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April 18, 2019

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

​How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate? There are 2 types of memberships. 

  1. Starter Membership Is Free
  2. Premium Membership

​A starter member can subscribe for free and if they sign up for the premium membership within 7 days they can do so $19 for the first month.

​You can also save money by signing up for a longer period of time.

You can pay monthly, semi-annually, or yearly. Below is the breakdown.

  1. ​Monthly $49
  2. Semi-Annually for $234 (averages $39 monthly)
  3. Annually for $359 (averages $29 monthly)

As you can see, you will save yourself a few bucks if you were to subscribe for a longer time frame.

One great benefit of joining WA is that there are no upgrades unlike other programs you will find online.

What do they teach? They teach you about affiliate marketing.

​Do you want to learn how to build a website?

What Tools And Training Do You Get?

​As a starter member you get to use all of the tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate with a few limitations. 

You get to design 2 free WordPress websites.

How much does it cost to host the 2 free websites?

Absolutely nothing. Hosting is free.

In addition, you even get 2 SSL certificates to keep the data on your websites more secure.

You can look at the chart above to see all of the benefits you receive for a starter member verse a premium member.

But it provides you an opportunity to check out the program. After 7 days you will notice that you lose some of your free benefits.

But you can remain a free member for as long as you like. You can even promote wealthy affiliate and earn commissions.

You'll notice that you do not need to buy anything as a beginner.

You can design 2 websites without purchasing domain names, hosting, and you do not need to purchase any affiliate marketing training lessons.

As a matter of fact, you are entitled to take 10 free training lessons to help you get started in the money niche.

You can read all about everything you will learn from those 10 free affiliate marketing training lessons by simply checking out my review of WA.

Did you see the start here in the menu? You can go there also.

What about the premium service?

​Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Service Worth It?

Stop Struggling To Make Money Online.

​Is Wealthy Affiliate premium membership worth the investment?

That is a great question.

​It can help you to stop struggling to make money online if you follow the training program that they lay out for you.

It actually depends on you. Do you really want to start an online business? Are you dedicated to see it through until you have success.

Making money online is not an easy task. You have to really work hard and learn a lot of new skills.

If your not going to put the hard work into your business then you will not make it.

It's just like any other business but you do not have all of the extra expenses like paying employees, paying for a building or renting an office.

​Plus any other thing that you would pay for like inventory or food.

Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

Affiliate marketing provides you an opportunity to sell other peoples products online.

No customer service, no employees, no inventory, and you do not even handle any shipping.

So, if you are up to the challenge of starting your own online business with affiliate marketing Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start.

It's definitely worth every penny. You not only receive training but you get some blazing fast WordPress hosting to keep your website running smooth. 

You also receive coaching from the owners if you need it and a great community that can answer most of the questions that you may have.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? You bet. But it's up to you to work smart.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

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​Summary: How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

​You can subscribe to WA as a starter member for free. You can stay as a beginner as long as you need.

Who knows? You may even earn an affiliate commission if you promote the platform.

You can become a premium member for $19 for your first month if you sign up within 7 days after becoming a free member.

Then you have 3 options. You can invest in your business by paying monthly, semi annually, or yearly.

Here is the breakdown!

  • Monthly is $49 per month
  • Semi Annually is $234 every 6 months (average $39 month)
  • Yearly is $359 every year (average $29 month)

There you have it. Once you subscribe from one of our links we will make sure you get the bonus for the $19 within 7 days.

You'll want to start the training immediately and try to stay away from distractions. You can ask us a question any time.

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So follow us on Facebook or Twitter, Better yet, you could take our 4 day mini lessons that go straight to your inbox.

​Never stop learning!

One more thing. Can you do us a favor?

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Stay blessed my friend until we meet again.

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