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February 19, 2019

Increase Blog Traffic Using YouTube Videos To Get Leads

You can increase blog traffic using YouTube videos broadcasted all around the world. People can relate easier when they can see and hear you.

2-4 minute short videos can drive your audience to want more.

Show them and provide the benefits they are looking for.

The trust factor builds quicker using video.

You still have to offer value and provide solutions to your audience but never in the history of this planet has it been easier.

It's almost like actually talking with someone that you never met. You can answer the questions they have been looking for.

What a dynamic way of showing some love to others that need your coaching. You get to perform on a world wide stage, YouTube.

You've probably already heard that Google owns the number two search engine and you might as well take advantage of it because it is going to keep growing.

In addition, the amount of smartphone users that watch video is growing as well. It would be wise to take advantage of this massive traffic source.

So, how do we take advantage of this global traffic source?

​How To Increase Blog Traffic Using YouTube Videos

How To Increase Blog Traffic Using YouTube Videos

​You must become the teacher or coach in order for you to increase your website traffic using YouTube videos.

How to get people to visit your website is really not that hard if you think about it.

What do you do when you need to know something.

You Google it, right?

Sometimes you will notice that videos show up in the search results. So you need to get your videos showing up in the results as well.

Using the word video in your title and description will help you get a better ranking. Just add it in with your keyword phrase.

If you need to learn about keyword phrases and SEO take these 10 free lessons to help you out.

​In addition, you want to be able to show up in the YouTube search results, don't you?

​You still need to use a great headline, meta description, low competition keywords, and with video a nice attention grabbing thumbnail.

Once you have all of that squared away it time to tell your story using how to or explainer videos.

Get More Traffic Using How To And Explainer Videos

Get More Traffic Using How To And Explainer Videos

​Let's face it, nobody wants to watch you babbling on about whatever subject you want to discuss. It's boring.

Show people the how to and explain how to do it.

First off, you got 6 seconds to get that persons attention.

That is why you see some of these new 6 second commercials.

Then you may have an additional 24 seconds to keep your audience watching. State the benefit. What's in it for them.

You've got to bring them in with a little emotional trigger that keeps them watching.

They want to know, are you going to be the same old boring person that takes hours to explain something or are you going to get right to the point and give them what they came looking for?

​2-4 Minute Videos Keep Their Attention

You have approximately 2 1/2 to 4 minutes to keep their attention. Do not waste their time or you will end up losing that visitor for good.

As your audience grows naturally you can increase your time.


Because you have built that trust factor and they know you are providing the solutions they are looking for with plenty of value.

In addition, these short 2-4 minute how to and explainer videos are great for sharing on other social media networks.

Another great traffic source that can lead visitors back to your blog.

People will say that does not give you enough watch time.

Well if you cannot get someone to watch a 2-4 minute video, how are you going to get them to watch a 10-30 minute video?

It's also practice for you to get better before you tackle those longer videos.

​Short Videos Help Build Your Subscribers

​Using short videos will help you build your subscriber base. 

Let's say your website is about catching fish from shore.

​Don't start out walking up to a body of water and start fishing.

You need to know what kind of fish you are going to fish for.

What type of gear you are going to need?

​How to find these honey fishing holes?

What are the best baits to use for these type of fish?

How to set up your rig and know if you are choosing the right structure that those fish hang out at.

As you can see, these are little bit size areas that you need to cover before you even start fishing.

These can all be turned into short small videos that will show your audience what to do first. It's the value.

At the same time it builds that trust factor with your audience and it will ensure they come back for more.

Just break everything down into smaller steps.

Then use those smaller steps (short videos) to show your audience the how to part. Explain the how to, using 2-4 minute YouTube videos.

Once you have about 17 - 21 or more of these short how to YouTube videos, you will notice an increase in your subscribers and you'll start to generate a following.

Now it's time to get some of those subscribers to come to your website. So, how do you do it?

​Build A Bridge From YouTube To Your Website

Build A Bridge From YouTube To Your Website

​How do you build a bridge from YouTube to your website? The links in the video description is where it starts. 

But just because you put a link in the description does not mean people are going to just click and go to your blog.

You need to develop a landing page. It could be your homepage, a blog post, or even another video on your site offering more value.

Lead magnets should be some of the ways you get folks to visit from YouTube. It's the bridge to your site.

Like the fishing site we talked about.

Get my list of the 10 best lures to use for bass fishing. 

Grab my eBook on how to choose the perfect spot for fishing on shore.

​How about, watch this short 2 minute video on filleting bass, perch, or red fish (whatever kind of fish you are targeting). 

Anything that they will want to see and know how to do or explains how to do something. Maybe even gives them an advantage.

If you use a video for the lead magnet do not publish it for the public to see on YouTube.

All you need is something simple that they want to see. You can use multiple bridges for different YouTube videos.

Another thing that you should consider before you give them that free lead magnet, is set up a lead capture form to acquire their email.

​Short YouTube Videos Bring More Traffic To Your Site

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​Set Up An Email Capture To Get Your Magnet

​You've built that bridge from YouTube to your blog or website. Now it's time to give your audience something extra.

You are giving them more value. They sort of trust you and they want to get over that bridge to get what you promised them.

​You've invited them over and here they come.

Once they get to your site they need to make a quick stop to get their prize. In exchange for their prize they need to give up their email.

This is also the time to let them know that they are going to be getting even more value that way they do not hesitate.

You can even use an email marketing course for the lead magnet. Example: Subscribe to our 3 day email course for finding the hidden shore fishing spots in your state.

Do you think they would want to know where those secret spots are?

In addition, you will have a better CTR and a more solid email list to sell your products too.

​Use Video Sales Funnels On Social Media

Video Sales Funnels To Increase Traffic

​Check it out. By increasing your blog traffic using these 2-4 minute YouTube videos you actually created miniature sales funnels that you do not have to pay any advertising fees for.

You can use these sales funnels on your social media sites.

Again, it will take a little time.

But you have the videos and lead magnets that will get peoples attention. Especially when they are serious about the subject matter.

You also will have everything set up including your lead magnets and your lead capture pages. They all work in harmony.

You also get acquire more solid leads.

When you look at most social media site they all crave video, don't they. So you sort of knock out two birds with one stone as the old saying goes.

That should also increase blog traffic using YouTube videos. Now you have designed a triple traffic source.

You got YouTube, Social Media, Your Blog Post, and a mini sales funnel that will help you capture the solid leads you will be acquiring.

It still requires smart work and a lot of action.

​Summary: Increase Blog Traffic Using YouTube Videos

  • ​Produce Short 2-4 Minute YouTube Videos
  • Become A Teacher or Coach
  • Use How To And Explainer Videos
  • Build A Bridge From YouTube To Your Site
  • Use Lead Magnets
  • Set Up Lead Capture
  • Increase Traffic With Social Media
  • Mini Sales Funnels
  • ​Work Smart And Take Action Using YouTube Videos
​Time To Start Building Your Brand

​Drop down below and leave a comment about getting more visitors to your site using YouTube videos.

You'll also want to share this on your favorite social media site.

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​Did you check out, learn and earn with 4 magic steps?

Stay blessed my friend, until we meet again.

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