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December 28, 2017

3 Yr Old Teaches Us How To Reach A Goal In Life – Learn and Earn

How To Reach A Goal

Learn and earn as a 3 yr old teaches us how to reach a goal in life with a few simple steps. Learning and earning for success starts right between the ears.

You are the one that will have to define what your goals are. You have to be able to dream what you really want.

It will be your belief that you can do it. Share your dream. Talk about it to others. Have the courage to do it. Lend a helping hand and Inspire others.

Then you can enjoy the harmony in your life and get the satisfaction of achieving your goal. You can learn and earn every goal that you set out to achieve.

You might even get them fired up so they start setting goals for themselves. Your mind is very powerful.

You can train your mind to believe that you will accomplish what you are going after which is your goal. Maybe you want to become an internet marketer. Go for it.

Learn How To Reach A Goal In Life With A Few Simple Steps

I can remember my brothers child was so determined to have a bicycle. Now he was over three years old at the time. His dad told him that in order for you to get that bike he would have to learn and earn it.

He asked what earning was and his father broke it down for him. Because he wanted him to understand how to reach a goal in his life. He explained to him a few simple steps it would take to achieve his goal.

His dad made him clarify what he really wanted. It wasn’t really the bike. It was that he wanted to be able to ride the bicycle.

He loved to watch those young guys on television that could do all the tricks and jumps with those simple machines. So when you break your goals down, write out what it is, that you really want to do.

How 3 yr Old Teaches Goal Setting

Then his dad ask him to look up the bike that he wanted. The child was pretty smart and got up on his dads lap and they hunted on the internet for the trick bike that he wanted. They then printed a picture of it and the young fellow hung it in his room on the wall.

You Have To Earn It and Own It

His dad told him that he would have to save up his money for the bike that he wanted. He made him put his mark or name on the photo and put a date when he thought he would achieve that goal.

Now he wanted to achieve his goal before his next birthday, before he turned 4. So he had plenty of time to save his money because his birthday was in August. He had six months before that would happen.

The next thing that happens is his father is explaining that you will have to build up your muscles to be able to ride that bike. You know the exercise where you lay on your back and lift your legs in the air and act like your peddling a bicycle. So the young boy started doing these exercises everyday.

His dad, also told him he would need balance. So, he made him stand on one leg and hop around then switch legs. The little guy would do that every single day. So the young fellow was getting plenty of exercise.

Plus, he was determined. He had his goal hanging in his room and he would look at that picture of that bike every single day.

You can do anything you set your mind to do. Whatever it is. All you need are the solutions to your small problems.

Be Proud Of Your Goal And Share Your Goal With Others

When people would come over and visit the young man would ask them to come in his room and show them the bike. He would explain to them about if they wanted something they should dream about what they want. You got to believe.

See my bike up there on the wall he would tell them. I am getting one of those. They would laugh and carry on and just try to please the youngster. The young guy would tell them that if they do not believe in what they really wanted they will not succeed in getting what they want.

He was really into getting that bike. That little guy was even selling eggs and doing chores for his grandfather to make a few bucks. He would stuff all his money in a little bank that he had, to include his little allowance.

Boy, he would save every penny. If he found a penny he would pick it up and store it in his hiding spot.

Reach A Goal By Seeing Yourself Doing It

His father would ask him after a couple of months went by and find out if he still wanted the bike. He would tell his father about the dreams he was having about the bike. He would ask his son if he was riding it in his dream.

The young fellow responded with no but I saw it and I see it every night when I’m sleeping.

OK son, you can see it but why are you not riding it during your dreams? He wasn’t sure so he asked him a couple of more questions about his exercises. From then on it became like a obsession to the little guy. He was determined to ride that bike in his dreams.

Dream How To Reach A Goal And You Will Get There

Turn Your Dream Into A Goal

Then one day before his dad was leaving for work the son came running out to his dad and told him that he finally had a dream about him riding that bike. His father patted the young fellow on the top of the head and gave him a big hug.

He told him that his dream would come true now. You just needed to let everyone know that he could ride a bike.

Share your goal of riding that bike or whatever your dream is because it will get more deeply ingrained in your wonderful mind that can achieve anything you allow it to.

Have Determination Drive & Enthusiasm

He would watch his older brother and neighbors ride their bikes and would just be amazed. They would all tell him that he could get on and they would help him. He refused. Saying not until I have my own bike. He would watch them and compliment them.

They were a lot older but this young guy did not give up.

This kid was incredible. He had determination, drive, enthusiasm, and would not quit until he reached his goal. All excited and was learning how to get the things he wanted in life with goal setting techniques.

That little man was training his mind to believe so strongly that he knew he was going to succeed, no matter what. Therefore, he was learning how to reach a goal in life step by step.

Then on a 4th of July weekend the family was at a family get together and one of his cousins is talking to him about this bicycle he had that he was going to give away. My nephew finally got his bike. It was used but he was happy. Then he still did not ride the bike.

Don’t Quit

But he would push or pull it every where that whole weekend long. Morning till dark that boy was pushing that bike. He didn’t even try to get on. He just pushed that thing around that farm until he would fall asleep.

It was so funny because everyone would ask him when he was going to start riding? The little guy would say you have to take a lot of little steps to get what you want. But I’m almost there.

He was believing down to the smallest detail. He had him a plan and he was taking action. The little guy just wouldn’t quit.

Finally the weekend was over and my brothers family left to go back home and they brought the bike with them. All that young man would talk about was him riding that bike when he got back home. He got home and again started pushing that bike around the yard.

Encouragement Will Help Your Succeed To Reach Your Goal

Then the older children came over and were giving him encouragement that he could ride it. I just need a couple of more minutes. He kept pushing that bike and finally he told them that he was ready.

Now, he was about to achieve the goal he really was reaching for.

The little guy got on and they gave him a big push. Boy, he went to riding that bike like he had done it his whole life. Big smiles and he did not fall or anything. The kid was riding like a champ.

It was almost his fourth birthday and he was enjoying his new ride. Excitement was written all over his face. Sure enough, he had reached his goal. Now guess what happened when his dad got home?

Confidence set in and he calls his dad into his room.

His dad asked him where is the picture of your bike? He told his father that he already accomplished that goal and was moving to the next one. Dad, can let me show you a picture of the four wheeler I want next?

Can you print that out so I can hang that up there? His dad started laughing and gave him encouragement.

Success Will Come If  YOU Hang In There

It Gets Tough Hang In There

You see if you train your mind to learn and earn to succeed you can pretty much do anything you would like. Therefore, you got to get down to the specific thing that your wanting or have a desire for.

Put it in stone and because you got to write down your dreams.

Write down a date when you plan on accomplishing those dreams and you now have a goal. It gets tough sometimes and you just got to hang in there for the success to come.

Then design yourself a plan of action to reach your goal. Reverse plan. You see, these are the baby steps to get to that main goal.

Talk about it. You have to make yourself believe that you can do it. Do not keep it all stuck inside your own mind.

Share it with other people and they will see your desire to accomplish your goal. It will also build confidence that you can reach a goal that you set for yourself.

Learn Some New Skills {It May Not Be Easy}

You might have to learn some new skills along the way. It may not be easy. You might have people tell you that you cannot do that. Just keep trying to reach your dreams no matter what. You might even be delayed.

Just change the date when you plan on getting there. Hang those goals up and look at them everyday.

Take an action step so you can get a little closer to your goal. Be confident. Motivated to reach your desired destination. The more you do something the better you will get at it.

Do not let negative thing interfere with your destiny. Help others along the way. Everything that young man went through gave him a learning experience of his life because he knows how to reach a goal and has demonstrated it.

Set a Time Frame {Take Action}

Lend A Helping Hand

He learned how to reach a goal by setting a time frame that he wanted to accomplish it and he took action. He set other goals in his life and achieved quite a few of them.

By the way that young man is now a US Marine. He is a leader. Sometimes you just got to lead, follow or just get out of the way. It’s all up to you.

He dreamed about many different things he wanted to accomplish. Therefore, by knowing how to reach a goal with a time frame and he made a plan of action to get there.

Reaching A Goal Takes Skills {You Must Learn And Earn For Success}

Learn and earn for success is driven by your own desires , wants, and needs. Go after what you deserve. You just got to train the mind to believe. Feel free to comment below about how you plan on getting what you want in life or what ever it might be.

I’m not sure what the young man did with the money he saved because he got his bike for free as a gift from another young fellow. That is another lesson. Helping other people can go a long way. Hope you got the message here folks.

The Learn and Earn Show Wants You To Accomplish Your Goals

Valuable lesson today with that young man. You too can reach your goals. Don’t settle for anything else. Get the skills you need to accomplish what you want to do. Leave a comment about how you plan on reaching your goals. Build your brand and start inspiring other people to help them reach their goals.

Let’s help our world become stronger. Let us leave a positive footprint for our future generations. Guide your children in the right direction so that they can become stronger citizens that others will want to emulate.

This is your chance to have a positive impact on society. Help somebody.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment might just help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Sharing is caring.

Thank You,

Ken VanNortwick

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  • Thank you for revealing your inspiration, and motivational Tactics on how to reach your dreams through goals. I have always been a big advocate of this platform to accomplish our dreams and of course duties to move forward, your content is very captivating while very digestive and understanding, you said to learn, earn and then achieve that goal, because you stuck to the goal structure and never quit, great read and I will be following you, sincerely, Jack

  • Thank you Jack. Goal setting is a very important part when trying to reach success. You got to have that burning desire and have a never quit attitude. Just like in the story my little nephew never gave up. He was determined to reach his goal and he finally did it. If we all strive to reach our goal as that young fellow did we would all be on top of the world. Feel feel to sign up for our newsletter to get more inspiring stories. Thanks for your kind comments Jack.

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