Learn And Earn With SEO

Why Learn And Earn With SEO? 7 Big Tips To Improve Your Ranking

Learn And Earn With SEO

Why is it important to learn and earn with SEO? What is search engine optimization? Basically, its learning what you need to do with your content so the search engines can understand it.

They provide the best results to the users that are searching. Whoever has the higher scores will be earning free visitors that can turn into customers.

This is often referred to as organic traffic. It’s a process of building a great website that will provide what the customer is looking for. There are many ranking factors that decides who gets the higher ranking.

Therefore, it would be wise to study and get as much information as you can so you can get free traffic that you would of earned.

The best advice is just write awesome content for the user. That is what the search engines want. They want the user to have a great experience and provide them with the best results possible.

Why Do You Need To Learn SEO?

There are two things you need to consider with SEO. First, we’ll say it gives search engines like, Google, Bing, Yahoo or even you tube a structured way of analyzing your content. Now your content could be a blog post, what you write on a page, video or images that are posted some where online.

Second, They use this analysis to show the most relevant information to a person that either types in what they are looking for or uses their voice to find a particular item, place, question or whatever info they want to find.

Bottom line. You want to know, all you can about this subject because it can help you get free traffic to your website. When you have a better understanding of the search engines and how they want you to structure your content, that gives you an opportunity to get more free customers.

You not only want to follow the guide lines the search engines provide but you want your visitors to have a better experience and get the information they were looking for.

It’s a balancing act because not only are you trying to have a good ranking score from the search engines but you also want to provide your customers with a pleasant viewing experience. Above all else, think about the customer first.

How Do You Earn With SEO?

Earning with SEO is getting a higher ranking score because the closer you are toward the top of a search page the better chances that you have of someone clicking on your content. You want people to be able to find your website.

Without customers you cannot make sales or sell your services. Get the real deal and do it the right way. SEO is the guidance that will allow your website to have a better ranking position in the search engines. It is an art that will bring customers to your website.

Where Do You Learn About SEO?

There are a lot of places you can get training from on SEO and they will show you how to apply it. I personally take courses for affiliate marketing, Learn how to sell products online and a ton of other courses, right from the comfort of my home.

In addition, they teach you step by step training on everything you need to get started, including search engine optimization. They also have free training. You can read my review to learn more about SEO training, website speed, hosting, and keyword tools.

This is another piece of the puzzle and information that you will need before you start building your websites. You can also get more traffic to your website with the wheel of fortune customer generator. In addition, you could try direct and network marketing right in your local area.

Where else is there training that can teach you about search engine optimization? One place to start is Moz. They have an outstanding learning resource that will teach you quit a bit about search engine optimization. They have an excellent beginners guide to SEO or if your into local search they have a learning center that can give you the answers you need.

7 Big Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking

These 7 big tips will get you started in the right direction and improve your search engine optimization efforts. Therefore, give you a better chance of getting a higher ranking score and your visitors will have a better viewing experience.

I also read some great content and watch videos about search engine optimization from some of the top experts in that field. Two of my favorites are Brian Dean from Backlinko and Neil Patel. They will give you a tremendous amount of pointers that can benefit you and your website.

One other company I get outstanding advice from is Mobile Biz Buzz. That’s my local SEO expert because you can get a lot of extra traffic right in your own backyard.

In addition, don’t forget about the free training that you can get to help you out. Click on the free training on the menu. Plus, they have the tools you need like, a keyword research tool, to save you a lot of time.

When your not an expert in the field you can find that information on Google or Bing as well. Plus they have the tools you need to assist you along the way. OK, back to the 7 big tips on some of the things the search engines are looking for as well as providing your customers with a pleasant viewing experience.

1. Quality Relevant Content

Quality relevant content is always the number one item on most of our list. It needs to be the right content for your customers. Keep them in mind and identify a problem that they may have. Keep it fresh and supply the most you can handle. Update it regularly.

We are always on the prowl to find fresh ideas or new trends in your particular field. Sometimes you can find that content right on your own website. Most folks just forget about the content they have already written. Browse some of your old content and you will be surprised of some of the details you left out or that you could refresh. More detail is key here.

Write your content to asks questions and provide an answer. Keep keywords in mind but do not spam your audience. Try to use them in your main titles and use synonyms in your paragraphs so you don’t stuff your keywords in your articles. Try to write at least 900 words in your article, if not more.

Use links in your content that will explain a certain word or give more information about a subject. Make sure that when you link to someone, they know that subject and is an authority in that field.

2. Website Speed

Website speed is getting ready to start put a hurting on a lot of websites out there. Not only speed but I’ve seen some of these sites are still not mobilized. You need to be using a responsive site that can be seen on all mobile devices.

Your speed should be 2 seconds or under. Take the time to check your speed. Google can give you quit a bit of information here about site speed. Make the web faster. You can also check the speed on google at Page Speed Tools.

There are other tools available like Pingdom or GT metrics. I check often just to make sure nothing is broken. It only takes a minute. Better be safe than letting customers leave your website and go to the next one. Speed is here to stay and you better get it or you risk customers leaving your website in a flash.

One other thing, make sure you have the hosting to deliver your website to the public with speed and security. Luckily I have WordPress Hosting Included in my internet marketing training.

3. Images & Videos

Make sure you use images in your content. You can also use videos and info-graphics also. If your short on change and cannot find images, there are places online that you can get free images from. Try to donate to these places because that’s how they get paid for their work.

Use videos as part of your content. After you write your blog post make sure you produce a short video preview of what you wrote about. Post the videos on YouTube and write a short description about the video.

Use the same keywords as your blog post and try to get it ranked. If you need a custom video be sure to check out Izideo. They can get you hooked up with animated or whiteboard explainer videos.

Myself, the community that I am involved in has over 1,000,000 images to use free of charge. So I don’t have to hunt them down. Saves me a bunch of time an energy.

I like to name my images with the keyword that I’m using. Maybe not a ranking factor but it helps me stay organized. You want to ensure you use good alt tags. Also provide a description of the image so the search engines know what it is about. Another ranking factor that many people leave off.

Make sure you size the image to fit the spot your putting it. I try to stay with a medium size of 300 x 300 pixels. It will also help with the speed. One other tip if your using WordPress use a image optimizer, it will help with your speed.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking is very important. Link your post to other pages within your website. If your using a plugin like Yoast, it will remind you to link to your cornerstone content. Use anchor text to link to these articles or pages. Do not use the same words all the time to link to your main content. Use the words you used for your H2 heading. You know mix it up.

Use your blog post to link back to your main content when possible. As long as it is about that subject matter. Use categories to build inter-link silo’s inside your site.

Your trying to get the visitor to stay longer and provide them with more information in an easy way. It gives the user a better experience and keeps giving more juice to older articles.

5. Titles And Meta Data

Your titles should include your main keyword phrases. Use titles to get someone to look at your content. Use phases or words such as; simple, easy, 7 tips, amazing, breakthrough, superb, hot, big, best or just google it for more info.

You will find hundreds if not thousands of words to use.

Don’t forget the meta data. This is mainly for the customers to see when they are searching. The Yoast plugin is a good way to handle your meta description. Otherwise Google will just take it from your first few sentences.

You want to write something that explains what your article or page is about. But you must do it in a way to invite the visitor to your page. This is the information that is displayed under the title of the search page.

6. Target Niche Keywords

Find small targeted niche keywords so you have a chance to chisel your way in. Use long tailed keywords when possible. Your better off getting a good keyword tool when doing your research.

Lucky for me, the training I receive has these tools included. You can use the google tool. But it lacks a lot of the features and benefits with the one I use that save time and earn me money.

The keyword research tool will save you a tremendous amount of time and I’m sure headaches. Yes, it is well worth the investment.

7. Create a Link Building Strategy

This is where you can pick up some power. Trying to get these back links from sites can be a chore. You have to get involved in commenting on other peoples blogs or sites within your field. Many people get into guest blogging to start a link building strategy. They need to be well respected and have a good authority website.

This is where your good comments will pay off. You can build relationships with other businesses and work as a team and share the juice of both of your websites or should I say pages. Myself, it is pretty easy because the community I’m a member of have all the same goals and we help one another out.

When you are first starting out just write great content. Do not worry about getting back links. Also do not pay for some crazy link building strategy. You may end up getting penalized by Google and find your site at the bottom of the search results.

Bonus Tip For Learn And Earn With SEO

One major change in the last few years is with tweets. I guess google made a deal with our friends at twitter. They now show up in the search results when your searching for high profile people, brands, and a few others. Watch out what you tweet. As it could come back to bite you in the rear end later.

Social media is hot for getting visitors to your site when done properly. Just watch what you post. You never know where it might end up.

Did You Enjoy The Show Learn And Earn With SEO?

Today we hope you picked up a couple of pointers on search engine optimization. These are not the only ranking factors. There are over 200 factors that the search engines look at. Using these tips today can get you on the right track and improve your ranking score. Don’t let your website get lost in the woods.

Bonus. You can get the bonus by simply leaving a positive comment and signing up for our newsletter. This bonus tip will help you get more traffic and build your brand. Just another way of getting free traffic.

It’s that time to type in a comment about how you plan on using these tips or if you got a question or other ways, let us know in the comment section. In addition, remember we have free training in our community and they are always willing to help out a fellow online marketer.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment just might help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Sharing is caring.

Thank You,

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  • Robert says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your article Ken.

    I don’t often read an entire article but yours earned it rather than my usual scan.

    This really helped me think more seriously about SEO and the importance of it.

    Sounds like you are part of a really great team that you mentioned several times. That is great.

    Would you mind sharing the group. Always looking for like minded to share with.

    How long have you been doing this?

  • Thank you Robert for your kind words. SEO is very important especially when your trying to get free organic traffic. It’s free, that’s the best part. You just got to put the work in. We work with a couple of teams. Our local team and our world wide team.  We get a lot of information from them all. Just sign up for our newsletter.

    Wealthy Affiliate is our world wide community that has over a million members that will give you advice in a heartbeat. They also teach everything you need to know to sell products online and they provide the tools you need for success. They are all like minded entrepreneurs. They also have courses about (SEO) search engine optimization and many other things like how to get traffic to your website.

  • Amazon LaShaun says:

    Learning and earning are two of my favorite things to do. Lol. No, seriously. I went to meeting once and they asked what would we do with our lives if money wasn’t an object. I said I’d be a lifetime student.

    That was an awesome post. I actually did learn a lot about SEO. It’s good to have good mentors because SEO changes every so often.

  • Never stop learning. That was a great answer you provided in the meeting Lashaun. SEO can give you that free organic traffic that your website is hungry for. The newest change or SEO that we will probably need to concentrate on will be voice search. Smartphones have now become the new device that will make this happen. We believe that longer tail keywords will be what you may need to concentrate on.

    Mentors can give you the edge. We have learned a great deal from the community (Wealthy Affiliate) that we are involved with and a local seo expert (Mobile Biz Buzz). These are our two main resources to get information about search engine optimization. We also learn a lot from Brian Dean from Backlinko.

  • Eric Chen says:

    Hello Ken,

    Great article on SEO! It’s interesting how the search engines work and the best part is… anyone can do it. All you have to do is learn it and apply it.

    I actually took a course in college about search engine optimization and you nailed it!

    I will apply what I’ve learned here on my website. Thanks a lot Ken!

    Kind Regards,

  • Eric we are glad that you gained some knowledge about SEO. Learning SEO does take some time. The great thing is that you can apply your skills as you gain more knowledge. With over 200 ranking factors and new updates all the time one must constantly adapt to new information.

    Learning the basics will always get you in the right direction just like you were taught in college. Once you start really understanding seo it can get you a lot of free traffic. That is why we recommend training on this subject as well as many others. Thanks for your kind comments and sign up for our newsletter to get more SEO information.