How To Get Traffic When You Got No Visitors

How To Get Traffic When Nobody Is Visiting Your Site

​Sometimes writing quality content just isn't enough, especially when you are first starting out. So, how do you get traffic when nobody is visiting your website.

Naturally you want to ensure that you are using low competition keyword phrases, solid SEO practices, and that you are blogging on a regular basis.

Are you offering value and solutions to your audience with your content?

Since you think you are doing everything right so far you still need to be putting out quality content because your website needs time to gain authority.

Are you using and engaging with your audience on social media?

Do you have another traffic source besides blogging?

Are you leaving comments on blogs that are in your niche?

Another suggestion, check your headlines (titles), meta descriptions, and images to see if you can make improvements.

3 Methods To Get Traffic To Your Website When You Got No Visitors

3 Methods To Get Traffic To Your Website

​Here are 3 ways to start getting some traffic to your website when you just aren't getting people to come an visit your blog post.

  • Start Another Traffic Source Like YouTube
  • Comment On Other People's Blogs In Your Niche
  • Get Involved With Social Media And Start Engaging

Your at the point where you just need time to build your brand. You got to let people know who you are.

You still need great quality content for your audience. Then again, have you refined who your audience is?

​You can use the same content that you already have completed for your new traffic source.

What's your new traffic source? YouTube, it's growing faster than ever and you might as well start building a subscriber base.

Can video increase your traffic? It might even help you with ranking on Google and other search engines.

We all know that anyone of these free methods take time and yes, you have to put in the work to make it effective.

You can also get traffic to your site by answering questions. Do you know where to go for this traffic source? You'll have to check it out to get the answer.

You Need To Spend More Time Marketing

Spend More Time Marketing

Spend more time marketing so people know who you are. Build it and they will come. You got to let them no that it's there before they want to visit your site.

Go make some new friends and get involved. Start spending some time marketing your brand.

​You could start with some paid advertising if you got the cash.

Be advised, you will need to learn how to get maximum results and you better know what you are doing or you will end up losing money. 

You only need to add in an hour or two to get started using one of the 3 ways to get more traffic.

Take just one of the 3 methods everyday and keep building your brand. After a while you'll start gaining some traction.

You can also try some different ways to get traffic that you help you get more visitors. It's a good article written by Neil Patel.

Keep it simple. You are already researching to write about your next article. Knock out two birds with one stone.

1. ​Start Commenting On Other People's Blog Posts

Start Commenting On Other Peoples Blogs

​This is a great method for you to learn some new skills, conduct some research, and to start building your brand.

You can learn a lot from reading other peoples blog posts.

The more you do it the more other people will start to notice who you are.

So make sure you leave positive comments and do not be afraid of asking questions.

Just think about it. There are people out there that are looking for the same solutions that you are.

​You can take some of the new skills and share them with your audience. Naturally in your own words.

Who knows? You may even be able to help out the other person that wrote the blog post with some positive feedback and they even learn a thing or two.

The more you use the commenting method the better that you will get ate it.

You are always learning to sharpen your skills, aren't you?

​Commenting helps you to achieve an expert status.

Plus it may even provide you with ideas for another traffic source like YouTube.

2. ​Start A YouTube Channel For Another Traffic Source To Get More Visitors

Start A YouTube Channel For Another Traffic Source

YouTube is gaining some big time steam. People love watching videos.

That is why it makes perfect sense to start a YouTube channel.

It will provide your website with another traffic source. That is the reason you are here, right?

Your trying to learn how to get more traffic, isn't that correct?

If you been working hard then you probably already have a ton of quality content on your site already. If not then you need to get to work.

You can use the content that you already have and start producing YouTube content with it.

These videos do not need to be long. 2-5 minute videos are great little pieces of mini advertisements that can link back to your blog posts.

In addition, everything is free. You just got to put in a little work.

No need to buy special video equipment because you can use your smartphone. You may want to use a nice little video tool called Screen-O-Matic.

I believe it runs about $18 for a whole year (well worth the investment for your online business.

Here is another idea. Use those video's on social media.

​3. Get Involved With Social Media And Start Engaging

Get Involved With Social Media

What's great about social media? People stay in touch with their smartphones. It's an easy way to stay connected. You even get notified. Work social media to build your brand.

​Social media takes time and it's another great place to start building your brand. But in order to make it work effectively you need to do a lot of engaging.

It's not just about posting a few pictures or throwing on quotes on your page. This should be your fun time.

It doesn't have to be all about work. Enjoy yourself. Let people know that you are a real person. Engage with other folks and let them know your that you care.

Our best advice on social media. Hang out where your audience hangs out. If your audience is millennial's, then maybe you should be on Instagram and instead of Facebook. 

In addition, learn one social media network and become an expert in it before you add on another one.

Another good idea, is to start off using your personal page to build your business page.

One more thing.

If you are short on time, try doing it at breakfast, during lunch and after dinner. That's when people are on the social networks anyway.

How To Get Traffic When You Got No Visitors?

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​Summary: How To Get Traffic When You Got No Visitors

​Traffic is one of the biggest reasons that people fail. So if you are writing good quality blog posts and you still are not getting traffic to your website then you need to take other actions.

It's time to build your brand. You can start using these 3 traffic generating methods that are absolutely free of charge.

  • Commenting On Other People's Blog Post
  • Start Another Traffic Source On YouTube
  • Get Involved With Social Media

You could also dabble in some paid advertising but I would wait until you got these 3 traffic methods rolling first.

That way you got all of your engines running smothly before you start spending a bunch of cash.

You can learn more traffic generating methods by taking the 10 free training courses that we outline in our affiliate marketing training review.

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