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August 12, 2020

How To Make Money Online For Beginners (Build Assets)

Learn how to make money online by learning the best marketing methods to use as a beginner.

When you first start the best thing you can do is build your brand with content assets that can boost authority for your niche website.

How do you build content assets?

The best way to do this is by writing articles that offer value. They are called blog post. Why write blog post?

  • Blog Post Last Longer Than Any Other Content Online
  • Blogging Enables You To Build a Library Of Content
  • You Can Offer Solutions To Problems
  • Write Reviews For Products In Your Niche
  • You Can Write "How To" Articles

Offer solutions, how to articles, and general informational posts that cater directly towards your audiences problems and offer solutions.

You can also gain authority for your site by writing reviews.

Naturally, this type of content takes time and for you to learn the skills it takes to get the search engines to start ranking your articles.

We see many people start off with paid advertising.

They not only lose a lot of hard earned cash but they end up with no content and have to start all over again with a negitive attitude.

Beginners Learn How To Earn Money Online

Beginners Learn How To Earn Money Online

The best way for beginners to learn how to make money online is with blogging because this type of content outlast all others.

Like we said, you have an opportunity to build assets for your site without spending big advertising dollars.

Why would you want to spend money on advertising before you even know what you are doing? This is a recipe for disaster.

You can find a lot of great free training to help you get started.

Beginners may want to learn how to become successful with affiliate marketing.

  • It's Cost Effective
  • Requires No Customer Service
  • No Inventory Required
  • It Is A Legitimate Online Business
  • Easy To Start For Beginners
  • Have you heard of Amazon?

    Check this out. One of the ways Amazon built this billion dollar online business model by using affiliate marketers.

    In addition, you can find thousands of affiliate programs in all types of niches. All you need to do is build assets for your authority niche website.

    What Do You Need To Build These Assets?

    What Do You Need To Build Your Content

    What do you need to start building this property and start filling it with amazing content for your audience?

    • Domain Name
    • WordPress (Blogging Platform)
    • WordPress Hosting
    • Choose A Niche
    • Keyword Research Tool
    • Guidance
    • Strategy (How To Build Your Brand And Get Traffic)
    • Affiliate Marketing Training

    Your website is your property and you need a platform that is top notch to design it. You need a blogging platform that you can take with you.

    Have you heard of those drag and drop website builders?

    You need to understand that by using these type of website builders you lose control of your assets if you decide to move to another hosting provider.

    WordPress is the best way to go. That is why you see so many online businesses using this awesome platform.

    It is the ultimate blogging platform that stores all of your assets.

    Why Are Keywords Important To Make Money Online?

    Why Are Keywords Important To Earn Money Online

    A keyword research tool will help you find that low hanging fruit.

    When you first start you website nobody is going to find it. That is why you need to start building your assets.

    Writing blog posts for your site is part of your assets. The other part is the traffic you get from your content.

    So, you need people to find your articles.

    How do you get people to find your articles?

    You should use the best SEO practices and use a keyword research tool to help find the words that someone would type to find the information they are searching for.

    But some of those keyword phrases are loaded with competition and you probably have no chance of showing up in the top results.

    So what do you need to do to even show up?

    Find those low competition keyword phrases that you have a chance of showing up in the search results with your blog posts.

    It takes a little while to get the hang of it. But once you start mastering how to use the tool you'll start finding your articles in the top search results.

    In addition, there is plenty of training on how to use this keyword research tool so you can start getting results as soon as you start writing articles.

    The training also includes how to organize your post and how to use the proper SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

    Is There A Platform That Offers Everything You Need?

    Is There A Platform That Offers Everything You Need

    Yes, you can find many platforms to help you get started but beware of people trying to sell you outdated courses and watch out for cheap hosting companies.

    You want to find a legitimate company that can prove that their students are getting results from the training they provide.

    As far as hosting you want to choose a company that offers managed WordPress hosting with blazing fast upload speeds.

    Have you even waited for slow loading website? You probably do just like us. Go to a different site, wouldn't you agree?

    Fast Hosting is a must or you will end up losing customers before they even get a chance to read your awesome content.

    • Do You Know How To Choose A Money Making Niche?
    • What Will A Keyword Research Tool Do For You?
    • Where Can You Find Live Help And Guidance When You Need It?
    • How Do You Get Traffic To Your Website?
    • Would You Like A Brand Building Strategy?

    Hot Tip: You can find all the answers by checking out our affiliate marketing training for beginners review.

    Yes, this platform has everything you need to get started. You can even take the starter training for free and build a niche website using WordPress.

    Does This Platform Offer Money Making Affiliate Programs?

    Does This Platform Offer Money Making Affiliate Programs

    Wouldn't it be nice to find a platform that listed the best money making affiliate programs without spending hours researching for them?

    That is another reason why we really like this platform. You can find hundreds of affiliate programs from a single location.

    Build your assets before you even start applying for any affiliate program.


    Because before they approve you for most of these programs you need to have content that matches their requirements.

    It's also a good idea to have everything completely set up before you apply.

    You also want to have people visiting your website. They may even ask you about your traffic methods and how much traffic you are producing.

    You'll also learn during the training when to start adding affiliate links into your content. 

    Tip: Do not add too many affiliate links into your content.

    How many should you add? You can find out by taking the free training.

    How To Make Money Online For Beginners

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    Summary: How To Make Money Online For Beginners

    Start a niche website and build assets for your affiliate marketing business by writing blog post. Choose the best platform for blogging.

    WordPress is the best blogging platform to build your assets.

    Learn and earn money by building your brand. Remember it takes time to build authority for your site and you should consider affiliate marketing training.

    It will just help you acheive faster results.

    What happens when you have questions? Wouldm't it be nice to get the answers you need 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

    Tip: Cheap hosting or slow hosting will cause you to lose visitors. You need blazing fast WordPress hosting, don't you agree?

    Do not load your content with affiliate links. It's better to link your content to other content you have on your site.

    Are you ready to learn and earn money online?

    Start taking the free online affiliate marketing courses

    We hope to see you on the inside. Once you create your social profile we'll send you a private message with a nice bonus.

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