Knunckle Down Approach To Goal Setting

If Your Knuckles Aren’t Bleeding You Will Not Have Success

Successful goal setting can be accomplish if your willing to knuckle down. That means you have to get busy. You have to take the goal or goals seriously. How does it benefit you.

You should actually keep breaking the goal down into the simplest form. Sort of like reverse planning. Make sure you add in the benefit. How is it going to benefit you? Is it even worth putting in the effort?

Look for people that have had success with the same goals you are going after. It may not be exactly what your going after but something similar. Look at what they did and the big factors that allowed them to change their habits.

You’ll notice one thing about most people that achieved their goals. They all had to knuckle down. It starts by taking action. This is the biggest dream killer. People conduct research, take notes, learn the skills they need, and still leave all that knowledge behind.

They do not take action to start on the path of accomplishing their main goal. It’s like people get into what we call the wish mode. They wish they could reach that goal. Quit wasting time and energy. Knuckle down and get started.

It’s Time To Knuckle Down To Accomplish Our Goals

Reach Your Goal By Knuckling Down

First action step. You finally need to know why you want to accomplish this and will it  benefit you enough to knuckle down? Will the benefit give you enough motivation to reach that Goal or is it just a wish?

Well, if you do not knuckle down then you could end up poor, broke, and disgusted.

I’m hearing a yes. Do you need some motivation?  Now its time to write out what you want to accomplish. Go somewhere that you are not going to be disturbed. Write it all out to include the benefits. Don’t forget to include a date that you plan on having this accomplished

You can use this smart little guideline for goal setting to keep you on track. it’s also a good checklist to use to make sure you covered all of the details. It might take you an hour or two depending on your situation.

Just knuckle down and get it done. Do not put it off because you need that part to start putting together a strategy to accomplish this goal of yours. We are going to start with the goal or goals and strategize backward.

Break Your Goal Strategy Down Into Baby Steps

We will use a money goal for this example. Let’s say that we want to be making $100,000 a year by 2024. The current job we have only provides $30,000 a year and there is no way that we are going to be able to get to our goal with that profession.

So we decide that we will trade time for money. We are going to learn the skills we feel that we need during the first year. Sort of like going to college. Lets say that we enjoy fishing and camping when we have time off.

We wouldn’t mind doing it full time if we ever got a chance. Traveling and enjoying life doing my two favorite hobbies. Your ideas may be different, it doesn’t matter. We are also amazed by how many people shop online.

While shopping online one day we noticed at the bottom of the companies website was this link about affiliate marketing. We did a little research with a quick Google search and found out that you can make money by becoming an affiliate marketer.

So we decide since we buy our camping and fishing equipment at only a couple of different places that we wanted to learn how to market for these companies. We found a place that provided affiliate marketing training.

Learning The Skills You Need Is Part Of Your Goals

Now we would have to knuckle down and learn these new skills so we could gain the knowledge we needed to market these camping and fishing products. The great thing about it was that we already were using these products when we were camping and fishing.

We figured that we should be pretty knowledgeable at the end of the first year. So we set money goals based on the work that we would accomplish by the end of each year. We wanted to be realistic and figure that the first two years were shot. No money was going to come in.

The first year was training and the second year we would be applying what we learned in the training. Naturally, results will vary depending on how fast we learned these skills and the amount of action we were taking. Remember, Learn before you start to earn.

So as you can see this person expects the worst case scenario is that they will not receive any money for two years. But the business that he will be working on will be established and he will have a solid foundation all set up.

​Summary of: Its Time To Knuckle Down To Accomplish Your Goals

  • ​Use The Knuckle Down Approach
  • Stay Away From Wish Mode
  • Study People That Have Done What You Want To Do
  • ​Take Action Get Started
  • What Are The Benefits Of The Goal?
  • Do The Benefits Motivate You?
  • Break It Down Into Baby Steps
  • Learn The Skills You Need

​Figure Out The Investment - Time & Money

How Much Is The Investment To Reach Your Goal?

Figure out the time and money you need to reach your goal. He will need to spend let’s say $50 a month to get his online business off the ground. So during those two years he would have invested a total of $1200.

So another goal that we are going to put into the equation is to get to make a minimum level so the business can pay for itself and pay him back.That means during those first two years we need a monthly income of $100 and the $1200.

So we raise that two year goal to we want to be making $1000 a month. That way starting that third year we can start a little paid advertising to build our money tree faster. Let’s say that we will spend $100 a month for our digital marketing tools and $500 a month on paid advertising.

We figure in our spare time we can write 100 blog post a year, produce 50 videos a year (starting that third year produce 100 videos per year). It should get pretty easy because we already use these products and when we are camping or fishing produce the content we need.

Year 3-5 Is When Your Money Will Kick In

You will really need to knuckle down to accomplish everything in those first two years. All of that content will become the foundation of this or these two niche websites. Try to stick with one website until it’s bringing home the bacon.

Our ultimate goal at the end of a 5 year period is to be making a little over $8000 a month so that we are accomplishing the goal of earning $1000,000 a year. It’s starting to look achievable isn’t it? Simply by taking action and knuckling down trading time for money.

By the end of that third year with the paid advertising added into the game plan we feel we will be where we want to be or we still have an additional two years to make some adjustments to get to the level where we want to be. 

Murphy's Law Requires A Back Up Plan Figured In

Maybe we might need some more advanced training or will have to get better at creating better content. It’s hard to figure out what will happen but we also planned for it. That gives us more time to accomplish that money goal.

Now we just need to write it all out add in the date that we plan on getting everything done. We have a strategy to make that $100,000 a year. Now to make it work you may need a little motivation. Positive thinking is in order.

Year By Year Money Goals

  • Year 1 – A Big Fat Zero
  • Year 2 –  $1000 A Month
  • Year 3 – $2000 A Month
  • Year 4 – $4000 A Month
  • Year 5 –  $8334 A Month

Accomplishing this goal is very achievable when you break it down into baby steps. We didn’t break every step down because it would take a lot of your time away from starting your goal strategy. But you should do it when you write out your strategy.

What’s Left To Accomplish Your Goal

You only have two things left to accomplish your goal.

  • Knuckle Down & Get To Work
  • Take Action
  • Start With The Affiliate Marketing Training Course
  • That Way You Don’t Lose Your Mind

Post that strategy on your mirror and read it every single day. Read it before you start writing content. After a while it will become part of you. Is it going to be easy? I doubt it. This is your time to shine.

Your strategy will become a plan when you take the second step. That is by taking action and getting on a schedule to accomplishing your goals. So the message here is to just break everything down.

Write out your goal strategy. Make it become part of you. You must have that burning desire to make it happen. That is why you needed to know how will it benefit you.

Like the guy in the example. He wanted to make a $100,000 per year so he had the money to do the things that he really enjoyed. He knew he was in a dead end job. He just wanted an opportunity.

At the end of that 5 years he would have accomplished his money goals and fired his boss. He became his own boss by trading time for future money. How did he do it? He took action and knuckled down.

​Summary for Figure Out Your Investment Time & Money

  • ​It Takes Some Kind Of Investment
  • Time & Money or Both
  •  Hard Work & Time Pays For Itself
  • Investments Usually Pay Off
  • Working Hard For 2-5 Years Is Worth It
  • Profits Start Coming In 3-5 Years
  • Watch Out for Murphy's Law Always Have A Back Up Plan
  • What's Left? Take Action & Knuckle Down

​Conclusion of; Successful Goal Setting Requires A Knuckle Down Approach

​When you are trying to reach your goals you want success, correct? Then start taking action and use the knuckle down approach. Massive action is the only way to get it done.

Knuckle down and do not let anything stop you from achieving success. The goal must include the benefits that you need to keep you motivated.

  • ​The Knuckle Down Approach 
  • Taking Action Is The First Step
  • ​Figure Out The Benefits Of The Goal
  • ​You Need A Goal Strategy
  • Write It Down & Read It Every Single Day
  • Don't Forget Murphy's Law
  • Figure Out The Time & Money Investment
  • Get That Burning Desire or Just Knuckle Down
  • Take Massive Action & Do Not Quit
  • Knuckle Down

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