How To Have A Successful Website

How To Have A Successful Website That Earns Money

​Having a successful blog or website is not about making sales because you cannot earn money until you are trusted.

​Being trusted is the first step in the online marketing world.

You've got to break down those barriers. Let the light shine in.

It doesn't matter if you have the greatest product in the universe. Your priority should be to start building a trustworthy brand for yourself.

Yes, it all sounds good but how do you build that assurance with your audience? How are they going to gain the confidence in what you tell them?

You need to be straightforward. State clear facts and do not try to hide facts about your products that they will find out after they buy.

Big gotcha (surprise) moments can ruin your credibility. Be flat up. Treat folks like you would want to be treated.

In addition, you need to open those barriers and start an adventure.

Find those areas that you can build an audience online and start creating the trust factor with these folks.

​Let them know who you are and show them how you can help them.

​3 Ways On How To Have A Successful Website

3 Ways On How To Have A Successful Website

​Think about the ways you can relate with your audience so they can get to know who you are. You are looking for ways to build that trust factor.

Each way you decide to go must offer value. 

People do not care about you or your business.

​They want to know what you can do for them.

You have to break these barriers down.

You need to be able to solve their problems. Do you have the solutions they are looking for?

When someone comes to your website they are not looking for some heavy duty sales pitch. They want to know how your product will benefit them.

List the benefits, the joy of owning the product, and the ways it can solve their problems.

Getting people to even visit your website adds other factors into the equation. Especially when you got a brand new site or one your trying to get back in shape.

SEO isn't going to be the answer because it also takes time. But you still need to use it to get a little search engine love.

Yes, we all want those first page listings.

But there are other ways to get that traffic flowing as long as you build that trust factor with your audience.

All of these ways will help your site and brand gain authority.

But you have to work for it, build your brand, and take massive action.

​Here are 3 ways on how to have a successful website and to build the trust you need.

  • Video
  • Social Media
  • ​Your Audience Is Hungry For Content

1. ​Use YouTube Videos To Offer Solutions

Use YouTube Videos To Offer Solutions

​Video is an easy and effective way to relate with your audience. They get to see you. They can hear you and they can tell if your full of it or not.

Using video gives you an opportunity to relate with your folks. This is your chance to offer them the solutions they are looking for to their problems. 

​Sometimes it takes time to build that credibility.That is why you should understand the importance of goal setting so that you can remain patient.

​Google also takes it's sweet time to give your site any authority.

But once you gain that authority your posts will start showing up in the search results as long as you followed good SEO practices.

​By combining the information from your blog posts and using video to super charge it you will gain a double positive. 

The search engines will start liking your content and at the same time your audience will slowly but surely realize that you're someone they can trust.

​Subscribe to other channels in your niche. Comment on their content.

​Find people , brands, and sites that you trust on YouTube. Share their videos with your audience.

Folks will start to have more faith in you're own content.

​You got to get the word out using video to reinforce the value that you offer on your website. Video is probably one of the fastest ways for people to gain confidence in you and your message.

​In addition, you can use these videos to spread the word on social media which happens to be the next way on how to have a successful website that people can benefit from.

2. ​Social Media Is All About Building Trust

Social Media Is All About Building Trust

​Social media allows you to show people that you are real. You're like them in many ways. You're human and you have a personality of your own.

They get to see the lighter side of you.

​Building trust should be your priority using social sites.

Just be yourself. Hang out, have a good time, and engage with folks.

Get involved with a group or two in the same niche you're in. Ask questions, comment, and use their ideas to bolster your success.

Get your voice heard. It's a powerful way for you to get recognized, build your brand, and gain authority for your niche.

Try to master one social network before you move on to the next one. You don't want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.

This is your time to shake someones hand. Online it's called trust.

​Using visual aids can give you a boost. Images with sayings, quotes, or even a funny story can go along way in building a following.

You can also use your YouTube videos that offers solutions.

1 blog post and 2 videos shared in the morning can go a long way. Share a couple of other peoples stuff while you're at it and move on.

Add in a few images with quotes, share some people's content, and add in a few comments in the evening will get you by.

In addition, don't let social media become a time waster. You got content to write and videos to produce because content is still king.

3. ​Your Audience Is Hungry For Solid Content

Your Audience Is Hungry For Solid Content

​Offering value to your audience can take on many shapes and forms.

They are hungry for content. Look at the amount of searches per day.

About 3.5 Billion searches per day. WOW!

The main line of value is going to come from your website. It's the content that will last the longest. That is where the people that trust you are going to end up.

​Your videos have the power to drive them to your home field (website).

​Your social media sites, the comments you leave, and any questions you ask or answer will not have a lasting affect. They will over time but as far as the content, it will eventually be replaced.

​But from the accumulation of content, engagement, and posting the wall or barrier will eventually break down for folks to start trusting you.

People will end up at their final destination, your website.

This Is When You Have Home Field Advantage

So when they land on your site you need a way to stay connected. You need to have another option to build that trust. 

Email capture. You can get more personal and build what?

Right, good old trust. We'll get into email at another time.

You have to have the content that solves their problems, offers solutions, and eventually drives these people to buy your products or services.

Why will they buy? They trust and respect the advice you have given them over a period of time.

Yes, time is a factor.

It takes time for your website to gain authority and to get your articles ranking on the the search engines. 

Trust takes time on those social sites you engaged on. Getting a following on YouTube takes time.

But when you work all 3 in unison, you end up with results.

You gained peoples trust, and you offered solutions from your videos for their problems, and you spelled it out in your blog posts.

It does take time, hard work, and dedication.

Even Santa had to create trust over a period of time.

​But when you can do it the right way, that is how to have a successful website that earns you a nice monthly payday in the end. 

​Check this out. The process will just keep repeating itself as long as you keep putting in the work and feed that hungry audience content.

​Summary: How To Have A Successful Website

  • ​It Takes Time
  • You Need A Easy Game Plan
  • Break Down The Barriers
  • Build Trust With Your Audience
  • ​Use The 3 Prong Approach
  • ​YouTube Videos
  • Social Media
  • Offer Value
  • Solve Problems & Offer Solutions
  • Feed That Hungry Audience

It takes time. But you will find that success as long as you work hard, help out your audience, and provide value to people that are in need.

Speaking of need.

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