Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review (Can You Really Learn And Earn)

​This Wealthy Affiliate review will answer the question and is updated with the new affiliate programs search tool for June 2019.

Can you really learn and earn money online with this platform?

There are thousands of over priced training programs on the internet.

Some are good while others are simply over priced. You may of bought a few of these programs and spent a pretty hefty chuck of change like we have.

​If you haven't already realized, it takes time to grow an online business.

Let's set the record straight. It takes at least a year before you really start to make a monthly income.

​Even if you only have a small amount of time and it takes you a few years to get to the income level you desire, you'll be farther ahead than you are today, wouldn't you agree?

Sure, you can make a few dollars with a simple niche site quicker than that time frame but to earn a good monthly income, it takes time and a lot of hard work.

But if you really want a sustainable business that provides you the freedom and income that you desire then you have to build a solid foundation of content.

​There is so much competition in the online marketplace that you need to know how to chisel your way in.

How do you chisel your way in the marketplace?

You need to set goals, learn new skills and have a strategy to even have a chance.

​Wealthy Affiliate Review Will Discover A Strategy That Works

This Wealthy Affiliate Review Covers The Strategy

​During this Wealthy Affiliate review we will cover the strategy that they provide and find out if it's worth your while.

You definitely need to set goals, learn new skills, adopt a strategy and start taking action. When you take action on your strategy, it becomes a plan. 

That is what we want to uncover. What are your goals? Can you really learn and earn money online? How will WA help you accomplish your goals?

​These are just a few of the questions that you need to know before you start your journey. Are their any guarantees?

There are no guarantees when you are trying to establish an online business. But if you work smart, learn the marketing skills you need, and work hard on a consistent basis, your odds jump off the chart.

Let's take a look at what Les Brown has to say about this in his short video. These are some of the things you need to consider.

​Listen to the story because you may be going through some of the same things in your life. Why do you want to learn and earn money?

​You Must Be Ready For The Challenges

​You must be ready for the challenges that lie ahead. This dream that you have of making money online is not going to be easy and Wealthy Affiliate tells you that right from the beginning.

You will not make a dime if you are not willing to put in the time. 

​Wealthy Affiliate explains that you must be committed to your own goals in order to have success online.

They explain that in the first lesson of the either training course. Yes, they have 2 main training courses and many other training courses inside the platform.

​This is not a quick get rich scheme but an opportunity for you to have success as long as you follow the strategy.

​Let's Cover The Money Niche Training Strategy First

​Our Wealthy Affiliate review will cover the 2 main training courses you receive. The first one is the Boot Camp training. 

This training is for people in the money niche. When you sign up for the free training you get to take phase 1.

That's right, it's free for life and includes 2 free websites. You can always upgrade to the Premium membership and take the other 6 phases.

The training course is sort of like going to boot-camp. Actually, it's called Boot-Camp Training.

It includes 7 phases. The seven phases teach you everything you need to know in the money niche. They provide you with 70 lessons.

Here are the 7 main phases that come with this training courses. We are only going to cover phase one and the ten lessons it has. Phase 1 is the course you get for free. Each phase has 10 lessons.

  • ​Phase 1 - Get Your Business Rolling
  • Phase 2 - Content, Keywords, & Conversions
  • Phase 3 - Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Phase 4 - Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get A Brand Through Media
  • Phase 5 - Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Phase 6 - Bing, Yahoo, & The Power Of PPC
  • Phase 7 - How To Scale Successful Pay Per Click Campaigns

​Phase One Boot Camp Training (Free Training)

Wealthy Affiliate Review Of Boot Camp Training

Don't worry they are not going to scream at you like a Drill Sergeant. The training course is going to teach you the basics of internet marketing.

That way you have an understanding on how all of this comes together. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and you will be able to work along with the instructor.

This information is valuable for you to know so that you know how to perform online marketing like a pro.

You can also earn money as you learn these skills. It does not cost a dime to join the affiliate program. You get all the value and gain the knowledge.

​For the free training you get 2 websites but are limited to just phase one of the training. But it is well worth your time.

They offer a solution for you to learn how to earn money online in the money niche and you get the tools you need to have success.

​Wealthy Affiliate Review Of The Free Training

Time To Learn Before You earn

​It's time to learn before you start to earn money online. During this Wealthy Affiliate review we want to check out the 10 lessons that are absolutely free.

This is phase one of the money niche training called the Boot Camp training.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Choosing Your Direction
  3. Building Your Website
  4. A Website Look Around
  5. Activating Your Plugins
  6. Getting Your Website Ready For SEO
  7. Your Initial Framework Of Content
  8. Understanding The Keyword Research Process
  9. Creating Thoughtful Insightful Reviews
  10. The Exciting Journey Has Begun

This course will start your journey toward success. It starts with a vision of where you are going and how you build your brand.

You'll even learn how you can win a free trip to Vegas. They also include a sample marketing strategy after lesson 10. Sort of a road map so that you have a direction to follow.

As you can see from the lessons you will be well rounded with the basics of internet marketing. These are skills that you need. After phase one all you need to do is start producing content on your free website.

If you want to finish the other 6 phases of the Boot Camp training you will be require to become a premium member.

Maybe the money niche is not for you. Then we recommend that you take the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. It's all good.

We highly recommend this course and give this part of the Wealthy Affiliate review a Big Thumbs Up.

Wealthy Affiliate Review of Free Training Big Thumbs Up

​This ​Wealthy Affiliate Review Concludes It's More Like An Investment

​Pay attention to this part of the Wealthy Affiliate review because this is when you learn all about building a successful business in any niche.

​It's more like an investment. Not only for the tools you need but for the proper training, coaching, and ideas you get from people all over the world.

​You get big benefits from the community. You can ask questions any time day or night 24/7. Average support time is 5 minutes in case you need to fix something on your website.

In addition, any time you need help just send me a private message or ask one of our fellow marketers and they will be glad to assist you. 

That's another big benefit. The Community is there to help you along the way. They all help one another. Even the folks that are making the 4, 5, and 6 figure incomes.

Even the owners, Kyle and Carson get involved. They offer expert advice and help out when they can. Another thumbs up.

Plus you can work at your own pace, your own time, and on your own schedule. Someone is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Having a community of like minded people to help you along the way is priceless.

​The Big Question - Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

The Big Question Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It

You may have gotten burned by some of the so called Guru's that offer training courses for internet marketing. Only to find out that most of them want more money to get the rest of the equation.

They call them upgrades or various other names. Plus they want you to buy all of the digital marketing tools you need. Don't worry, most of us have spend some major money on stuff that just did not work.

During this Wealthy Affiliate review we are going to answer the big question. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it

​It's like, you are standing all alone on an island and you have to figure out the big question all on your own.

You can rest assured that the program not only provides great training but also provides most of the necessary tools to help you succeed.

​Do not buy anything until you get your niche website all together. Not even a logo until you got money coming in. They have everything you need to start making some money online.

​Can You Really Learn And Earn?

Are People Getting Results From The Training

​During this part of the Wealthy Affiliate review let's find out if the training courses, the strategies, and the tools they provide offer you an opportunity to become successful.

Wealthy Affiliate didn't become the largest affiliate marketing community in the world because their strategies do not work.

They became the largest community in the world from people obtaining results.

By following the training you have a clear path to success as long as you have the discipline, take action, and learn what they teach you.

There are many people that have had success and are making money using Wealthy Affiliate. You will find that out as soon as you start your free training. Yes, you can really learn and earn money online.

​The online entrepreneur certification is for people that want to use affiliate marketing to make money online. It covers all niches.

The Boot Camp training is for the money niche but you can learn quit a bit from it as well.

​What Training Do You Get With The Online Entrepreneur Certification?

Whats Included With The Premium Membership

​You'll never stop learning at WA. It's like having a library of training courses for internet marketing. Sometimes you may get off track because of the vast amount of information they provide.

But still to the main training course that teaches you the strategies to make money online using affiliate marketing. Each course has it's purpose and you will need to take action before moving to the next course.

​You cannot take short cuts, skip lessons, or you will miss out on valuable steps that are required for you to have success. Do your job and follow the guidelines and everything will fall in place.

Are you ready to see what the training courses are about? This training consist of 5 courses and 50 lessons called the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

  1. Course 1 - Getting Started
  2. Course 2 - Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Course 3 - Making Money
  4. Course 4 - Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Course 5 - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Let's start with the Wealthy affiliate review of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training courses.

​Course 1. Getting Started

​This is when you get to know the owners of the company Kyle and Carson. You get a little familiar with the platform, set up your account, and get started setting your goals.

You'll even watch a couple of videos to show you around and let you know that you always have help and feel free to ask any questions.

You will learn what exactly your membership is all about, what's included, and how to set up your own personal profile.

None of this takes to much time and sort of makes you feel right at home before you start the next lesson of building your own traffic producing website.

Your passions, what drives you to start an online business, and to let you know you can start in any niche that you have a desire to succeed in. How much money do you want to earn?

Why do you want to achieve these goals? They pinpoint the why part of why you want to build an online business so you really know what you are truly going after. 

​Course 1. 10 Packed Lessons To Show You How Everything Works

Understanding How Affiliate Marketing Works
  1. Lesson 1 - Get Rolling
  2. Understanding How To Make Money Online
  3. Choose A Niche
  4. Building Your Own Niche Website
  5. Setting Up Your Website
  6. Getting Your Site Ready For The Search Engines
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content
  8. Creating Custom Menus On Your Website
  9. Understanding Keywords The Start Of Your Content
  10. Congratulations You Are Ready To Move To The Next Course

This course is another big thumbs up especially for beginners.

​Course 2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

​OK, let's do the Wealthy Affiliate review of the second course and find out what you will be learning in this one.

Now that you got some basic skills it's time to put those skills to use on your own website. This is the time to buy your own real estate on the internet (a domain name).

Then you will take your domain and learn how to put content for your audience on it. Sort of like an artist starting with a blank canvas.

​At the end of this lesson you will have your own niche website. You will know the process to create content and to how to start building your brand.

Your niche website will have a few pages of content that is niche specific and you are setting yourself up for success. You are starting to build a solid foundation for your online business.

​Course 2. 10 Lessons You Do Not Want To Miss

  1. Choose Your Domain Name - Branding
  2. Move On Over  My Brand Has Arrived
  3. Creating Keyword Rich Content
  4. Setting Up A Domain Specific Email Account
  5. The Traffic Breakdown
  6. Making Use Of Visuals
  7. Understanding Low Hanging Fruit
  8. Making Face As A Real Person
  9. Amplifying Your Productivity
  10. Boosting Your WA Rank

​Now that you have a little content on your website you are ready to start getting some feed back from others in the community. It may be time for you to become an Ambassador.

At this time you may know more than 80% of the people trying to make money online. Now it's time to learn more about creating revenue. It's time to knuckle down and learn some more.

Another thumbs up for this course.

​Course 3. Making Money

Wealthy Affiliate Review Covers Making Money

​Let's keep this Wealthy Affiliate review rolling with course number 3. Making money. All of a sudden everyone is paying attention.

That is why you are here, correct? Learning how to earn that money. So first off you already got a good start on your website. You know how to get traffic. Now it's time to learn how to make that cash.

​There are a few valuable lessons from this course. You want to ensure that you are helping people. Offer them value, information, and solutions to their problems.

The more that you help people instead of trying to sell them the more they will start to trust you. You've learned how to build a great website.

Now you need the content to help folks out. You need content that can be found online using the techniques that the course covers.

You have learned where to find products to promote and how to use reviews. One thing that you really need to understand is that the more people that you help the more people will buy from you.

​Course 3. 10 Lessons For Making Money 

  1. ​Understanding The Money In An Online Business
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks
  3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere
  4. Adding Affiliate Links To Your Pages
  5. Instant Access To Millions Of Products
  6. Leveraging Product Reviews
  7. Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site
  8. Earning Pennies or Dollars
  9. Brilliant Way To Track And Understand Your Traffic
  10. With Help Comes Financial Success

OK, you learned where to find the products and how to add them into your website. Different ways of making money online and how to track everything. 

The four main things that will help you succeed.

  • Build A Niche Website
  • Create Solution Oriented Valuable Content (Lots of It)
  • You'll Get Traffic With Good Ranking (Hint: Low Hanging Fruit)
  • There Are Many Ways To Earn Money Online

Learn and then take the L off. Write great content that helps your audience.

Does this lesson get a thumbs up? Yes, it falls right in line. Note; do not even add an affiliate link on your website until you have enough content.

Practice writing to help people first before you apply for affiliate programs and start getting some of that low hanging fruit traffic.

​Course 4. Mastering Social Engagement

​Let's see if the Wealthy Affiliate review for course 4 can get a thumbs up. This course is designed to teach you about the social networks.

​Course four is how can social media help you build your brand, social media marketing, and how to use social media engagement to your advantage.

This course will give you some ammo to use in the social world. They show you how to become a power player on Facebook and how to tweet for success.

This course only gets a 3/4 of thumbs up. Social media is rocking the online marketing world. We believe they could of put more emphasis on social media and covered it in more detail.

We believe that they should of covered more about getting traffic from Facebook groups and answering questions on sites like Quora.

​Course 4. 10 Lessons On Social Media

  1. ​What Does Social Media Engagement Mean To You
  2. Making Your Website A Place To Engage
  3. Using Facebook The Right Way
  4. Pinterest & The Visual Hemisphere
  5. Incorporating A Sound Tweeting Campaign
  6. Google Plus or Minus
  7. The Benefit Of Social At Wealthy Affiliate
  8. Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
  9. Using The Wealthy Affiliate Social Community
  10. You Cannot Be A Master At Everything

One thing you need to do before you go jumping into social media wide open is take the training or you could end up blocked or banned from Facebook.

The best advice from the course mastering social media is that you still need great content.

Producing content should be your priority before you start getting adventurous and diving into social media.

​Course 5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Wealthy Affiliate Review For Content Creation

​This is going to be the last course that we conduct our Wealthy Affiliate review on. They have many other courses but these 5 courses are the flagship courses that you should complete.

What is course 5 about? This is all about scaling your online business through content creation. They show you more advanced ways to take advantage of the content that you create.

Like how to structure your content, how to increase your conversions, and how to create engagement using your content.

Once you complete this course the only thing you should do is celebrate your success of completing the course and then get back to creating as much great content as you can.

Big thumbs up for course 5. Content is still king and you need to know how to use it effectively.

​Course 5. 10 Lessons of Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

  1. ​Content Is Your Business
  2. Setting Up google Webmaster Tools
  3. Improving Indexing Times & Speeds
  4. People Need To Read Your Content
  5. A Year Is A Short Period Of Time
  6. Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
  7. Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
  8. Injecting Comments With Intent
  9. Bing And Yahoo Are Still 33%
  10. Articulating A Plan For The Months And Year

What you realize is that you need plenty of content. You need to know how to write it effectively, with conversion intent, and you need to use the tools Google gives you to analyze your traffic.

That way you can see what is working and where you can make improvements. Plus do not forget that you may be able to grab some of that traffic from Bing and Yahoo.

If you are not very good at writing you can always out source those projects but who knows, maybe you are great at producing videos.

Sometimes it just takes practice, practice, and more practice. Don't forget content is king if you want to have a successful online business.

​Summary: Wealthy Affiliate Review of Paid Training Courses

  • Great Overall Training Course
  • ​Who Is The Course For? (Anyone willing to learn to earn)
  • Beginners That Need To Learn Online Marketing Skills
  • People Having Problems Getting Traffic Should Take The Course
  • ​Can't Get Your Business Off The Ground - Take The Course
  • They Show You Step By Step How Online Marketing Works
  • Where To Find Products For Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Different Ways On How To Make Money Online
  • Goal Setting and Brand Building
  • How To Find Low Hanging Fruit With Keywords
  • Traffic Generation Using Your Content
  • How To Use Social Media
  • Everything Is Laid Out In A Step By Step Manner
  • ​Choice To Pursue Any Niche
  • You Can Learn And Earn for FREE
  • Premium Membership Has It's Advantages
  • ​No Bothering You With Upgrades

This part of the Wealthy Affiliate review receives a BIG Thumbs up. The great thing is that you can get in for free and check it out yourself. You also get 2 free websites to develop your skills.

That way you can be the judge. The training program works. That is why they got  over a million members. People that work hard and follow the strategy have success.

​They tell you up front that it takes hard smart work and learning the skills that you need to market your content. Content is king as long as you offer value and offer solutions to their problems.

​Find Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

Apply For An Affiliate Program

​Once you get your website rolling with some great content it's time to find some affiliate programs for your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate just came out with the new platform to make your job easier and more manageable.

Introducing the new affiliate programs search tool.

​All the information right at your fingertips.

They tell you, who pays more, which ones are top rated, where to apply, and the program provides all the metrics you need to know.

This program allows you to find some of the best paying affiliate programs without searching on Google for hours.

It will save you time and provides a place to keep track of the companies that you are working with.

​Now you have other options besides Amazon. As we all know, they offer some of the lowest paying commissions for affiliate marketers.

Step into the Cadillac of affiliate programs.

The only place you will find such a massive array of affiliate programs like this, is at the one and only Wealthy Affiliate.

This is another big benefit for the WA community.

They have consolidated hundreds of name brand companies and are going to keep adding more into the program as it grows.

To find a program all you need to do is type what you are looking for into the search bar.

Another way to find opportunities is to conduct a search either by category, popular keywords, or trending opportunities.

Go check it out and take a sneak peek. You're going to love it.

While you're at take advantage of the free affiliate marketing training we spoke of earlier.

Plus, learn how to build a WordPress website and take advantage of the great hosting they offer.

​Wealthy Affiliate Review Of Their Hosting

Website Speed Test

During this Wealthy Affiliate review we conducted 3 website speed tests. We wanted to prove to you that Wealthy Affiliate's hosting is some of the best you will find.

WOW. 122 milliseconds. Blazing speed. This test was conducted from the Pingdom website.

We all know that website speed is a big search ranking factor. As a matter of fact, if your website speed is too slow you will lose customers.

Some people purchase cheap hosting from companies that people think are going to give them what they need. Not all hosting companies and services are equal.

I do not know what you think but if a website doesn't have a great loading speed I move on to one of their competitors.

You use a lot of valuable time getting people to your website and you would be a fool to let them click away to someone else because your site's speed sucks, wouldn't you?

​Website Speed Test From Frankfort Germany

Website Speed Test From Frankfort Germany

​The last website speed test we ran was from Washington, DC. That was the closest to my home in North Carolina.

We thought you might want to know what kind of speed our website would have if we took it to Frankfort, Germany.

The reason we wanted to let you know is because when you have people that find one of your articles online they could be located any where in the world.

Again, our website speed test from Frankfort, Germany shows that we were less than a half a second.

That is blazing fast. What is your website speed? The next step was to find out what kind of speed we would get going to the other side of the world.

​Website Speed Test From Sidney Australia

Website Speed Test From Sidney Australia

​For this Wealthy Affiliate review of the hosting we put them to the biggest test for their hosting. We wanted to see how fast our website loaded up on the other side of the world.

That location was Sidney, Australia. As you can see our website loaded less than a second. No matter where you are located we have a blazing fast website.

Check your website speed and do it from the other side of the world. You will find that it takes a great hosting provider to get even close to the speeds we demonstrated today.

One thing to note. We also use a great WordPress theme. They are the best in the world in our opinion. Who are they? They are called Thrive Themes.

They write such great code and have put together one of the best themes in the world. But it is a paid theme. That is one of the reasons we get a perfect performance score of 100.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can choose to use any free WordPress theme or you have the option to purchase your own.

​Blazing Fast Hosting From Wealthy Affiliate

Not only do you get blazing fast hosting from Wealthy Affiliate but the customer service is pretty awesome itself. 

If you have a problem and you need service there average response time is 5 minutes. They are not the fastest in the world but with over a million customers not too bad.

As far as spam blockers. We give them a big thumbs up. When we used Host Gator we were always getting a ton of spam.

Not only were we getting a ton of spam but the customer service was not a very good experience.

You also get to host 25 of your own domains with Wealthy Affiliate at no extra charge. Each one comes with an SSL Certificate.

That is a lot of niche websites that you can build as your business grows. But get one earning a bunch of money before you tackle another niche site.

How much does your hosting provider charge for additional SSL certificates? Probably about $50, right?

They have extremely secure hosting service. They advise you about the plugins you should use and many members also recommend some of the best ones.

In addition, their virus and malware protection is top notch. Through their added site protection you can rest assured they have you covered with their managed hosting.

So for this Wealthy Affiliate review about the hosting they get a double thumbs up. It's one of the reasons we recommend them.

​Wealthy Affiliate Review Of The Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Review of the Keyword Research Tool

​During this part of the review we will uncover the secret weapon that helps you find that low hanging fruit.

The keyword research tool that is included with the premium membership is called Jaaxy. This tool is built for affiliate marketing.

With so much competition you need to figure out a way to chisel your way into the marketplace.

You can do it by finding small golden keywords that have little competition. That gives you the ability to inch your way into that niche that you need to become an authority in.

Once you find enough of the low hanging fruit and write enough articles your website will start to gain some authority.

You can even brainstorm ideas using this awesome tool. Plus you can even check your site ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This is another great reason that we recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Have you priced out one of these keyword research tools? They can get a little pricey. Big Thumbs up again.

​It's A Fantastic Content Writing Platform

Fantastic Content Writing Platform

​Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a fantastic content writing platform. Writing content is one of the best ways to get traffic.

But you need the tools to do it effectively. Some of us are not the best at grammar or spellings but they have you covered with the perfect tool to assist you when writing that great content.

I probably should use the tool more often. They also include a plagiarism checker. It's also good to run your content through this tool so you do not end up with any duplicate content.

In addition, you always need images. All of the images on this article are images that come from Wealthy Affiliate's images that they have stockpiled.

You have access to over a 1,000,000 images. It's great, not having to go find an image to use when you need one for an article or to share on one of your social sites.

You get to use those images anyway you like. Plus you get all of these tools from a single dashboard saving you a tremendous amount of time and money. 

​Site Feedback, Site Comments, & Advanced Training

Site Feedback

​Sometimes you can go for months trying to figure out what's wrong or right about your website.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a group of real people give you the feedback you need. That way you could make any necessary changes so you could get better results.

Wealthy Affiliate provide the feedback you need from members of the community. You also need comments for your articles.

You can get comments from people so you can get an idea how other people view your site.

They will make recommendations for improvement or tell you what they liked about your site or an article.

If you need more advanced training they have you covered with that also. You'll find training from some of the top people that are having great success so you can implement some of those strategies.

Once you start having success you can also contribute to the training and you can even make a few coins for doing so. Check for the details inside the platform.

What Can They Do Better & Additional Digital Marketing Tools You May Consider

Overall they have a very good solid affiliate marketing training program. It's based on writing content which is a good thing. That type of content lasts the longest on the internet.

We believe they should include more training on sales funnels and email marketing.

You can learn and earn money online just by following the training program. Follow the strategies they lay out and you will get results as long as you hang in there.

Once you start making a few dollars you may want to consider to add a couple of digital marketing tools.

  1. Email Marketing Auto-Responder Like AWeber
  2. WordPress Paid Theme Like Thrive Themes

​Why Aweber? They have the best email open rates period. Why would you even pay for anything that else? You want more people to open the email you send them.

Why Thrive Themes? They are the best and offer you more design flexibility. You can design your own sales funnels, build a lead capture website, and they provide all the training you need.

​Summary Of Hosting, Keywords, Content Writing, & Feedback

​As you can see Wealthy Affiliate offers more than affiliate marketing training. You get to work with the largest community in the world.

They have over a million members and many of them are in it to learn and earn money online.

They have many members earning over 4, 5, and 6 figures. You can locate them inside and many of those people offer some great strategies, tips, and advice.

  • Blazing Fast Hosting All Over The World
  • WordPress Hosting At It's Best
  • Host 25 Of Your Own Websites
  • ​Use Site Rubix For Free - You Can Add 25 Additional Sites
  • All Websites Get An SSL Certificate
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • Spam Protection
  • Keyword Research Tool To Find That Low Hanging Fruit
  • Great Content Writing Platform
  • 1,000,000 Plus Images For You To Use
  • Get Website Feedback
  • ​Website Comments
  • Advanced Training (Included With Premium Membership)
  • No Upgrades

​Conclusion Of The Wealth Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review Gets A Thumbs Up

​As you can see we are giving our Wealthy Affiliate review a big thumbs up. Yes, you can learn and earn money online using this platform.

How much money is totally dependent upon your actions, skills, and how much you put in.

They have many members that are actually making money including myself. We are not here to brag but we wanted to let you know the program covers everything you need to earn money on the internet.

There are many members that make 4, 5, and 6 figure incomes. But you need to realize that it takes time and a lot of hard smart work.

This Wealthy Affiliate review concludes that you have to write content that offers value for your audience and provides solutions for their problems.

  • ​Can You Learn And Earn? Yes
  • ​Get Started For Free - You Get 2 Free Websites & Some Training
  • ​Opportunity To Earn Some Cash As A Free Member - Yes
  • ​Premium Membership Gives You Everything
  • How Much Is It? You Can Pay $49 Monthly
  • ​Pay For 6 Months or A Year And Save Money
  • Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?
  • ​In Business 13 Years, Everything You Need To Start, Get Results
  • Largest Community In The World
  • Training Covers What You Need
  • Blazing Fast Hosting
  • Secure, Spam Protection, Virus & Malware Protection
  • Host 25 of Your Own Niche WordPress Websites
  • All Websites Come With An SSL Certificate
  • ​Content Writing Platform
  • 1,000,000 Plus Images To Use Any Way You Want
  • Get Feedback, Comments For Your Site
  • Advanced Training Available
  • No Upgrades
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