What Are The Different Types Of Blogs

What Are The Different Types Of Blogs? Each Has Its Own Purpose

​What are the different types of blogs and which one should you choose? Each type has its own style and its own purpose.

So it shouldn't take you long to figure out which one is best for you.

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4 Different Types Of Blogs For You To Choose

4 Different Types Of Blogs

What style of blog you choose is totally up to you but we will break each type down to give you an idea about which is best for you.

There are different reasons why people start a website.

But they use blogging as a way to connect with their audience and even drive traffic to their site.

Naturally, you would need to learn some skills in search engine optimization and how to set up your blogs site structure to get visitors coming to your blog.

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It's may take you a little time but as long as you put in the time and effort you will learn the information you need.

Can you learn to earn money blogging?

Yes, you can.

But you need to know right from the jump street that it takes time and patience. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is earning money online.

Alright now, back to the subject of the 4 different types of blogs.

​1. Personal Blog

Personal Blog

​A personal blog can be all about you.

It's a great way to start building your own unique brand. Plus it's easy to choose your domain name because you might as well use your name.

One benefit of using a personal blog is there are no rules.

Whatever topic you want to write about, is yours for the choosing.

The style all depends upon you.

People that are models, politicians, artists, speakers, leaders, and everyday people trying to build an audience use this model.

It does take time building an audience or following. We recommend you also use your social media networks to boost your brand.

In addition, you should also consider using a video platform to build that trust factor faster. YouTube is the perfect choice.

Plus you can use these videos as content for your blog and even post for your social media networks.

​2. Business Blog

Business Blog

A business blog is not about you.

It's about a business or a company. It could be for your company or someone else. You should market it as a company to build the companies brand.

​Now if you already have an offline business or plan on starting one then you may consider using a business blog.

Blogging can be a great traffic source for brick and mortar businesses.

The business blog is unlike the others because you need to gear everything towards that business. 

You want to stay on that particular subject.

Take a beauty shop for example. Everything that you write about should stay focused on beauty for your audience.

Write about how your company can benefit your customers.

Plus if it's a local business then you only need to market locally.

No sense trying to rank worldwide when your clients only come from the town that your business is located in. 

Use your town or suburb in your keyword phrases.

In addition, a business blog is all about the company. You can also write about the employees or staff you have.

Try to stay on point about the company and the products that can benefit your clientele.

Social media networks and videos are a good way to build that trust factor for your brand and relate with your audience.

​3. Professional Blog

Professional Blog

​The professional blog differs from the personal blog in that you should stay on point about a certain subject or service that you offer.

​These types of blogs are great for people that offer services. That is why you do not need your deep dark secrets about you personally.

You want to project a professional image to your audience.

Many professional blogs are used by people that offer services from their home. They can usually accomplish everything online.

Maybe like a local SEO consultant, graphic designer, website designer, or a content writer.

Freelancers are usually the ones using this type of blog.

Their blog sort of becomes their resume of services that they provide.

​4. Niche Blog

Niche Blogs Example Best Coffee Pots

​The niche blog is the type of site that is totally focused on one particular niche. Something like, the best coffee pots.

It may be pressure cookers. fishing poles, laptops, or vitamins.

The key to success with a niche blog is to stay on one topic.

If its about coffee pots write reviews for coffer pots. Add in anything about coffee. But stay on that one subject.

The more you can break your niche down into a micro niche then the better off you will be.

Maybe your site is about lures that catch fish. But if you break it down even further you will target a more refined audience.

Like lures that catch bass.

Fishing rods for bass fishing. Best reels for bass fishing.

Are you getting the message about the micro niche blogs? Break them down into micro niches for the best results.

There are all kinds of niches but break them down into micro niches.

  • Beauty
  • ​Music
  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Money
  • Food
  • Sports

Choose the one of the blog types that you enjoy and go from there.

Before you start just break the niche down into a smaller categories.

​Blogging Is Great For Affiliate Marketing

Blogging Is Great For Affiliate Marketing

You can use affiliate marketing for all the different types of blogs.

It could be your own products if you want other affiliate marketers promoting your merchandise or services.

But if you do not have a product you can offer other companies products and services from your website.

We like this method the best because we never need to get involved with customer service, shipping, or buying a garage full of merchandise.

​So, what do you think is the biggest obstacle in affiliate marketing?

Finding the right product should not be a problem. You can find name brand products all over the internet. Does Amazon ring a bell?

Customers buying the stuff shouldn't be a problem because people buy online all of the time.

In addition, people purchasing products online is growing every year.

Check out the statistics of online shopping. Everything from mobile shoppers to online stores the internet is providing a secure means for people to buy. 

Affiliate marketing is your sales channel to these buyers.

Blogging is one of the best traffic sources to capture these buyers attention and to get them to your website.

​What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

​The type of blog that you start will depend on what's best for you.

But if you do not have a brick or mortar business, your not a freelancer, or you are not trying to build a professional brand we would recommend a niche blog.

The niche blog is an excellent way to build traffic to your website.

It gives you the ability to concentrate on one thing. You don't need to be an expert when you first start out. You can learn the skills you need as you go along.

​The more you research and continue writing about a certain subject the better you will get. You will want to share this knowledge with your audience.

​At one point you will become an expert and your site will gain authority.

That is why you want to micro niche it down. If you write reviews about nothing but video games then your blog will become an authority site.

Pick one subject. like video football games. Make sure you choose a domain name that represents your niche.

After you write 32 blog posts about that niche it would be time to apply for affiliate marketing programs.

It's easier to get approved for any companies products when your site is loaded with great content.

After you get approved. Write up a sales page and add in your affiliate links. Take your existing content and add in links to your sales page.

You do not want affiliate links on all of your content.

What Type Of Blog Should You Start?

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​Summary: What Are The Different Types Of Blogs?

​Today we covered the 4 different types of blogs. Which type is best for you depends on your situation. 

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Professional
  • ​Niche Blog

We recommend the niche blog for affiliate marketing. Using the micro niche approach will help you target a better audience.

You can learn blogging techniques for free. We also are going to throw in 2 free websites for you. You can start a personal site and a niche blog. 

You'll also get 10 free affiliate marketing training lessons to help you get started.

It's all about learning and earning money online.

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Drop down below and leave a positive comment to start building your brand.

One more thing check out, Learn and Earn on our menu.

Stay blessed my friend until we meet again.

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