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November 23, 2018

What is Wealthy Affiliate About? How Can They Benefit Me?

What is Wealthy Affiliate about? It's a community, business opportunity, hosting company, affiliate marketing training program, resource center, and a place where people share ideas and help one another build an online business from the comfort of your home.

Learning to earn money online is no easy task. You can find all kinds of ways to learn to earn money online. But something that you should consider is it's just like any other business. You need to know what you are doing.

If you were a carpenter would you show up to work without a hammer? A course not. Not only do you need a hammer you need to know how to build whatever it is that you want to make or redesign.

Learning these skills take time. You just don't show up and tell someone you can build them a deck or a house. You need a design a blueprint that provides the details to build what you have in mind. Then you need all of the supplies to build your project.

Once you have everything together you're ready to start your project. Naturally, you need some skills to even read the blueprint. Once you have the skills and supplies you're ready to start your project. Now some folks know a few things to get started. But most people work for a builder that has many skills.

You may have the skills to put the foundation together, then other folks have the plumbing skills, another person has the flooring skills, and on and on. It takes many skills to run an online business. So the first thing you need to be able to do is to build a foundation. What niche are you going to get into? Who is your target market?

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You Online Marketing Skills

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Instead of you struggling to learn the skills you need Wealthy Affiliate is about teaching you marketing strategies so your odds of success increase. Wouldn't you rather know what to do before you start? In order to make money online, you have to know how to learn and earn.

This is what wealthy affiliate is all about? How do they do it? They have affiliate marketing training for beginners to help you get started down the right path.

 They teach you all the basic things you should know. It's not just about building a pretty website and thinking you are going to start making all kinds of cash.

There are marketing strategies that you must know how to do. How does anyone even find your website once you build it? How do you get visitors to your website? Can you build a website that loads faster than 2 seconds?

How do you get ranking on the search engines? These are some of the questions you get answered by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Do you know how to build trust online? Have you even set your goals for your new venture? Once you get an opportunity to get inside the platform you should look around. Look at all the questions people are asking either in the live chat or on the dashboard.

I will warn you that you really got to concentrate on the training once inside. It is very easy to become distracted and get an overwhelming feeling. So before that happens, get into the online entrepreneur certification training. Do not get involved with anything else until you finish that training.

​Wealthy Affiliate Community

You can learn quite a bit in the training courses that Wealthy Affiliate provides. But once you complete those lessons you'll be ready to acquire new knowledge. You'll want to know what everyone else is doing and how they are doing it? That is when the community will come into play.

You will find training sessions completed by people that have had success. Classrooms filled with real-life experiences that you can apply to your marketing efforts. These people are making a real income online. You do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate at all. That is your choice. You can promote whatever you want.

Plus affiliate marketing is not the only way some of these folks are putting money into the piggy banks. Everything from online stores, local marketing, social media marketing, and some are even selling their own product online.

You get the choice to promote whatever you like. The WA community is there to offer you support, answer questions, and for you to take advantage of the knowledge that is there for you to receive.

This community can help you with pretty much anything when it comes to online marketing. Ask a question any time of the day and get an answer very quickly. Usually, you will find someone that has already gone through and did what you are doing or something similar. So you gain the real-life experience of the person's knowledge.

Wealthy Affiliate Is A Resource Center

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with many things you need all from a single dashboard. How you would like access to over a million images to use on social media and your website. They got you covered. Most of the images we use on our website come straight from WA.

Not only images but a writing platform to help you along the way. You can set and track your writing goals. Quality content is key when writing articles and you will be able to compare your writing with the rest of the community.

One thing that we have noticed is once you start writing your skills improve.

Not only your writing but how you write effectively for internet marketing. It's a skill that you need to acquire. Practice and keep practicing by writing more effective articles. You'll see the difference after a period of time.

Reading other peoples blogs will give you an idea when you do your research.

They have the plagiarism checker, a place to save your templates, a grammar and spelling checker that we should be using. In addition, you will find members that offer suggestions on resources they use to get the job done.

That community is always helping people out. So take advantage of their wisdom.

​Summary for Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You Online Marketing Skills?

  • ​Learn Before You Earn
  • ​No Need To Struggle With Proper Training
  • ​Learn Online Marketing Skills
  • Take Advantage Of The Wealthy Affiliate Community
  • WA Community Can Answer Questions 24/7
  • Wealthy Affiliate Community Are Real People Just Like You
  • ​WA Is A Resource Center

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About? Hosting Niche Websites & Marketing Tools

WA Provides WordPress Hosting

Once you get your first website up and start making some money you may decide to create other niche websites as we have done. Wealthy Affiliate gives you that flexibility. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch.

Each site is secure and comes with an SSL certificate.

You can create up to 25 websites using your own domain names. This is not the cheap hosting that you can find online. The hosting they provide is extremely fast. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to hosting a website.

If your website does not load under 2 second you will find that you may be losing visitors.

They have a dedicated team to monitor the hosting platform and to provide customer service. Virus and malware protection comes with your membership. To find hosting that has this type of performance you would more than likely have to pay more than it would cost you as a premium member.

The hosting is that good. So to me, even if I was not to use anything else that this platform offers, I know I got my monies worth just from hosting my websites with WA. They have premium hosting and its worth every penny.

It is one of the reasons we promote Wealthy Affiliate. They host nothing but WordPress websites and you can rest assured that you have the speed you need compared with hosting providers we have used in the past.

Wealthy Affiliate Offers An Affiliate Marketing Keyword Tool

How do you find little niches and know if there is a lot of competition? Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the best keyword research tools on the market. Having a tool like this can save you a tremendous amount of time and research.

This keyword research tool is designed for the affiliate marketing industry.

As a matter of fact, you can even make money promoting the tool as a stand-alone option. The tool helps you dig deep into many niches. Knowing how to find keywords that offer very little competition gives you an advantage when putting your content together.

It's like finding the low hanging fruit.

You get to reach up and grab the fruit without breaking out the ladders, climbing high up into the tree to get some of that delicious fruit. Another word, it saves you time and gives you the ability to see if you have a chance to rank in the search engines for those particular keywords.

Especially when you have a new website. Google does not want to give you a lot of love in the search engines. So you need every advantage you can get.

Having a keyword research tool allows you to take advantage of finding that low hanging fruit or potential customers that you need.

So what is Wealthy Affiliate about? It's about value. From keyword research tools, to fast hosting, and a community to help you along the way.

We haven't really hit on all the affiliate marketing training they offer so you do not lose your mind. You'll find it on the inside.

Value Packed Affiliate Marketing Training Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Value Packed Affiliate Marketing Training

More and more people are buying online every single day. Affiliate marketing is a great business opportunity for any one wanting to start a online home business.

Yes, you will find many training courses once you get inside and take a look. They are two things you really want to get out of the basic training that you will receive and that is building your brand, next learning SEO to help you get organic traffic when writing your articles.

Learning those two important things can provide you with the ammunition you need to get started and to start developing a following. It takes time so you just need to be patient and keep writing great content that will help out your future followers.

The articles you start out with will become the foundation of your website. So take your time, research before you start, and use great SEO when writing your article. Just get the basics down so you have a good understanding. You can also check out an article we wrote so you use the proper site structure when building your website.

Once you get your foundation started on your site (30 blog post) and you want to learn how to get traffic then read some of our articles here at the learn and earn website. We are here to help you succeed.

But it's up to you to take action. We have to learn the skills you need before you will be ready to start earning money online.

​Summary for Hosting Niche Websites & Marketing Tools

  • ​WA Offers Big Value
  • Host Up to 25 Websites
  • Every Website Come With An SSL Certificate
  • Secure Hosting & Good Customer Support
  • Fast WordPress Hosting (Great Value Compare The Speed)
  • ​Keyword Research Tool For Affiliate Marketing
  • Find Low Hanging Fruit
  • Get Value Packed Affiliate Marketing Training

​Conclusion for What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

​Wealthy Affiliate is about value. You get affiliate marketing training, training from the community, even training from top affiliate marketers. All kinds of different classes inside WA.

​You get fast, secure, and top notch WordPress hosting. In addition you get to use a great keyword research tool to assist with your online marketing efforts. That way you can find the low hanging fruit.

Every website come with an SSL Certificate. No extra charges like other cheap hosting companies. Learn the skills you need like brand building, SEO, and how to get traffic to your website.

  • ​Wealthy Affiliate Is About Value
  • Take Advantage Of A Great Community
  • Wealthy Affiliate Offers The Resources You Need
  • Get The Smart Tools To Help You Succeed
  • Take The 50 Lessons Of The Entrepreneur Certification
  • Go Take A Free Test Drive To See The Training Courses
  • Get The Best Hosting Value With Speed
  • Start Value Packed Training To Learn Online Marketing Skills
  • Read Our Wealthy Affiliate Review for More Information

Feel free to comment below and follow us on Facebook for more affiliate marketing information that we pass on to our followers. We'll see you at the top of the mountain of success when you stop watching and start taking action.

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