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October 25, 2018

Can You Really Make Money Online Working A Few Hours A Week?

Can you really earn money online while working a full-time job? The answer is yes. It is totally up to you to spend the time researching and becoming an expert in a niche that will provide value and offer solutions to peoples problems. There are probably 1001 ways to make some cash online.

The only right way is to find a profitable niche. Once you find a niche become an expert in that field. This is where folks start to drop off rather quickly because they are not willing to put the time into researching and learning all about that particular subject.

More and more people are shopping online. They are reading reviews and have their credit card in hand.

Can You Really Earn Money Online

You can make it a whole lot easier if you choose something that you have a driving desire to do or a passion for doing something you love doing. Once you have all of that figured out it may be time for you to start taking action and learning everything you can about that niche.

You don’t necessarily need to sell a product, it could be a service right in your local area. Maybe you’re into smartphones and know how to operate all the apps and could offer advice. You may even know how to repair a cracked screen on a mobile phone and could offer that as a service.

It does not matter what it is that you enjoy doing. You just have to offer something that people would be willing to buy. There are many money-making schemes that we advise you stay away from. Why not put your energy into something that will build an income as you grow your business?

Can You Really Earn Money Online With No Experience?

Can You Really Earn Money Online With No Experience

That’s a question that we hear all of the time. People want to know if they can make some cash online with no experience. Just think of the reasons why folks get an education. They spend quite a bit of hard earned cash on learning the skills they need to get into the career that they want to pursue.

The first 12 grades of education are no longer enough to earn a decent wage. You have to go to either a trade school, college, or down the road of hard knocks to learn the skills you need. These all take time and some require more cash than others. It just depends on your career path.

Then once you get into the field that you have chosen you find out that it isn’t all that you thought it was going to be. You may even find as time goes on that you have picked a field that has a dead end. You’re stuck at a dead end job with a boss that could care less about you one way or the other.

They are only interested in making that company money and putting money in their pockets. In addition, there you are stuck with a load of student loan debt. Then again, if you took the road of hard knocks you might get lucky and land a decent paying job in a field that you like or end up in a job that you hate but it pays the bills.

Either way, you’re still wondering, “Can you really earn money online with no experience?” Why? because you really had planned on having a better future. You spent hundreds of hours getting yourself educated or learning the skills that you thought would give you the satisfaction that you desired. Welcome to the real world.

How To Gain Experience So You Can Make Money Online?

Gaining experience to learn how to market products or services online can be done with a whole lot of searching, time, and still feeling puzzled by the same question you started with. Can you really earn money online? One piece of advice. Do not fall in the shiny syndrome trap.

This is where you start buying all the so-called Guru’s money-making courses, the get rich fast schemes that only benefit the creator, surveys, money trees, and every other kind of nonsense that these vultures come up with. Just gain the knowledge in the field that you really want to do.

Start out building your brand. Start a Facebook Fan Page or just use your personal page. Find out how people react to your new found passion. At the same time research. Starting an online business is the easy part. It’s building trust in your audience and having enough followers to offer your products or services.

It also takes time to put together a content filled website that your audience will receive solutions to their problems. You have to be willing to trade 3-5 hours of your day to produce valuable content for your targeted audience. Are you going to make some cash just because you built a website and have a big following on your fan page? Flat out, no!

You have to learn the skills that will enable people to even find your great content. There are many skills that you will need to acquire in addition to the niche that you have chosen. You need to learn how to market online.

Sometimes from all the researching you might feel like you’re losing your mind. Trying to learn skills that are new to you can sometimes take a lot of time and effort. Especially when you will not get any support from family and friends. You can join a community to help you keep moving forward.

Can You Really Earn Money Online? Yes But Build A Business That Will Last

Once you figure out that you must build a real business and treat it like a real business then you are on the right path. Most businesses fail within the first 7 months. Many never make it to 5-year mark. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brick and mortar business or an online business.

Having an online business will give you some advantages. One major advantage is that you do not need a big sum of money to get started. There will be a few expenses that you will be required to pay to keep your doors open online. We’ll talk about them in a couple of minutes.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, and time to build your business. Do not expect that you are going to make a ton of money real fast. Depending on your situation it may take you 2-5 years before you start to even break even. Some folks have more success than others and start bringing home the bank quicker than most other people. Just stay focused on your goals.

Start a five-year plan. Use smart goal setting techniques that Brian Tracy explains. Now if your thinking that you want money faster than those 5 years then you better be willing to put in some major time learn the skills you need, and be able to have all of this figured out rather quickly.

The best thing you can do is learn as you grow your business. Sure you are going to make some mistakes. Everyone that operates a business makes mistakes all of the time. But as long as you can learn from those mistakes you will be making progress and your business will grow.

Start out setting a small goal. Let’s say you want to learn how to earn $100 a day. It’s realistic and achievable.

Summary of Can You Really Earn Money Online

  • Do Something You Have A Passion For
  • Find Something That People Are Willing To Buy
  • No Experience No Problem
  • How To Choose A Niche & Build Your Brand
  • Build An Audience
  • Use Social Media
  • Build A Website
  • Produce Valuable Content
  • Offer Solutions
  • Build A Business & Treat It Like A Business
  • Use Smart Goal Setting With a 5 Year Plan

What Are Some Different Ways To Earn Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way To Make Money Online

There are many different ways to make money online. You could come up with your own product or service. Build an online store and offer 1 or 2 things or hundreds of items. You can get into anything that your heart desires as long as you find a way to market it online.

Maybe you’re a painter, a designer, or a writer, have a knack at cooking or whatever it is you can find ways to promote these things online or you can offer these services in your local area online until you grow your worldwide online presence. If you do not have a product or a service to offer you can get into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing requires no inventory, no customer service, and no shipping. So the good thing is that you can start out with very little investment. You can always switch to your own product once have you the money to do so.

We always advise people to spend as little as possible until they have at least $1000 a month coming in. When you first start you can get into an affiliate marketing business for less than $100 a month. You will need some tools to get started. We will talk about cost in a moment because there are less expensive alternatives.

You’ll find hundreds of ways to earn a few coins online but you want something that builds an income as your audience grows. E-Books, membership sites, and e-learning modules are a few to start with.

Build An Audience To Grow Your Business

For your business, you need an audience. You have to offer these folks solutions to their problems in such a way that they start to trust you. If your audience does not trust you they will not buy anything from you. That is why you must provide content that they can use, that helps them in some form, and that keeps them coming back for more.

Start thinking about building an email list. This will become one of the biggest assets of your business. You’ve heard it a thousand times. The money is in the list. That is an absolutely true statement. This is when you get to build that trust factor with your list.

Not by sending them spamming emails loaded with links to the products you want someone to buy. You have to send them valuable information that will benefit them. Writing these emails also requires a few skills that you will be required to master in order for you to have success.

As you can see from the many topics we have hit upon that you will need to learn before you can earn money online. Myself, I started the hard way and took the school of hard knocks road before I realized I needed some skills if my online business even had a chance at success. You can read my story following the link above.

The main thing here is to build your brand to build your audience. Create a lead generation website and start building your email list. It takes time and a lot of hard work. So be prepared. It starts right between those ears you got. Keep a positive attitude and you must acquire a do not quit mindset.

Can You Really Earn Money Online? Yes, Get The Best Marketing Tools

Can You Earn Money Online With Marketing Tools

Well, you chose a niche, built a fan page, and now its time to get the best digital marketing tools you can afford. To start with you need someplace to put all of that content. That is where a website comes in handy.

You’ll also need some place to park your website and let it grow. You’ll also need a way to capture those emails that you need to build that trust factor.

The first thing we will start with is a content management system. Something that can hold all of the great content that you will be writing about. The best marketers in the world are using this platform.

So it makes sense for us to do the same. It’s called WordPress. 30% of all websites in the world are built from using this platform.

One thing about having a website is that you need a place to put it. Since we are going to use WordPress we need a place that will let us park our website. Have you ever tried to bring up a website and it took forever to load the content. Shoot, you may have even x it out and went someplace else for the information you were looking for.

Most of the time it had to do with 2 items. One is the WordPress theme and the other is the WordPress hosting. These two items are vital to your success. You want a fast loading website and a theme that is fast as well. We have used many themes and you can get free themes or purchase one that will give you an opportunity to design a beautiful website.

WordPress Themes And Hosting Are Vital Toward Your Success

As you can see at the time we put this website together we tried many free WordPress themes. Most were so slow that we lost many visitors because it took more than a couple of seconds to load our website. We do not want you to go through those hardships and so we decided to let you in on the 3 fastest free WordPress themes that we could find. (leave a comment to get the answer)

Notice that we said free just in case your budget is tight. At the time we wrote this article we were using one of those 3 free blazing fast WordPress themes. We are going to be switching to a paid theme very shortly and you’ll be able to see why we chose this theme.

You can purchase WordPress themes and trying to find one that you like is a challenge. Many will have the features that you want but when it comes to speed they are lacking. Start your business the right way from the start if you can afford this theme. It will pay big dividends as your business grows.

Use a paid theme that is awesome, easy to design, has many tutorials that explain how to even design a website, and has the speed you need. It’s called Thrive Themes and we consider them to have the best-paid WordPress theme on the market.

Next up is hosting. The fastest hosting WPX with the best customer service is called WPX. They have excellent customer service and offer a lot more than hosting. They will recommend some different WordPress plugins and their customer service is even blazing fast.

You may find cheaper alternatives but they simply will not give you the speed or customer service as WPX. Even the place that we recommend for the WordPress theme recommends this hosting company. Here is another place that offers excellent hostiing as well as affiliate marketing training.

Why Choose These Digital Marketing Tools & Get The Best Email Marketing Platform

The reason that we recommend these two vital ingredients to build your website is that you want a conversion focused website. You need the blazing speed of this theme as well as the hosting to keep those visitors happy. You do not want to lose a potential customer because your website is as slow as molasses.

Prior planning prevents this from happening. You’ll also gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from these two providers. These not only perform well but offer you a ton of value just from the training they send you or recommend. It all comes with their service.

So can you really earn money online using these providers?

Yes, you can.

You can sign up for their affiliate marketing programs and recommend them online as well. They pay a nice commission and the best part is that you are offering some of the best digital marketing tools you will find online.

Next up is the email marketing platform. You want to build your email list and start building that trust factor. You want the platform that provides the best open rates. Someone that does not open your email will never get your message. You can prevent that by choosing the email auto-responder you will find.

It’s called AWeber.

You will find programs that are a couple of dollars cheaper but you want results. Losing a few hundred customers over a period of time will actually start costing you money. So go with the best email marketing program that is available online. Get AWeber. Can you really earn money online with AWeber? Yes, they also have an affiliate marketing program.

Summary of The Best Marketing Tools & Yes You Can Really Earn Money Online Promoting & Using Them

  • Get The Best Digital Marketing Tools
  • You Need A Blazing Fast Website
  • Must Have Great Customer Service
  • You Need More Training
  • WPX Hosting
  • Thrive Themes
  • AWeber
  • Yes You Can Really Earn Money Online Offering These Products

Summary of Can You Really Earn Money Online?

You’ll need to choose a niche, build an audience, design a conversion focused website that has blazing speed and build trust using your email list.

  • Start With A Passion
  • You Need A Long Range Plan
  • Learning New Skills
  • Build A Real Business
  • Education in Internet Marketing
  • Become an Expert In Your Niche
  • Build Your Brand
  • Produce Valuable Content That Offers Solutions
  • Get The Best Digital Marketing Tools
  • It’s Going To Take Hard Work
  • Yes, You Can Learn How To Make Money Online

You can learn and earn money online working full time. Just use your spare time wisely.

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