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January 26, 2018

Learn To Earn Money Online To Help Pay Child Support

Learn To Earn Money Online To Help Pay Child Support


Learn to earn money online to help pay child support so you can get caught up and give your children the necessities they rightly deserve. Try to increase your earnings and at least send them something so you don’t face jail time.

It’s tough out there especially when you have limited funds and live on a tight budget.

Even if you are already working your child support payments may be having a burden on your finances. We are not here to talk about the legal moralities or the legal issues of this important subject.

We are trying to open your mind up so you realize that there are ways to earn money online to help pay child support.

Have you looked at some of the US child support statistics?

These figures are mind blowing. What happened to the American families? People from all walks of life are feeling the pinch. If you are required or even not required, you have to figure a way to help your children.

Like we said earlier, find some employment and at least pay what you can and do something extra to make some more cash.

You might need to burn the midnight oil so that you can work your way through this situation. Working a full time job or even two may not be enough these days.

It’s not just men, women are also looking for ways to help pay child support.

So let’s dig into some ways you can earn money online to help pay child support or just so you can make a few extra coins.

3 Ways To Earn Money Online

There are numerous ways to start making money online that are easy to do as long as you have a few talents. Today we are going to list 3 of those ways to put some cash in your pocket so you can earn money online to help pay child support. Some will require more skills than others. One thing is for sure, we all got talent.

1. Get Paid For Searching On The Web Or Earn Points


SwagBucks is free to join and offers different ways to earn money online. They have paid well over $244,000,000 to people doing things you do everyday. They will give you all the details and we have provided a link above so you can get more information.

Remember every little thing you do can start having an impact on your budget so you can save or make money online.

Here are a few ways you can earn a few coins to shop and get cash back, watch videos, search, play games, answer surveys and they more than likely have a few other options.


Qmee.com rewards you for searching on the internet with google, Bing and Yahoo. You can get money saving rewards from coupons or show you a better deal. They have no minimum cash out. You can cash out at anytime. You can take surveys and make money known as cash rewards just by sharing your opinion. Search, shop and share seems to be their thing.

Slice The Pie

Slice the pie is the largest paid review site on the internet. Get started writing reviews for different products online like music, clothing and a few other things that might interest you. Check these folks out and give them your feedback about your opinions.


Bing will give you rewards for searching, shopping or taking quizzes. You can use the rewards toward movies, games, and other more stuff. They do not pay cash, but if your going to be searching you might as well earn points. You can even use your points towards a purchase of a Xbox.

2. Get Paid To Be A Freelancer

Here we list some places that you can work as a freelancer. You need to have a few skills to get involved in some of these programs.


Esty is the place to go if your a crafty person that just likes making things. This site may help you sell anything that you can make. Arts and crafts of all types. There are a lot of people that knit, make jewelry, paint, make wood products or pretty much anything that you can think of.


Fiverr Your going to need some special skills here like graphic design, digital marketing, writing, video, animation, programming and they list a few others. If you got those type of skills go check them out.


UpWork basically works by you running your own freelance business and you can find clients on their website. Choose your own clients. The better you get with your skills, will allow you to get hired by higher paying clients. Just start out by completing a profile.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk known as MTurk. They provide work that needs human intelligence. They give you an opportunity to make money in your spare time. Like tagging objects that are found in an image to provide better search results, helping companies select the best picture that goes along with certain products, removing duplicate content, verifying restaurant details and a host of other information valuable to companies.

3. Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing


Awin is about affiliate marketing. Earn money online by promoting products and services to the public. You promote brands to your audience and they have about 6000 brands. You will be a publisher and receive commissions from advertisers. Go check them out for more details.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is probably the most popular one you will find. Who hasn’t heard about Amazon. Become an Amazon associate and earn money online to help you out with your debts by selling other companies products online. You will find that you can pretty much find any thing you want to market. Promote kindle, fire tablets, luxury products, beauty products, furniture, home and garden, plus a whole lot more.

Warning Get Free Training First Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

Learn To Earn Money Online To Help Pay Child Support Payments

Free Training to show you how to make money online with affiliate marketing because you will need to know a few things to help you get started.

You need to understand some basic principles and methods. How affiliate marketing works and learn how to market effectively.

The free training is well worth your time. Once you start to understand how all this works you will have a clearer understanding on how to approach this money making opportunity. Start with the free training before you jump right in to any subject we have covered.

4 More Ways To Earn Money To Help Pay Child Support

1. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex gives you an opportunity to be your own boss and set your own schedule. You can become a delivery partner with Amazon. They are in a limited number of cities in the United States.

They are always adding new cities. If your city is not listed, sign up for their waiting list to deliver their packages. It’s a good deal if you don’t mind dropping off packages. They will have some qualifications. Go check them out and see if you qualify.

2. Swap

Swap is the largest online consignment and thrift store you will find. They sell used apparel for women, men and children. You can consign your new or used clothing and list your items on swap. You can ship your items to them and they will price your item. They will let you know what items they accepted and list your stuff on swap.com. You can even send in toys and other things.

3. Thred Up

Thred Up is known as the largest used fashion and resale shop. Similar to the one we mentioned above. They offer women’s clothing, plus size clothing, kids clothing, shoes, jewelry and a few other items. Once you check out their store click on, clean out and you need to sign up to get more details.

Get Creative – Learn To Earn Money Online To Help Get You Out Of Debt

Note; You got to get creative sometimes so you have merchandise to sell to the online second hand stores that we mentioned above. If you cannot find anything more to sell in your house visit your neighborhood garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets, second hand stores and find items that will make you money online. You may even want to sell those items yourself.

4. Advertise In Your Local Craigslist

Whatever idea or skills you have list them on your local Craigslist. Its a good way to learn to earn money to help get you out of debt. You might be able to repair someones deck, roof, car, plumbing or whatever skills you have. Maybe you can be a pet walker or pet sitter. Think about the things you like to do.

Maybe you can write real good. Offer your services to people in the area. Good at math, budgeting, or maybe building a website. List what you can do to help someone out. How about grocery shopping or errand running for people? These are some ideas you can do in your spare time to gather up a few coins to help get you out of debt.

2 Ways To Save Money Right Off The Bat

We all have family, relatives, friends and even neighbors that are trying to make ends meet. It seems that you cannot make quite enough cash these days to even handle a middle class life style.

There are some of you out there that need to earn money to help pay child support. So we are giving you suggestions that will assist you as long as you take action.

There are numerous ways to make money online but one sure way is to start saving money on your expenses. Get your budget inline. Figure out your expenses and try to cut them down and keep track of where you are spending your cash. You need to discipline yourself.

Use coupons that you can find online to do your shopping. Coupons are every where. Shop smart and buy those off brands to try and save a little extra. People that make over $100,000 are the ones that use coupons the most. So join in and save yourself some cash.

Those two money crunching ideas will put a little extra cash back in your wallet. Just by getting your budget under control and using coupons could save you enough money to help pay your child support payments.

Save Money With Free Training For Affiliate Marketing

Get some free training for affiliate marketing because that way you will learn to earn money online to help get you out of debt.

Even if you do not have that obligation you can still get the free training. This affiliate marketing training will give you some skills and teach you how to learn and earn selling products online.

You can even build you a couple of websites for free while you are taking your lessons.

You can even make money providing reviews of hosting companies. Naturally, someone would need to purchase using your affiliate link.

Why not get some skills that will help you no matter what you plan on doing. They teach you how to pick your interest. How to build a website effectively so that it works great and how it should look for your audience.

They also show you how to get visitors to your website. That way you got people to sell to.

It’s simple, easy to understand, and will get you on the right track to earn money online to help you get out of debt.

This training just might help you land a job in your local community.

Just by knowing a little information about earning money online could help a local business get found online. So get caught up on your payments and start enjoying your children. Have fun and enjoy life, you deserve it and so does your family.

Thanks For Stopping In At The Learn And Earn Show

Hopefully, you found some useful information that will move you to the next level to earn a few coins or something to do in your spare time. Feel free to browse around our site and comment below about what you are doing to earn money online to help pay child support.

Become part of our community to help others succeed. One comment just might help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Sharing is caring.

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