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October 2, 2019

Motor Club of America Review (Why Do They Charge So Much?)

This Motor Club of America review will have you scratching your head wondering if its a great opportunity.

MCA may be the largest roadside assistance service company (we couldn't verify that) in America.

​Why does Motor Club of America charge so much? We'll dig in and get you an answer during this review of MCA.

​This program has been around since 1926. They have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Keep in mind reviews are not part of the rating by the BBB.

​Welcome back my friends? Ken here. 

Ken Vannortwick

Just thought I'd hang out and share my thoughts on this program.

It sure looks good as a service provider but what about the opportunity?

​Watch out now. This program is very expensive, we almost bought it.

But after extensive research and reviewing their product we decided not to make the purchase.

We'll explain why during this write up.

​Is Motor Club of America Worth It?

Is MCA Worth It

Name:​ MCA (Motor Club of America
Website: ​https://motorclubofamerica.com/
Price: ​$9.95 or $19.95
Owner: TVC Marketing ​(former marketing firm for Pre-Paid Legal​​​​​

​TVC Marketing bought out MCA 1996. 3 brothers started the company and ran it for many years. Over 50 years they ran Motor Club of America until they sold it in 1986.

They sold it to Trac Inc. which was part of Thrifty Rent A Car By 1992 and they were a well established company in all 50 states and Canada.

Then TVC Marketing came along and scooped this company up.

Who is TVC? It stands for, Truckers Voice In Court. They offer legal services to truckers. Coffee Virgil was the founder of this company.

They now have over 6000 service centers and car repair shops across America. 

It's a membership based company similar to AAA (the american automobile association).

The good thing about AAA is that it is about half the cost of MCA.

That is why we did not join.

Why is Motor Club of America so expensive?

​Why Does Motor Club Of America Cost So Much?

Why Does MCA Cost So Much

TVC Marketing uses an affiliate program to grow their business. So what they did was just boost the rate up so they could pay affiliates.

It did help them grow very quickly with so many people promoting the product. The product seems to be pretty good and they have been around for a long time.

But the cost is outrageous.

​The only way you would buy this product is because you are not aware that you can get the same type of services for about half the cost.

What do you think is the other reason?

You guessed it. You're trying to make money from the affiliate program. Come on. Wise up. 

There are better programs to make money with affiliate marketing.

Plus you probably want to learn how to conduct affiliate marketing.

I'll give you a little advice.

Take some affiliate marketing training before you start. You'll have more success if you do. Learn before you earn.

In addition, something that most affiliate marketing programs don't tell you is how to get traffic to your website.

That is why we are going to provide you with 10 free lessons to help you get started the right way.

Read our affiliate marketing training review to get the information.

They even teach you a compete marketing strategy and you can use the info in any niche you choose.

So, what are the good points about MCA?

​What Products Does MCA Sell?

MCA seems to have some pretty descent products. We are not going to get into great detail but we'll cover the major benefits you get with their program.

Let it be known right now. This is not car insurance. They offer roadside services to their customers.

You never know when you might breakdown along the highway.

They offer 2 plans. Remember these are membership plans.

One is the Security package and the other is the Total Security membership.

The Security plan runs $9.95 a month while the Total Security plan runs $19.95 a month.

Why Is Motor Club of America So Expensive?

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​What's Included In The Security Plan?

​Let's give you a quick run down on what's included in their least expensive membership called the Security Plan.

Keep in mind that you get all of these benefits with any plan you choose. We'll tell you the difference in a moment what is included with the higher level membership called the Total Security Plan.

So here is what you get with the Security Membership. If you want more info just go to their site that we linked to at the beginning of this MCA Review.

  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance
  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement
  • Planning and Travel Reservations
  • ​Arrest Bonds Up To $500 In Some States For Traffic Violations
  • MCA Will Pay Up To $2000 for Attorney Fees
  • They Even Have a Stolen Vehicle Award Up To $5000
  • Credit Card Protection Up To $1000
  • Members Can Receive Discounts from 15% to 65% off
  • Emergency Reimbursement Benefit Up To $500
  •  Daily Hospital Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit Up To $10,000

Now, The Security Plus or Total Security membership is their most expensive plan. But you get more benefits and sometimes more money based on the claim. 

Again, check out their website for more detailed information.

They say you can join the affiliate program for free.

But if you want to collect the bonuses and bigger commissions you need to sign up for the $19.95 package.​


In your opinion do you feel that you would be comfortable selling a program that is costing you double of other providers charge you?

Do you think some of your family members would get pissed off if they knew you did that?

That's why I stay away from these types of over priced programs.

We only recommend programs that we use or have thoroughly researched to see if it is any good at all.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

​How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

How Does The Affiliate Program Work

​First off, where do you go to sign up to become an affiliate?

TVC Matrix is where you sign up for Motor Club of America's affiliate program. You'll need to fill out your personal data and have a referral code (you need a personal invite).

Beware! If you sign up (I don't know why) watch out for charge backs.

​You'll also get a website to use to promote the products and opportunity.

Personally, I would build my own website so you got complete control.

To collect the maximum earnings, commissions, and bonuses you need to sign up with the $19.95 package.

Make sure you read the fine print.

How many times have you ignored the fine print? This time check it out so you know the complete details.

You'll also get a 40 page training PDF to teach you how to promote the products from MCA.

Is the training any good? Pretty much basic stuff. You may be better off taking a training course on how to get traffic to your site.

We have all of that info right here on our website. Take advantage and subscribe to our bonus material, how to build your brand.

In addition, look in our categories for our site and click on, How To Increase Traffic. You'll find exactly what you need.

There are many articles that we have published on getting traffic that you will find that will help you get your business off the ground.

You'll also notice if you do a little searching that they have many leaders that share their training with you if you join their team.

You've seen them before. Teams of MLM trying to make a buck.

Most likely only a few will earn any cash.

Attention: They always want you to contact your friends and family. Plus you'll see many of those leaders jump from product to product.

MLM to MLM is probably the better answer.

Just be careful and do not fall for any get rich quick schemes.

They do not exist. It takes hard work and a lot of marketing to make it in the online world.

​What Are The Commissions For MCA

How Much Does MCA Pay You For Commissions

Everyone likes getting a check. I know I do but you need to do it with a legitimate business. Do you even know how to build a website?

In order to get paid online you need to know how to drive traffic to your site. Plus, you should represent a good company.

I got nothing bad to say about Motor Club of America except the price is way to much. Personally, I couldn't offer this program to my friends and family.

But if you are bent on joining this MLM company then you do have an opportunity to make a little money.

The $9.95 program provides you with an advanced commission of $40. Then the $19.95 plan will give you a higher commission of $80 per sale.

Don't forget about the charge backs I mentioned earlier.

Do you think this program is for you?

Let us know in the comment section and tell us why?

Final Opinion: Do We Recommend MCA?

Did You Like The Product Review Template

Our Final opinion on our Motor Club of America Review

Website Name: ​Motor Club of America dot com and to become an affiliate you need to go to TVC Matrix dot com.

​By now you already know how we feel about this product. The product and services seem to be very good. 

They have an excellent rating with the BBB (A+) and quit a few members using the services.

What do you think, Yes or No? Let me know in the comment section.

​We all have opinions.

Sometimes they are right while other times they may be wrong.

But for me, my opinion on MCA is that they seem to have a very good product and offer some nice services.

But one thing is certain. There are way better products to promote with affiliate marketing than jumping on the MCA band wagon.

Once you get the proper training you can promote anything you like and have success doing it.

So for this MCA review we are going to say no. Do not promote this promote to try and make some money online.

Stay In The Know With How To Learn And Earn​

​You can stay in the know by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Better yet, subscribe to our blog.

We provide you with lot's of great information.

Like, how to get traffic to your website, learn affiliate marketing, how to reach your goals and have success.

Ken Vannortwick

What's going on again?

Ken here. I'm the owner of this affiliate marketing site.

We only recommend products that we have used or ones that we have totally researched.

We do not use Motor Club of America but I think it's a good service.

The only thing is, it's too expensive.

Look, I own a plumbing company and I am not the cheapest in town. But my work and the speed we have to get the job done correctly cannot be beat.  

It took years to be able to perform like we do. Affiliate marketing works the same way.

You got to learn your skills before you start promoting stuff and earning money.

Don't get hung up on all the shiny objects or speeches some people give.

Do you really want to learn and earn money online?

Then go to my menu and click on the highlighted Learn and Earn.

Fill out your profile just like any other social group.

​I'll send you a bonus once you get on the inside.

Stay blessed my friend and I'll see you on the inside so we can climb to the top.

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