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December 10, 2018

How To Build A Money Making Website

How to build a money making website will require 3 key components. Time, content, and traffic. Once you have these things working, you will be in a good position to start earning some cash.

The first thing you need to understand that earning money online takes some skills that you need to learn. This takes time. You have to sacrifice your time to gain these new skills.

In order to get traffic to your website you need content. Writing content takes time. Your website also needs time to gain some authority so the search engines will start to rank some of your articles.

In addition, you also need a niche. You want your website to be able to cover a specific subject. Like relationships, wealth, or health. Then you need to break this down in to a more specific niche so you can target a specific audience.

Putting all of this together takes time to learn the skills you need and writing enough articles to get the traffic you need to make that money. That is what you should concentrate on during your first year. 

​How To Build A Money Making Website Is Like A Puzzle

Building A Money Making Website Is Like A Puzzle

Fitting all of the pieces of the puzzle together is pretty easy if you set goals, create a business plan and learn the skills you need to make it happen. Some people start out thinking that within a couple of months they are going to be making hundreds of dollars a month.

You can set your goals high but you need to break them down into more realistic chunks like how to make $25 a day to start out with. Earning $25 a day is a good starting point before you master earning hundreds of dollars.

You also need to have time to learn these skills. How to learn and earn money online is not a simple task. You are going to make some mistakes, failures, and you may even feel like quitting.

​The first year should be your learning phase. You have a lot to do during this time-frame and at times you will get frustrated. By having the desire and the discipline to continue separates the people that have success and the ones that do not have success.

​Starting with a brand new website takes time to build your brand. Why should anyone listen to you? As we keep telling you these are the things that take time. Social media can help you start building your brand so get involved be social.

​Breaking The Puzzle Down

The first big piece of the puzzle is do you have the skills that are necessary to build a successful online business? Not having these skills will cause you some major headaches.

You might even lose your mind by not having the skills you need. So in order to avoid that you should enroll in some type of training for affiliate marketing. Why affiliate marketing?

Because it is the easiest way to start an online business without a major investment. You will not need any inventory, no shipping products to customers, and you do not have to offer any customer service. 

It is also a great way to get started because you can use some of the same things that you own. By owning say an exercise machine, you know the ins and outs of the machine and you can write reviews about it.

Maybe you own a nice pair of headphones. You can do the same. It doesn't matter what it is. Maybe you own a BBQ grill and have your way of cooking on it. These are just ideas to help you figure out what niche you plan on getting into. Pick a  niche that you are passionate about.

​Once You Have a Niche Now You Need An Audience

​Once you have your niche picked out you will need an audience that you will target. Not everybody likes grilling for example. Who are the people that you want to help.

Some people need help with budgeting their money, investing, or how to save money to buy your first home. As you can see there are a lot of different things that you have an opportunity to get into.

​How to build a money making website is like a big puzzle. You have to get everything organized. Just like you do with a big puzzle. Then you build the foundation on the outside of the puzzle.

So you've finally picked a niche and you think you have the audience that you want to market too. Your next task will be to actually build a website that will earn you some cash down the road.

​Summary for How To Build A Money Making Website

  • ​Learn Before You Earn
  • ​Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Plan And Set Goals
  • Pick A Niche & Build Your Brand
  • Target An Audience

​Build A Website That Captures Visitors Around The World

Build A Website To Capture Visitors Around The World

The world wide web is a mystery to some people. But all you want is a little piece of the pie. Where does your audience live? There are many ways to communicate and get the word out to your audience.

​Your main focus should be the blogs that you write. You will need to know how to structure that content so you have a chance at getting found in the search engines. It's not that difficult once you understand the basic principles.

You'll find billions of articles online. You need to know how to narrow it down and how to use keywords. There is a lot of competition so to make it easier you may want to consider using a keyword research tool.

​A keyword research tool will help you find little areas that do not have that much competition. Especially when you are first starting out you need every advantage that you can get. It's like finding low hanging fruit so you do not have to climb the tree.

You'll also want to learn how to build your brand and get traffic from other sources besides your website. Like YouTube, Social Media Sites, Facebook Groups, and even answering questions.

But before you get into any of that stuff you should concentrate on building a website full of valuable content for your audience. Why? Because it doesn't matter what or where your audience comes from but they need a place to find your unique content.

​You Need A Foundation Of Content

Content is king. You need content that solves your audiences problems. It must be interesting, have great headlines so someone would even click on it, and it must offer benefits to your potential customers.

You will need a place to put all of this great content. A content management system that can grow with your new business. A place that not only lets you manage and stores your content but a place that you can build a money making website.

What digital marketing tool does most of the successful marketers use? They use WordPress. It is the best and most recognized tool to use to build a great website. 30% of all of the websites in the world use WordPress.

Learning how to build a money making website doesn't have to be complicated. It just takes a little practice and you can get some practice without spending a nickel. It's a platform designed for affiliate marketers. We'll even throw in a few affiliate marketing training lessons once inside to help you get started.

The only way to get started producing valuable content is to take action and start learning the skills you need so you know how to build a money making website. That is how we got started many years ago.

​You Will Need Traffic To Make Money From Your Website

How do you get traffic to your website once you have a ton of content that your audience will love. The first way to get that traffic is to use search engine optimization when writing your content. You do not have to pay money to show up in the organic search rankings. Just your time.

You want your articles to get found in the organic search results. When you type in a word or a phrase you get the search results. Google wants to show people the most relevant and the best results. It's all about the users experience.

​In order to get into those results you need a well tuned website that has authority. The search engines will give you those ranking once you have demonstrated that you are an authority in that niche and have followed most of the ranking factors that are required to get a good score.

There are many other ways to get traffic to your website. But your main concern during your first year should be producing content for your audience. How much content? As much as is necessary.

Keep producing the right content and offering solutions for your audience. It will drive traffic to your website so you can start making that money. Learn the skills we talked about today. How to build a making money website takes time, great content, and traffic. All you need to do is learn the skills and start taking action.

​Final Piece Of The Puzzle On How To Build A Money Making Website

Final Piece Of The Puzzle To Build A Money Making Website

​The last piece of the puzzle so you know how to build a money making website is investing in your new online business. You need to accomplish two things with your investment. Number one is training to learn the skills that you need to earn some cash online.

It would be nice if you could include the tools that we talked about like a keyword research tool. It will save you time, money, and give you an advantage in finding those low competition keywords you need.

Some other things you will need will be images. Yes, finding images online can be a pain in the behind. But they will help your valuable content be more effective. Knowing what steps to take is another thing that you need to figure out.

What if you have a question? You can search for it online or you can hang out with a community of like minded individuals that are trying to accomplish the same thing as yourself.

​The last thing that you must consider before you get started is where are you going to host this magnificent website at? You want good customer service as well as a speedy website. There is nothing worst waiting on a website that loads real slow.

So make sure you get the training you need so you can learn the skills to earn some real money online and do not settle for some cheap WordPress hosting. As a matter of fact, you can learn and earn money promoting your hosting provider that you choose.

​Summary for Build A Website That Captures Visitors Around The World

  • ​Capture Visitors Around The World
  • Use Good Website And Post Structure
  • Keyword Research Tool To Find Low Hanging Fruit
  • You Need A Foundation Of Content
  • WordPress The Best Content Management System (CMS)
  • Use SEO To Gain Organic Traffic
  • Invest In Your Online Business
  • Learn The Skills You Need To Earn Money Online
  • Get Blazing Fast Hosting For Your WordPress Website

​Conclusion for How To Build A Money Making Website

​How to build a money making website takes time, skills, valuable content, and traffic. You need to start out picking a specific niche that you want to earn the cash in. Then choose your audience that you want to market too.

You may need to learn some new skills but if you knuckle down you'll be an expert in no time at all. Your first year is when you really got to learn these skills so you do not waste your valuable time and get frustrated and quit.

Just concentrate on offering the user a great experience.

Take advantage of a keyword research tool to find low competition keywords and phrases that you have an opportunity to gain some organic traffic. Yes, getting traffic to your website is very important. It all starts with your content.

  • ​When Building A Puzzle You Always Build The Outside First
  • That Outside Is Your Foundation To making Money
  • Learn The Skills You Need
  • ​Pick A Niche & An Audience 
  • ​Learn How To Generate Traffic From Around The World
  • ​Use Your SEO Skills To Capture Organic Traffic
  • Invest In Your Self And Your Online Business
  • Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting Is Ctritical

Feel free to comment below and follow us on Facebook for more money making ideas that we pass on to our followers. We'll see you at the top of the mountain of success when you stop watching and start taking action.

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