What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program About

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program About?

​You came here to find out what is the Wealthy Affiliate program? So let's not beat around the bush and just give you a straight answer.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program About
  • Wealthy Affiliate Is An Affiliate Marketing Training Program
  • ​The Largest Community Of Affiliate Marketers In The World
  • It's A Place To Learn And Earn Money Online
  • ​A Place To Get Coaching And Advice
  • WA Is The Platform To Get All Your Questions Answered
  • Teaches You How To Use WordPress
  • Learn How To Use Keywords
  • How To Choose A Niche And Pick An Audience
  • Learn How To Build A Brand Using Social Media
  • A Place To Host Your WordPress Websites (up to 25)
  • It's A Platform With No Up Sells
  • ​Learn About Keyword Research & They Provide The Tool (Jaaxy)
  • Community Of People That Help You When You Need It
  • They Teach You About Search Engine Optimization
  • ​Membership Site That Teaches How To Start An Online Business

​Questions And Answers About The Wealthy Affiliate Program

Questions & Answers About The Wealthy Affiliate Program

1. How do you get started?

All you have to do is simply subscribe.

2. How much does it cost to get started?

You can join the program for free. No money or credit card required.

3. How long can you stay a free or starter member?

You can hang with the starter membership for as long as you like.

4. What types of memberships are there?

There are 2 types. Starter (free) and the premium membership.

5. How much does it cost for the premium membership?

You have 3 options to pay for your premium membership.

  1. You can pay monthly $49 a month
  2. Pay Every 6 months for $234 (averages $39 a month)
  3. You can pay annually $359 (best value)

6. What is the difference between the 2 memberships?

Keep following along and we will explain.

​Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

​You can find the differences in both programs in the image above.

Mobile users you may need to turn your phone sideways.

Check out what you get with the starter (free) membership.

  • You get LIVE Help for the first 7 days
  • ​2 Free Websites & Free Hosting To Start Your Online Business
  • Backup For Your 2 Free Sites
  • You Get The Beginner Training Lessons
  • ​Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training (phase 1 is 10 lessons)
  • Video's That Walk You Through Step By Step
  • 30 Searches Using The Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy
  • Access To 2 Training Classrooms
  • You Can Sign Up For The Affiliate Program
  • ​Opportunity To Earn While You Learn
  • 1 on 1 Coaching for the first 7 days
  • Best of all you can start for free!

7. How do you get the premium membership benefits?

All you got to do once you get inside the platform is upgrade your membership to premium.

​Check this out. Once you get inside, I'll send you a bonus.

It will save you some money for the premium services.

That is when you will be required to invest in the Your Business.

Are you ready to start your own online business?

Learn the skills you need so You Can Be the Boss on the internet.

Start working for your future in your spare time.

In addition, any time you have a question you can always send me a private message inside WA or just contact me here on my site.

​Learn and Earn With Our Great Tips

Learn And Earn With Our Great Tips

You can learn and earn with our great tips that we provide to our followers whether your a WA member or not.

​Our site is all about affiliate marketing and we are here to offer our advice. Especially beginners who are trying to learn these new skills.

So you may even want to subscribe to our blog and take the free 4 day mini course so you can learn to earn money online.


​Because when we put out more ways to help you get traffic to your site, tips on SEO (search engine optimization), and important info that will help you have a more successful business, you'll want to be informed.

You want to keep learning new skills. Another thing you may want to learn is how to structure your website and write reviews.

You can always use our site as an example to help you along.

Did you get a chance to read our Wealthy Affiliate Review

It will provide you a breakdown of all the affiliate marketing training courses that they offer and a whole lot more.

​Are You A Member Of A Mastermind Group?

Are You A Member Of A Mastermind Group

WA is like being a member of a mastermind group.

​Do you participate in any groups that can help you achieve more?

​It's always a good idea to learn from people that have already done what you are about to do (run a successful online business).

Internet marketing can become a lonely road. You should always be willing to learn new things. 

Getting help or advice from people that have had success can lead you in the right direction of success quicker if your willing to listen.

Who has the best affiliate marketing community is another question that you may have a need to know?

You can get a good grasp of why it's a good idea to hang out with a group of entrepreneurs. They can help you have success.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

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​Summary: What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

​We've talked about what is the WA program and showed you what it is all about. It's up to you to take advantage.

​Are you struggling trying to get your online business off the ground?

Maybe you just need the right training to get you on track.

Are you a beginner and just do not know where to start?

WA has the training you need and everything is broken down into bite size chunks. You get step by step training.

You also have a community to lean on when it gets tough.

Get in where you fit in and quite wasting your talents.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is building a business online.

You got to have a strategy that works. That is what you get with Wealthy Affiliate. All you got to do is put the strategy into action.

That's when it becomes a plan.

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