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March 14, 2019

Why Join The Wealthy Affiliate Community?

Why would you want to join the Wealthy Affiliate community?

  1. ​Freedom, personal growth, fun, travel, and adventure.
  2. ​Get help, coaching, and training so you can have success.
  3. Create a monthly income and long term financial security.

But really its all about being a part of a great organization.

Did you know that WA is the largest community of affiliate marketers in the world? 2 million members. That is a strong statement.

Are you having a problem trying to get your online business off the ground?

Do you know how to get traffic to your website?

Are you tried of paying money for programs that just do not work?

Do you need some coaching?

​Have you ever needed a question answered for your online business at 2 o'clock in the morning?

Do you have access to people that can help you 24/7 on a live chat system?

Does your website load faster than 2 seconds?

Are you a member of a community that cares?

​Why Join The Wealthy Affiliate Community

Why Join The Wealthy Affiliate Community

The Wealthy Affiliate community has been helping people for 15 years. Many people from all over the globe have had success with their own online businesses.

It's a global community of entrepreneurs that offer a helping hand to one another. Teamwork helps make your dream work.

No matter where you are from, income level, age, gender, color, education level, or any other distraction you may encounter anywhere else, the community reaches out when you need it.

You are never alone trying to figure out how to get everything to work for your online business strategy. Friends inside the platform will be glad to always provide you with solid feedback.

You can get advice from people that have already had success. They started where you are at. These folks have worked hard to get where they are today.

They share the knowledge they have gained. Even the owners of Wealthy Affiliate join in and offer you coaching.

Getting help when you are in the middle of a project is very important.

Especially when you are doing this on a part time basis. You need answers now and that is exactly what the community can do for you.

​The Community Is A Platform Of Coaches

The Community Is A Platform Of Coaches

​It's like having a coach by your side guiding you along the way. You get to rub shoulders with people making 4, 5, 6, and even 7 figures. 

Where can you find a community like that?

If you do find one it may cost you thousands of dollars to even get good advice.

You can get coaching from super affiliates just by joining the Wealthy Affiliate community.

There are many people inside the platform that offer advice, answer questions, and even teach you how to do different tasks so you can have more success with your own internet business.

It's like having a boatload of teachers that provide a personal touch.

​Check this out. The average time to get a response is 1.8 minutes.

The Wealthy Affiliate community averages 32,000 interactions per day.

Knowledge is being passed on to anyone that needs it.

There is no competition. Everyone is trying to help one another succeed. You can actually learn while you earn money online.

​What do you need? Training, workshops, mentoring, teaching, help, motivation, knowledge, and you get it all inside the WA community.

​Wealthy Affiliate Provides New Skills Training

Wealthy Affiliate Provides New Skills Training

Are you ready to learn some new skills?

Wealthy Affiliate offers training to get you down the right path.

You will need to complete your workshops but you can do them at your own pace.

We want to introduce you to 10 free lessons that will give you an opportunity to check out the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Just follow the link above to get the information about those courses.

In addition, WA will provide you a free WordPress website so you can learn how to design your own site.

You'll build relationships and learn new skills during you're training.

Plus, you get a chance to find out with your own eyes if the community is everything we have said it was today.

Once inside we will send you a private message and welcome you to the team. You'll want to ensure you fill out your profile so people will know you a little better.

It's like a big social media site.

Just have fun and enjoy yourself. But make sure you take advantage and learn the new skills you will need to run an effective affiliate marketing business.

​How To Get Help Inside The Community

How To Get Help In The Community

​Depending on what you need help with will determine the channel you go through. Anything that is very technical that pertains to a website, security,  or programming then we would recommend you contact support.

Once inside the dashboard you will notice that you can gain access to the help center. It's the last one in the image below and it says help center. It also has a (question) ? symbol.

Access To The Help Center

​When you click on the help center the next thing that pops up will look like the image below. You notice 3 main areas.

  • Help Center
  • Premium Coaches
  • Top Helpers Today

You can click anyone of the buttons in the help section depending on your need or problem. You have 4 areas to choose from.

  • Site Support
  • Live Chat
  • Ask A Question (Get Answers From The Community)
  • Private Message (You can communicate with any member)
Premium Coaches And Top Helpers For Today

​Premium Coaches And Helpers

​Those two gentlemen in the image above under premium coaches are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are the top coaches that you may want to use when no one else can answer your question.

You also notice the next section is called top helpers today.

These are the people that have offered the most advice or help during that day. The people usually change day to day.

The fastest way to get an answer is to use the live chat. Who ever happens to be up at the time that has an answer most likely will respond to help you out.

Remember that people are in different time zones from all over the world and different people are online at different times.

You can always send us a message and we will provide an answer as soon as we check our messages for WA.

As you can see anytime you need help there is always a way to solve your problem or to offer you some advice.

There are a lot of people that take pride in helping others within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

By helping other you can also improve your ranking score inside the community. You can find out more about that once inside.

​Summary: Join The Wealthy Affiliate Community

One of the major reasons why you would want to join the Wealthy Affiliate community is that you can get help when ever you need it.

They have coaching, mentoring, and the teach you a lot of new skills so you can have a successful affiliate marketing business.

​WA Is the largest community of affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs in the world. They have been helping people succeed since 2005.

That's 15 years of providing solid training to people from all over the world. On top of that you will find many members that have had great success.

You will find people that have made all kinds of money. They have the results that their system works. But it's all up to you to perform the tasks that they outline.

The WA community will help you through the tough times. They will offer advice, guidance, or coaching when you need it.

​Learn and Earn Money Online With The WA Community

​Learn how to make money online with the WA community of helpful people today. You can read our review and take the 10 free training lessons that we outline in our review.

​Do us a favor to start building your brand. Drop down below and leave a comment and let us know what you think.

​To stay in the loop you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to our mini course by clicking one of the big green buttons.

Did you get a chance to check out the article 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote? It's a good read and comes with some great advice.

Stay blessed my friend until we meet again. We'll see you on the inside.

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