January 8, 2019

Copy Paste Commissions Review

Our Copy Paste Commissions review will provide you some information so you can make an informed decision whether you want the product or not.

​After a search for the reviews we found some interesting results. One was that, they were using rehashed content.

This course is similar to the Commission Machine and Commission Black Ops. These two courses are from Michael Cheney.

Why didn't he just improve the other two courses? All of the courses are from different websites.

Why is this guy trying to use different brands?

​Come on, if that don't bring up a red flag. What does?

Meet Ken

​Hey everybody Ken here. We have bought our share of programs during our learning experiences and now we recommend what programs can really help you have success online.

This program is loaded with up-sells. Personally, we hate it when any program has a bunch of these annoying up-sells.

But there are a lot of folks doing this online. You never get the full value of these type of courses unless you buy all of the up-sells.

So, lets look at the products, bonuses, and up-sells they offer.

​Copy Paste Commissions Review Of Training

Copy Paste Commissions Training Review

Once you are in the system you are part of their sales funnel. They will try to get you to believe you know nothing. Your dead wrong.

Then they are going to tell you a story why you need their up-sells. You are learning how to make them rich. 

​Why not learn and earn selling products online (affiliate marketing) just by reading our blog post. If you need a free product review template just go to the link and follow the guidelines.

In addition, their training is geared toward making money using email marketing. Building a list (that's a good idea).

The training you receive for $19.95 is in the following formats. A 77 page eBook, mp3 audio, and a few videos talking about;

1. The Crush Campaign. This is about email marketing and basically creating lead magnets or bonuses to get people to join your list.

2. The Fence Shaker Strategy. Just as the name suggest, this training is how to get someone on your list that is one the edge of joining you.

​3. Traffic Strategy. They show you free and paid methods to get traffic using Facebook.

4. Email Strategy. During this training they show you how to build an email list. They also provide copy and paste email templates to help you communicate with your list.

​The training appears to be pretty good for someone that wants to learn about email marketing. But you must understand it is going to cost you more money.

This course is not for a beginner or someone struggling with their online business like they say. You would be better off creating solid content that caters to your niche audience.

​Sales Funnel Training They Do Not Tell You Need

To build your list you will end up spending a bunch of money on advertising on Facebook.

If you are trying to make money online using Facebook you should already know that you have to pay to play.

You may want to consider learning about sales funnels if you go that route. But you will need money for advertising.

If you do not know what you're doing you could end up broke or nothing to show for your investment.

You'd be back in square one. Starting all over with no money.

Your better off starting a niche website and building a solid foundation of content for free. 

Once you build up the content you need then would be the time to start investing in advertising for your online business.

​Me personally, I'd wait and keep producing content until my website was producing an income to pay for the advertisements.

But, I've got patience, discipline, and time.

​Copy Paste Commissions Review Who Are They

Copy Paste Commissions Review

Name:​ Copy Paste Commissions
Website: ​ CopyPasteCommissions.net
Price: ​$19.95 plus up-sells
Owners: Omar Martin & Michael Cheney
Overall Rank: TBD

​These two millionaires give you an introduction into affiliate marketing. Copy Paste Commissions show you a few traffic generation techniques and the main part of the course is about email marketing.

They are providing 100% commissions for the affiliate marketers. Copy Paste Commisions make their money on the back end with the up-sells and anything else they can throw in.

So once you sign up they want you to buy the up-sells and promote their product to your audience.They also tell you,

​if your not able or willing to put a few greenbacks down to grow your own 6 figure commissions business then you're not the kind of person we want to hand this over to.  

So, they do tell you up front, get ready to spend some more money with us.

Everyone should know that you should invest in your online business. 

But you do not have to pay them for their up-sells. You may better off spending that money on digital marketing tools that you need until you start making some cash.

​They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

​Copy Paste Commissions Review Up-Sells & Bonuses

​Everyone throws the bonus word around like you are really getting something extra. Usually these bonuses lead to other up-sells and are old outdated information.

​The course includes many so called bonuses. Everyone these days likes using the bonus word. But here are a few of the bonuses that you will receive.

  • Instant Affiliate Income
  • From Mindset To Action
  • ​Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
  • Facebook Marketing Excellence
  • Pinterest Marketing Excellence
  • Twitter Marketing Excellence
  • YouTube Marketing Excellence
  •  Linkedin Marketing Excellence

Basically they show you some ways to get traffic using social media. One thing that you should consider is to pick just one or two social sites to build your brand.

​They do give you some good information about marketing on social media.

But once you have the basic course (plus bonuses) they are going to hit you up with that up-sell so you can get the rest of the info.

List Of Up-Sells

  • ​Tool Kit Lite- Cost $17
  • ​Top Commissions Premium Tool Kit- Cost $27
  • Done for You Commissions Service - Cost $37

We are not sure if any of the bonuses have any up-sells.

​Copy Paste Commissions Review Pros & Cons

Copy Paste Commissions Review

The Good: ​A good thing about this product is that you will learn some decent strategies to get traffic and to build your list. 

PRO #1: Some Good Content
PRO #2​: Creative Social Media Traffic Strategies
PRO #3: ​Good Email Marketing Tips​​​​
PRO #4​: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee​​​

The Bad: Too many up-sells and not enough training for someone just beginning, struggling, or wanting to learn affiliate marketing.

They also use a share locker app on their website. That lets people know if anyone is visiting the site or buying the product while you are on the site.

They always have 11 people on the site when there is no one on the site. (they must have that set to a specific number like 10 no matter who is visiting the site)

That's another red flag. If you have to lie about a program then it surely isn't good enough for anyone.

CON #1​:​​​ ​Too Many Up-Sells
CON #2: ​Not Really A Copy And Paste System
CON #3: Not The Best Program For Beginners Or Struggling Marketers
CON #4​: ​​​​Preying on Inexperienced Marketers​​​
CON #5
​:​​​ ​You Really Will Need To Know How To Use Sales Funnels
CON #6: 
​​​​Facebook Might Shut Your Account Down Using Some Of Their Techniques
CON #7​​​: No Step By Step Video Instructions
CON #8: ​Don't Expect To Earn The Money They Claim​​​
CON #9​: You Really Will Need To Know How To Use Sales Funnels
CON #10:​​​ Looks like A Repeat of Previous Courses (Commission Black Ops & Commission Machine)

Who's The Product For - Beginners (that's what they say)

Who is the target audience? They say beginners. Well you would have to be a beginner to fall for this course. Save your money and get some real training. 

This looks like a Guru (Michael Cheney) trying to get over on people. We noticed that this course is a repeat or a combination of the information already covered in Commission Machine and Commission Black Ops.

Making money online takes time and there are no magic formulas. Quit trying to take the easy way out because there are none. It takes real hard work to earn cash online.

​Our advice about Copy Paste Commissions. Save your money and quit chasing shiny objects.

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The only ones that would benefit from this program would be the 2 owners of the site, the affiliate marketer, and you may learn just a few little strategies to get people to sign up for your email list. 

Final Opinion of: Copy Paste Commissions Review

Final Verdict for Copy Paste Commissions Review

​Our Final Opinion On The Copy Paste Commissions

Website Name: ​CopyPasteCommisions.net
Owners: Omar Martin & Michael Cheney
Price: $19.95 plus all the up-sells
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

What do you think, Yes or No?

We dock them 70 points. 30 for the similar courses. Then another 20 for saying this is for beginners and misleading people into thinking they are going to be making at least $1,000 a day.

​Another 20 for all the crazy up-sells. That leaves them 30 of of 100. That is why we do not recommend these guru's with the shiny object.

Come on man. Wake up and smell the coffee.

​We are going to say...not recommended. Too many red flags. These guys are trying to sell rehashed content. Looks like they keep moving from one website to another website selling basically the same stuff.

They mix it up add a few new things and re-market their courses using different names.

​Why do they keep switching websites? They are not there to help you succeed. These guys are in it to do nothing but collect commissions from people.

Let us show you how to learn and earn the right way. Here is a comparison chart so you know what to look for.


Our Final Verdict Is A Big Thumbs Down

Final Verdict Of The Copy Paste Commissions Review

​Yes or no verdict. No, Our Copy Paste Commissions Review is completed and they get a big thumbs down.

  • Too Many Up-sells
  • Not Really A Copy And Paste System (you wouldn't want one)
  • Similar to Their Courses Commission Machine & Commission Black Ops. (They Trying To Double Dip)

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