Why Doesn't My Website Get Traffic?

Does Your Website Traffic Suck? Read This Checklist

​Why doesn't my website get traffic is a great question. It could be a number of things. So we are going to provide a checklist so you have something to go by to improve visitors coming to your site.

This checklist is not going to cover every single area but it will start with the ones that could be holding you back. We have seen so many people get so frustrated that they actually quit. Don't be a quitter. Winners never quit and quitter never win.

First off, if you are just starting out you need content. Not just a few blog posts. You need content that offers value to your audience. Look for ways to solve peoples problems.

It takes time for your website to gain any type of authority even if you write the best articles on the planet. You have to earn your way into the search results. Now let's take a look at the traffic checklist.

​Stop & Read The Traffic Checklist

Stop ^ Read The Traffic Checklist

​This traffic checklist is a quick checklist to see if you are doing everything that you can do to get visitors coming to your blog or site. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you are not getting any people coming to the blog you're working really hard on.

Personally, we do not even concern ourselves with traffic until we have produced enough content. How much is enough? That will depend on your niche, the competition, and the search engines. 

Another thing is that it takes time for your articles to move up in the search results. Plus to give articles a little more power you should be inter-linking the new blog post to the last article in that category.

​Sometimes you may have a blog post that is ranked in the search results sitting on the second or third page. All it needs is a little more juice to get to that first page so you can get a little of the organic traffic for those keywords.

If you write 100 blog post in say 6 months to a year. Go back and check the first 50 post and see where you are ranking with those keywords. After you write another 50 posts go back and update the other 50 and keep repeating the process.

​10 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

​Follow this traffic checklist and see if you are doing your part. Sometimes something simple can make a big difference. Sometimes we take short cuts to save time. 

You should get into a routine to make sure you get everything done properly. We will cover 10 ways to increase website traffic that you should do to increase people coming to your website.

Another important point is, are you writing for the right audience? If your audience are baby boomers and you are sharing your blog post on Instagram then you may want to consider switching to Facebook.

Share your post where your audience would be. Make sure you are writing and relating to your audience. You need to talk their talk and walk their walk to be effective. 

​1. Headline, Featured Image & Meta Description

Headline Featured Image & Meta Description

​This is where it all begins folks. You must have a headline that can draw in the audience. It must benefit the reader. Use curiosity. A headline must attract attention. The headline must be cleaver, simple, and direct.

The featured image needs to reinforce the headline. The featured image and headline work with each other. It represents the content, mood of the article, increases engagement, and gets peoples attention.

​Well you got that persons attention and they have stopped but they still are not convinced if they want to check out your article. That is where the meta description comes into play.

​The meta description should get the reader to click the article. It should be a combination of the headline and the featured image in words that invite, create curiosity, and a brief explanation of what the content is about.

If you need a guide to write better headlines then we suggest you read the step by step guide for headlines by Neil Patel. It's a good idea just to check out how other people do it. Find someone in your niche and read their headlines.

2. Are You Using Good Blog Post Structure

Using good structure when writing your articles can make a big difference. Using titles within your blog post can also make a difference if someone want to read your post.

You got them to click on your article because you used a great headline, featured image, and your meta description. You will find these folks that like to skim over the article.

That is why you need good post or page structure. Writing more great titles, using more images, and a summary or even a conclusion of the article. You article must be organized for your readers.

Not only must it have organization for the readers but the search engines need to be able to crawl your content easily. You should write for your viewers but keep in mind the search engines like Google. Google number one concern is the users experience.

3. Are You Using Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques?

What is search engine optimization and why you should use good SEO techniques? How can it help you get traffic to your website? These are some of the questions that you should know.

Are you using Google Analytics to find out which articles are producing traffic and where it's coming from?​

Write about what people care about. It needs to include the benefits that they receive. Your article should be of value to your potential customers. Are you helping them solve their problems.

Are you using the right keywords for your audience? You need to write about the subjects that matter to the people you want to visit your website. Why doesn't my website get traffic?

Find those low competition keywords that someone would search for related to your niche. Sometimes it's best to use a keyword research tool to get the best results.

​4. Is Your Website Mobilized?

Your Website Needs To Be Mobilized

Why doesn't my website get traffic? This could be the reason. Have you looked at your website on a smartphone? Is it mobile friendly. Is it easy to navigate? Do the buttons have enough spacing?

Are you using a hamburger menu for mobile? Is the font to small for mobile or your audience. You do realize that those baby boomers need a bigger font size? Does your website use a responsive design?

It's just a good idea to check these things out on your mobile device. Take a look at each page of your website and verify that everything is good to go. When you do that you'll also get an idea of how fast it loads up.

5. Website Speed Can Cause You To Lose Potential Customers

​Website speed is very important. If your website is not loading under 2 seconds you are losing visitors without even knowing about it. Your Google analytics will show a high bounce rate.

So the best thing to do is check your website speed on a site like Pingdom. There are a lot of factors that can slow a website down. Once you run a test Pingdom will give you the upload speed of that URL and suggestions to improve the performance.

​Are you using an image optimization plugin. The one we use comes with our WordPress theme. Thrive Themes is used by most of the top marketers. It has great performance, speed, and offers you great website design options.

But if you are using a WordPress plugin to optimize your images we suggest EWWW Image Optimizer. If you are using too many plugins then expect a slower site. 

There are a lot of social sharing plugins that cause poor website speed. Believe me, we have tried many of these plugins and the only one we recommend is Social Sharing by Danny.

​6. Are You Using The Best & Fastest Hosting Provider?

Website Speed Test

​One of the best things you can do for your business is get the best hosting that is available for your website. You will find all kinds of articles about what hosting provider is the best.

There are only 2 hosting providers that we recommend. Why only two? Because we have used a majority of the cheap and slow hosting providers and they do not have the speed.

WPX hosting is our number one recommendation. If you go the cheap route then you will lose potential customers like we have during the last few years.

They are rated number one by customers, Thrive Themes, and many of the top marketers in the world like Matthew Woodward. WPX hosting also has the best and fastest customer service.

We use WPX and another provider for this website that has great speed. Our website speed is a little over a 1/2 a second. (589 milliseconds) You can even learn and earn with hosting providers.

Find out where to get this blazing fast speed by reading the article. They have even upgraded their hosting services and we have cut our speed in half.

Less than a second upload speeds and you can see the proof in the image above. Why my website doesn't get traffic? Check your website speed.

​7. Are You Sharing Your Content On Social Media?

Sharing Content On Social Media

​Sharing is caring. You need to post your content where your audience hangs out at. If they are on Twitter then post your content there. Are you posting your content on Facebook?

Facebook has the biggest audience but not all folks are using this social media platform. You should post at least 3 pieces of your content on Facebook if that is where your audience hangs out.

Learn to earn with social media. It takes time to build a following. So why not start building your following today. By taking advantage of social media networks you can start to increase engagements, build your audience, and eventually start getting more traffic.

The younger people are hanging out on Instagram. Post your content if that's where your audience hangs out. There are other social media networks that could be beneficial to you like LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Go where you need to go and start posting. Will your traffic increase overnight? I doubt it. It takes time for you to start to build your brand and get things rolling.

​8. Build Your Brand

​In order to build your brand people need to recognize your brand by sight. You should use some sort of the same thing on your social media sites and your website.

A logo or an image that clearly identity's your brand. The more people see it the more you become a figure that is recognized by your audience or potential customers.

Building your brand is another one of those things that take time. By posting articles and engaging with your audience you can start on the right path.

​Trust is a keyword when it comes to building your brand. That is why you should set up an email capture on your website. You can build that trust factor a lot quicker and your potential customer will see the value you offer on a more personal level.

You can even start answering questions in Facebook groups. Another way to get more traffic is answer questions on Quora and build your brand at the same time. Doing so will enable you to become more of an expert and move your trust factor up a level.

​9. Write More And Better Content

Write More & Better Content To Get More Visitors

​We have already hit on this but it needs to be mentioned again because you need enough content to share on the social media networks, show up in the search results, and to answer any questions that your audience needs information on.

Do you have enough content to share for the next 60 days without someone seeing the same article? Three times a day. That is what? 180 articles and that is not counting the questions that you answered.

​Your content needs to solve problems for your targeted audience. Some of your articles are going to need to be longer that others. Sometimes to get a blog post ranked in the search engines it may take 3000 words or more.

​Your articles have got to beat out the competition for the keywords you are trying to rank for. It must offer great and solid solutions. Value is the key here folks. If your not a good writer use videos or just add them into your post..

YouTube is an excellent traffic source. You have to work smarter and harder than your competition to get ranked in some of those tougher keywords or phrases.

​10. Commenting And Sharing Content From Other Websites

​You should read and comment on other people blogs and websites. Offer good comments and ask questions if needed. You can learn a lot just by offering a few comments.

Some of these folks are experts and have been down the road that you are traveling. At one time they may have ask themselves the question. Why doesn't my website get traffic? 

Listen and learn from these folks. They have already been down that dusty trail with no traffic. So learn and you will start to earn. Getting visitors to your website has to come from many directions.

Do not depend on one traffic source. You need multiple traffic sources to get maximum results. One area may dry up like a desert. Something may change. Every time Google puts out a new update your traffic could decline or increase depending upon your situation.

Do everything the right way and do not fall for blackhat quick results or link buying schemes. Build your back-links naturally. You can get into guest blogging if that's your cup of tea. We just write, share, and answer questions.

​Conclusion of Why Doesn't My Website Get Traffic?

​By following these 10 ways to increase your traffic is a great start. It will take some time and you should be prepared for that. Just keep producing that great content for your potential followers.

It's a business and you have to have your ducks in a row if you want to make a profit. Why doesn't my website get traffic? Because you haven't worked hard enough more than likely.

You got to knuckle down and produce content that offers solutions and provides value to your audience for starters. Sometimes it gets a little tough. Work through it because the rewards are right around the corner.

Do us a favor and drop down below and post a comment. Why doesn't my website get traffic? We would like to hear your suggestions and let us know if we hit home.

Before you head off and start writing some great content how about sharing this article so everyone can gain a few pointers. Thanks for stopping by and we shall see you at the top of the mountain of success.

​Why Doesn't My Website Get Traffic? Follow The Traffic Checklist

Maybe you need some training so you do not lose your mind and freak out trying to get all of these things down. Sometimes we need to get back to the basics.

It's always good to brush up on the basics and even learn some different ways to do things. Why doesn't my website get traffic? Stop and read the traffic checklist.

  • ​Headline Featured Image & Meta Description
  • Blog Post Structure
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Is Your Website Mobilized?
  • Website Speed
  • Are You Using Blazing Fast Hosting?
  • Share Your Content On Social Media
  • Build Your Brand
  • Write More And Better Content
  • Are You Commenting & Sharing Other People's Content?

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