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June 19, 2018

What Is Stopping You From Succeeding With Your Online Business

Whats Stopping You From Succeeding


What is stopping you from succeeding with your online business? Ask yourself 3 questions?

1. Is your plan working?

2. Are you producing content for your niche and audience?

3. How are you generating traffic and is it working?

You can bust your behind working on your strategy to accomplish your goals. Sometimes we have to admit that our plan is not working. You don’t need to change your goals. But sometimes you just need to change the steps it takes to reach your goals.

Do you have a strategy to help you reach your goals? In order for your strategy to work you must be taking massive action. It is the only way your plan is going to work. You have to dig in and get the work done.

Content is like the rock of your online business. Your content just needs geared toward your audience. Once you start providing content to your targeted audience you will gain trust and start to become an expert in their eyes.

How do you generate traffic? You need multiple ways of generating traffic. It all starts with your great content. You also need to use social media to build your brand and sooner or later it will become a traffic source that trust you.

It takes time and a lot of smart hard work to get your plan working to your advantage. You need to have a do not quit attitude. One must be able to continue even when the going starts to get tough.

What is stopping you from succeeding starts right between those two big ears hanging on your head. Do not stop yourself. You need to be mentally prepared for all the ups and downs. In addition, you must be passionate about what your doing.

Are You Helping Enough People With Their Business

Just by providing good solid information to help people with their problems, you start to build your brand. You can do this with images, videos, infographs, blogs and sharing this information on social media sites.

You become an expert in your chosen niche when you can give people information they need, want or enjoy. Sure it may take some of your valuable time but once you produce that content it is there for the ages.

When you can produce a solid foundation of content that can help other people your worth moves up the chain. You become more trusted. People don’t buy products they buy people that they feel they can trust.

Those people feel as if they gained something of value from you. They start to respect your opinion, recommendations and your word. Its an old school thing that never goes out of style. That is how you build a great following on social media.

This is when you start getting those super followers. These supper followers are a golden nugget  to building your brand. Does it happen overnight. Absolutely not. You have to produce the content that your audience needs.

It’s not enough to promote sales funnels that capture leads. You need the goods to back it up. Your foundation content should be the most detailed of all of your content. It’s like the backbone of your business.

Would your content to good enough to capture yourself as a lead? You can always improve your content. Keep working on getting that content a better ranking to move your brand to the front of the pack.

We all know about identifying a problem and then come up with a great solution. Do it with your content. Like maybe, your looking for a solution that will help you to succeed.

What is stopping you from succeeding? Is It Traffic?

Not getting enough traffic can kill any business. You can have the best content on a certain niche and if no one ever sees it, your content is a waste. You have to drive traffic to your content.

Joining an online community can help you come up with traffic generating ideas.

We are going to provide you with 3 traffic generating ideas to get your business noticed. Before driving that traffic to your website you need to have all of your ducks in a row.

Take a look at your appearance. Not just your website your social media sites, video sites and does it project your message. We try to use the same header for all of our sites because it helps with noticing our brand.

You can look at most of our sites and see the same message and everything is uniformed. Organized, looks good and sends the message that we are here to help you. We have solutions and are offering the information you need to succeed.

Pick two social media sites to build your brand and offer information to help people with their problems. Become an expert about the audience on those two social sites. You may want to check to see if your audience even hangs out on this social media site.

Now you want to post little social media billboards on these two social media sites. Images with quotes or information. Blog post, videos explaining the blog post, You are in lead capture mode. This is where you start to build e-mail list.

In addition, you should start using sales funnels along with the above posting on social media. You need a offer in exchange for their email. It could be an e-book, newsletter, course, how to video, webinar or any other offer you want to put together.

Traffic Is Your Source For Success – We Need More Traffic

Well hopefully you got everything looking good when someone lands on your content masterpiece. We talked about using two social media sites that your audience hangs out at. Post often. Post all of your material. Videos, blogs, images, quotes on images,

You’ll have to dig the prospects out. You can also join groups that are in your niche. Start out answering questions or start some type of engagement. Read and follow the rules of the group. Offer advice when you can give a great answer. Also ask your own questions.

Answering questions about your niche can be a great way to build your brand and a smart way of getting traffic to your website. Like on Quora. Its a great way to become an expert. Make sure you provide a very detailed answer and it leaves no doubt that you are the expert. Remember that answer will always be there. You want to provide the very best information that you can offer.

Follow 5 leaders from your niche that has a big following. Work off her or his followers and share their posts as long as you believe they have worth while content. You can gain several followers using these techniques. Other people content is a great tool for acquiring followers.

E-mail marketing should become part of your strategy. You need everything set up when you start adding people to your list. Try to use video to gain that trust factor quicker. Using video will help you build that trust factor quicker.

Then comes the time when the free methods just aren’t fast enough. This is when you want to develop a sales funnel for your paid advertising on social media sites. Especially with Facebook. You got to pay to play on Facebook.

If you cannot get traffic by writing good content then sooner or later your going to have to advertise to build your clientele. Using sales funnels are the easiest way to capture those leads. Start with a small budget and have a paid marketing plan.

What Is Stopping You From Succeeding? Training

Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that we need training to get better at our craft. That is why people have training that is specially designed to further your career. The problem is who do you believe?

There are many courses out there on the world wide web. There are a few trusted sources that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. These courses are used by a vast majority of entrepreneurs that own home based businesses.

Udemy is a very recognized learning center. You can scroll through and find information or training about almost every subject or niche. You have to pay per course and do your own research about the instructor. But they are given reviews to help you decide.

You could also go with Site Sell or Affilorama. Both have good training courses. The largest affiliate marketing training center is Wealthy Affiliate. They provide the tools you need, hosting and training with step by step instructions. You can promote any niche that you want.

So what is stopping you from succeeding with your online business? Invest in yourself. You can find hundreds of positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. Its even called a University. They do have some excellent training courses and they will teach you other traffic methods.

Go check it out. You already have a positive mental attitude, Nothing can beat a great training program to get you back on track. Plus you get extra with the affiliate marketing training course.

Hosting, keyword research tool, ssl certificates for 25 niche websites and the largest community of internet marketers that offer their knowledge. Don’t take my word for it and go check it out for yourself. You can start for free if you’d like.

We’ll see you on the inside and give you some solid tips to help you get started. You can read my story why we needed training at how to learn and earn. You’ll also pick up more traffic generating methods.


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