Ways To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Best Ways To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate

There are more ways to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate that you could imagine. WA is best known for the affiliate marketing training that they provide to it's members.

 It's no wonder why people are flocking to this platform. WA provide some of the fastest WordPress hosting that you will find.

They also give you access to over 1,000,000 images that you can use for your own website. Check it out. They teach you how to design your own website using WordPress.

Wealthy Affiliate even provides you will a fantastic keyword research tool so you can find that low hanging fruit. They tool will help your website get found on the search engines like Google.

​Take the training so you get proficient using the different tools, learn how to write great reviews, and get the knowledge you need so you can get people to visit your website.

Learn how to perform online marketing.

Everything they teach are the building blocks for you to have success with your internet business.

Affiliate marketing is the only thing that you learn.

​Top 7 Ways To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate

We don't recommend that you try all 7 ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. Pick one way and follow the training to a "T" so you gain the skills you need.

None of these online business opportunities are easy. You got to learn the skills you need, take massive action, produce great content, and know that it takes time to get the results that you may be looking for.

​You are starting a real online business. It's up to you to get results. All they can do it provide you with the tools and the blueprint to get there.

They provide an awesome strategy for you to follow with their step by step instructions. Make sure you complete all of the tasks that are outlined in the training lessons before you move into the next lesson.

How you ever made any money online before? Are you a struggling marketer trying to get your business off the ground?

If you have a question, make sure you drop down into the comments section so we can get that important question answered asap.

Well, lets talk about the 7 ways that you can use to make money from the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate famous for?

​1. Learn Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

​Wealthy Affiliate is famous for a lot of different things but the number one reason is their affiliate marketing training.

How can you tell that their training works?

Number one, they are the largest affiliate marketing community in the world. No one comes close to this awesome community.

Number two, go look for yourself and see how many people tht are really earning the kind of cash that you want to be able to do.

People get results using Wealthy Affiliate.

You do not stay in business long if your product sucks.

Wealthy Affiliate has had a successful and growing online training business since 2005. Thousands of people have learned the skills they needed to earn the income they desired.

So choose a niche and start an affiliate marketing business using all the tools at WA. Take the training and complete the tasks outlined.

Do your best and watch yourself grow as time passes by. Yes, it take time to get where you want to be. You can do it so stay positive.

The third reason is that they provide almost everything you need for your online business. No need to spend money for stuff you do want really need.

What else do you need?

You could consider a great email service provider like AWeber so you can grow your brand and get more people to trust you.

Build your email list (the money is in the list).

You'll even find that many people return to Wealthy Affiliate. Why?

​Because they found out after spending a ton of cash and still not getting any where with their business it was time for the real deal.

​2. Promote Wealthy Affiliate And Earn Commissions

​Yes you can promote WA and earn high commissions. It's a very competitive market so if you are new we do not recommend it.

You'll need some experience before you tackle promoting the WA platform. Your better off starting with your own specific niche.

Now they do offer some nice big fat bonuses if you reach a certain level. How many WA sales do you need to qualify?

300 paying Wealthy Affiliate referrals will get your a trip to Las Vegas and hang out with all the other super affiliates.

That's right, you'll earn the title super affiliate. Plus you'll be earning a nice fat monthly income.

In addition, you get a one on one coaching session with the owners of WA, Kyle and Carson. Want to increase your revenue 2 or 4 times more?

Take notes my friend.

Make sure you take advantage of this awesome coaching.

OK, what other ways do they have so you can put a little extra cash in your pocket?

What town do you live in?

​3. WordPress Website Design

Earn Money Designing WordPress Websites

You may not be the best but after you have completed the training and working with your own WordPress theme you'll have a good understanding about website design.

This is your opportunity to earn some extra income and offer website design services to some of the local businesses.

Start building your brand and getting your portfolio in order.

Word gets around fast in a local community especially when you do great work. Make sure you are using a blazing fast hosting provider.

By the way, you can make money recommending a blazing fast hosting provider as well. You could even sign them up with WA.

It only takes a few customers to bring in a descent amount of cash.

​4. Local SEO And Local Marketing

Make Money With Local SEO

​Once you have taking all the training courses to get your business off the ground you'll want to dig into some of the events that are offered from Jay.

He owns his own local marketing agency and he shows you how you can get into this money making profession as well.

Not only is that training awesome but you can find more training about local SEO and local marketing. These lessons are located in the classrooms.

Here is a partial list of some of the training that you will find in these classrooms. WA is loaded with training. 

  • Local Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (Engagement also)

Those are just a few of some of the courses that you will find to help you start your own local agency.

Offering local digital marketing services to local businesses can become a rewarding career. You can offer a lot of different services or stick with 2 or 3 specialties.

Like maybe website design, content writing, SEO, and ​services. It's a lot easier getting a ranking locally than worldwide. But you got to choose great keywords, get reviews, and use the best SEO practices.

Make sure you listen to some of the live events from Jay. They are packed with information to help you earn an income online.

5. ​Design Online Stores Or Start Your Own Store

Earn Money With Online Stores

Once you learn how to design your own online store you can also help other build a store for their business.

You'll find many local businesses that may be looking for your services. There is a big market waiting for you right in your local community.

WordPress has many possibilities when it comes to eCommerce.

Wealthy Affiliate even has more training about this subject.

Learn the best ways to make money online using Wealthy Affiliate.

Take all the training that you can find on the WA site. Listen to all of the live events that Jay has every week.

​ Affiliate marketing isn't the only thing you learn at WA. Take advantage of everything you need. There are even some members that have become experts at building online stores.

Some have even mastered putting their own training course and are now selling their own training courses online.

6. Sell Your Own Training Courses

Make Money Selling Online Courses

​Since 2005 many people have come and gone. They got the training they needed to produce their own training lessons.

Many have produced over 6 figure incomes getting into helping other people learn different niches.

If you know another language and produce some awesome training then you might be on your way to a big time winner.

The good news is once you have the training courses in place then all you got to do is drive traffic to it.

As long as you have great value in your content and your course works, you're golden. You can always adjust your prices as time goes on and your build a bigger brand.

Most of us know how to do something. All you got to do is provide detailed instruction on how to do it. Keep making your content better and better until you feel it's perfect.

Write up a fantastic landing page and even offer a lead magnet to capture leads and build a better relationship.

If they don't trust you they will not buy.

Your content must be top notch. Once you have everything put together and your making money then you might even ad on affiliate to help sell your own product.

The sky is the limit.

​7. Become A Freelance Writer

Become A Freelance Writer

​Once you get your writing skills in line you could even get into writing for other people. There are a lot of folks that will pay for your services.

Get paid more as you build your brand.

Places like Upwork is a good place to start. Personally, I'd start by helping local businesses. It can even lead to other services.

That is why it is very important for you to complete every bit of the training offered by Wealthy Affiliate. Complete every task that goes along with the lesson.

You can even share training with other Wealthy Affiliate members. You'll get a feel if your writing skills are doing any good.

Practice makes perfect. So get the skills you need as well as the experience you need to start earning some cash as a freelance writer.

Make sure you totally understand how to conduct research. WA teaches many phrases of researching for different niches.

Summary: Best Ways To Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate

​Here is our list of the top 7 ways to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. We recommend that you take every piece of training that they have so you can decide how you want to make online online.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Promote Wealthy Affiliate
  • ​Design WordPress Websites
  • Local SEO and Local Marketing (start your own agency)
  • Design Online Stores
  • Sell Your Own Training Courses (Start a membership site)
  • Become a freelance writer

It will provide with with experience and the skills you need to learn to make it in the online world.

There are many opportunities when you join Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, none of  opportunities are going to make you rich over night.

It's going to take a lot of hard work not just learning the skills you need but building the brand you need to become successful.

​Do you have any more ideas?

Drop down in the comment section and let us know.

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