How To Get Traffic To My Website

How To Get Traffic On My Website Using The Wheel Of Fortune

How To Get Traffic On My Website

Today we are going to explain how to get traffic to my website using the wheel of fortune customer-generator. We show you 4 hot tips that are working now.

Getting customers to come to your site is an art. We provide information to help you get those visitors from social media. Take the 90-day challenge to get on track.

While learning these skills you increase your odds of getting better search ranking scores. Once you understand the basic fundamentals you will start gaining some traction with some smart hard work.

We are not going to mention pay per click because your blog or store needs the four basic items set up before you start spending your hard earned cash.

Plus you might be a little strapped at the moment so all the free advice will just save you some money. So, just kick back and let us show you how to get traffic to my website. Sometimes you just got to take a step back and reevaluate your situation. Look at your site from a customers viewpoint.

Write your words so your audience can understand what you are talking about. Keep it easy, simple, and give your website the ability for a customer to operate it with their thumb and fingers. There is no speed limit on your sites ability to load. Keep your speed on your website at it’s maximum because it will help you get traffic. Otherwise, someone else will be getting more traffic.

We are going to discuss our 90-day marketing strategy that will drive customers to your website. Plan your work and work the plan that will give you a solid foundation to move you to the next level.

Your either going to need some training on how to get traffic to my website subject matter or you will be doing some big time researching on the search engines or both. You know yourself better than I do. Know yourself and seek self-improvement. You got to learn before you can earn. Next step is planning.

How To Get Traffic On My Website With A 90 Day Marketing Strategy

90 Day Marketing Strategy

You can also increase traffic to your website using these 3 simple strategies if your trying to get traffic for a local business.

First things first. Remember the ninety-day plan or 90-day online marketing strategy that you will need. Make sure you write this out and fill in everything that you want to accomplish during this period. I use the smart formula. 

Be specific, and make sure you include how to get traffic to my website because that is the end result you’re trying to accomplish. Not just traffic but targeted traffic to your website.

It is your plan. You will be the one accomplishing the tasks that will be required to reach your goals. Your good work will pay off later so be patient. This is the groundwork so you have a solid foundation.

So take some action and get that done. Break it down into 30, 60, and then the 90-day action plan. Keep breaking it down until you get down to a daily task or tasks that you want to get done.

Design it so you have a step by step set of goals that have a successful end result in the ninety-day period.

We are going to set up what we call the wheel of fortune customer-generator. This needs to be completed ASAP (as soon as possible). That way you have all the dots connected so customers will find you online with as many avenues as you can handle. Your online home business needs to be found by the right people that want your products or services. Stay focused and get the guidance you need.

Get Guidance And Stay Focused

Sometimes you just might need some guidance to get you moving in the right direction. Then, there are others that just need a swift kick in the behind to take some action. You have already taken the first step, give yourself the golf clamp. Use a little common sense.

You ready to learn how to get traffic to my website?

That means more customers to your site. Nod your head yes.

We get excited when you start out and then start fizzling after a while because you just do not believe. Believe in yourself and your action plan. But make sure it is obtainable. Reaching those little tasks and goals will keep you focused on the bigger prize that you want to achieve and keep you motivated.

Let’s get started so you know how to get traffic to my website. Should have said your store or your blog. Do you get the message? Great, then here we go with getting prepared so that we can have some success because if you do not learn how to get traffic to my website, you could end up going out of business.

So follow along as we show you what is working for 2019 with online marketing.

To get more valuable information on this subject, check out Neil Patel. He is someone you need to check out as he is an expert in online marketing and produces a lot of great content that is worth reading. Sharpen your skills it will pay off. Let’s dive into the 4 hot tips on how to get traffic that is working today.

How To Get More Traffic – 4 Hot Tips That Is Working Right Now 2018

How To Get Traffic On My Website Using 4 Hot Tips 2018

Use these 4 hot tips on how to get more traffic on my website that is working right now in 2018 and gives you a better ranking score on the search engines.

Get in on the fun using your social media. Learn how to pick solid premium hosting that is secure and has the speed you need for better ranking on Google.

Let the doctor teach you how to give your website a checkup. The doctor will teach you how to get traffic to my website. You may even need a checkup to improve your knowledge. Keep yourself updated on the newest website ranking factors.

Are you using social media to get customers to your website effectively? Did you know that by using social media the right way you can increase your ranking score?

What website builder are you using? Why do most internet marketers use the WordPress website building platform?

Do you really know how to choose the proper hosting for your website? You need to realize that the speed of your website has a lot to do with your hosting.

Another thing you should be able to do is to know how to find a niche. Who is your target audience? Are you using a keyword research tool to help you chisel into a market?

Do are using video as part of your relevant content on your blog?   Do you know the problems of your target audience? Does your site offer the solutions to the problems?

How fast does your website load on a smartphone? Is your site easy to navigate for your customers? How about on a mobile phone?

You want more customers coming to your site? Learn these few pointers to increase that traffic to your website that you need to earn a few bucks.

OK, let’s get started with these 4 hot tips that are working and show you how to get traffic to my website in 2018.

1. Get More Traffic With The Wheel Of Fortune Customer Generator

Wheel of Fortune Customer Generator - How To Get Traffic On My Website

This idea about the wheel of fortune customer-generator was a concept Mobile Biz Buzz came out with, at least that is where I heard the term. Basically, it’s like a wagon wheel and all the spokes leading to the center or you could say a roulette wheel.

So your website is the hub or the center. Everything that you manage is on the outside of the wheel and has a funnel or the spokes coming back to your domain (the center or hub).

This will lead people to your site and that’s how to get more traffic to your website.

Wheel Of Fortune Customer Generator Uses Social Media Sites As Traffic Sources

So you got to get all your social media sites set up with links back to the site. Do you get this concept? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin,  google plus and YouTube and any other social media or other communities that you can tie in. This is very important because this is how to get traffic to your website. Now, when the customers hit their number, they are a winner.

Therefore, you win too. They win by sharing or liking a post. You hit one of their hot buttons with something you posted or wrote in one of your social sites or groups you belong to. It’s a win-win or double win because you provided a valuable benefit for the customer or they just liked something.

So have at least 4 of these social channels working for you. Your gaining suspects. Then as time goes along you can turn them into prospects. Then they will become customers.

Start Out With 4 Social Media Traffic Sources Max

Here are 4 social media sites that are traffic sources as we mentioned above;

  1. Google Plus – show Google some love
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

These 4 social media sites will get you started. Now, as you start getting traffic from these sites, you can always add on more social media sites as needed. If you wanted, you could use whichever social media sites you thought you were most comfortable with. You want to be able to handle the workload that comes with them because you do not want them just sitting dead.

After the 90-day time frame, keep it going. Keep that funnel of suspects coming to your website as they will become prospects. Its the wheel of fortune customer-generator and that’s how to get traffic to my website. It will take smart working habits and a desire to succeed.

Following these tips can get customers coming to your online home business which is your website. Pull out that 90 plan and add in your wheel of fortune customer-generator system.

Work On Social Media At Certain Times Of The Day

Develop a business fan page. Your personal site will only allow you, 5000 friends. When you use the fan page you can get as many followers as you like. Therefore, build it for the long haul. You got to lay a solid foundation and follow the steps so you know how to get traffic on my website. (here on out, my equals yours)

Remember your running a business. Keep it professional. One other important point here. Is stay off your social media except for certain times of the day. You will end up wasting to much time and never get anything done. Your there to develop your following.

You just need to feed it a couple of times each day. I do my stuff from 5 AM – 7 AM and then after dinner say 6 PM-8 PM. Monday thru Thursday. These are the only days that we perform those tasks because I like to spent quality time with the family.

I switch it up every day. So one to two hours for social because your time is, way to valuable.

Social Media Sites Are Little Billboards That Generates Traffic

These places (social media sites) are going to be where you draw interest in your products or offerings. These are the little billboards for your brand. This is where you have previews of what your offerings are. This is where you build rapport, trust and after a while, your sort of a friend.

You’re building a relationship and that’s also how to get traffic to my website that we need. You identified a need or problem and working them toward a solution. Maybe your just sharing information that someone likes.

You’re not trying to sell anything at this point. You’re trying to establish your brand. So each one of these sites, you need to keep everything looking the same. Look, corporations are giving you an example of how to get traffic to my website.

Look at these sites offline and online.

Just like when you go to a Walmart. They all look the same. Target, McDonald’s, JC Penny, or any other brand that you can think of.

Now, look at Charter Communications. They are a cable company. They bought Time Warner Cable out and they are doing a pretty good job of re-branding themselves with Spectrum.

Build Your Brand And Trust Factor

The message is, get your brand started by at least having all your sites looking the same. Like Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site you may have. That way customers will recognize your brand and start trusting you and it’s a way to get more traffic to my website.

So use the same profile picture on each site. Design a nice cover photo and use it on all your social media cover photos. You want all your sites looking the same. That is what big corporations do. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just time and smart work.

Your starting to build that recognition of your online business. The more people start to recognize your brand the more they will come. Your building a trust factor here. All these little things will help in the end and that is how to get traffic to my website.

Social Media Are Traffic Generators - How To Get Traffic On My Website

That way when your customers start coming to your sites they see a nicely designed image of your business.

Some people use their personal Facebook page. To me, that is your personal entertainment page. Like Facebook for example. Everyone knows their brand.

Work Smart And Hard While Building Your Brand

If you’re like me, you also have a full-time job to bring home some of the bacon. Once you got the income to do this full time then go for it. That is my plan and I’m reaching my goal. How about you? Work smart and hard to get there. So get your stuff set up and start building your brand. One thing you can do is set up posting for Facebook with the scheduler.

Post about 2 – 5 items every day. Use images with a brief statement. It could be quotes, funny stuff, or anything that will get someone to share, follow, or engage with you. Be consistent. Do it every work day.

Answer any comments.

Share other peoples stuff. Get your social media some action time. You may even need to start by sprinkling a little-paid advertising to start with. Go cheap and set a daily limit.

Use Video Previews To get People Interested

The wheel of fortune customer-generator using video. Smartphone users love a video and are another great way to generate traffic to your website. Posting a short video on youtube can go a long way. Ensure you use your SEO skills so people can find your videos. Then take those videos and post them on your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media site you may have. Remember to post it on the blog post also because you can get more traffic on my website.

These videos only need to be a preview of something you blogged about. So at first, these videos will be no longer than 2 minutes. You can do 30-second ones. I like them the best. You can even use your smartphone to accomplish the task. Put one on every post you write.

As time goes by and you start getting more heavy into video you will want to do longer videos. That’s a whole different topic.

Again use the same cover on your videos as you do everything else. Keep your brand rolling and project a positive image. Video seems to be on the rise every single year. So you need to be part of it or you will be losing out. Just talk into your smartphone.

As you start getting a few coins, then you can get better equipment.

It’s that easy. Every time you write an article you need to make a preview of what it is about using video. Post that video on your YouTube account. Then share that video on all your social media sites. Remember, it’s only a preview. Don’t give away all your golden nuggets.

You are just trying to get people to share your stuff. So that more people can see your stuff. Stuff meaning your brand. The more they see it the more they will trust you. You’re just sending out previews of upcoming events or information that is available. Whatever it is your trying to promote.

Example Of What To Put In The Video Preview

For example. Let say I am trying to promote my online store. In the preview, I’m not going to show my store. I pick one thing. Maybe a camera for example. Take photos of it. Find videos about it. Write an article or a review of it for your website.

Then make a video preview of it with a great title. Share the preview and try to get some traction. Do this enough times you will start your following.

Let us do a quick recap. Start your brand. Get everything looking the same. To include, all your social media sites. You want to set them up with a link back to your main hub which is your website. Get them previews started. Do one every day if possible. Use one or two hours Monday thru Friday.

Video or images for your previews. Nothing fancy your just trying to build a following, trust factor, build your brand and learning how to get more traffic to my website. Use a lot of images and a good title for your social awareness. Next, bring in the doctor to get more traffic.

2. Get More Traffic With A Website Check Up And Bring In The Doctor

WordPress Website Platform - How To Get Traffic On My Website

It’s that time that you gave your website a checkup. Time to bring in the doctor because you have some issues that require special attention. Today we will give you a few pointers on what to look for. One happens to be website speed.

Another one, is your site clean and not cluttered with advertisements? Is it easy to navigate and can people find what they are looking for? Especially when they are on a mobile device.

We use a WordPress website platform because of the flexibility it gives us. We have trust in the product and so does nearly 30% of all the websites built on the world wide web.

That is one out of every four websites use WordPress. No one even comes close to that figure. It is the highest standard of website building tools. What website builder are you using?

Does it have the speed to handle your workload? Not just now but in the future. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load on a smartphone or a desktop you got issues. They need attention now. Go test your website speed. Is it under three seconds? We try to keep ours between 1 and 2 seconds. Why?

You Need Speed Because 60% Of Searches Come From Mobile

Because about 60% of internet searches come from mobile devices. That number will only increase as time goes by. People hate waiting. Do not be a victim of a smart mobile user. They will knock you off in a heartbeat and go straight to your competitor because they do not wait on your slow site to load. Mobile users just move on.

You now have no chance to get them back. Someone down the road took your customer because your website was just plain slow.

Your website platform should include three-point layer protection.

  • Site Protection – blocker against spam
  • Comment Protection – blocker against comment spam
  • Back Office Password Protection
  • Botnet Attack Protection

You need that type of protection just being on the internet and serving customers. We have our sites fully protected using the Site Rubix Website platform. They only host WordPress websites. It gives us a peaceful mind and the protection we all need in today’s modern age of haters, hackers, and spammers.

One more thing the website doctor needs to check is if you have an SSL certificate. This is extremely important because your customers will feel safe and secure. My hosting platform provides me with these on every website that we build.

You will know if you got one by looking at the search bar and seeing a green padlock. If it’s not green or yours is missing you better get on the stick and take care of it. I’m glad ours is included in our package. No new fees.

Speed Power And Protection

Power-Speed-Protection- How To Get Traffic On My Website

The WordPress Hosting platform that you decide to use needs to come with 3 extremely important features.

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Protection

You will need powerful servers to handle your traffic generation and everything that you will be adding to your WordPress website. Images will slow your site down if you have not taken the proper measures.

Our hosting lets us host 25 of our personal domain names. So if we need to build more sites we have the capability to do so. These are some of the most powerful servers online. Step up the power. You need it and your customers want it.

We already talked about speed on your website and your hosting plays a big part in that. More speed gives you higher rankings. Speed is a major factor when you’re talking about how to get traffic to my website. Higher rankings in those search engines mean more people can find your online business.

If you do not have the speed your wasting your time. You already know, time is money. 2019 and going forward is going to be about speed.

Site Protection and Security

Website Security and Protection - How To Get Traffic On My Website

Site protection is another major item that the doctor needs to look at. Viruses and malware can damage the heart of your operations. Make sure you check with your hosting and you are covered against these attacks.

There are too many bugs out there that can damage your entire system. You can rest assured that we have all those items covered. Get your site protection in the order. Their hosting teams should be monitoring your situation 24/7.

One other thing we will mention about hosting is that the support team should be able to offer you assistance when necessary. Therefore, they need to be experts. In addition, they need to be fast respondents.

They should be able to at least respond in 5 minutes or less. You never know when you will need them. There will be times like at 3 in the morning, that you just need support to fix something. Choose wisely, my friend.

Fast Hosting Designed For WordPress

Now if you add all of this stuff up, what do you get? Smart hosting that is vital to your online business. If you want a better ranking score from google you better have some great speed. Images, forms, and even plugins can slow you down. We recommend no more than 5 plugins until you know how to fix the issues that are slowing your website down.

You might want to buy WordPress hosting that we use. Go check it out. Its the best value we have found plus it comes with a whole ton of other information that will give you step by step training. That would be a good way to let the doctor give you a check up from the neck up.

I personally like their online marketing training. Read our Wealthy Affiliate review and see why? But that is on you. Get in where you fit in with an awesome online marketing community. Next, define your niche so you can get more visitors to your website.

3. Get More Traffic By Defining Your Marketing Niche

Find a Niche To Market - How To Get Traffic On My Website

This is where you may need to define your marketing niche. Find a problem and offer a solution to your audience. This is where most people fail. You are looking for small areas where you can get your website some ranking on the search engines.

You also need to know more about your audience. But it should be simple once you get the knack for it. Read and study about how to find these niches you are looking for.

Look at the material on your website page by page. Read your content and see if it identifies a problem. Does your material offer a solution to the problem? Someone may be looking for a simple coffee cup with their name on it that can be used in the microwave.

These are things you will need to check out. Who is your target audience? Are you talking to them when you are writing your blog post or pages for your website?

Here is an easy way to find your niche.

Become an Educated Marketer

You are not going to be able to compete with all those people that know what they are doing (some people call them guru’s) out there until you paid your dues. You will need to learn quite a few things before your ready to earn a check.

Do your homework by watching the top people in your field.

That way you can become an educated marketer.

You need to be able to acquire vast amounts of information in order to do so. You will be researching day and night just to keep up with the Jones’s or the gurus. Your better off getting some training on this subject matter so you can be effective.

A great marketing niche is one that you can chisel your way in and make a profit while doing so. You need to find these areas of joy. Sometimes we go into a niche with very little competition and find out why no one is working it. The reason is nobody could make any money there.

Start With The Small Niches And Chisel Your Way In

Then again, that could be a starting point to draw traffic. It might only be small, like say 50 people searching for a particular keyword. Start with the small niches and chisel your way in. But once you get in you can move to the next level with a little power behind you.

Then you can start going after markets that will produce bigger results. So start in the smaller niches and work your way up.

It will also give you practice while you are learning how to get traffic to my website. Then, after you start getting a little traffic, you move to the bigger niches and your earnings will start increasing. Find those little areas that are wide open so you can start getting some traction to get more customers. That is what this is all about.

Getting customers to your website so you can make a profit. Keep finding those profitable tiny niches and it will not be long before you are tackling the bigger ones. You got to crawl before you walk. Then once your up to speed go for the gusto.

Use Keyword Research Tool It’s Quicker & Easier

Keyword Research Tool - How To Get Traffic On My Website

You will need a keyword research tool at your fingertips when you’re doing online marketing. Makes your researching quicker and easier.

Yes, you could use the free one Google offers but you will be limited to the information you need to make a wise decision.

You are looking for places on the internet where you can fit in. So you can have a chance of even getting on that first page of the search engines. This takes time and a lot of work.

You will need a place to store all your keywords so you can access them when you start writing your content.

Quoted search results will give you a little idea if you even stand a chance of ranking. My advice is to buy a keyword research tool that will work in finding the small market you’re trying to penetrate. Remember work smarter not harder. You can discover niches in minutes verse hours with the proper tool.

You can brainstorm new ideas. Find out the hottest trends. You can find new domain names that are available if you need it. You could be an internet marketer, a restaurant owner, even a plumber. It’s like spying on your competitors.

When you want to know where your website is ranking on google it will give you that info. A powerful keyword research tool offers you the ammunition you need to help you find those tiny niches. Very quickly I might add.

Speed saves time. Time is what? Your right again…money.

Next, come up with a content marketing plan so you can get more traffic to your site.

4. Get More Traffic With A Relevant Content Marketing Plan

Relevant Content Marketing Plan - How To Get Traffic On My Website

The next hot tip is that you must have a relevant content marketing plan. Can you change it as you go? You sure can because once you find little niches and start writing your blog post you will discover more little niches just by accident.

It’s like finding a backdoor into a profitable area that is just waiting for you. So you got 90 days to get on track and you are getting a better understanding of how to get traffic to my website. We will discuss a little info on blogging and video marketing. Also known as vlogging.

Blogging For A Profit Write It And They Will Come

Blogging for a profit is the ultimate goal. Write it and they will come as long as it is relevant content that matches their needs. Are you ready to start blogging for a profit? First off, you should have your niches all figured out. You need to set goals on how much writing you plan on doing.

One blog, two, or maybe three blogs per week.

Most of the time spent will be the researching phrase.

How long should your blog be? As long as necessary to get the message conveyed. Now if you think that a 400-word blog is going to get some ranking on the search engines you got another thing coming. It could you never know.

Studies have shown that the idea blog would have a minimum of 600 words. Now I’ve looked at a lot of different blogs and the ones that are over 1500 – 2000 words are the ones that are getting a higher search score.

Now when your writing your content you will want to keep SEO in mind. That is another big area you just might brush up on. Search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be considered to get a chance to rank on the search engines like Google or Bing.

Try to keep your writing natural and write like your talking to your audience. Again, that’s how to get traffic to my website. That’s what you want, right? OK, time for video marketing.

Video Marketing Is Great Content For Social Media

Vlogging or Video Content - How To Get Traffic On My Website

Video marketing can provide great content for social media. 45% of people watch more than an hour of video content on Facebook and youtube. That number is increasing faster every single year due to mobile devices.

Now video can be a lot of fun. Takes a little time and to do it right you may need some decent equipment.

Now if you’re just starting out you could use your smartphone or a nice camera you got laying around the house.

Play around with it and just enjoy it. Video is great for social media. Everyone likes watching a video. You can get software that will assist you. Keep it simple. Try using video as a preview of what your blog is going to be about.

Video marketing is another effective way to drive customers to your website. It works and more and more people watch a video.

You’ve seen the videos everywhere.

Plus people on their mobile phones are checking out more of this type of media than ever before. It can turn into a little side hustle.

Learn How To Get Traffic On My Website Bonus

Join our community and get our newsletter. Feel free to comment below about how to get more traffic on my website. What are you using for your wheel of fortune customer-generator? It just might help someone that needs a fresh idea. We all need to get more traffic, don’t we?

So what is your goal for the next 90 days? How many blogs do you plan on getting done?

Set up your wheel of fortune customer-generator. Get your branding going on a positive note and make it look the same so people start recognizing your brand online. Be patient because it takes time.

Just keep writing, posting, making videos and sharing because that is how to get traffic to my website the smart way.

Are you ready for a challenge? Check out what is next so you can get some traffic to your website.

Take The 90 Day Challenge To Get More Traffic On Your Website

Take The 90 Day Challenge

Time to knock out the competition. The 90-day online marketing plan challenge. Write 30 blog post and produce 30 videos to match your post. These are going to be short videos about your post.

Then post these videos on your social media sites as previews about your blog post. They will become social billboards that will drive traffic to your website.

Post two images with some positive information or something funny for your social media at least 3-5 times a week. Make sure you set up your wheel of fortune customer-generator because that is how to get more traffic on your website.

I keep saying that because it is very important so you can get some traction to your site.

After the 90 days are up look at the results. Use your data and plan your next 90 days. Let us know about your results. Each time you write a blog it gives you another chance to get more customers.

So write and keep writing until you chisel your way in. Let the, learn and earn show, know how you did.

We wish you success in your blogging career. Work smart and keep on learning because it will pay off in the end. Leave a comment about how you plan on increasing traffic to your website and gain more customers.

Bonus. You can receive a traffic generating bonus when you post a positive comment and sign up for our newsletter. This bonus will also assist you in building your brand.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment might just help someone in need.

We hope to see you at the top of the mountain.

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