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March 27, 2018

Free Internet Marketing Training To Earn Money Online

Free Internet Marketing Training

Are you ready to take our free internet marketing training courses so you can learn and earn money online? You get 10 powerful lessons that will give you a solid foundation to get your home business started. It doesn’t matter whether your a stay at home dad or a mom trying to make a few extra bucks. Anyone can benefit.

The free internet marketing training courses starts out with you having a plan of action and learning how to build your brand for long term success. It is vital that you learn how to establish your brand in the online world. The focus of the first lesson will be success.

You can work at your own pace and can take the free internet marketing training courses any time of day or night. 365 days a year someone is being taught how to learn and earn money online. The free internet marketing training courses are designed to help people succeed with an online home business.

As a starter member you can still learn and earn money online. The free internet marketing training courses will explain your commissions in detail once you enroll in the courses. It’s all outlined in your first lesson. Are you ready to have some fun learning some new skills?

You just need to stay positive and be committed to learn new skills that will help you with online marketing. You can use these skills for your personal enjoyment or learn how to earn a full time income and become your own boss.

10 Free Internet Marketing Training Courses

10 Free Internet Marketing Training Courses

We will explain the 10 powerful and free internet marketing training lessons in more detail as we go along so you have a better understanding what the training is all about. Welcome to the learn and earn show.

Writing to earn money online is what most people do. But you may need a little training.

We are going to break down these 10 powerful lessons. It’s time for you to get into your bootcamp mode. These lessons are the building blocks of your future success. If you really want to get your business rolling then you will need to work hard and have discipline.

It took us a while to understand how important the training was. Then one day it clicked and we have never looked back. The training has helped us with our many successes. We started out struggling. Not only that, we bought all kinds of courses that didn’t help one bit. All we did was waste time and our hard earned money.

You need a system that will work for you. Do you know what tools you need to have success? We didn’t either. It took us a few months before we realized that you must understand the basics of how to learn and earn money online so you can have success.

These 10 lessons are the building blocks of your success and you will realize that courses will provide you with that solid foundation you need to have a successful online home business. Look below and check out the lessons you get. All Free.

Free Interent Marketing Training

Lesson 1. Getting Started

The first lesson gets you started in the right direction. You’ll set your goals so you have something to reach for. They will show you how to find different things in the menu so you get familiar where stuff is located in the online classroom.

They’ll teach you how everything works. You’ll want to know where the main menus are located and what information that they provide. They will cover how you can earn money as a starter member by promoting the free internet marketing training courses.

You can choose whatever you like to promote. That’s the beauty about this course. You will want to pick a niche that you enjoy doing. It will make your life so much easier and when you do something you really like doing your odds of success go up big time.

They will also cover other ways you can earn some extra cash if you become a premium member. You’ll also be informed how you can win a free trip to Las Vegas. They will have a walk through video for you to watch as an introduction to the program.

You’ll also be introduced to the 2 owners of the company that actually provide this free training. Meet Kyle and Carson. They have helped many people create a full time income. Some people have earned as much as 6 and 7 figures.

Meet Kyle and Carson

They have helped many entrepreneurs since they started this company in 2005. By the way, they have around a million members that started the way that you are starting. We are one of the many people that has had success.

Some of this stuff may seem complicated. Once your in there performing the tasks, hand on, it will be pretty easy. Doing it, is a lot easier than you may imagine. Have fun and enjoy.

Lesson 2. Choosing Your Direction

Lesson 2 will involve you choosing the direction you want to go. You will start understanding the importance of building your brand. Like any business you must create your own identity.

Every successful website online has took the time to build their brand and knows who their target audience is. So the first step will be to figure out who your target audience will be.

There are no right or wrong target audiences. So don’t even worry if you are choosing the right one or wrong one. Maybe you want to target senior citizens that need extra money to supplement their social security.

How about a struggling mom that needs extra money to help her save for the children’s college fund. There are billions of people online. Your just trying to narrow down the people you want to help.

It could be that you want to help people learn how to lower their credit card debt. Someone in college that just needs some extra money. Choose a group of people that you want to help out.

You will become an expert in the field you choose. No one opens up a business and is automatically an expert. But with training and researching you will get there. It takes time. The great thing is you get to grow as you learn to earn money online.

In addition, if you are having a problem trying to define your niche, no need to sweat it. They will help you out so you can get on the right track. All you have to do to get help is leave a comment. Don’t be to proud to ask for help. We have all been there.

Lesson 3. Building Your Website

Lesson 3 is probably going to be your easiest lesson. Building a website is very simple with the technology they have provided. This is where your brand and your target audience starts coming together.

As a starter member you are allowed to host two free websites under the SiteRubix platform. You only have 4 simple steps to complete to get your website up. Step one will be for you to choose a free domain.


Now step 2 they will ask you for the name of your website. Enter your brand name into the domain name field. It’s that simple. You already have your brand from the previous lessons. Here is an example of what your domain name will look like using siterubix; learnandearn.siterubiz.com

Now for step 3 all you have to do is enter a website name. This should basically be the same name except space it out so people can read it. Learn And Earn.

Then step 4 is the last step to building your website. This is where you get to choose the design. You will have access to 12 designs that have been specially selected for starter members.

In addition, you will also notice that premium members have access to more features and benefits. Now, you can become a premium member and gain access to those tools whenever your ready to take the leap.

We did it just after a couple of days because we understood the value you received. Plus we also knew that we were in for the long haul. We knew we were going to learn and earn money online.

Here it is many years later and we have a few different niches and love what we do. I even own a local plumbing company that takes most of my time. But we are definitely building us a nice retirement with our online businesses.

It just does to show you that anyone can learn the skills you need to make money online. We did it all in our spare time. We’ve never looked back. When I first started I didn’t even know what a domain was. It’s sort of funny, now that I look back.

Lesson 4. Website Look Around

On to lesson 4. This is where where you get to do your website look around. You get to find out what is in the back office. You will learn the aspects of the WordPress. WordPress is your content management system that your website is contained in.

It’s the framework for building your new website. It will contain dummy content that you will soon be replacing. Watch the video that that is provided in this lesson so you know how to remove the dummy content that comes with your site.

The next step in this lesson will show you how to navigate in the admin area of your website (sometimes called the back office). Then you’ll proceed and perform any updates if there are any.

WordPress is known to keep everything in order and maintain their websites. They provide all the updates you need for security and many other things that keep your site functioning at a high level.

Just for your information, WordPress is used about 30% of all websites on the world wide web. You will notice that most internet marketers use a WordPress Website. It is probably the best CMS (content management system) for people that are in for the long haul.

Lesson 5. Activating Your Plugins

Next is lesson number 5. This is where you will be activating some special plugins that will help your WordPress website out with speed and search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll learn more on that latter.

First you will watch a video that shows you all about the plugins that you will be using. You will learn about two plugins that are preinstalled on your site.

One is called the, all in one SEO plugin. This plugin is used for setting up the structure of post and pages for the search engines. Stuff like meta tag information. You’ll learn more once you’re in.

The second plug in will help your website with speed.

Lesson 6. Getting Your Website Ready For SEO

Here we go with lesson number 6. Getting your website ready for (SEO) search engine optimization. It sounds complicated. Why learn SEO? Just think about when you type something in on the google search bar. Your looking for information or a solution to a problem you may have.

Maybe your looking to shop for a new pair of shoes or just find a place to eat. You pull out your smartphone and either type something in or say, OK Google. Seafood restaurant or best pair of Jordan’s for $200.

Whatever it is your looking for on that search engine, be it Google, Bing or Yahoo, it will pull up the information that you were after. It will try to give you the best results for that particular search.

You will end up seeing both paid search results and organic search results. You will learn about some basic SEO components. Don’t over think this. You’ll be able to watch a video that will explain these things.

Stuff like keyword selection, content length, seo set up with your plugin and by learning these things your website will have an opportunity to be found on the internet.

They will show how to do all of this stuff so you can rank your website in the organic search ranking. That’s so your website can be found for free. All you got to do is put in a little work.

This is all explained in a very simple matter that you will be able to understand. It’s a great lesson and you will want to master the techniques that they will teach you. You can earn a lot of money by becoming real good at search engine optimization.

Lesson 7. Your Initial Framework Of Content

We’re already at lesson 7. It’s time to learn about constructing the framework of content for your website. This is where people start to freak out and say that they cannot write. Keep it simple.

Act as though you are talking with your friends. You don;t need any fancy words or great grammar. Just be you. Talk like you always talk. Inside the free internet marketing training course you will find a content writers platform. It is an ultimate writers platform.

You can check grammar, spelling and duplicate content checker. All you need to do when using this great writing platform is keep in mind the lessons you learnt in the previous lesson which was SEO.

I know we should use it more often. It will help you track your writing goals, allow you to use templates to get your work done quicker and you can automatically publish the content right to your website.

This is a great writing tool and you will get an opportunity to use it during lesson 7. You will write a post about you. That;s right. You want people to know about you when they come to your website. You can call it your about me, about us or as I call mine, Meet Ken.

You’ll also create a menu for your website as well as a privacy policy. In addition you will also create your affiliate disclosure. Your website will start looking like someone is home.

Lesson 8. Understanding The Keyword Research Process

OK. You ready for lesson 8. Understanding the keyword research process. These will be those words or phases that you want the search engines to rank you for.

All you have to do is find and area where there is not to much competition so you can chisel your way in. Sometimes to takes a couple months with those long tailed keyword phases. Just keep focused and don’t even concern yourself with ranking.

Everything will fall in place after you start putting out some good relevant content in your chosen niche. Just keep writing and in a short amount of time you will start to notice that your website will start to chisel its way into the search engines.

You will learn that keyword research is the starting point for the ranking of your article and for getting traffic to your website. It will be the first thing that you do before you write a blog post or an article. You will become an expert in this subject.

It may take a little time, but once you understand the concept it will be a breeze. The people that understand keyword research usually take off faster than the other folks. Keep it simple. Don’t over think it.

This is a great lesson and you also learn about the tools that will make your job a whole lot easier. You will learn how to use the tools to your advantage so you can save time and extra work. They’ll even give you some brief information about the free tool that google provides.

You’ll need to watch the video and research and find 5 keyword phases related to your niche. That give you the next 5 things you can write about so the search engines and maybe even a few visitors know your out there.

Lesson 9. Creating Thoughtful Insightful Reviews

Here we go into lesson number 9. How to create thoughtful and insightful reviews that are related to your niche. When your searching for products online the first place most people go are the reviews.

People want to know what other people think about a product. Even when you stay at a hotel. You’re checking the reviews. What about when you buy a car, you’re checking the reviews.

Reviews are a great way to find out information about a product. You may be unaware of certain limitations, some features and how good is the product. It’s a great way to start investigating a product that you want to buy.

Car seats for children, potty chairs, strollers, your camera and anything you are about to purchase comes with reviews. You probably even looked up reviews when you bought your smartphone, computer or your HDTV set.

That is what we all do. So its a great way for you to do research and know about other products in your niche. You can do comparisons. They will show you how to write these reviews using the CIAO principle. CIAO stand for

  • Captivating
  • Informative
  • Accurate
  • Opinionated

In addition, the training will include how to choose a winning title. You will also learn about the inter titles that go inside the articles that you will be writing a review for.

On top of that the course will teach you where to put your call to action links. All great information you need to get your business rolling in a forward direction. This is where you will be able to write a review about your free internet marketing training courses.

Lesson 10. The Exciting Journey Has Begun

Last but not least we end the training with lesson number 10. Your website at this time is ready to finally take off and you are on the road toward success. It’s time to expand your action plan.

Back to setting some goals and things that you want to achieve in your new venture. This would be the time that you should congratulate yourself for a job well done. You now have skills that can further your career in online marketing.

This is not the time to quit. Your just getting started and have a website that is set up with some functionality. You know how to build a website, drive traffic to your website and how to find a target audience. Are you ready for your journey to begin?

Learn and Earn Money Online


Learn and Earn Money OnlineWhat could you use this training for? You may be able to help the local business that you work for get more customers. Maybe they would give you a raise.

Then again, maybe you want to learn to make a little extra money on the side. What’s your side hustle? The only one holding you back is yourself. You can become a member of a community of entrepreneurs that are learning the skills to succeed online.

How much would you pay someone to teach you the skills that we have discussed?

You have an opportunity to learn and earn money online just by taking the free internet marketing training courses. Tap or click on the banner below so you can start your journey towards success.



We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Feel free to look around our website. You can get a bonus when you sign up for our newsletter and post a positive comment.

Can you do us a big favor? Drop down below and post a positive comment. You just might help someone out. Tell us what you think.

Remember, sharing is caring. Share our post on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank You,

Ken VanNortwick


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  • Hi

    I am interested in learning how to earn money on the internet.

    I see you recommend 10 free training lessons for free. Is this enough for starting a business online?

    There are so many programs claiming to teach everyone how to earn money easily and fast, most of them are actually lying though.

    I am a bit afraid of again losing time with watching long videos about how great the program is but not really telling any valuable information.

    Tell me, are there any success stories from real people I can Look at before I join another promising program?

  • That’s a great question Stefan. It’s a way for you to learn and earn money online without you having to spend any cash. You will need to spend the time to acquire the knowledge. You could go and acquire those types of  courses from Udemy and spend around $12 per course. Then you would have to buy a domain name and get some hosting for your website. So you may have to spend over $120 just to get that same type of training.

    These free internet marketing training courses are designed to teach you the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing. It takes time to earn money online. It’s a starter course. Could you make money online with these courses? Short answer, Yes. More than likely, no. The training will start your foundation so you can make money online.

    As for your next question, are there any success stories from real people? Yes you can start the free training and you will find many people that are making money online in this community. You can also read how to earn money online for free and there are testimonials listed in that post.

    If you think your going to make money online without knuckling down or studying the material, you have another thing coming. You need a plan, discipline and a desire to learn before your going to get any where. It took me around 4 months before we started to get any results back around the 2012 time frame. Some do it quicker and some people take longer.

    You just get better as you learn the skills. You need to understand that earning money online is no get rich scheme. You just have to work at it. There are a lot of skills that you will need to learn. If you really want to succeed start training my friend. Learn everything you possibly can. Work hard and smart.

    What ever results you get will be from your hard work. It’s just like going to school. You don’t start with college. You got to put your time in before you will get anything. You need to learn before you can earn.

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