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March 15, 2018

Where Can I Build A Free Website In 4 Easy Steps Plus Bonus


Where Can I Build A Free Website

Where can I build a free website? 4 simple steps to get you started. Bonus. Get 2 free websites and training. Learn and earn by building a no cost site. Do you need training?

Ready to start an internet business? We can help you get started today and you gain the skills you need.

Welcome to the learn and earn show. Where can I build a free website was your question, correct?

We will show you how to build a free website and we also have information on our website about building a brand, how to get traffic to your site and vast variety of info to get you started. No cost, no credit card needed and you get to learn how to build a site absolutely free of charge.

Now check this out. You get the Bonus. When you sign up to get your site started we are going to provide you with free training so you learn some skills to start your journey towards success.

We are going to introduce you to a community of entrepreneurs that will help you out and give you a little coaching just in case you get stuck building your website. Sound good to you?

Learning and earning money online can be a lot of fun. You picked the first place to start. Building a website is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can use your site for building your brand, providing information for people and even learn and earn money online.

Where Can You Build A Free Website


Learn and earn while you build a free website. Is that possible? Take the free training and you will find out very quickly. Is this your first site that you are going to design?

What is your site going to be about? Are you trying to learn new skills? Where can I build a free website? Let’s get you rolling so you can get started building your website like a champ.

What name are you going to use for your site? Don’t worry! Be happy! We are going to give you another bonus. We will give you the opportunity to have 2 free websites. That’s right. Now, who does that? How to learn and earn wants to help you succeed.

We want to see you at the top of the mountain. Did you come up with a name yet? If not, that’s OK. Just use your name and start building your brand step by step. Where can I build a free website? Just look below. Introducing Site Rubix.


Choose Your Website Name To Get Started

All you need to do is enter the name of your website. Keep it short and simple. If that name is available, it will let you know with an Available message right above the blue “Build it Now button”.

Once you chosen a name that is available for your website, just click the blue button that says, “Build it Now”. You will be taken to another screen showing you this image.


Site Rubix Is Where I Can Build A Free Website


As you can see, this is not your average website builder. You will also notice that they have a community. Just like we mentioned to you earlier. It is the largest community in the world of people that are learning to make money online.

They have some folks that are really advanced and others that are beginners just like you.

They also have training to sharpen your skills. Many different lessons. You will be receiving WA’s Bootcamp lessons to get you started. Don’t worry, you can take the first 10 lessons for free. We explain that in our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Everyone needs support. WA, has got your back. It’s nice knowing that your taken care of. Not only do they have support, but you can get any question answered very quickly in either the chat or you can find your answer just by a simple search.

In addition, you will also notice that they have the tools you need to succeed. Many tools to help you along your journey and take my word for it, they come in handy. We have used many of the tools that are available.

Once you chosen a name that is available for your website, just click the blue button that says, “Build it Now”. All you have to do is follow the 4 easy steps.


4 Easy Steps To Build Your Free Website

The next screen is where you can you will be building your free website. Are you getting excited? Here we go. We are ready to build our first website using these simple and easy steps.

Alright, if you look below you will see what the next screen will look like so you can get started building your site. It will ask you what kind of website do you want to build? Click on a free domain.

Step 1.


What Kind Of Website Do You Want To Build


Now, once you click on with a free domain you will want to keep it moving and because will will be presented another screen. Pretty easy, wouldn’t you agree? OK, click it and this is where you will be brought to.


Name and WordPress Theme For Website


Step #2.

You have already chosen a name and you know it was available. Just fill fill the blank spaces starting with step #2. That will be your free domain name. No spaces. Remember to keep it short. Again, if you cannot think of a name at the moment just use your name. Here is an example: kenvannortwick.

Step #3.

Next, fill out block. Step #3. This is where you will give a Title of your website so the public knows who you are. It can be different from the name you choose for your free domain name. Here is an example. How To Learn And Earn.

You will want to capitalize your words. Pretty simple. The next step is a little harder. This is where you will choose a WordPress theme. We have made it simple for you so that you can get your site up in running very quickly.

Choose A WordPress Theme For Your Free Website

Step #4.

Go to block step #4. You will notice that there are many themes that are available. Like we said earlier we have chosen a theme for you for simplicity. You can always go back into the themes and change your theme if you want.

We have done this many times through out our career. They also have paid versions of these WordPress themes. You do not need to know about those at the moment. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can always go back in and get the one you want.

We have always been able to find a free WordPress theme that was able to get the job done. OK. back to block #4. Type in “Review”.

What will pop up is your WordPress theme. Just click on that theme and you will see a big green button that says ” Click Here To Build This Site”. Click on that button and watch the magic begin.

Just wait until the software has completed its task of building your free website. When it has completed you will get a message that will say;

Awesome, Your Website is Installed and Ready To Go.

That’s it. You did and congratulations.

Below you will see a screenshot of what that page will look like. You will notice that it has your login details and your free website name.

 Awesome Your Website Is Ready

This Is Where You Login To Your Free Website

You will notice a blue login now button. That is the button you will tap or click to login to your free website. After you login you will come to a WordPress dashboard.

Did you notice the big blue button that says, “Customize Your Site”. Click on that button and you can start customizing the details of your site. Your website is live and you are on the world wide web.

It’s Time To Take A Look Around

Just enjoy yourself and get more familiar with all the gadgets, training and places that you see. We will cover what to do next very soon. Welcome aboard.

Now, just in case you were busy reading and did not get a chance to get started you can started here. Where can I build a free website is located in the image below. You already have the instructions, so it should be a breeze.

All you have is 4 easy steps to build a free website.



Welcome To The Learn And Earn Show.

We hope you found this lesson on where can I build a free website to your liking. You will have fun. Remember you will have an opportunity to build two free websites. In addition you will get free training that goes with Wealthy Affiliates free program.

Never stop learning. We highly recommend online training courses so you can learn the skills you need for success. Did you find, “where can I build a free website” valuable information for you to use? Did we meet your expectations? Was everything clear?

We would like to ask you one small favor? If you could drop down in the comment section and post us a positive review, we would appreciate it. One comment just might help someone in need.

We hope to see you at the top of the mountain and want to personally thank you for stopping by the Learn and Earn Show. Remember, sharing is caring. Share our article on Facebook or Twitter.

This article was updated Dec. 2018.

Thank You,

Ken VanNortwick




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