Earn Money Online Writing Reviews

Earn Money Online Writing Reviews With An Affiliate Website & Video’s


How To earn money online writing reviews with an affiliate website and complementing it with YouTube videos. This is a great way to start an affiliate marketing business.

All you need to do to get started is acquire a domain name, get some great hosting, and start a WordPress blog. Then, start writing articles about the items that you want to promote. It’s a cheap way to start an online home business.

You can get into this type of business by blogging about stuff you already use or are interested in. It makes it easier to write about things, you already know about.

Take small kitchen appliances for example. Mixers, blenders, juicers, food processors and different type of cookers. These are items that you use every day and know how to operate. You know the tips and tricks for using these items. You even know how to clean and care for these type of small appliances.

Here are a few other niches you could concentrate on. You could earn money online writing reviews on things you use for camping, hiking, or even fishing. If you’re into the outdoor activities you can find stuff to write about.

Having things that you enjoy like, cooking, grilling, or outdoor games for the family. All you need to do is pick a niche. Like we said pick out something you enjoy because it will make it easier to write about and demonstrate with a YouTube video.

Keeping it simple writing about the things you use is best because it’s real. People will be able to relate better and you probably already have a following of friends on your Facebook or your other favorite social media channels.

How To Earn Money Online Writing Reviews

You should learn before you earn money online that way you get ahead of the curve.

There is a couple of different ways you can approach making cash online by writing these reviews. You could start a log with a targeted approach or a more general approach.

Here is what I mean. Say you want to start a review website for small kitchen appliances. You decide to write reviews about juicers. So you pick a great domain name. Something like, juicersyouwant dot com.

Then you start writing a blog post about the benefits of juicing. How it improves your diet, health benefits and different recipes you use. You get a solid foundation of articles to get your website started.

Then you find affiliate programs that have juicers. Like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, HSN, (Home Shopping Network) or QVC (Quality, Value, & Convenience).

These are a few affiliate marketing programs that you could apply for once your website is ready. Read about the way you get paid and their terms and conditions so you totally understand their program. Choose the programs that you like the best and go from there.

Now another way you could approach this new venture would be to choose a broader niche. That way instead of writing reviews just about juicers you could blog about more products and give your audience more to choose from. So you would pick a domain name something like smallapplianceinfo dot com.

Either way, it gives you a starting point to start earning money online by writing reviews with no inventory. Affiliate marketing allows you to start an online business with little upfront cash.

All you need is a domain name, hosting for your website, and a blogging platform. We recommend WordPress for blogging because it’s the number one platform on the internet. Most internet marketers recommend WordPress.

Writing Reviews Takes A Little Practice

Some folks are really good at writing articles and storytelling. Myself, it took me it seemed like forever to hang of writing. We struggled when I first started. I had to learn how to earn and writing blogs took me some time.

We took some affiliate marketing training courses that really helped out a few years back. It really paid off and you may want to consider taking some training in internet marketing yourself. It takes a little time and some researching to acquire the skills you need.

The best way to start is by taking action. Start building a website by writing or blogging as it’s called. You don’t need a fancy website. All you need to do is get started by writing out your message to people. Just act like your having a conversation with a friend.

Tell them how you do these things. these are things you already enjoy doing. No one is looking at you and no one can even see you. Just let your creative side take over and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is once you get the hang of it.

Maybe you’re better at explaining things by talking. Not a problem. Take your smartphone and talk into the camera and explain whatever it is that you’re trying to explain. Then write out what you just talked about.

If need be to pay someone to translate your video into words. The point is don’t let simple stuff stop you. These are small obstacles that you can hurdle with a little confidence. Some of us take longer than others but that’s alright.

It’s not like we are in a race with anyone. Having a home business can be rewarding. You can earn money online writing reviews using affiliate programs from major brands. Just have fun doing it.

Earning Money Online Writing Reviews Using Major Brands

The great thing about trying to make some extra money on the internet is you can choose who and what you want to promote. You can find major brands to use for your affiliate marketing efforts.

If you do not feel comfortable promoting a product do not promote it. Especially if you have used it and you know it’s a piece of crap. Move on and find the products that you would recommend.

No matter what niche or product you would like to promote, you can always find name brand items that people like and use. The companies we mentioned earlier all have products that people use.

You can promote low-cost products or higher priced items. Some products are a better value verse some offer better quality. That will be your decision on which way you want to go.

When you choose a product you should consider your audience. You don’t want to write a review that you know your audience would not buy. Write blog reviews about what your audience would use.

If I’m writing reviews for fishing poles and I know my audience would only buy an inexpensive rod and real from Walmart. Then write about those products. Not about a $400 rod from Cabela’s. At least not in that article.

Earn Money Online Using Review Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a video must be worth a million words because it tells the whole story or messages your trying to convey. Promoting products using video is red hot.

You can show people exactly how to operate or use a certain product. Like the juicer, we talked about earlier. When you can show someone how easy and simple it is to use to just make it better.

You can show off some of your delicious juice recipes and even have the children or neighbors in as the taste testers. All you need is a smartphone. Making a video has never been as easy as it is today.

Actually, people expect videos when they are shopping for products. They want to see the product in action. A video is a way to produce the action they need. It also shows your audience that you are actually using the product.

You can even add in where to buy the items that you show. Like at Best buy it may be $99, HSN $129, and Amazon might be $89. You showed them where they can even get the best deal.

Using videos for your reviews are easy to share on social media. Now that is another great way to acquire followers and subscribers to your channel.

Build Your Brand With Video & Use Social Media To Gain Trust

When you first start out you will need to build your brand. You’ll want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is a quick way to build your brand and the trust factor that you must have in order for people to click the links to your affiliate products.

Smartphones have enabled video to really take off. You see all kinds of video on most of the social media networks these days. That first 5-10 seconds of your video is very important.

If folks don’t relate or it doesn’t excite them they may be heading elsewhere. Just think about the commercials that you want. You need attention-grabbing moments to be effective. Even music can be a factor depending on your audience.

There are a lot of people these days that use music to start their video. So if your audience is people that are more into rap then you may not want to be playing some old country song. You get the message, right?

Just look at your social media audience and you will see what they like and are into. If you decide to get into advertising after you get going you definitely want to target a particular audience for more effective results.

Personally, we wouldn’t recommend any advertising until you have a solid foundation of product reviews on your website and many video reviews to go along with your blog post. That gives you time to learn the skills you need.

Product Reviews Must Include Images

You will want to use plenty of images for your product reviews. You’re going to need images for your videos. You’ll want a nice looking thumbnail to capture the attention of people searching for your products.

Even your social media pages should have a nice image that tells what you do. It says something about your brand. People buy from people that they trust. So you have to learn how to develop that trust factor online. Building your brand takes time.

Project the image that you want people to know you by. Keep in mind the products you represent and the companies that are allowing you to be an affiliate marketer for them. Follow their rules and guidelines so you do not lose your affiliate income.

You’ll want to use many images when you’re trying to make money writing product reviews. That is another good reason to use the product yourself. You can take photos of the product. That gives you the content you need to market those brands.

If you don’t use the product you can usually get images from their information that they provide. Sometimes their affiliate marketing manager can steer you in the right direction.

Start A Biz Writing Product Reviews And Make Money Online

There you have it, folks. Start a business writing product reviews and earn money right from the comfort of your own home. It’s that simple. You may need a little training and need to learn some new skills but it can happen with a little effort.

Are you ready to start a home biz? Do you have something that you are passionate about? Just take a moment and think about what you could do with an extra $500. $1000 or even $5000 a month coming in.

Would it happen overnight? I kind of doubt it. It takes some skills, time, and lots of action on your part. But as long as you start learning the skills you need then you could make it happen.

You can work at your own pace, work whenever you want and still have progressed as you go along. The harder you work the better your chance of having success.

Starting a biz online is the easy part. The taking action and having the discipline to do whatever it takes to succeed is the hard part. Even if it takes you 1 year, 2 years or even 3 years you’ll be getting ahead.

You’ll be building a business for your future. The main reason people fail to make money online is that they quit. As long as you keep working little by little in your spare time then you have a chance to succeed.

You can takes courses to help you write better reviews and learn how to market them. It is all explained in our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Every review you write or video that you produce is just another step closer to you earning that cash you were looking for. If it takes a 100 or even a 1000 articles or videos to get the income you need then just do it. That’s the bottom line.

Learn And Earn Money Online Writing Reviews

Yes, you have to learn before you can earn money online writing reviews. It will take some time, studying, work, and for you to take action every chance you get.

Once you acquire the skills and learn how to market online your income will start to skyrocket. Take my word for it. It took me longer than most people. Staying focused on your goals and having a plan of action will help you get there.

You can start by reading, why join a community of entrepreneurs. Don’t worry, it’s free. That is another article that we wrote to let you know that there are people all over the world that have the same ambitions in mind like we have.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment about how to earn money online writing reviews. We’ll see you at the top of the mountain and follow us on Twitter. Start making some cash.

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