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February 4, 2019

How To Get People To Visit Your Site

Getting folks to check out your website can seem like a daunting task especially when you are first starting out.

Do not overwhelm yourself because we all have been there and struggled trying to get our online businesses off the ground.

You just need to keep it simple and do not let any of the distractions affect your focus. 

Today we will show you an easy strategy that will work for anyone that takes the time to master each step.

You find find all kinds of different strategies online but if you try to implement 10, 20, or even 37 of these strategies at the same time you will become a jack of all trades and get very little results.

So first off, just focus on your specific niche. Choose 3 categories that you want to concentrate on. 

Next, find out where your audience hangs out at. If your audience is millinimums, then you probably do not want to spend most of your time on Facebook.

Instagram would be a better place to start. 

What do people carry with them no matter where they go?

You got it. The communication device called a smartphone.

What is one of the most watched things on these devices?

You got it again. Video. That's right video is growing faster than any other media at the present time.

But we need to have our website prepared for all of this traffic.

How do we do it?

Come up with a game plan.

3 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Website

3 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Site

Staying focused on these 3 traffic generating strategies will help you build your brand quicker and produce the results you need.

The 2 main things you need for your website is content and traffic. You also need to be able to capture the people that do visit your blog.

So you should try to set up an email marketing service. That way you can build trust with those leads and that will eventually lead you to making money.

So what are the 3 ways to get people to visit your site?

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTube Video
  3. Social Media (pick one)

Why only use those 3 ways? You want to stay laser focused on your main task. That main task is getting people to visit your website.

But once they get to your blog you have to be able to offer those folks valuable content that either solves their problems or provides them the information they were looking for.

In order to do that you need content on your site before you do anything else. 

1. Blogging Is One Of The Best Ways To Get Traffic

Blogging Is One Of The Best Ways To Get Traffic

You have probably already heard that writing blog posts is the best way to get people to visit your site.

One thing that we have found is that beginners tend to get off track. They want traffic now and they also are not willing to put in all of the hard work that you must perform.

How many blog posts do you have on your website?

Do you have 100. 200, or 300 blog post?

If you're not to that level yet, then you need to dig in. How do you expect to compete with folks that are professionals?

The ones that grind it out day in and day out. People that have been doing this for 2, 3, or 5 years. Some may have started 10, 15, or even 20 years ago.

That is why you have to laser focus all of your efforts on your specific niche. You have to prove that you are an expert in that particular niche. 

That is how you're website gains authority. Now, if you feel your website is not getting ranking on the search engines then you may want to check on your website authority on a site called Moz.

The main point here is that you need an abundance of content.

There is no specific number of articles that you have to write but you just need a few to take off so folks can even find your content. 

Your blog posts have to be found by people online that are searching. Use a keyword research tool and have a keyword strategy. Find that low hanging fruit and chisel your way in. 

Write often, be consistent, and be patient. It takes time for your site to mature and to start gaining authority.

Is SEO The Reason Your Not Getting Traffic

Is SEO The Reason Your Not Getting Traffic

 Are you following all the basic SEO procedures?

Learning about SEO can pay big dividends. It will provide you free organic traffic if you get it right.

You may want to learn more about SEO and how it affects your rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and even other search engines.

Another thing you may want to consider is mobile.

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop.

Your website must be mobilized or people will leave very quickly. 

You can use a nice little tool to see if your site passes the Google mobile test. It doesn't cost anything and we use it to check each post we publish.

You should also check your upload speed. If your site is slow it could be the answer why you are not getting people to visit your site. 

We use the Pingdom website speed test tool. Between 2-3 seconds you start losing people that are visiting your site and that number can be as high as up to 40%.

You'll also need good SEO skills on the second way to get visitors to your site that we recommend. 

2. Use Video To Get Visitors To Your Site

Video Is A Way To Get Visitors To Your Site

How powerful is YouTube? The second largest search engine is YouTube. Videos are trending and people love watching them on their mobile devices like their smartphones.

Video is growing at a pace that you should be aware of. YouTube has over a billion users. That number is so big because it is almost a third of all the people that use the internet in the whole world.

So, don't you think that you should get a little piece of the pie? 

You can grow a nice little following by producing videos and publishing them on YouTube. That way your site is not all weighed down with the massive weight that could slow your site down.

You can also mix these video's into your blog content. Using the YouTube platform allows you to generate more subscribers and will also help you build your brand.

You can also link these videos to the content on your website. It's provides you with another way to get people to visit your website.

In addition, you can use these videos to share content with your social media audience. That is another great way to build your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Do You Need Any Video Equipment?

Do You Need Any Video Equipment

Do you have a smartphone with video recording capabilities?

A simple smartphone can get you started. How many people have you watched on a video using a smartphone?

You see them all the time. Nothing extra to buy in less you want a better microphone and maybe a holder.

There are also free programs to help you produce videos.

Maybe you need something that can capture screen shots.

Check out a program like Screencast-O-Matic.

You can start off using their free version and if you need more options you can always subscribe to the paid option which is like $18 for a year.

Good investment and it is also how to get people to visit your site using video.

You can explain exactly what you want to show your audience and even use these videos on YouTube.

In addition, you can share these videos on your favorite social media site which happens to be the third way to get folks to check your website out.

3. Social Media Is A Way To Get People To Visit Your Site

Social Media Is A Way To Get People To Visit Your Site

Social Media is another powerful tool to build your brand and get more traffic to your website. 

It's like everything else, it takes time, hard work, and patience. Do not start blasting your affiliate links all over these social sites or you'll get kick off real quick.

But you can share your video's, blog posts, and provide other valuable tips to your audience on these social networks.

You do not want to jam up the air ways with all the stuff we mentioned above but you do want to actually engage with people. 

It's also a good idea to use images to build trust, engage with folks, and to offer a little humor. 

You should also like and share other people things. Commenting can go a long way and help you build a bigger audience.

Times to post will depend on your audience.

We have found that a couple post in the morning, during the lunch hour, and dinner time to be the best for us. 

Just a couple of post and a couple of shares with a comment thrown in for good measure.

Don't waste to much time on social media as it can become a big time waster. You need that time for producing great content, Blogs and videos. 

Which Social Media Site Should You Choose?

Choose A Social Site Your Audience hangs out at

Which social media site you choose will depend on who is your audience. You will find people that try to be the social hero.

They use them all. What happens is that you spread yourself too thin. You just need to concentrate on one social site.

Build that one site up before you try to get into another one. You can try two at the max and even then you are stretching it.

Look, you already have your work cut out for yourself. You've got a blog to maintain, videos to produce, and anything more than one social media site you cut into your effectiveness. 

Some of us spend to much time on social media. Quite worrying about what Sally or Bob did. Spend more time improving your own situation.

Where do you plan on being in 6 months, a year, or even 5 years?

Focus should be on where you need to be heading. You need to focus on your content. Build it up.

Follow through with your plan and keep focused on your goals.

We provided you 3 ways to get people to visit your website.

Work them and work them hard and watch the results later down the road.

Once you have the traffic you need to earn a couple of thousand dollars then you can branch out.

Even then, you need to watch out so that your traffic doesn't die down.

Be consistent in work your plan. 

Stop watching and start doing it the right way. Stay focused.


You need to be laser focused on getting the amount of traffic you need to make money online. Do not become the jack of all trades and the master of nothing.

Pick 3 resources to effectively build your brand. While you are building that following you need to concentrate on producing content. 

Blogging, producing videos, and social media are your best options. 

Use your content on social media. Do not jam pack it with content show folks that you are a real person.

Comment, share, and have fun with your social site. become the go to person on your social site.

Produce the content to back it up.

Everything takes time, hard word, persistence, and patients.

Comment below and tell us what you think.

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more great tips.

To learn more about getting traffic and SEO take the 10 free courses we wrote about in our review.

Stay blessed my friend, until we meet again.

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