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December 9, 2017

How To Increase Traffic On Your Website With 3 Simple Strategies


How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Today we will be sharing our ideas on how to increase traffic on your website just by using 3 simple strategies that work in your local area all over the world.

  • Local Search Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Social Traffic

By using a combination of all three traffic generating machines we can effectively drive more customers to your website so that the search engines will realize that what we do on our website is important and help us get more people there.

Local Search Traffic

How to increase traffic to your website that works right in your local area is blogging about the community that you live in. Let’s get one thing straight before we begin with local search traffic. Do not just plaster the name of your city or town in your blog.

Get creative and build your brand . Local search traffic can be simple and easier than trying to get traffic from the entire world. Here are 9 ideas you could blog about and I’m sure there are many others.

  1. 3 Best Burger Joints In Town
  2. News In and Around Your Community
  3. Local Sports Teams (Little Leagues Included)
  4. Attractions Within the City
  5. Local Fishing
  6. Places Where To Get a Haircut or Nails Done
  7. Local Brewery
  8. The Dog Park or Where to Take Your Dog
  9. Even Your Favorite Recipe

OK, hope your getting the idea. Take plenty of photos and include them in your blog. You could make it even more effective by adding in video. Nothing fancy, just a short video clip from your smartphone because you will be using the images and video later to share on social media.

When writing your content be sure to add in your local town or city so that people in your area will find you online in your local area. The more people that come to your website gives you an opportunity to engage with these individuals and build our brand. Another great ranking factor is just by increasing traffic on your website.

How To Increase Traffic On Your Website By Blogging About Local Businesses

Local blogging is an effective and fun way to increase traffic to your website that work right in your local area. By doing this you will be building your brand. People will start noticing your articles. They will share your information if they like it so make sure it is interesting and captivating.

Talk about the places you go to eat at. Like your favorite chicken wing place or the hole in the wall that has the best burger in town. Give them praise and promote their local business.

All of a sudden one of these business owners will walk up to you and thank you for writing about their burger joint or the lady that cuts your hair will give you praise.

Support Local Businesses And Increase Your Traffic On Your Website

You see, the word will start getting around about you and before you know it, you will start to become a brand that people recognize. Just by blogging about a few local business establishments will give you more exposure in your local community as well as online. It’s simple and it provides you a method of how to increase traffic on your website.

Like the old saying goes, What comes around goes around. Help someone increase their traffic for their business and what do you think will happen? You just might get hired to help a local business with their local marketing ranking on the local search engines.

Go Down To The Dog Park And Capture Some Amazing Scenes

Taking your dog down to the local dog park can be an exciting time. Great chance to capture some video and pictures of some amazing scenes. These make great blogging posts and are excellent for sharing on social media.

You never know what you will see visiting the local dog park. You could end up capturing a video clip that goes viral and that is one way on how to increase traffic to your website in your local area.

Answer Comments Quickly And Make Recommendations

We also want to be able to engage people that come to your website. Let folks know that you want to hear about their opinion on the subject matter that you wrote about. You want to ensure that you answer all comments.

Just think when you leave a comment. Your giving your two cents of information about that subject. When your researching or reading stuff online don’t you look at the comments yourself. I know I do. It helps us make a decision about that particular item you wanted information on.

Leave Comments On Other Businesses Pages And Post

If someone has done a great job on an article let them know. Let them know what you thought was great in their post. How you use that information and how it could benefit other readers. Tell them how you think it solves a problem. It also helps you spread your brand or name so that you can become more known on a certain niche or subject.

It helps you build a following in the long run. People start seeing your name more and start realizing that you are an authority figure. They may even try to find out who you are because they feel you have an expert ability in that area.

They may want to know how to learn and earn the way you are doing it. Therefore, they may want to be a member of your community so they can acquire the skills it takes to be successful online.

Identify Problems & Offers Solutions To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Write content that people are interested in by identifying problems they may be having while also providing a solution. This will build you a community of followers that will also spread the word.

Therefore, they will be glad or willing to share your information because it helped them out. You also will be building a trust factor. These are just a few things to keep in mind when writing your content. Many articles are out their that explain how to write great content for the local businesses.

Neil Patel is another author of writing awesome content that will increase traffic to my website. In addition, he provides excellent information on numerous other subjects like search engine optimization. He is an expert that has numerous articles ranking on the first page of google.

We want people to share, comment, or offer other alternatives. Just good feedback can go a long ways. You never know who is reading your comments. It may change someones life for the better.

Direct Local Traffic is Red Hot

I use two sources of direct local traffic. One is from the local search results that we discussed above. These are referrals from people that already visited and liked your website or your social media sites, like Facebook.

They found information that benefited them and are willing to recommend your brand to the people they associate with. That could be offline or online. They spread the word because you took the time to write problem solving relevant information.

The second source we recommend is another offline method. Now there are a couple of ways that we recommend doing this so that your efforts are effective.

How To Increase Traffic On Your Website By Using A Business Card

Yes, you can increase traffic on your website by using a simple business card. Just pass out your business card to everyone you meet. Your car guy, your dentist, the mechanic, friends, and even a waitress that serves you. Just leave it with your tip.

Do you understand what we are saying? Pass out your business card to everybody. This is very cheap and effective advertising and builds your brand for future business.

Use Speaking Engagements To Increase Traffic On My Website

Speaking engagements is another great direct traffic source. I personally like speaking at my church. You may be involved in some local community or whatever it might be. Do not be scared of telling your local community what you do. Offer advise. Again, pass out business cards.

You never know who is listening and may need your services, advice or assistance. Your a marketer. Share your skills. Show them how to increase traffic on your website so they can get more customers.

Local businesses can use your help, so people can find their business. Offer them a few tips for free, a course. These tips will get more customers to their website. Again, pass out those business cards. You might even make a few bucks doing so.

Offer Training To Local Businesses on How To Increase Traffic On My Website

By offering training to local businesses on how to increase traffic on your website, you become a hometown hero. Select a meet up location and have a couple of hand outs ready with the information you will be going over. Pretty simple. Your group might start small but you can build on it.

I would start out with making sure they have a google my business account set up. Everything is explained on the google my business site. Now some people will lack the skills, so you might have to help them along and show them.

No big deal. Just remember, you are teaching them how to increase traffic on my website. Plus, your building a trust factor and helping other people out. Your building your brand and only spending about a hour of your time doing so.

Its also a great way for local businesses to join together as a community.  Then again, there might be other business owners that will pay you because they do not have the time, but still want those services.

Stay Active With Social Media

There are a number of social sites out there. Find the one or all the ones you like the best or best suited for your online business that will help with your branding. Personally I use Facebook, google plus, you tube, and LinkedIn.

Work with local businesses and practice giving likes and sharing to help the other local businesses. Use good information that will help the customers on say, on Facebook. The customers are looking for your products and just need to know how to find them.

How To Increase Traffic On My Social Media By Forming  A Local Community Or Group

One great way to increase traffic on your social media is by having the local businesses join your community or a group and help one another out because we all need more customers. By working together you will increase traffic on your social media, as well as other local businesses social sites.

Now days it seems the only way to get a message out on social media is you got to pay to play. But, it doesn’t cost much to get likes for example on Facebook to build your brand. Remember, Facebook was build by direct traffic.

By working together you strengthen your chances of getting more customers for everyone involved. Team work will make the dream work. You just got to put in a little time and some smart work so that everyone gets more traffic to their websites or say, Facebook fan pages.

Sharing Is Caring and it is how to increase traffic to my website

It don’t take a lot of work. We mainly use photos, videos, or words of inspiration to get ours rolling. It just takes a little time to keep building your brand. Sharing is caring. So share things because it increases traffic to my website. It spreads quickly when you find a hot item. Leave comments that are positive. Offer solutions and guidance.

So folks we are going to wrap this up. We hope that you found some valuable information on how to increase traffic on my website. Spread the word and feel free to look around our website.

You can get training in local marketing. Once you gain the skills you need go down and start talking with local business owners. Offer them a do it yourself solution or do it for them for a small fee. Check out our Wealthy Affiliate review to learn about the training as well as hosting.

Which suggestion did you like? Offline or the online? Do you know other unique ways to acquire traffic? Let us know, drop them in the comment section.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment might just help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Remember, sharing is caring.

Thank You,

Ken VanNortwick

How To Learn And Earn

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