Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

3 Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

​The primary benefit of Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is that people get results. You cannot be in an online business for 14 years without having success.

People have been getting results since 2005 and hundreds of people are still getting results in 2019.

It's not about the owners at WA having success but the people that apply the system that they use. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are taking advantage of this awesome platform.

We are not just talking about the money niche or promoting WA. People are learning what it takes to earn money online using a simple method that they teach.

Are you tried of struggling trying to get your online business off the ground?

Maybe your a beginner and want to learn how to earn money online but just do not know how to get started.

Let me explain the top 5 advantages of why you may want to consider using the WA platform.

​Why Take Advantage Of Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

Why Take Advantage Of Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

​Do you want results? Are you tired of chasing those shiny objects online that just do not work? Have you made a $1000 online yet?

WA is not your new shiny toy that promises that you will make money instantly. They flat out tell you it takes smart hard work.

If you are not willing to learn and put in the work, leave now!

We are willing to share our knowledge with people that want to get ahead in life. But you have to be willing to put in the work.

You can have success with any niche that you enjoy or want to learn about. First things first, get rid of the stinkin thinkin.

Start hanging around people that are positive.

You are not going to have success unless you are willing to give it time, have a positive attitude, and hang out with people that are having success.

Let's talk about the 3 major benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and the advantages of being a premium member.

1. Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate Community

​It all starts with the community at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you get inside that will be one of the first things that you notice.

You have people that are motivated and willing to provide you a helping hand. They are proud of being a member of the WA worldwide community of affiliate marketers.

Every person has their own online business. They are all into different niches. This platform is well diversified.

People from all walks of life, education levels, and it seems everyone has that burning desire to succeed.

They help one another by offering advice, feedback, training courses, and even with motivation.

Everyone is working towards success.

We all have are our definition of success and that is why the community is so unique. Everyone has their own goals and what they expect from this platform.

You'll gain new friends, business partners, mentors, and someone to share your ideas with.

It's always nice to have someone that believes you can do it instead of the negative feedback you get from some of your so called friends and family to.

​2. Getting Results By Helping Others

Getting Results By Helping Others

​Lets take a look at some of the folks that are having success. They are located all over the globe and into different niches.

These are just a few of the people that are getting results.

​How do they get results?

They will tell you themselves to follow the training outlined at WA.

In addition, you will notice that these folks write content to help solve other peoples problems. They offer solutions and value to their audience.

These people help others inside the community and even offer advice to others. You got to share your knowledge. Do not hold it in.

If you help enough people you will reap the rewards of success sooner or later. No matter what you do in life, offer a helping hand.

Good things will happen to you and probably when you least expect it or need it the most.

Learn the new skills you need to have success and share them with your audience. Offer solid advice and great value to the people you are trying to help.

​3. Live Webinar Training Every Friday

Live Webinar Training Every Friday

​You have probably read many Wealthy Affiliate reviews and they all talk about the great training that they offer for both free members (free starter plan) and the training you get with a paid membership (premium).

Not only do you get those training courses but you have an opportunity to tune into one of the best training webinars that WA offers.

These webinars are live every Friday night. They also have a recorded version just in case you couldn't make it.

Since everyone is located in different parts of the world it just makes since to turn in when you get a chance.

The training is provided by a gentleman by the name of Jay. He has been with WA since 2007 and is a very successful online marketer.

He has his own local SEO company and is experienced in a lot of different areas. From website development, affiliate marketing, developing content strategies, local marketing, and paid marketing as well.

These live events that he puts out on Friday nights are a gold mine for premium members. Yes, it's the only time you get a chance to tune in to these live broadcast is by being a premium member.

Every event is like buying a great course that you might have to pay $97 for. The great thing is that they are all free to premium members.

Plus with WA you never have to pay for any upgrades. That is a bonus.

​Live Webinar Events You Missed

Live Webinar Events You Missed

​These live events are all recorded and waiting for you in case you missed them. They all come with a premium membership and are well worth every penny that you would spend someplace else.

I'm not going to list them all because you can find them on the inside once you become a member. They date back for many years.

We are only providing a small list of live events that have taken place so you can get an idea of some of the lessons offered.

  • Introduction To Google Search Console
  • 2019 SEO Checklist
  • Finding Keyword Opportunities
  • How To Promote An eCommerce Business
  • The Money Funnel Best Ways To Monetize
  •  Understanding Keyword Research
  • Advertising On YouTube
  • Email Marketing Writing Emails That Convert
  • Creating Brilliant Capture Pages
  • Getting Traffic To Your Funnels

That is just a taste of the many live events that you get when you join WA. You'll find many of these same type of courses online at places like Udemy and other websites.

​Some costing $12.99 and all the way up to $97 if not more.

Take the low end of $13 times 4 courses and you would of paid $52 every single month. That is more than the cost to join WA.

Plus I cannot speak for the value of those courses but I can tell you that these courses or lessons are worth every penny.

It's another benefit of being a Wealthy Affiliate premium member. 

You get these just by being a subscriber.

​Membership has its advantages.

Premium Membership Has 3 Big Advantages

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​Summary: Top 3 Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

There are many advantages of joining this awesome platform. Today we hit on 3 major ones that actually pay off.

  • 1. Is the Community
  • 2. The marketing strategy provides Results
  • 3. Live Events (every Friday from Jay)

These are just a few of the many benefits you receive. Start a business and come join us at WA. We will be there to offer you a helping hand.

Are you ready to have success?

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