Learn and Earn with Social Media

Learn and Earn with Social Media To Get Traffic To Your Site

Learn and Earn with Social Media

Learn and earn with social media so you can get more traffic to your website. How do you get your online business off the ground? Use these 3 simple steps to build trust and recognition.

Write good content that provides value. Use video to reinforce your message. Facebook and Twitter will help you build your brand.

In order for you to have a successful online business, you will need to build a big-time trust factor. You will want to start as quickly as possible. Just putting up a website won’t cut it. You will need to learn and earn with social media.

You’ll need to learn about social media very quickly so you can earn the trust and start getting people to recognize your brand. When your first starting out don’t worry about earning money online.

When you learn and earn with social media you’re going to increase traffic to your website down the road. Don’t start out trying to sell your products on social media. You need to understand that online marketing takes time to develop.

You’re learning and earning trust to build your online business. If people don’t trust you, they will not even think about purchasing your products. Offer value to your audience.

Produce content that solves problems. By doing this you are offering value and building trust with your audience. Go where your audience goes. That is where you will learn and earn with social media.

3 Simple Steps To Learn and Earn With Social Media

When your first starting out you’re trying to build that trust factor. That may be the reason why you are not getting traffic or maybe you need some refresher training.

Social media will allow you to have success in the future. It takes time for people to start trusting you or your brand. Building your brand should be a priority for you. This will increase your traffic to your website in the coming months.

You may not see the results quickly but rest assured you are setting your business up for success in the coming months. Building trust and recognition take time. Once you establish that trust factor your following will increase tremendously.

How do you do all of that? First, you must start writing good content. Then reinforce your content with short videos that give a preview of the content. Now check this out. You now have good content to post on social media.

These are free ways to build your brand. No sense in burning a hole in your budget. You can use that cash down the road after you built a solid foundation. No sense in spending money until you got everything set up.

In addition, you have no cash coming in from your online business yet. You need to concentrate on do it yourself marketing. Once you think you have your ducks in a row then go with a little-paid advertising on your social media sites.

Step 1. Write Good Creative Content

Write Good Creative Content

Whatever niche you choose your content should be about that niche. All the creative content that you produce should always be relevant and go along with what your website is all about.

Your content should focus on solving problems for your audience. When writing your content you’re focusing on offering a solution to your audience. Giving value to an audience will pay you dividends in the future.

People ask us all the time, how much content do we need on our website? There really is no concrete answer. One thing is for certain, the more content you have the more chances you have to be found online and the more value you can offer your visitors.

Produce at least 30 blogs to get your website up and running using different long tail keywords. You may want to invest in a good keyword research tool to help you find those magic words where you can chisel your way into the search results.

You can always upgrade your articles as you gain more experience. Researching is going to take up most of your time when your first starting out. You will learn so much just by checking out other peoples articles.

That will give you more knowledge to write better content for your own website. Don’t copy other peoples content. Just write using your own style and use storytelling techniques when you can.

You also need to write it in such a matter that you have an opportunity to gain some organic traffic. That means you will need to know some information about (SEO) search engine optimization.

Follow The Experts To Learn And Earn

You can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from Brian Dean who is an SEO expert. It takes time and a lot of practicing to master these skills. As you get better with these skills your traffic will start to increase.

Just check out Neil Patel. He is everywhere you search in the money niche. Neil produces content that offers value. He is also well respected in the internet community and someone that you can learn a lot from.

Another great resource is Dream Grow. They can provide you with information about content writing and how to promote it on social media. They are a great place to learn and earn with social media.

Hubspot is another great resource for writing content. There are other places that you can find. It’s always good to research a few and bookmark them for future use.

Step 2. Video Can Reinforce Your Content

Using video to reinforce your great content is another way to build that trust factor. Video can also increase the traffic to your website. You can use video to act as a preview of your content on your website.

Short videos that give your audience an opportunity to know what you wrote about is a great way to drive traffic to your site. When producing these type of video use the same keywords from the content that you wrote about.

You can use animated videos or talk about the main points right from your smartphone. Smartphone videos are free and work just fine. It gives you a chance to build confidence and also start building that trust factor.

Learn and earn trust producing short video that will bring an increase of traffic to your site. Just give an overview of your content that you wrote about on your blog. Post the video on YouTube or other video submission sites.

When writing what the video is about, make sure you link it back to your article. These video can be very short somewhere around 35 seconds to one minute. These are just previews and are going to be used on your favorite social media sites.

How To And Explainer Videos

You can also produce how to and explainer videos. These type of video will be longer in length. You’re looking for more viewer time on these type of video.

Again you can use animated videos or just talk into the smartphone if you’re trying to save money. You may want to practice storytelling techniques. People love stories even when you are trying to explain things.

Right now videos are trending. It seems to be the most popular way of communicating on social networks. They are a great way to build your brand and get that trust factor working for you.

Step 3. Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

There are many social media site to build your brand. We are going to concentrate on just a few of them. 65% of adults use social media.

Then when you look at the younger generations that are using social media it can go as high as 90%. Millennial’s age ranging from 18-29 are in the 90% bracket.

That’s why it’s very important to know your audience. Just knowing a few statistics can bolster your social following using the right techniques. You may have to do a little work and studying but it will pay off down the road with big-time traffic to your website.

Learn and Earn with Facebook

Facebook is the king when it comes to social media sites. They have over a billion people using Facebook. It’s not just used for your family and friends anymore.

You can use Facebook to build a solid brand, a great reputation, and relationships to increase traffic to your website. It doesn’t take thousands of followers to get started. Just a few good followers can make a difference.

You need a Facebook marketing strategy. Start letting people know who you are and what you do on your fan page. Help people that need information or solutions to their problems. Show folks that you care.

You can build that trust factor just by getting involved on Facebook. Answer questions in some of the groups your audience would hang out in. Building up your reputation takes time.

Ask engaging questions when you post or are answering questions. You’re looking for more engagement. Provide your success stories. Use your real life stories to show how you handled a situation.

Use these videos to provide answers and more engagement. If you don’t have the video, produce a video that answers the question or offers a solution.

You may need to spend a few coins to get some likes and followers unless you tap into the niche groups and develop a following. Start with a small budget until you figure it out. Don’t forget to use your videos that are previews to your written content.

Learn and Earn With Twitter

Getting started on Twitter is different than Facebook. Everything is out in the open. Tweets can contain links, photos, videos and even gifs. You should try an tweet a mixture of things.

Try to use only 25% of your tweets for self-promoted items. Mix in other stuff. Things you enjoy doing, the food you like and even travel. Just be a little creative.

You’re only allowed 140 characters to post your information. By adding a photo you will decrease that number by 24 characters.

You can also use the famous # hashtag symbol. This identifies to your audience that that keyword is important. It also becomes a clickable link.

Once you start building that trust factor on Twitter you will notice an increase in traffic on your website. It all takes time and you really need to use your content to make this happen.

Make sure you’re using your video previews about your blog post on Twitter. It’s another way of building that recognition you need.

The better the content you produce the better results you will have. Naturally, you need to be speaking to your target audience.

Social Media Will Increase Traffic To Your Website

Now you have different ways of driving traffic to your website. One is from your content. Use good search engine optimization techniques. Number 2, is from the social media sites you are using.

We talked about 3 different social media site to use. YouTube for your videos. These videos can also be ranked in the search engines so you will want to use good solid SEO. YouTube is not just a social media site.

It is its own search engine. As a matter of fact, it is the second largest search engine. So use it wisely. It will pay off big time. Plus you get to link the videos back to your website.

Facebook and Twitter should be used to start building build your brand. You will start getting followers as you build trust and by helping people out.

It will take some time to develop the following you may be looking for. You can add on other social media sites anytime your ready. We suggest just hanging with a couple until you have become effective within that social site.

Learn how to become the go-to person for your audience on your social media sites. Once you start becoming really good at what you’re doing your followers will be sharing or retweeting your content all over the network.

Learn and Earn Money Online

Social media can help you get more traffic to your website. We hope you got a few pointers. Feel free to look around our how to learn and earn website. Read my story about how we got started.

Learning and earning money online takes hard work. You have to do a lot of research so you can gain the skills or information you need to succeed.

We challenge you to write those 30 articles. Then produce those 30 videos for the previews of that good content you have written.

Use a couple of social media sites to build your brand. We mentioned just a couple. Facebook and Twitter are great places to start building your brand.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you 90 days or a whole year to accomplish your goals. As long as you take action and have a plan you will get to the finish line. Just don’t give up.

It takes time for all of these things to happen. You’re going to learn and earn money online as long as you write good content, use social media to build your brand and keep learning so you can start earning.

If you need training, go out and invest in yourself so that you can gain the knowledge you need. Training will help you learn and earn money online. Do you see that banner below? Start training for free to get your journey started.



Never stop learning. You have to learn in order to start earning money online. You also have to work on your skills to get better. When you click that banner you will be on your way towards success.

You can also use those skills to help other people and maybe even help the company your working for. They have information that you can use to improve your online marketing skills.

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      Thanks for stopping by Jeffery. Glad you enjoyed learning about social media and getting traffic to your site. Hopefully you picked up some good pointers so you can get your business rolling. I know how you feel about being scammed with so many training programs on the online market. There are a lot of great courses offered online as well.

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