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July 1, 2018

Is It Time To Change Host Providers? You Better before You Got No $

Learn And Earn By Recommending Hosting Pick A Winner

Are you ready to learn and earn by recommending hosting companies? Yes, you can earn some big time rewards just by learning about hosting companies and recommending them to your audience.

There are a ton of folks that have made some descent cash promoting places to park your website.

Your domain has to have a place to go so everyone on the internet can view the website that you build. Sort of like having a piece of land and building a house on it.

Everyday people are all excited and ready to show their idea to the world and go buy a domain name.

Then they buy hosting and build a website. You’ll also have the folks that are not happy with their current provider, had bad customer service or maybe out grew their plan. So, what do you do?

You start searching for a different Hosting Company. That’s a good reason to learn and earn by recommending hosting companies.

Now something that you need to understand if you do not know is that there are many drag and drop website builders like Wix, Weebly, Builderall, Duda and a few other that have to be hosted by who ever is offering that product.

Their website building software will only work with their hosting.

So for today, we are only going to talk about people that are using a CMS called WordPress.

It is the most popular platform and used by more marketers than any other. Sure you have to learn a few things about WordPress but it is tested and a great website builder in its own right.

Actually, it’s the best.

Hosting Companies That People Promote Just To Make Money

Hosting Companies We Recommend

Learn and earn by recommending hosting companies that host WordPress websites. In order for WordPress websites to maintain top speed they need WordPress hosting. You will find a tremendous amount of shared hosting plans that are very inexpensive.

Most folks that choose these type of plans have no idea that they need a better plan. They are only looking at the amount of money they need to spend. If your going to run an online home business and do it right then get what you really need. You get what you pay for as the old saying goes.

You also should consider to earn money with email marketing. That is when you can build that trust factor so people will consider purchasing the products you recommend like hosting.

Shared hosting is cheap because because hundreds of websites are put on the same server. So everyone that shares these servers are all sharing the bandwidth, storage space, memory and when one of those websites get a spike in traffic they use up all of the above very quickly leaving your website with a extremely slow loading website.

This can cause you to lose customers especially from a mobile device. People will not and should not wait for a slow loading website because you just wanted to save a couple of dollars. Your running a business. If your front door on your business cannot open or it takes superman to open it, don’t you think you’d replace it so people could walk in easier.

All of the 4 companies that we recommend do have affiliate marketing programs for you to earn some money online. You’ll need to learn about each company so that you have a better understanding how each one works, the different types of hosting they provide and how much they pay. You can find more information about the best website hosting companies by reading this article.

4 Hosting Companies That Have WordPress Hosting

There are many companies that offer WordPress hosting but today we are going to talk about 4 hosting companies that we have had the pleasure of working with. We are not going to talk about all the affiliate marketers that are doing you an injustice promoting these cheap slow hosting plans. All they want to do is make a buck.

Why WordPress Hosting anyways? The first reason is going to be speed. Your website and your potential customers want it and demand it or they will go someplace else. It is also a google ranking factor. Why not get all the help from google that you can get so your post and pages have a better ranking score.

It is referred to as managed WordPress hosting. There are many companies that offer this service because most of us internet marketers demand it. We all want fast, secure and automated backups and automatic backups for our WordPress sites.

In addition, these companies will usually have a trained support staff to answer any questions you may have pertaining to a WordPress website. Its always nice to have a team of experts on your side in case you run into a minor problem.

You will also be able to handle more visitors coming to your site with managed WordPress hosting verse the shared hosting. That is not the time you need your site going down. So our advice is spend the couple of extra bucks and get the service you need from the get go. Next the 4 WordPress hosting companies that offer managed WordPress hosting.

1. GoDaddy (not recommended)

GoDaddy is probably the most recognized company that we will mention to you today. One thing about Go Daddy is that WordPress hosting is not their main business but they are working on upgrading those services. Its an excellent company but they are not going to give you speed and they are not even a choice we would recommend.

Go Daddy is the leading domain registrar and they do offer pretty descent WordPress hosting but they are not the ones we choose. We believe you can get a better WordPress experience using hosting companies that actually concentrate on niche markets like manage hosting for WordPress.

Website speed was a major reason we left many years ago. We cannot blame it all on Go Daddy because way back then we had very little experience in the internet marketing world. Plus doing a lot of researching we ended up switching to a Host Gator account.

You don’t need to take my word for it but when you do some searching on google you will find many top marketers recommending other providers. We have not tried WP Engine but have heard it was a great WordPress hosting company years ago. But their cost may slow you down when your trying to just get started. So next on the list is Host Gator.

2. Host Gator (not recommended)

Host gator is a well recognized hosting provider and yes we have used their service. They have great support and will get to the bottom of an issue you may be having. They do offer managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price.

Host Gator always seemed to be able to answer any question we had especially when we were new to the business many years ago. As we gained more experience we had more and more questions. It seemed like the customer service representatives were not trained as efficiently as they had been before.

That was a personal opinion we had just from using them many years. We never had a problem with our website going down completely but did have a few speed issues. Actually that is when we learned the difference between managed WordPress hosting and shared hosting.

The reason we left is because the rep did not explain this to us. We had to google it before we finally got a better understanding on how of this stuff works. You definitely got to learn before you start to earn. That is why we are writing this blog today so you don’t have to go what we went through back in the day.

3. BlueHost (they are OK but we still wouldn’t recommend them)

BlueHost and Host Gator are sort of like relatives. They both are owned by the Endurance International Group. It’s a tough choice when you start comparing these two hosting companies and you will find many different opinions.

The reason we give Bluehost the advantage would be because they are recommended by WordPress themselves. Who can argue what they recommend? WordPress is what we are wanting to host so we take their word on this one.

Their customer service is excellent and we know quit a few people that have used their service and have only heard about a few complaints. So we would recommend BlueHost over HostGator or even Go Daddy. They also seemed to have better speeds using the WordPress platform.

One thing you will notice is that BlueHost is a little more expensive than Host Gator and Go Daddy WordPress hosting. We still rank them ahead of the other two we just mentioned because you definitely need customer service. Next up why we choose Wealthy Affiliate to be our winner.

4. Wealthy Affiliate (Recommend)

We choose Wealthy Affiliate to be our winner. Why? Because you can actually learn and earn by recommending hosting companies. That is not the only reason. We have had the fastest speed we have ever had using Wealthy Affiliate hosting for our websites. Pick a Winner and we did.

Read our Wealthy Affiliate review with the website speed test we conducted. Less than a second loading time all the way around the world.

They also have the best value of any managed WordPress hosting that we could find. Not only do they provide WordPress hosting but they provide an internet marketing training program so you can actually learn how to make money online by doing what you like doing.

They also have some great tools for you to use. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a keyword research tool that would cost you a hefty chunk of change if you went out and purchase one to use.

Anyone in the business definitely knows you need a keyword research tool to be effective with your internet marketing efforts. It will help you find those small niches so you can grab the low hanging fruit.

They have many training courses that teach you how to market, build a website and how to get traffic to your website. That may be why most people fail. They quit because they cannot get traffic to their website and make no money. So get some training my friend. You’ll be glad you did.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to learn and earn and they only host WordPress websites. They also recommend the best plugins for you to use for your site. WA also has an affiliate marketing plan. They show you how affiliate marketing works and where to find products to promote for your website.

We have been a member since 2011. Best thing we could have ever done. Another thing is that you can have 25 personal WordPress websites hosted with them. We have a few different niches that we work on and that saves us money on hosting. To top it off they also provide you with an SSL certificate for each website.

You really need an SSL certificate on your website these days.

Learn And Earn With Wealthy Affiliate

Learn and earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. Get some training, host all of your WordPress websites, and join the largest internet marketing community in the world. They have been in business for over 12 years and you can network with affiliate marketers from all over the place.

Maybe your not sure what to do. That is why we are going to offer you a chance to test drive the platform out and then you can make an educated decision. No risks, no investment and no credit card. We are just giving you a chance to see for yourself.

You’ll even be invited to take some free training so you can get your feet wet. Do not promote Wealthy Affiliate when you first get started. Pick something besides the money niche.

Learn how to start an online home business today absolutely free. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. We’ll even allow you to have two free websites to get you up and running.

Read our Wealthy Affiliate Review and start your dream online business today. Pick a winner by choosing the largest internet marketing community that uses nothing but WordPress managed hosting.

There is one WordPress hosting company that we didn’t mention. That is our little secret and they are blazing fast. You can read about them in our article, affiliate marketing resources and tools we use to generate more leads.

We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you at the top of the mountain. Once your on the inside we’ll let you know where to get started. So enjoy and learn and earn by recommending hosting companies like we do. Learn to earn with Wealthy Affiliate and get the speed you need.

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