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Do Not Join Amazon Read Why

When is the right time to join the Amazon affiliate program? Great question, especially when your new. You're ready to get started and want to start to earn a few bucks right away.

Slow down for a moment. Get your ducks in a row before you go out and start applying for any affiliate marketing program. You got work to do before you even think about making money online.

Your website needs to have content before you go out and start joining anything. How much content? That will depend on your niche, audience, and a whole lot of other factors.

People need to know who you are. They need to be able to recognize you or your brand. You need to be trusted. Nobody is going to get anything from you until that happens.

That is why you need valuable content. They have got to be able to even find your content. So you know anything about SEO, site structure, or building your brand using social media?

​Do Not Join Amazon Affiliate Program Until You Are Prepared

Do Not Join Amazon Until You Know Marketing

​The best thing you can do if you do not know any of those things is take some affiliate marketing training so you can learn the basics of online marketing.

After that you need to produce content. What kind of content? What ever niche you choose. If you want a niche site about beard oil then you need to become an expert in that niche.

​Affiliate marketing is a great internet based business opportunity that can earn you some decent cash from once you get rolling. Can you really make money in your spare time? As long you learn the skills you need.

Write as many articles as it takes so that that search engines start giving your site some authority. That is how your articles are going to be found. You will need some Google or even Bing love.

In order for you to do that you have to supply your audience with content that solves their problems, offers them great information, and is valuable to them in one way or another.

​You Need Content Before You Join Amazon Affiliate Program

You Need Content Start A Blog

​It may take about 30 blog post before you start getting any authority for your website. Sometimes less and sometimes more. You are going to be in competition with a lot of other websites.

So you need to be able to find what they call is that low hanging fruit. This is where there is not so much competition. How do you find these sweet honey spots?

You need to find low competition keywords when writing your articles. Using long tail keywords is your best bet.You can find these long tailed keywords or phrases using a keyword research tool.

Instead of just writing about beard oil you may want to write about Amish beard oil, beard oil shampoo, or how to make your own beard oil. There are so many things that you can write about in that niche.

The more subjects you can write about in that specific niche the more your website starts gaining authority. Then your articles will start getting some ranking in the search engines.

Share Your Content On Social Media

Share Content On Social Media

​The more content you have to share the better of you will be. You can also take each article that you write and reinforce it using a video. Use the same keywords that you used for your articles.

This gives you another traffic source and provides you with more content to share on social media. Video is also an excellent way to build your brand using social media.

Find out where you audience hands out. It may be on Facebook for an all around or older audience or it could be Instagram for a younger crowd. Pinterest also may be a great place for using images of folks with beards.

The main point here is that you need lots of content so the search engines start providing you with organic traffic. Social media will help you build your brand and get the word out and let the search engines know that people like your content

It's Time To Join Amazon Affiliate Program

​You've built a great niche website with plenty of content, people on social media are engaging with you, and your videos are a hit. Even Google is starting to give you some love.

Maybe you have 20% of your article ranking on the first page and you are getting some traffic. It's time to join Amazon affiliate program or any other program that you want to promote.

The reason we tell you not to join Amazon is because if you are not making any sales during a 90 day period they can and will terminate the program on you. Maybe you want to make your own beard oil. You can do that too.

Get your website together and fill it with valuable content before you apply for an affiliate marketing program. Be prepared before you go jumping on board.

​In addition, you also want to read all of the rules, terms and conditions before you sign up. You can learn more about affiliate marketing and gain the edge by taking some training so you don't lose your mind.

​Conclusion: Join Amazon Affiliate Program After You're Ready

​Do not sign up for any affiliate marketing program until you are prepared to make some sales. You need plenty of content on your website before you apply.

​30 blog post or sometimes more is what it may take. Use YouTube videos and social media to spread the work. Videos can reinforce the blog articles or the reviews you write.

Follow the rules so you do not get terminated. Some affiliate programs will terminate you for non production or no sales. That is one of the reason that you need to have everything set up before you apply.

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