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January 3, 2018

How To Do What You Want To {We Figured It Out} The Hard Way

When Will You Figure It Out

When will you finally figure out how to do what you want to? You may not. Just listen to people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s that say, if I only would of done this or that.

They will tell you that they should have took another road in their lives that would of brought more joy and happiness to them.

Listen and learn from the old school folks. Sometimes it just takes a long time before you figure it out. Even if you only have a general idea. Get started heading in that direction.

You will narrow it down as you start learning what you want to do. You might even change. It will be fine

How To Do What You Want To – 7 Steps To Guide You Along

These 7 steps we have discussed will get you in the right direction along your journey.

  • Figure it out – Don’t give in
  • Plan- Plan how to get there & Set Goals
  • Learn- Education & Training
  • Blogging – Use blogging to build your brand & Resume
  • Focus – Fighting obstacles causes unlimited success
  • Join a community or group – Find a mentor
  • You Figured It Out – Your Awesome {Your In The Top 20% of all people}

Get Pointers From Old School Folks

Those old school folks should have followed their dreams, goals or ambitions. Talk with them because they will give you tips and point you in the right direction. You know why?

Because they have lived it, but somewhere along the way, life just bogged them down. They lost their focus and desire on what was really important to them.

These hard working people had to make a living and support their families. It’s not that they had no other option because they just lost that emotional feeling and they did not pursue it hard enough. I’m not saying they did not have a good life. But these good people just did not have the life they could of had.

They gave into simple living because they just paid the bills and watched their kids grow. Therefore, they tried to do what most people do and stopped themselves by making excuses why they could not do it.

You still got time. Go get what you deserve. You can learn how to achieve your goals from a 3 year old.

Life goes by so fast that you do not even realize it until you reach those age brackets that require you to get an AARP card so you can get those senior discounts.

Then you just wonder, “what if?” By then your dreams are totally different. If your still living go after those dreams. You can still accomplish a lot when you put your mind to it.

You Can Be What You Wanna Be {On Cloud Nine}

What made you happy back then is no longer something that you have a burning desire for. There are many of us that decide to just share our experiences with their children or grand kids. Hopeful, that they may have a more successful and enjoyable life.

Music will help you focus sometimes on your desires and dreams. Who remembers the band the Temptations? The song, Cloud Nine…with the verse,  “You can be what you wanna be, on cloud nine.”

How To Do What You Want To {Figure It Out} Free Spirited Attitude

Now by the time you reach those golden years you may still have that fire that you can still get to the top of that mountain. You may have different motivations and desires. You may be limited by health or finances.

But you still have a free spirited attitude to do what you want to. You can still learn the skills you need or you may have already acquired them. We can all learn something new every single day. Those grand babies can teach you a lot. It does matter when you figured it out.

Because it will give you more time to accomplish what you set out to do or be. So start as soon as possible. Get that fire back in your soul. Be confident. It might have took you a while longer but that is alright. Your moving in a positive direction. You may even be a mentor to some young person that has the same type of dreams you had when you were younger.

Plan How To Get There

You have already took the first action step. Now you can learn how to reach a goal in life just with a few simple steps. Go for the gusto, that dream or desire to do something that you have always wanted. Whatever it is, you have to have that burning desire to absolutely want it.

Write it down. Picture it in your mind. Do some research. Find out what is all required to do it. Shoot maybe you can already do it. You just need practice or a chance to prove yourself. Find out what education you must have to perform the tasks that will enable you to become an expert.

You have to be unstoppable. That’s why being around like minded people can move you into the direction in a positive manner. So get that plan wrote out. It is your road map to success. Remember start with a five year plan. Then yearly and every ninety days.

Read it everyday so it will become part of you. I even break my goals down by weekly and daily tasks to get done. That will enable you to monitor your progress.

Reevaluate Every 90 Days

You can continue to take action on your plan even while doing other things in your life. Take a couple hours a day and use it to get where you want to be in that five year time frame. I try to break my plan down into ninety day segments.

Then I can reevaluate after that time frame and see what adjustments I need to make. You can too. Therefore, you just got to have that burning desire to get where you really want to go.

You can find out about any subject on google or another search engine like bing or yahoo. Don’t forget you tube or other social media outlets. There are numerous communities online that you can find that have the same or similar interests.

Join these groups. They can give you vital information on how to learn and earn along your way. There might even be a meet up group in your local area that you can attend. Most of these groups usually welcome new guest.

How To Do What You Want To – Write It Down & Tell Your Story

Write Down What You Want To Do

Start writing about the things that you want to do. Write it on paper or your memo pad on your smartphone. Start building your brand about the subject. It is very easy to start a blog.

It will give you experience about the subject that you want to perform or do to reach your goal. Share it with people around the world, on the world wide web. When you start writing about how to do what you want to do in your life, it will trigger the emotional side of your brain.

Build Your Brand & Resume

You still will need that time for all the researching and writing. That’s what will help you keep focused on the end result. Your plan starts with, where do you see yourself in five years? Now, if you don’t do anything, you will get no where. It will take discipline. It is all on you. You cannot depend on no one but yourself to give you that drive.

Only you can make it happen. Build that brand of yourself. How do you want people to perceive you. It’s your resume that you are building. It is your brand that you are building that will follow you the rest of your life. So if you waste your time away, you need to know one thing. You cannot get time back. So use your time wisely.

Build Your Brand & Resume {Blogging helps your researching skills}

Now your dreams and goals are no longer just logical thinking, they become more real. You now will start seeing yourself getting to where you want to be in a more happier state of mind. It gives you the ability to make that goal more vivid.

Just by blogging about something you want in your life. You can learn many things about yourself and the subject your trying to pursue.

You are teaching yourself about the subject that you want to do. To top it off, you may even find that you want to do something a little different from your original plan. Research and writing can open up avenues that you wasn’t even aware of. Therefore, you just might find something that you like better and go that route.

One thing that can definitely help you along the way is blogging. It is building you a brand about yourself. Make sure you get a domain name that is matched to your name. You might even add onto your name. Like Chef.  You will be surprised that it could land you the job that you have been looking for.

It is like a resume. You can also use video. Both are effective. Try to use both methods when possible. Let me show you an example of how to do it.

How To Do What You Want To – Training & Education

Learn The Skills You Need

Training and Education can be self taught if necessary. Lets say you want to become a chef. But you do not have the skills to get hired or the money to get the education.

You do your research and start a blog about cooking different things. We’ll say seafood because maybe you live in Florida.

Wow, you catch your own fish or shrimp. You clean them all up and cook different dishes using them. Now you write one article about how you caught the fish or shrimp.

Then another about how you clean them. Now you write a third article about how you cooked them. Check this out, then you use your smartphone and make videos of all the stuff you wrote about.

You are building your brand by sharing your knowledge with other people.

You just keep doing these things and cooking different dishes and sharing different recipes. Also, you share the videos on social media. After a while you will start getting comments and people sharing your stuff.

You never know who is watching and might even get hired by a local restaurant. The main message here is that you are building a resume, your brand and a portfolio of your skills.

Education & Training {You May Discover Different Skills}

Who knows, maybe you even start promoting the fishing pole you use, with affiliate marketing. The bait or lures that you are using. Yes, even the techniques that you use while fishing. Can you see this turning into something bigger than you just wanting to be a chef. As you  have noticed, you have skills that you are refining and sharing with the public.

Who knows, you may even end up writing a cook book about your recipes. Did you know you can learn skills and share them on the internet and even make money doing so. Will it happen overnight? I doubt it. But you are gaining skills to do what you want to do in your life.

How To Do What You Want To – Focus On The End Result

Focus On How To Do What You Want To

Be smart and do not waste your valuable time. Focus on the end result. Get that creative mind working for you. Plan your adventure and learn as much as possible along the way. Work your plan the smart way. It doesn’t matter if your young, a mature adult, male or female. You just got to focus on the hard work that you will be doing to achieve success.

Focus baby.

  • F – Fighting
  • O – Obstacles
  • C – Causes
  • U – Unlimited
  • S – Success

Yes you will run into a few obstacles along your journey. You will have to battle them as they pop up. That is why you will need your emotional side of your mind working effectively.

You can get there. Discipline like I said before. You will need it to survive all the things you run into. You will need a do not quit attitude. It will get tough at times. You can do it. You will have haters trying to get you off track. Do not let them ruin your dreams. You must set goals.

How To Do What You Want To – Find A Mentor & Join A Community

You can be what you wanna be…on cloud nine. Maintain that attitude and stay motivated. Discipline yourself.

Don’t forget you tube or other social media outlets. There are numerous communities online that you can find that have the same or similar interests. Join these groups. They can give you vital information on how to learn and earn along your way.

There might even be a meet up group in your local area that you can attend. Most of these groups usually welcome new guest.

That is why it is important to join a community of people that are going to be having the same issues as yourself. Meet up with people that have the same interest and are striving to get there. Maybe you want to join a community of entrepreneurs.

IF you have the knowledge be someones mentor. If you have no mentor get one. They have had to deal with some of the same issues that you will run into during their life time. Take advantage of the experience that they have encountered.

You reached your goal.

You should feel proud of yourself because you reached a milestone in your life. That’s right, congratulations on your achievement. Your in the top 20% of the brilliant minds of this world.

Time to celebrate and enjoy your accomplishment. You’ve reach the top of the mountain.

Now, what are you going to do. You already know how to get there. Start your new adventure because you know how to learn and earn for success.

Thanks For Listening To The Learn And Earn Show

We hope you enjoyed our pointers here today. Feel free to look around our site and leave us a few pointers that could assist someone on the subject of, how to do what you want to.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment just might help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Sharing is caring.


Thank You,

Ken VanNortwick

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