Why Do You Need A Blog For Your Business

Why Do You Need A Blog For Your Business? [Learn And Earn]

​Why do you need a blog or is blogging a complete waste of your time? Let's jump in and answer these two questions.

​You may be thinking should I start a blog or would I be better off coming up with some other content marketing strategy.

Probably the main reason why people write articles is to learn to earn.

Yes, writing articles takes a lot of research (learning) and provides you with an opportunity to make money online.

You get to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and grow as a person. It's a powerful way to improve your self confidence and share your opinions.

In the old days people use to express themselves writing diaries and journals. Then in 2003 WordPress came along and provided a new way to publish content on the internet.

Next, social media kicked in with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These outlets provided another way to reach out to an audience.

​5 Reasons You Need A Blog For Your Business

5 Reasons You Need A Blog For Your Business

Today we will lay out 5 good reasons why you need a blog for your business and how it will benefit your bottom line.

  • ​Earn Money Online
  • ​Getting Traffic To Your Website
  • Content Marketing Strategy To Improve Your Authority
  • ​Researching For New YouTube Video Ideas
  • Build Your Brand On Social Media

What is the best way to make money online?

In order to earn some cash you need what?

We all want traffic coming to our website, who doesn't?

Blogging provides the search engines with fresh and new content that has an opportunity to show up in the organic search results.

​How does that benefit you?

You guessed it. It's an opportunity for you to receive free visitors coming to check out your content. 

That is why you need to have all your ducks in a row. Like a great headline, meta description, and an image that offers curiosity.

Because they have to click on your masterpiece before they visit your website. So blogging can drive traffic to your site.

If they like what they see and you offer enough value you may even capture their email so you can build a relationship with them.

But as the old saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

You need other traffic sources.

Actually, you want a well rounded content marketing strategy.

​Blogging Can Compliment Your YouTube Videos

Blogging Can Compliment Your YouTube Videos

Your central hub of your online business is your website.

It's the foundation of your business. It's where people can come and get more information about your products and services.

But you should always be looking for other traffic sources to keep building your business to the next level. 

Blogging can be the source of new ideas for your YouTube channel.

YouTube is not only a great traffic source but a place you can offer your audience a tremendous amount of value.

Using how to and explainer videos you can find problems and offer solutions. It will help you build that trust factor quicker than blogging.

Another thing is that since most people are on smartphones they love watching videos. A short video can lead them to your blog posts for a more detailed explanation or a more in depth answer.

​In addition, those YouTube videos can become part of your articles that you write. They will help people stay on your site longer (dwell time) and could even be a factor in you getting a better ranking score.

They are a great way to offer a better user experience as well.

​You'll be surprised that by researching for your next blog post you'll discover new video ideas. Another benefit of blogging.

Would you rather see it or read it? 

Doing both doubles your traffic opportunities.

So not only is YouTube a great traffic source but those videos can complement your blogging activity and even provide better engagement opportunities.

They can also help you build your brand.

​Blogging And Building Your Brand On Social Media

Blogging And Building Your Brand On Social Media

​Blogging can help you to become the expert in the niche that your website is all about. But when you look around you will find that your audience hangs out on social media.

Social media is not the place to sell your products and services.

It should be used to build relationships.

​One of the best places to build relationships is on social media.

This is your chance to show people that you are a real person.

Let them know how you feel about things. You get to voice your opinions and you get to interact with lots of different folks.

We see too many people trying to be every where on social media. Sort of like a jack of all trades and a master on none.

Find one social outlet and master it before you move on and add an additional social network. People have problems and needs.

This is where your blogging can pay off.

​Sharing your blog posts on social networks are a great way to offer value to your audience and answer some of the questions they may have.

If you keep offering great value and solve peoples problems you will start you gain peoples trust.

When you start gaining that trust and offer credible solutions your brand will start to take off.

In order to do that you need content that offers those solutions.

Blogging and vlogging (video blogging) are the key to offering that value on social media networks.

Why Do You Need A Blog? [Learn and Earn]

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​Summary: Why Do You Need A Blog For Your Business?

​Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a blog for your business.

  • ​Make Money Online
  • Getting Traffic To Your Website
  • Content Marketing Strategy To Improve Your Authority
  • ​Researching For New YouTube Video Ideas
  • Build Your Brand On Social Media

Blogging is a great way to keep your SEO in check help your site build that authority it needs. It's also can lead you to becoming that expert in the niche that you want to dominate.

Getting traffic to your website is one of the main reasons you want to be blogging. You need traffic to earn money online.

But like we mentioned above do not put all of your eggs in one basket because if one platform makes changes you could be in a bind.

You should try to use a combination of traffic generating methods. The 3 top ways sources that you may want to consider are

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging (video blogging)
  • Social Media

Using these 3 sources for your content marketing strategy can help you build your brand and using all 3 in a combination effort will cause you to have a well rounded plan.

​It all starts with blogging so that your site has a solid foundation of content that can solve peoples problems and offer them a solution.

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