Generate Traffic To Your Website

Generate Traffic To Your Website The Smart And Simple Way

3 smart ways to generate traffic to your website while building your brand, learning new skills, and providing more content for your site.

One stone can go a long way and cause a ripple effect in your marketing efforts.

Who doesn't need more visitors to their place of business?  

So why not set yourself up for success?

No matter what niche you are in, this will work for you.

This is especially helpful for a beginner that is trying to get established. It just seems you do not have enough hours in your spare time to get enough traffic to your website.

Most people starting out are told to just start blogging.

Write more content.

The thing is Google isn't going to cut you any slack until your site has proven itself to be a reliable source of information.

So what do you do?

Some will say, just keep blogging.

Well, there is a smarter way to get your business off the ground and it will also benefit you and help you learn some new skills that you needed to know anyway.

Think about all the questions that you have about internet marketing or things that have to do with the niche that you are trying to make money from.

Remember you have to learn before you can start earning money online.

You might get lucky now and then.

Even make a few coins but if you want to create a recurring income you have to build your brand so folks will trust you.

Are you ready to answer a few questions?

​Drive Traffic To Your Website Answering Questions

Drive Traffic To Your Website Answering Questions

You can do a Google search and find the answer to almost any question that you can come up with.

Then again you've probably have done it a few times trying to figure something out, learning how to do something, or just needed some general information so you can write a new blog post.

So here are 3 smart ways of getting traffic to your site just by answering questions.

First, you can go to a site called Quora. All kinds of folks are looking for answers to their questions.

All you need to do is find the questions that pertain to your niche. Now you might be thinking, what if I do not know the answer to these questions?

It's easy.

But what you need to understand is, if you do not know the answer to a question in your own niche then you may need to learn a few skills or at least to able to answer those type of questions because you could get asked them on you're very own website.

So you might as well learn as much as possible and that way you'll gain the knowledge you need to respond.

In addition, there are numerous other places that you can find questions. Joining Facebook groups is another great way to go around and just answer questions about your niche in comments.

​Once you've done the research to answer the questions now you have the knowledge to write about the subject and even to produce a video about the subject matter.

80% of the people that ask those questions are either too lazy to research or already know the answer.

Building Your Brand And Generating Traffic

Let us ask you a question?

Wouldn't you go to a person that you have seen numerous times answer questions in a Facebook group, on Quora, or even a friend or fan on social media?

That person would be gaining your trust. You would start thinking, that person is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

That is what it takes to build your brand. You have to gain that trust factor and be noticed several times so people start recognizing you or whatever you represent.

Building your brand takes time and a lot of work. Getting traffic to your website also takes a lot of work.

So by combining the two task, you accomplish more in a smarter way. Your answering question and building your brand.

Then to top it off your also increasing your knowledge. Once you have gained the knowledge all you need to do is share it. First by answering the questions and second, now check this out.

Use that knowledge to write an effective blog post. Use the question and get really detailed about it.

Make sure you use the proper structure when writing your blog post so you can get a better ranking score.

The more detailed you are about the subject the better chances you have of ranking in the top as long as there is not too much competition.

So you also need to figure out how to get more engagement with your articles or blog post.

Posting those questions on social media sites and then following it up with your short answer.

After that use that blog post, you wrote to reinforce your answer. Are you getting this? By answering a few simple questions you have started a snowball effect or a bigger ripple effect.

That one question helped you build your brand, gain knowledge, write new content, and provided engagement from social media.

But you may also consider another traffic source just by answering those same questions.

​Generate Traffic To Your Website From YouTube 

You just need to take those same questions and produce videos to answer the questions that you already answered.

You'll already be very knowledgeable about the subject, wrote a blog about it, and ready to build a YouTube following.

Check it out. This will also increase your following.

You have your favorite social followers, YouTube subscribers, Facebook groups, Quora, and anything that you pick up from your blog post with good solid SEO and structure of your site.

Well, here you go.

Starting to become an expert in the niche you are trying to make money at. Nothing wrong with that because you might as well work smarter than harder.

Once you become confident answering those questions you may be ready to go on camera. Don't worry about buying any fancy equipment, just use your phone.

If you have to explain something more in debt then maybe you may need a screen-o-matic solution.

You can pick up a cheap subscription for around $18 a year I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, those same questions can give you a whole new traffic source using YouTube. With videos becoming so popular it would be a great source for gaining new followers.

Again you are always building your brand and it is another great option for you to do so. It will also provide you with even more content for your website.

In addition, you are able to use these videos on your social media sites. Here is the thing, you'll also be increasing your knowledge on that niche or subjects.

Talking about becoming an expert you would have gained a vast amount of knowledge to share with your audience.

So are you ready to increase traffic to your website? Like we said it may take a little smart work on your part but will pay off on the long run.

Take The Challenge And Watch Your Traffic Grow

Take The Challenge

Take the challenge to answer 100 or more questions on Quora, Facebook groups, or any other place you find online.

It will provide you the knowledge you need, build that trust factor, and give you plenty of content to write about for your website.

Make sure you stick to the niche that your website is all about.

Just think about it. Answer 100 question in your niche and you will see an increase in traffic to your site.

That will also give you 100 new blog post to write about and 100 new videos for YouTube.

Then you can post those same questions on social media sites. Answer them with your short answer and with a detailed blog post or video.

Even if it took you a solid year to accomplish all those tasks you would definitely have started to build your brand and you would have increased your traffic to your website.

Naturally, your content has to be structured properly and you will need to offer solutions to people's problems.

By the end of that year, your skills would have climb tremendously. Some folks get stuck trying to figure out what to write about.

Just go back to those questions people are asking. It may take you a little time to answer the questions because you will need to research the question thoroughly on Google or another search engine like Bing.

These are some great ways to generate traffic to your website. Sure it will take some work and it will take a little extra time.

But the rewards you will get will outweigh the little task you would have to perform in the long run.

You will get so good at doing this that you may end up with 4 or 5 niche websites that have no problem getting the traffic you need.

Conclusion for: Generate Traffic To Your Website

  • ​Generate Traffic To Your Website By Answering Questions
  • Build Your Brand
  • Gain New Skills
  • Create New Content For Your Website
  • Answer Questions In Facebook Groups
  • Use Quora To Answer Questions
  • Answer Questions On Social Media
  • Produce YouTube Videos To Answer Questions
  • Build Followers, Subscribers, & Learn How To Write Great Content
  • Take The 1 Year Challenge & Become An Expert In Your Niche

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  • Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Very good post and great info.

    I suffered about the traffic for a long while, but I figured out how to do it after a couple of months.

    Pinterest, Instagram, and a great SEO are the basic of that.

    Many people fail to realize ow important those are, and they can boost your site/business, or break it.

    Anyway, the tips you give will help a lot of people!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • I see you came back Emmanual Buysse. Yes, Pinterest and Instagram are great social media sites to build your brand. Also SEO is very important for getting a superior search ranking score. It takes time to learn these skills but should be part of the learning foundation you need. Wealthy Affiliate offers these courses to give you the advantage you need especially when you first start. People get to much in a hurry and only want to make that money. You have to learn the skills before you start to earn. That is what this site is all about.

  • R.J. says:

    Hey Ken, great post. Once again you’ve helped me to understand another concept of building a successful business, driving traffic. Also, I want it to go on the record that driving traffic is one thing I never knew how to do until I signed with Infolinks and that made a lot more sense. Your post is awesome and something I’m going to refer back to if I’m ever in need of advice of how to expertly drive more traffic to my website. Good job!

    • Thanks for the kind comment R.J. Yes in order to have a successful business you must have methods to get traffic to your site. Looks like you learned a few things from Infolinks. I’m not up on that organization. I’m already into a lot of other niches.

      We took our training at Wealthy Affiliate and it has helped us out tremendously since we started many years ago. We stay with them because of the keyword research tool, the super fast hosting, and the great community that helps you out if you got a question. They also have a nice affiliate marketing training program for beginners and advanced marketers. Follow us on Twitter R.J. for more valuable traffic tips.

  • Kevin says:

    Thanks for your very informative post. I like what you said about how posting questions and then following up can cause a ripple effect, or even a snowball effect. I’ve seen how with some businesses, blogs or brands, sometimes it takes just one video, post, product, or sale to make the brand go viral. It’s like the brand gets a jump start and then the commercial engine runs and runs, then only needing the fuel of more content creation to keep the engine running. I believe that I’ll get there. Useful posts like yours will help me to get there. Thanks again. All the best. 

    • Yes Kevin every now and again you can get that ripple effect or that snowball rolling. That is not the time to kick back. Keep building so much value that your audience comes back for more. Some will even bring you referrals. Generating traffic is one of the hardest things for a beginner to pick up and understand what it takes.

      You can become very knowledgeable just by answering those questions we talked about. But knowledge is nothing unless it is shared. Naturally a great way to share your new knowledge is to use the blogging system. Thanks for stopping in and I’m sure you’ll get there. Keep learning and before long you’ll be earning.

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