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January 15, 2019

My Mobile Money Pages Review Gives You The Real Scoop

My Mobile Money Pages review is going to help you determine if this software is worth the money Andrew Davidson wants you to spend your cash on.

​Did you see the image that says, " Just like Internet Marketing, It's a matter of time before those blood sucking Guru's rain on our parade."

That is exactly what he is trying to do to you if you fall for the trap.

This product was first launched in 2010. Why is it still even online? It's an outdated program that will get you no where. Everyone would like a simple program that makes them money online.

Unfortunately, making money online takes hard work. People need to realize that it is not easy to create an income on the internet. You should quit buying these shiny objects that promise you a bundle of cash quickly.

​My Mobile Money Pages Claims You Can Make $547.43 Per Day

My Mobile Money Pages Claim

Name:​ My Mobile Money Pages
Website: MyMobileMoneyPages.com
Price: ​$39.95 plus up-sells
Owner: Andrew Davidson
Overall Rank: TBD

This My Mobile Money Pages review will debunk the myth of you making $547.43 a day. First off, when you are using this software you will not get any ranking on the search engines because it's using scraped content not good.

​Second, it uses duplicate content. You will not get any where using content that is already being used. Those days are far behind us with all the updates from Google and other search engines.

These type of sites the software builds are spam sites and Google will not even approve you to use Adsense on these type of websites. That should be a warning to stay away from these type of sites that prey on new people.

They should ban these type of sites completely. The video and everything they say sounds good but you need to be extra cautious when dealing with these people that design software to try and get over on people. Specially if your serious about building a thriving business online.

Number three, there is no real training to help build a niche website that will earn you some cash online. There is no value and no solutions for anyone. These are just unrealistic claims of making $547 a day online.

It would be a complete waste of your time and money in our opinion. You can read any real authority site about affiliate marketing and find out that this is not the way to go.

Pros & Cons

My Mobile Money Pages Review Pros And Cons

The Good: ​The only good we could find is that affiliate marketers are making money on this program (off the lack of knowledge from beginners).

How many people do you think are making $203,643.96 a year from this software?
None that we could find. (he probably is and laughing all the way to the bank)

PRO #1: It's Listed On Click-bank
PRO #2​: No Technical Experience Needed
PRO #3: 56 Day Money Back Guarantee
​PRO #4: ​Get A $10 Discount If You Try To leave The Page​​​

The Bad: Just an outdated approach to making money today.

CON #1​:​​​ ​You Will Not Get Approved For Google Adsense (Scraped Content)
CON #2: ​Identical Websites Which Results In Duplicate Content
CON #3: Little or No Support

Con #4: Your Website Will Not Appear In The Search Results (No Traffic)
Con #5: Last Update We Could Find Was 2011 (outdated software)
Con #6: Too Many Up-sells
Con #7: You Will Not Own The Domain
Con #8: Inflated Claims Like What They Promote $547 a day (where did they get that number from?)

Little-known secret wake up and smell the coffee. 

​There are many reasons to stay away from these type of programs. You might get lucky and make some money from another beginner but you will not be building an online business that will last for many years to come.

Who's The Product For

Who is the targeted audience and who will it benefit. The only people that it will benefit will be the owner (Andrew Davidson) and the people that promote the product. 

The target audience is new people. Those would be the only ones that would fall for this kind of trap. There are many people that are always looking for a nice shiny object to make them money.

The problem is that the folks that buy this type of stuff get discouraged and think that everything is a scam. You have got to realize that earning money online takes time, hard work, and discipline.

Do Not Fall For The Trap. My Mobile Money Pages Is Outdated Software.

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You need to gain the skills that are necessary to have success online. Do yourself a favor. Quit buying the hype and learn to earn money online the right way so you do not lose your mind.

Do you need training? If so, read about the 10 free lessons to get you on track risk-free. We have a lot of information on our website that can empower you to have the success your looking for.

I'm not here to dog out other programs. We struggled when we first started. Spent too much money on programs that did not work. You have to learn before you can earn.

​Product Support

How is the support? From what we gathered, support is very hard to get a hold of. They have an email: help@mymobilemoneypages.com. 

They also have a 9% cancellation rate. Why not more? Not sure, but probably because they are hard to get an answer from. Do not become a scum bag promoting this type of software.

Get real and really help your audience. Offer value and solutions to help folks out.

​Product Pricing And Up-Sells

The pricing for this product is $39.95. You can get a $10 discount by trying to leave the page. (it's a down sell trick).

Here are the up-sells that we found.

1. $97 For Software That Creates Back-links ( never buy back-links)

2. $67 For Monthly Membership

3. $197 To Have Websites Built For You

Back-links are an important part of getting your website ranked on the search engines. But you should never buy back-links. These type of link farms can cause you more damage than good and put you in the bottom of the search results.

​My Mobile Money Pages Review Final Verdict

Verdict For My Mobile Money Pages

​Our Final Opinion On The My Mobile Money Pages Program

Website Name: ​My Mobile Money Pages

Website URL: http://mymobilemoneypages.com
Owners: Andrew Davidson
Price: $39.95 Plus Up-Sells
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

What do you think, Yes or No?

​Check out a comparison of a real training program.


Our Final Verdict Is A Big Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down for My Mobile Money Pages

​Yes or no verdict.

No, we do not recommend this product.

  • ​No Real Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Using Scraped Content (Using Duplicate Content Will Get You No Where)
  • Too Many Up-Sells
  • Even The Up-Sells Like Buying Back-links Will Not Work
  • Inflated Claims Like Make $547 A Day (It Takes A Lot Of Work To Do That)

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Don't fall for programs like this or any other one. Did you read our review on Copy Paste Commissions? We are just trying to stop you from falling for the shiny object syndrome.

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