How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website For Free Part 1

Today we are going to show you how to create an affiliate marketing website and we will provide you with all the tools, training, hosting, that you need to get started.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Everything is free.

​We will be using WordPress on the Site Rubix platform.

You will be required to come up with your own domain name. This will be a simple exercise and will take a little work performed by you.

Does it cost anything to get started?

No money or credit card required.

But you will need to spend a little time and come up with some content to build your niche site.

We also are going to provide you with 10 free affiliate marketing training lessons to help you get started writing your content.

​3 Things You Need To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website

3 Things You Need To Build A Website

​In order to get started you are going to need 3 things to create your WordPress website.

There are 4 main types of blogs and today we will cover the personal and niche type for this exercise.

  • ​Choose A Niche
  • Pick A Website Name
  • WordPress Hosting

The first thing is choosing a business niche. This is the part most people get stuck at. But really it can be quite simple.

Just think of things you like doing or that you have experience at.

​Once you figure out your niche that you want to get into then its time to come up with a name for your site.

Try to include a keyword in your name that is in the niche that you have chosen.

If you get stuck with any of these steps above then just use your name to get started. 

We would encourage you to just use your name for today.

Don't worry be happy.

We are going to provide a second free website for those of you that cannot think of a name (just use your name and follow along).

​Create A WordPress Website In 4 Easy Steps

Create A WordPress Website In 4 Easy Steps

Did you fill out the name of your website in the white block above?

The only way you can follow along is by typing in a name in the white area and clicking the Build it Now blue button.

Like we said everything is free.

But you have to take action if you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing website using a WordPress platform.

What happens after you fill out your name?

Right above the blue button it will tell you if your name is available.

​Turn Your Passion Into An Online Business

Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Business

​As you can see we used our name as the business name. It showed that it was available and brought us to this page you see in the image above.

Are you ready for the next step?

Click the blue button.

​Build My Free Website

Build My Free Website

​This will be the page it takes you too after you click the blue button that says build my free website.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

Next is, what kind of website do you want to build?

You're a winner if you chose on a free domain.

​Are you ready to click on a free domain?

Say yes! Great because that is the next step.

​Click On A Free Domain And Title For Your Website

Domain Name And Title For Your Website

When you go to block number 2 choose a domain name. Do not leave any spaces. Example: kenvannortwick. Use small letters and try not to use any numbers.

The next block is number 3. This will be the title of your website. You can use the same name as the domain name or something different.

So I could use Ken VanNortwick or How I Became A Karate Champion. Whatever the blog is going to be about.

Notice you can use capital letters and spaces in between the words.

Are you following along?

Pretty easy and simple so far, correct?

The next step is number 4.

​Choose A Design For Your Website

Choose A Design For Your Website Like Astra

This is where you get to choose a design for your WordPress website. You'll notice that there are over 4000 different templates to choose from.

That is a little overwhelming. Especially when you do not know which ones are good and which ones would be best suited for your new site.

​Not to worry. We will help you chose a design template. You can always change from one design to another anytime you want.

These design templates are called themes. WordPress has thousands of these themes for you to use.

​Everyone that is on the platform is a free theme that you can use anytime that you like.

​You can also purchase WordPress themes to give you a little more design flexibility.

We use one of the best WordPress paid themes here on our website. It's called Thrive Themes.

But you are better off sticking to a free theme until you learn the marketing skills you need to get people to even find your website.

We are going to recommend two very fast loading WordPress themes that are free. One is called GeneratePress and the other one is called Astra.

Just type the one you want to use. Generatepress or Astra into the search block and it will appear below the box.

For this exercise we chose the Astra Theme.

Then hover over top of the theme and click.

​Choose This Theme

Choose This Theme

​You can see that we choose the Astra theme. It's one of the best free themes on the market. The coding is written very well and it has a blazing fast upload speed when used with great hosting.

The hosting that we are using is from Wealthy Affiliate. You'll find that the speed of there hosting ranks with the best of providers.

This is not cheap hosting that you find online. This is managed WordPress hosting and you can test it against any provider and see for yourself.

Never buy cheap hosting, you end up losing customers.

The next step is for you to click on the green button that says, Click Here To Build This Site.

​You'll need to wait a few moments. It is building your platform and getting everything set up for you.

Once completed and it has created a free site for you this is what the next screen will look like.

​Your Website Is Installed And Ready To Go

Your Website Is Installed And Ready To Go

​You did it. Awesome job.

Your website is installed and ready to go.

You'll notice it gives you some details about your website.

You get the login and password details and you have a way of resetting your password if you like.

You'll also notice it gives you the website url.

Like mine is

All of the free websites are hosted under the name of SiteRubix.

You can upgrade at any time and join Wealthy Affiliate. You would need to purchase your own domain name and we recommend you use a dot com. Like mine would be

You will also notice more information below the last image we showed you.

​Whats Included With Free Hosting

Whats Included With Free Hosting

​Your going to love what's included with the free hosting. 


Because you are getting top notch hosting free of charge.

You get faster upload speeds without any plugins or added on software that will slow your site down.

You get to use the accelerated option just like a premium member. Your visitors are going to love the speed of your site.

Especially those smartphone users.

On top of that your website will have an SSL Certificate. That means your visitors data is secure and is something the search engines favor.

In addition, your site is protected from Spam Blocker. It is better than using a WordPress plugin because the spam still sits on your site.

​This Slows your website down and takes up space on your database.

Spam blocker blocks it before it reaches your site and eliminates most the junk and protects your blog.

This saves you time and you can have a piece of mind knowing your protected from those honey pot comments.

​How's that for some free hosting?

That's how you create an affiliate marketing WordPress website that is ready for you to start adding a little design.

​That it's for today folks. That concludes part one. Come back for part two and we'll add in our menu and a few different design features.

Make sure you take action and build your free website today so that your ready for part 2.

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website For Free

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​Summary: How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website Part 1

​Remember to use your name for your website name until you can come up with a niche.

​Building your brand is one of things you may want to learn before we get into part 2 of this series. That article will also help you choose a niche for your new site.

We covered everything you need today to get your website up in running. You should of learned about the blazing fast hosting and everything that comes with it.

Like the accelerated hosting for exceptional speed. You'll also notice that you received an SSL certificate for your site to protect your visitors data. 

Just in case you did not know, most hosting companies charge extra for SSL certificates or extra for any additional sites.

WA doesn't charge any extra fees even with a premium membership.

In addition, the Spam blocker stops spam before it gets to your website. Especially those nasty honeypot spam messages you need in your comment section.

You want to make sure you choose a great design for your WordPress website. We listed two free WordPress themes that are well written with good code and it will provide you with great performance.

​One was the Astra Theme and the other was the GeneratePress theme.

Both are excellent free WordPress themes.

​Stay In The Loop & Stay Connected

Stay In The Loop And Stay Connected

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We also have a little bonus for you.

How to learn and earn offers a free 4 day mini course that you should subscribe to and learn a few other things like how to get traffic to your website.

Let us know in the comment section that you started your free website. You can also let us know what you would like to see for some future lessons.

You will also want to stay tuned in for the next lesson which is how to build an affiliate marketing website part 2.

Also we will produce a video to provide you with step by step instructions (coming soon).

​Do you want to learn more about WA? Go to our menu and tap the highlighted learn and earn.

Stay blessed my friend until we meet again.

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