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March 8, 2019

Learn How To Earn A Residual Income Online For Free

​Do you want to learn how to earn a residual income online? 

Why not, it's free? We are even going to include free training, free hosting for a website, and all you need to do is put in the time.

Yes, you may need to learn some new skills.

What is a residual income online?

Here is our definition.

Residual income is the money you receive after you put in the necessary work and create the content your audience needs to solve their problems, provide information, and that offers a solution.

You need to get the word out to somebody online (your audience).

​What are the 3 ways you can do this without spending any money? 

​3 Ways On How To Earn A Residual Income Online

3 Ways On How To Earn A Residual Income Online

​Here are 3 ways to start earning an income online that you can learn from the comfort of your home.

  • Blogging
  • ​YouTube Videos
  • Promoting a Membership Site

You can start anyone one of these methods for free. We will cover each one and provide you with some ideas to get you rolling.

In addition, we told you that you would receive some free training. You need to take these 10 lessons to get you on the right track.

These 10 lessons that we are going to provide will also come with free hosting so you can build 2 free websites.

​Learn and earn for free. But you need to trade your time and produce content. No excuses. Just take action and put your best step forward.

Your confidence will grow as you learn these new skills.

​Blogging Is A Great Way To Earn Money Online

Blogging Is A Great Way To Make Money Online

​There are a number of ways you can use blogging to earn a residual income online. One is by writing reviews of products that you probably already use in your home.

Another way to use blogging is to use your experience.

Maybe you know how to lose weight rapidly or how to start a relationship, budget your money wisely or can help someone to learn how to live healthy by eating properly.

There are all kinds of things that you can cover. Can you grow a garden? Do you know how to fix a car? What are you good at?

Whatever it is you can start telling the world what you know.

Then there are people that might say that they do not have experience doing anything. No problem.

Do a little marketing research, market discovery and market intelligence. 

Google something and learn all about what ever it is that you want to do.

Do not try to come up with excuses. Find ways to have success. Develop that willpower to succeed. Have fun building your marketing skills.

Yes, you need to build a website and learn how to structure your blog for the search engines. You'll also want your website to be user friendly. 

No problem again. We have training for free right on this site.

You can also promote affiliate products once you get everything set up and start earning a few coins with that as well.

If you have your own products then promote those items.

​Start A YouTube Video Channel

Start A YouTube Video Channel

​Starting a YouTube channel is free of charge. All you need to do is pick a subject and use video to reach an audience.

Do you have a smartphone?

There you go. Record what you want the world to know about. Maybe your a gamer or can shoot basketball real good.

Maybe you are a great chef that can BBQ some mean ribs.

Can you give tips for bowlers? Maybe you can teach someone another language or teach someone to play a musical instrument.

People need and want information. All you got to do is provide it to them.

Yes, it takes time and maybe you need to learn a few new skills. 

But once you get rolling and have a good following you can apply for YouTube AdSense. They will provide ads on your videos and pay you.

You will need to meet some requirements before you apply. But that gives you time to produce some great content for your audience.

​Promote A Membership Site To Earn Money

Promote A Membership Site To Earn Money

​Did you check out those 10 free lessons we talked about earlier? That membership site is providing you with hosting for 2 WordPress website free of charge.

Use one to promote the membership site. Then use the second free site to promote the niche that you want to get into.

Use the first site to learn your new skills while taking the training. Learn, do and teach.

Make sure you put out enough content to get it rolling. 

​Here is the minimum amount of content you will need.

  • 10 Blog Post with 1000 Words
  • Another 10 Blog Post With 1500 Words
  • 10 Blog Post With 2000 Words or More

Then move to your other free niche website and start all over. Then keep adding content based on how much time you have and make sure each site receives a steady amount per month. 

Minimum of 6 post per month per site.

How To Earn A Residual Income Online For Free

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​Next Step Invest In Your Online Business 

Sounds like a lot of work, right? That is how you learn before you start spending money on your business.

Keep it rolling. Buy your own domain name and keep providing content to your audience. At this time frame you are becoming an expert. The go to guy.

You will notice a big improvement in your skills as well as your confidence.

By now you should have a solid foundation. That is if you maintained your willpower and did not quit.

This is also the time to use that YouTube channel to help you get more traffic to your website.

You maybe making enough money from all of your efforts to even start some paid advertising using some sales funnels.

But once you get a few dollars in your pocket make sure you reward yourself. Take the other half and invest it in your business.

Learn to earn money online is that simple.

Now it's up to you by taking action.

​Summary Of How To Earn A Residual Income Online

​Here are 3 ways to create an income online that are absolutely free.

  • Blogging
  • YouTube Video
  • Promoting A Membership Site

The membership site you pay you a monthly commission and you can find out all about it reading our review or go to our menu and click Learn and Earn.

You can also stay in the loop by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribing to learn and earn. You'll get a free mini course when you subscribe.

​Can you do us a favor? Drop down below and leave a positive comment.

Are you ready to take action and start building your first website?

Fill out the form below. If your on a mobile phone turn it sideways.

Did you get a chance to check out, How To Learn And Earn While Working Full Time?

​Stay blessed my friend until we meet again.

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