Builderall Certified Digital Marketing Agency Review

Builderall Certified Digital Marketing Agency Review

​The Builderall certified digital marketing agency review that provides the information so you can decide if its worth the money to join.

Builderall Certified Digital Marketing Agency Review

They are encouraging team work and trying to get you to buy in.

It appears as another upgrade or up sell for the Builderall platform.

They are coming out with many new tools with their third launch this summer on July 4, 2019.

How many launches are they going to have?

Looks like they have a new launch every year.

They have so many glitches in some of the digital marketing tools that almost every time they make an improvement they want to act as though its a new tool and they relaunch their platform.

They already had a program called the certified partner program that cost $1500. Basically it gave you a title that you were certified to build someone a website using BA.

​Beware of the rates that this company is charging.

Come July, they will be increasing the rates and changing their commission plan. 

This company is a hosting company that includes some digital marketing tools. They include an email marketing service called Mailing Boss.

​After researching the Mailing Boss we found many people that are totally unsatisfied using this product.

Why? Because of the open rates. Most emails end up in a spam folder. Hopefully they make some upgrades with their 3.0 launch.

​What Is The Certified Digital Marketing Agency Program?

What Is The Certified Digital Marketing Agency Program

Let's review the Builderall local agency program. It's a program that will enable you to open a local agency in the city you want to serve.

A local agency helps local businesses with many things. It could be social media marketing, getting found in the local search results, building or designing a website and many other things.

First off, they are saying that there are only going to be offering 100 spots (100 subscribers for different cities). It's worldwide so you just need to pick the city that your agency wants to represent.

Like any other product you find online once they sell those 100 people they will offer training to another 100 and keep it going until the sizzle runs out.

It's advertised as (quote from Builderall) "Partnering with Builderall and having the only Builderall Certified Digital Marketing Agency in Your City."

It's a 12 week course with live training from Erick Salgado (CEO of Builderall) plus a few other BA marketing members. 

​One good thing about the program is that you get to use the Builderall Brand. So you will piggyback off their branding.

Is the program worth the money?

​Is The Builderall Digital Marketing Agency Worth It?

Is The Builderall Agency Program Worth It?

​Lets take a look at the price points for this program. First off, they are creating an urgency for you to purchase the training.

You'll need to decide if you think it is worth it from your own experience but for us we do not think so.

Just like other gurus selling any other course.

Here are the 3 price points:

  • ​$1050 If You Purchase By May 15.
  • $1750 If You Purchase Between May 16-31.
  • $3500 (Full Price) After June 1.

As you can see they will make over $100,000 for the 100 subscribers.

It actually comes out to more depending on the time someone signs up for this course. Why are they rushing their subscribers?

They came out with this idea just a couple of days ago and are trying to get as many of their subscribers to sign up asap.

Looks like they saw another opportunity to make money off the backs of their current subscribers. Another big up sell to make more money.

Not that there is anything wrong with making money but they way they try to rush you into signing up.

What Do You Get With The Local Agency Program?

What Do You Get With The Local Agency Program?

​Now let's talk about what you will get for this expensive program.

You get a website built by someone inside Builderall (that means everyone will have a website that looks exactly the same except with your city on it).

Here is a list of the training you will receive.

  • Website Builder Training (Week 1)
  • Canvas (drag & drop funnel builder) And Funnel Training Week 2)
  • Magazine (lead magnet) and Mailing Boss (email marketing) (Week 3)
  • CRM Training (Week 4)
  • Product Launch Training (Week 5 & 6)
  • App Builder Training (Week 7)
  • Branding (Week 8)
  • Chatbot (Week 9)
  • eLearning (Week 10)
  • YouTube Sales Training (Week 11)
  • Sales Strategy & Customer Relationship Meeting (Week 12)

​Here Is What You Get On Graduation Day

Here Is What You Get On Graduation Day

​You should get some pretty good training but is that enough to get your business off the ground? 

You get to use the Builderall brand but who knows them in your local community?

Here is a list of the other things you get when you graduate the course.

  • Certificate And Badge
  • ​Digital Marketing Agency Website Done for You
  • Facebook Campaign Set Up (you will need money to advertise)
  • 3 Sales Funnels To Bring Customers To Your Website
  • 1 New Niche Funnel Per Month
  • Testimonial From Eric Salgado and Brad MacMayer
  • ​Free Full Agency Account To Work With Your Clients
  • You Can Host your Own Everest Events In Your City
  • Priority For Upcoming City Agency Franchising
  • Plus The 12 Weeks of Training We mentioned Above

As you can already see there already appears to be another up sell. The city agency franchise. They sure didn't explain how that will work.

​What Is Missing From The Local Marketing Training?

We Have A Solution For What Is Missing From The Training

We have a solution for what is missing from the local marketing training courses from this hosting provider.

​What is missing from the training that they are providing? Well if you plan on getting into running a local agency you need a solid platform with some digital marketing tools.

It appears that they have got that covered.

But here is the problem.

What do local businesses want and what will they pay you to do?

They want customers coming through their doors.

That's the bottom line. You can do this with social media marketing, local search engine optimization, and paid advertising.

You could also build lead generation websites that captures leads and rent them out to local businesses or sell them the leads.

We did not see any of that training listed.

Google My Business was not even listed.

That is a free service from Google for local businesses that you need to know about if you plan on getting into local marketing.

​Local businesses need to be found in the local 3 pack. There are many different local ranking factors to get your business found in the local search results.

Where is the real training that you really need?

It's just not there and that could cause you to have an unsuccessful local agency.

​Are There Less Expensive Alternatives To Learn Local Marketing?

Are There Any Other Choices To Learn Local Marketing

Are there any less expensive choices to learn local marketing?

​Yes there are many alternatives to learn local marketing. You should do your own research on Google and find out all about it.

But you better know what you are doing so that you get it right.

There are many other local marketing training courses that you can find online but then again expect to spend $1000 or more.

​One thing you have to watch for are the up sells that most of these programs have.

If you really want to learn these skills you can do so from a company that has been training people online since 2005.

They are a community of entrepreneurs that are making money from affiliate marketing, online stores, local marketing, and many other different methods.

They offer many different training courses for many different niches.

You can take the Affiliate Bootcamp (money niche), the online entrepreneur certification (covers any niche), and they have different classrooms as well.

One great thing about this training program is everything is taught using WordPress. It's the best platform in the world and it's why over a third of all websites use this CMS (content management system).

In addition, you get blazing fast WordPress hosting for your websites when you subscribe to the training.

You can start out as a starter member for free and once you check everything out and you are completely satisfied you can sign up as a premium member as outlined in our review of WA.

​Beware. There are no upgrades, up sells, and you even can get coaching from your peers as well as the owners of WA.

​Online Classroom Training For Local Marketing

Online Classroom Training For Local Marketing

​Here is a list of the 13 alternative online classroom training courses you get in addition to main courses you receive when you subscribe to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

  • Getting Started
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Authoring And Writing Content
  • Everything WordPress
  • Keyword Niche And Market Research
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Website Development And Programming
  • Social Engagement And Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing

All of these online classrooms come with multiply tutorials, videos, webinars, and training courses.

You get training from people that actually work in local marketing.

One of the top local marketers also provides additional training on local marketing and he is one of the best in his field that has his own local marketing agency (his name is Jay).

​Learn And Earn With Local Marketing Training

Learn And Earn With Local Marketing

One of the fastest ways to learn local search engine optimization is from the experts at Moz. They have some awesome courses but your going to need to spend a few bucks.

​You can learn and earn with local marketing training for a fraction of the cost that Builderall wants to charge you for their certified digital marketing local agency course.

You can go for a premium membership for as low as $359 annually or you can pay by the month at the price of $49 per month.

Learn and earn with Wealthy Affiliate so you don't lose or mind or your paycheck.

How much was the Builderall certified digital marketing agency course? After June 1st it runs a whopping $3500.

That almost pays for 10 years of WA.

You'll get to use the best platform for building and designing your own website. You not only have the option to learn about local marketing but you can also choose any niche that you have a passion for.

All of the training is laid out and easy to follow along.

You also get WordPress hosting and a support staff that will blow away many other providers. Learn the skills you need.

​If your going to run a local agency you need a reliable platform that doesn't have a ton of glitches and have someone monitoring their system 24 hours a day.

You don't need problems with websites that are not mobile friendly because that is how most local businesses get found online.

Those local customers are going to be calling you not the hosting provider that you are using. You do not need those headaches.

Builderall Digital Marketing Agency Course Is It Worth It?

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​Summary: Builderall Certified Digital Marketing Agency Review

​Our review of the Builderall certified digital marketing agency opportunity came to conclusion that it is over priced.

The training they are providing I'm sure will be pretty descent. But for what you get after the training is over is just a blessed website from Builderall with their logo.

You may be better off promoting your own brand.

What happens when they come up with another up sell like the franchising thing they have planned?

What if they get into some legal predicament, goes out of business, or they sell the company to someone else?

You are stuck and may end up losing all that you worked for.

This company makes more changes than you probably change your underwear. So be cautious and beware. 

I'd rather work with a WordPress platform myself but that's on you.

That is why we listed some alternatives that include training for a fraction of the cost that they want for their course.

We listed some great alternatives that you can do to open your own local agency. The training and hosting for your website is included.

It will be up to you to have success no matter who you choose. Everyone gets different results based fro your own work, study habits, and the actions you take.

Nothing is guaranteed and no one guarantees results in the business world. You have to work smart and get your own results.

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You can find all kinds of overpriced programs online. I've bought my share.

But you just need to learn the skills you need to have success.

That is why we choose WA.

They have a proven system, great WordPress Hosting, and the training to provide you with the knowledge you need, and they have a community to help you out.

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