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