How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

How to learn affiliate marketing for free and get 2 websites at no cost to start you out. You find a product you like and promote it.

Then when someone buys, you earn a commission from the sale.

No inventory is required. You can market name brand merchandise. We provide free training to get your business rolling.

What do you like to do? Is there something that you are very passionate about. The reason we ask these questions is because you will need to pick a niche.

You don’t want to start building a website unless you know what it is going to be about.

How to learn affiliate marketing for free will require you to find a niche so you can get started building those beautiful websites.

Give yourself a moment and think about what you would like to do.

What have you always wanted to do but never started for some reason?

Is it romance, relationships, wealth. money, health or fitness. Maybe your into sports. Golf, basketball, football, baseball or even tennis. You see, it doesn’t matter what your into.

You just need to find out what it is that you like to you can begin your journey.

What about camping, fishing, helping children, remodeling, decorating or teaching people how to play the guitar.

Maybe your into cooking, gardening or whatever it is. Now, keep that thought so we can show you how to learn affiliate marketing for free. That was your first task. Picking out a niche.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free Starts By Picking A Niche

Pick A Niche

Maybe you still haven’t picked your niche out yet. That’s quit alright. Do you have a pet? Pets are a great niche. Do you like music? Another great niche.

Who likes a good BBQ?

That’s right a fantastic niche. What’s your favorite sports team?

These are ways to help you find your niche. That’s the first step if you tight on funds is how to learn affiliate marketing for free. Where can you learn about affiliate marketing and build a website for free? Click the link and find out.

Great niches never go out of style and they always have people that will want to buy products that are associated with them.

Hobbies and other things you like doing is another way to come up with your golden niche. We spend time on niches because it is one of the most important elements of starting your website.

Most beginners start out with one niche and then end up switching to another one in a very short time. People spend a fortune on gambling, hobbies and entertainment. We all like to have fun. Traveling and visiting different places are another super niche.

These niches are almost endless. Take your time and you’ll decide. Sometimes the mind just needs a trigger to set it off. Now some people have already picked out their niche before they even arrived at this website.

They already knew what they wanted to do. This is good information even if you did because you will need to explain this one day.

Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free Requires You To Name Your Website

What Is The Name Of Your Website

We told you in the beginning that you will receive 2 free websites. That’s right, we said, FREE. No cost what so ever. You will also receive free training so you can learn how to get started. We want you to succeed in your new venture and will help guide you along your path.

That’s what we do here at how to learn and earn. We teach people how to sell products online and learn to earn money online. All we ask in return is that you do the same after you get rolling. Show other people what you learn. It’s a rewarding profession.

The next task is to get your website started. You will need a name for your new affiliate marketing site. Keep it short and simple. Give it a name that sort of matches your niche. Use keywords. Do not use numbers or hyphens. Pick out a name that is easy to remember.

One thing you must let your audience know that you will make a commission when they click a link on your website. We also post a disclosure compliance in our side bar as well as in the footer. It’s a requirement so be honest and let the people know.

Here are a 26 examples.

  • bbqdaddy
  • easydecorating
  • golfballreview
  • petcaretips
  • moneywizard
  • outdoorcamper
  • besthikingshoes
  • growbetterfood
  • fishingforkids
  • stayfit
  • loseyourtummy
  • detroitsportswear
  • supersnacks
  • loveyourself
  • gamehacker
  • getyourgirlback
  • beautylotions
  • neverstoplearning
  • beyoungagain
  • staymotivated
  • focusonyou
  • stopbackpain
  • highheelqueen
  • hugyourchild
  • chickenmaster
  • shareyourtime

That should give you a pretty good idea and give you some descent thoughts about naming your new website. Have you decided on what name your going to use? I can remember when we first started. We just kept starring at the screen. If you cannot think of anything, just use your name to get started.


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Your off and running. All you need to do is name your website and follow the 4 simple steps to get your website up in running. All we ask you to do is share our information about how to learn affiliate marketing for free on your favorite social media site.

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Training on How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

Next we will show you the free training that you will receive after you get your free website started. As you will notice that there are 10 lessons that you will want to finish so that you have a good understanding about how affiliate marketing works.

Once you inside the training module you will be able to ask questions and look around. As a free member you can also participate in some of the other training that is offered. You will not have access to all training. That is reserved for our premium members.

Below are the 10 training lessons that you will be receiving. There is a tremendous amount of training once you gain access. Feel free to look around. You’ll be amazed. Stay focused.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free Training

Remember your there to learn and earn money online. Don’t get over whelmed with all the other information. Stay focused on your main objective. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Work at your own pace any time of day or night.

There is always someone there that can help you out if need be. Some people are there just to below to an organization. Most folks are there to learn and earn money online. Learn all you can so that you can become a marketing expert.

We will send you a welcome memo once your inside and we will be available to help you out when you need it. The community of entrepreneurs are like one big happy family. Most everyone will try to lend a helping hand when necessary.

Premium Members Has Its Advantages

You can become a premium member when ever you feel that you are ready or if you want access to the many tools that are available. You can also get my special bonus. That bonus will allow you to get the premium membership for one month at $19.

Thereafter the price goes to $49 per month unless you want to take advantage of paying annually to get a big discount.

But you’ll need to sign up for the bonus in the first 7 days.

You should realize that affiliate marketing takes time to get to the income level that you may want to receive. Results vary by the individual, niche, experience level and so many factors that you will learn as you gain more experience.

Myself, I look at it like a business. You get what you put in. We started way back in 2011 and struggled for a long time because we did not take the training.

Lesson learned big time. Never stop learning. Every year we just sign up for the premium membership paying annually because it saves us money.

How Long Does It Take To Learn and Earn Money Online

It usually takes the majority of people to start having results some where between the 5th and 9th month. We’ve seen others take off like a rocket ship and starting making cash right out of the gate.

You maybe just better off by saving some money paying annually. It’s your choice.

Bottom line is you must work at learning your skills. You will want to develop a plan of action and set goals for yourself. Inside the community there are thousands of people doing the same thing you are doing.

Some people are also studying how to learn affiliate marketing for free.

There are other that have doing this for quite a while. You will find people in the community that are making thousands of dollars per month and some you haven’t made a dime.

As long as you have a great attitude, follow the training and do the work that necessary, your should have no problem. When we first started it took us a while to start earning money online. Once it starts you will be very happy and glad you stuck it out.

Just keep trying to improve your website as you go along. Make sure you have a solid content marketing plan. You can always ask us a question if you get stuck.

We’ve got many niche websites going on and know what you will be going through. We already have been there.

Learn and Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

How to learn and earn money selling products online with affiliate marketing. The great thing we like is we work when and where we want. We have no inventory. No shipping to hassle with. We have name brand merchandise to promote.

We have found a real good way to get started is by using Amazon products. Once you gain more experience you will find other place to be an affiliate for. It takes the same amount of effort to market a $20 product as it does a $2000 product.

First, gain your experience and get an income started before you move up with the guru’s. (people that know their stuff).

You’ll be there before you know it. Never give up. We’ve seen so many people quite and then come back wishing they would have never stopped.

Did you start your website yet? You can get started today or read our review for more information.

It’s free training to get you started.

Some people get curious and want to know what’s include in the premium membership. Can’t blame you for that.

Thanks for Stopping In At The Learn And Earn Show

Thank You For Stopping By

We would like to ask you one small favor before you sign up for the how to learn affiliate marketing for free training course. Drop down below and post a positive comment. Tell us what you think.

Bonus. Now, if you leave a positive comment we will provide you with our bonus. It will give you a tip for building your brand as well as give you a way of getting extra traffic to your website.

After you post your comment just sign up for our newsletter to get the information.

We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Remember, one comment just might help someone out that is need. Also remember, that sharing is caring. Share our post on Facebook or Twitter.

Note: Article updated Dec. 2018.

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  • Mark Baker says:

    Hi Ken

    I enjoyed reading your post.

    Clearly from what you say affiliate marketing requires work and time but you also make it sound like fun and that must make it easier to stick with until you are successful.

    I also like that you can choose any niche which means you can build a business around what interests you.

    Just one question though, some niches seem to be very competitive, like the weight loss niche for instance. Wouldn’t it be very hard to be successful when there is so much competition?

    Thanks Ken.


    • Ken | HowtoLearnandEarn says:

      Hey Mark we’re glad you dropped in and you seemed to have a good time while reading the post. Yes, it very important that you choose a niche you really enjoy. It will keep you going when you have a few stumbling blocks. The training will give you a solid understanding of how affiliate marketing works and offer suggestion on how to choose a niche.

      There are a lot of competitive niches. You have to break the niche down into a smaller niche so you can chisel your way in. Like the weight lose niche that you mentioned. Go into smaller niches like How to lose belly fat. How to lose belly fat after having a baby. How to get those 6 pack abs. Exercises to help you lose belly fat. What to eat to lose belly fat.

      Do you see where we are coming from. Target tiny niches inside the broader niche. That allows you to target a particular audience. That will eliminate so much competition and give you an opportunity to have a successful campaign.

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