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March 30, 2018

How To Use A Keyword Research Tool To Generate Traffic

How To Use A Keyword Research Tool

How to use a keyword research tool so you have an opportunity to get ranked in the search engines and generate traffic to your website. Everyone that is performing online marketing has their favorite tool to find that low hanging fruit.

You’re using it to chisel your way into the search results. You want people to find your content. Get found online.

That’s basically why your using one of these tools. It is saving you time and a ton of research. Does your website have enough traffic? Most people would say no. Everyone is always trying to get more traffic. That is why we need to know how to use a keyword research tool.

Especially if your a new marketer or someone that is not having results. You definitely need to know how to use a keyword research tool. There are many tools available. Some folks will use the free google keyword planner tool.

It is free. The one thing about google’s keyword planner tool is that it is designed for advertisers. Those are the folks that are doing pay per click. You should concentrate on what you need to do with one of these devices.

As an affiliate marketer we need to know how to use a keyword research tool to see if we even have a chance to chisel our way into the search results with a particular phase. These are called long tail keywords. We are looking for some low hanging fruit as some may call it.

Free And Premium Keyword Research Tools

We are going to show you how to use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. It’s simple and easy to use. Not too many people even know about this tool. It was designed for affiliate marketing.

You can even use a keyword tool to help you rank some of your video’s. We talked about the low hanging fruit in our article about learn and earn with social media.

There are many tools available online. You can go and check some of them out if you wish. They all have different price levels and some have benefits that the others don’t have.

Some are complicated and are used by search engine optimization experts or agency’s that are trying to get their clients listed on the search engines. Most of them are good tools and have their specific purpose. Here are some of the keyword research tools that you may want to check out.

  • Google Keyword Planner (free)
  • Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • KWFinder
  • Moz Keyword Expolorer
  • ahrefs
  • Keyword Tool (free)
  • Jaaxy

We listed a couple of free tools as well as premium keyword research tools. One thing about the free tools is that they are geared for AdWord advertising. Some of the other premium tools can get a bit pricing. Especially if your trying to maintain a tight budget.

Keyword Research Tool With Best Value

You can take advantage of the premium membership benefits and learn how to sell products online with affiliate marketing. In addition, the Jaaxy keyword research tool is included with the training courses that we subscribe to.

It’s the best value because the program has everything we need at a very low investment. Hosting, SSL certificates for our 25 websites, training, community of affiliate marketers and support.

You can purchase Jaaxy separately if you so desire. It will save you time and earn you money. It’s a great way to start getting traffic to your website. Simple and easy to use.

How To Use Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy

What keyword’s or phases do you want to research. You should think like your audience. What words would they type into the search bar? You should come up with 3-5 keywords that would represent what each post is about.

One great feature Jaaxy has is that you can save these words in a list so you can come back to them later. It’s a great way to manage your keywords. You can name each list for future reference.

You can brainstorm ideas, find niches, find keywords and use the alphabet soup method to look for keywords that are related to the words you are looking up. It will use all the alphabet letters A-Z before and after your keywords to give you more ideas.

We will provide a video so you can see how this happens and get a better understanding on how to use a keyword research tool named Jaaxy.  You can even check on your site ranking using Jaaxy.

Another great feature is that you can find affiliate programs that match your niche. Programs that are listed on Click Bank, Link Share, Digital River and Commission Junction. This is the ultimate affiliate marketing tool that will save you a lot of time.

Lets take a look at the interface so you have a better view of what we are talking about here so you can learn how to use Jaaxy and see the many benefits that you will like to use to help you generate traffic.

How To Determine Keywords To Use


How To Use A Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy


We typed in, “build a website”. Jaaxy tells us the average monthly searches (Avg). Traffic to your website if your on the first page (Traffic). Quoted search results (QSR). Keyword quality indicator (KQI). Here you will notice results displayed in green (Great), yellow (Normal), red (Poor).

Naturally you’ll want to use the green (great) results because that is your best chance to chisel in using those keywords. It will also display a SEO rating. This information is based on traffic and competition. It has 1-100 ranking. The higher the score the better chance you have to rank based on using your SEO skills.

Next it list Domain. That will tell you if the domain dot com, dot net or the dot org is available. Notice that the search tool also list other keyword variations with their results as well. So it gives you other ideas and lets you know if you got a green light. Green meaning go for it.

You’ll also notice on the far right side it has the words related and brainstorm. You can brainstorm trends to find niches that are hot at the moment. Where it says, “Related”.

Related will give you more keywords that are related to the original one that you typed in. Now over to the far left you’ll notice that there are a couple of keywords that have a box around a L. That means that you have saved those particular words to a saved list.

How To Use Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy Video

This video is from the Jaaxy website. That way you get the information on how to use Jaaxy from the folks that that designed the program.

Sorry the video is no longer available. We will be producing one soon.

Watch this video to learn how to use Jaaxy. You’ll discover ways to find niches, keywords to use to chisel into the market to help you generate traffic and using the Alphabet soup method to find other phases to use. Great video and you will learn why it is the best tool for an affiliate marketer.

This is definitely a tool that you will want to stay organized, find untapped niches and build your list of keywords to use on your website or blog.

Jaaxy Has An Affiliate Program

Since you’ll be using Jaaxy on a daily basis you might as well promote it to your audience of affiliate marketers. Once you purchase the product just sign for for the affiliate program.

Every affiliate marketer can use this great service. Build by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. They provide training with the program. Once you got it down you’ll become an expert very quickly. Just another way to learn and earn money online.

Learn And Earn Money Online

Yes, we make a commission when you purchase this product using one of our links. You can also learn and earn money online with the Jaaxy tool. If you’d like, you can purchase Jaaxy as a stand alone product right from their website.

You can also become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy is included with the membership. They teach you how to learn and earn money online using affiliate marketing.

Hundreds of courses, a great community and you can host 25 WordPress websites for all your niches and get an SSL certificate for each website. SSL certificates are also included with the program.

Can you do us a favor? Drop down below and post a positive comment. When you post a positive comment you’ll get our bonus.

Bonus. We will provide you a tip for building your brand and help you get more traffic using the bonus method that we provide. To claim your bonus, sign up for our newsletter and you will receive your bonus shortly.

We hope to see you at the top. Feel free to look around and hope you enjoyed. Remember, sharing is caring. Share our post on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank You,

Note: video no longer avaliable

Ken VanNortwick

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  • Hey there,

    Jaaxy is really the keyword research tool that I have been looking for all this while. I got into affiliate marketing a few months ago all by myself and didn’t know how to go about things especially in keyword research.

    I have done a lot of work that hasn’t bore me any fruits thus far.

    But now I’m sure with Jaaxy and it’s great provisions, I will be able to make great improvements on my site and get to make money every month. Thanks for the detailed info.

  • Dave thanks for stopping by. Keyword research is a way for you to find those low hanging fruits. The tool will help you find those areas that you can chisel your way in. You will need to learn how to get traffic to your website. Its more that keyword research. There is a lot of information that you will want to learn in order to earn money online.

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