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June 27, 2018

Learn and Earn With Email Marketing So You Can Build Relationships

Learn And Earn With Email Marketing


Learn and earn with email marketing so you can stay in contact with your potential customers. It’s not about you or your product, it’s about the customer. What can you do for them? You captured their email, now what? Email marketing is about building a relationship that will help them reach their goal.

In order to reach their goal, they must take action. So you really need to have action steps in all of your emails. We all hear that the money is in the list. Well if your new or even an experienced marketer you really have to work on your skills to write emails that are personally designed for your specific campaigns.

It all starts out by trying to capture the person’s email. What do you have to offer the potential customer to get them on your list? It could be an ebook, webinar, training, video or a number of other items that the customer feels are enough value to give up their precious email.

Just think for a moment about when you give up your email. What are the reasons you gladly give up your email? Usually, it has to do with solving a problem or you may need that information to figure out a solution to a problem you have.

Why do you want to learn to earn with email marketing? An email address is one of the most valued exchanges on the internet. It’s a new lead and your email is potential money to someone. The more emails you have the more potential cash you could get rewarded for in the future.

It seems everyone is trying to grab the gold. You’ll see the annoying pop-ups, sign up for our newsletter, a lead capture magnet trying to get you on their list.

Learn An Earn With Email Marketing Because It Grows Your Business

You do want your business to grow, right? Then you need to learn to earn money with email marketing. It should be one of the first things you do once you start a business. It is one of the ways you are going to be able to promote your products online.

You can even start to learn how to earn money online for free. That way you will learn how to get traffic to your site so you have a chance at capturing their email.

Email marketing will grow your business and can give you a way to stay in contact with your customers. Your email list may determine how successful your business grows. You have to acquire a communication skill that your potential customer’s trust, value and will continue to allow further emails sent by you.

You need to be creative to keep your email list growing and continue to offer value to those potential customers. More than likely if they liked what you gave them they will come back for more. Most marketers offer something in exchange for someone’s email. They capture that lead and now are in what is called a funnel.

Keeping them in the funnel through a series of emails. It can be written or even using videos. Marketers are finding out that using video in their emailing marketing campaign are bringing great results. It builds trust faster, saves time and they see a real live person that they can relate with.

Learn To Use Video With Email Marketing To Earn More Money

Now that everyone is mobile and has a smartphone strapped to their body somehow video has emerged as the new tool to use in email or should we call it vmail. Vmail marketing is perfect for people on the go. A video is easy to share, can lead to better engagement and have a higher click thru rate.

Another thing we are finding out by using video in our email marketing is that you will have less reduction in subscribers. You spent a lot of time getting someone to your list and you need a way to keep them there. With a mobile society, a video is going to be getting used more often in emails as time goes on. Most of us would rather take 1 minute viewing a video than take 5 minutes reading about it.

Video gets you right to the point and builds trust for your brand. You can get your message across quicker with video and video seems to have a better open rate. Just adding the word Video into your headline of your email provides you with a better opening rate. People check email on the go and don’t have time to read a long and drawn out explanation.

A video is almost perfect for those on the go people like us. You can look at a video or hear what it is saying almost anywhere. Just look around Bluetooth headsets everywhere. People are watching a video. You have a great opportunity to get your information shared with video.

How Do You Get Peoples Email?

The simple answer is to ask them for it. Then ask again and again. You may not get it for quite a while so you need to be persistent. So how do we ask for their email? You can use those annoying pop-ups. Like em or hate em we all know that they do work. Another way is using your sidebar. Most folks have a place that they ask a visitor to sign up for your newsletter.

Using forms inside your blogs is another way especially at the end of your article. You’ll also notice what is called hello bars at the top of a website. At least that what we call them. As a matter of fact, Neil Patel is the owner of the Hello Bar that you can purchase for your website to capture emails.

You’ll see many people using different lead magnets to capture your email and get you into their funnel, They may offer you an ebook. WOW, I wonder how many of those we have? We all have signed up for one at some time. You already know you’re going to be getting a bunch of emails.

Webinars are a great lead magnet and can build your list steadily. It’s a great way to also have your list share the webinar and get even more people added to your list. Nowadays people are even using membership sites to capture emails. Facebook private groups are becoming more popular to capture emails. The key is you have to offer value to the customer. It must be worth them exchanging their information to get what your offering.

Small gifts are another way to get that email address. You see it all the time on social media sites. It will require you to have some great content to give to these people once they give you their golden email. As you can see it all works together. You have to have a plan on how each sequence will work and who gets what.

A video, presentation slides, webinars, ebooks, gifts, pdf guides or whatever you want to use must provide what you actually offered. Naturally, they get what you offered and then the next sequence will happen or you will provide an upgrade.

Email Marketing Strategy

It all started with an irresistible offer. The offer must entice the customer enough to give up their email. Use A/B testing and find out what offers are working the best. Keep improving these offers to get the best results. Use multiple offers, lead magnets and keep it simple.

Next, you will need to have a traffic plan. You’ll need people to see your offer. Social media is a great place to start. You’re just trying to get people to give you there email in exchange for your irresistible offer. You’ll need a great title and an image to get folks to sign up.

You should have landing pages set up and thank you pages after they do give you their email. It’s optional to have an upsell at this stage of the game. But you should also let them know that you will be sending out more information and when.

The first 72 hours are your best time to land that customer with your upsell. They already got the first offer and you should use a double opt-in for this. You’ll get a better list of customers this way. Your second email sequence the following day needs to give them a feeling that they got a bonus.

They got a bonus and gets a good time to add in the upgrade after the bonus offer. Then on the 3rd day is when you offer them more bonus info along with the main offer and maybe even a timer with it. Timers are very effective and will give them a fear of lose. After that, we would give them a couple of days before you sent them another offer just make sure it’s not the same as the offer you had a timer attached to.

At this point, most people will continue 7 times trying to get their offer into the customer’s hand before you just start dripping them into your newsletter. You’ll want to stay in touch and do not bombard them with emails or they will unsubscribe very quickly.

Lead Magnets Are A Great Way To Build Your List

These lead magnets are a great way to build your list and have content to use on social media sites. 4-5 different lead magnets can get your business off the ground quickly. It pays to take your time and develop these tools for you to use to capture leads.

Just make sure you have all the bases covered. The more folks see your lead magnets the better for your brand. It has to be something that your target audience wants or needs. It should offer them a solution to a small problem that will lead them to your main product.

Here is an example. Let’s say that you are giving away a free ebook on how to speed up your WordPress website. In the ebook, you talk about different plugins that can help them achieve that. You also give them a few other pointers and let them know about the benefits of upgrading their plugins. Next day you send them a video that explains how to install these plugins and again talk about the upgrade.

At this point, you should also prepare them for the next email. Like how hosting can affect your website speed and what you can do about it. You do know what is next right. Your explanation about different hosting companies. You see you are building that trust.

You gave them the ebook that gave them some pointers to increase their website speed, Then you showed them how to install them so they work effectively and maybe even upgraded that customer with a better plugin. Now you’re ready to get them into a more effective hosting platform.

Learn To Earn With Email Marketing

It takes practice, research and a lot of testing to keep your email marketing system in top shape. One thing we left out was that you will need a good autoresponder. One that can help you build the sales funnels you will need and is cost effective.

You probably already know most of them by name if you been doing this for a while. You got AWeber, its a trusted brand and one of the top email marketing platforms. Next in line is Get Response. This platform is trusted by thousands of marketers and will give you the ability to build your landing pages. It is very cost effective starting at $15 a month. We found these folks to give the best value.

Then you have Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and icontact plus a bunch more. You can google each and everyone one or take our word for it. Get Response is the way to go and you can start with a 30-day free trial to make sure you are satisfied.

You can also sign up for their affiliate program. When you go look at most of the reviews you will find that most professional marketers choose Get Response. Customer service is excellent. Well, we hope you learn and earn with your email marketing efforts. Start building your list and sign up for our newsletter to get your helpful tips that get your home business making money.

You may want to know how we got started with affiliate marketing and learn a few lessons from us. How to learn and earn is a website that provides information so internet marketers can have more success. Feel free to contact us with any questions. You can always sign up for our newsletter and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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