What Are The Best Website Traffic Sources?

Best Website Traffic Sources To Start Building Your Brand

​What are the best website traffic sources?

​Marketing your brand can turn into a traffic geyser and bring solid leads to your site using these simple methods.

We all know that Google is your number one source for getting traffic using search engine optimization. 

Learning SEO is what can give you that free organic traffic from a higher ranking score in the search results.

But with so much competition to get one of your articles on the first page of one of the search engines it almost seems impossible.

Your site needs time to gain authority, build the trust factor, and you need to be offering value to your audience.

It's not impossible but it takes a lot of time and constant effort on your part, wouldn't you agree?

Naturally, you need to be using low competition long tail keyword phrases to even have a chance of getting to the first page of Google.

So what do you do in the meantime?

You need to become an authority in your niche and build your brand.

​How do you turn yourself into an expert in your niche while building your brand?

​Start taking more action and become active.

​The 3 Best Website Traffic Sources To Build Your Brand

3 Best Traffic Sources To Build Your Brand

​What are the 3 best traffic sources to build your brand?

  • Commenting On Expert Websites In Your Niche
  • ​Answering Questions On Quora
  • ​Use YouTube To Build Your Brand & Getting Traffic

These 3 powerful ways of building your brand will turn into traffic generation machines that will eventually give you the authority you need to boost your website traffic.

Do not quit writing your blog posts.

You need the content on your website so the visitors that come their can receive the solutions to their problems.

The 2 most powerful traffic sources are Google and YouTube.

So you definitely need to learn search engine optimization to rank on either platform.

Do not get discouraged when you do not have visitors coming to your website. Keep plugging away you will get a break through by following these methods.

But you still need to take the time to market your brand. At least an hour a day for 3-5 days per week. 

​1. Commenting On Experts Websites In Your Niche

Commenting On Experts Websites In Your Niche

​Find out who the experts are in your niche. Pick 2-5 experts and follow them. You'll gain expertise and the knowledge you need to share with your audience.

In order to write a great blog post most of you are already taking the time to research the subject.

While you are doing your research you might as well use the experts in your niche. Get involved with their blog post.

Comment on their blog post. Grab their eBook or whatever lead magnet they have. Stay focused on just a few like we mentioned.

Ask a question, learn the skills that they are sharing, and provide good feedback on their articles.

They will start responding and after a while you will start to receive a few of their followers wanting to check you out.

Don't leave any lame comments. Tell them what you learned and how you are implementing their strategies.

You'll start gaining authority and you may even get invited to write a guest blog post so you can get a solid backlink for your own website.

Imagine commenting once a day on 5 different experts websites during a week. Now you have 5 different opinions to write a new blog post for your website.

If you do that for 13 weeks straight you will gain a ton of knowledge. 

​Comment for a 6 month time frame and watch your traffic increase.

Not only will you learn more about your niche but the articles that you write will get better and better. That's more value to your audience.

Make sure you read their content thoroughly before you comment.

Where can you start to find a few experts?

​Use Quora To Find Experts For Q & A

Use Quora To Find Experts For Q And A

Quora is a great platform to find questions and the answers. Especially when you are a new entrepreneur and need to learn the necessary skills to have success.

But if you are wise you will also seek out the experts that are answering the questions in your niche.

You'll also find experts just from all the research you do and you'll start knowing them by name.

But Quora will provide you with additional experts to help you gain that knowledge you need.

So you will want to comment on their answers and use the platform similiar to the way you would like we mentioned about commenting on experts websites.

After you start feeling comfortable, start answering questions on your own. You want to provide a detailed answer and you can always link back to one of your own articles for more information.

When you first start build your representation before you start leaving links to your site. Never leave an affiliate link.

Quora is a great way to build a strong brand for yourself and eventually it can lead to a nice website traffic source.

You do not always need to link to your website.

Where else could you send someone to provide an answer to a question?

Use YouTube As A Traffic Source For Q & A

Use YouTube For A Traffic Source For Q And A

You can get traffic from YouTube answering questions. Q & A is a great way to develop video content.

​YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by Google.

You can use YouTube not only as a traffic source but to build your brand so that people know you are an authority in your niche.

Answering questions on Quora is another way to build your brand.

But instead of sending people to your website all of the time you can send them to your YouTube videos.

Using explainer and how to videos are a great way to answer people's questions.

Answering questions is the new way to climb up the search ranking ladder.

What does that mean for you?

More traffic to your website.

In addition, it offers value to your audience. You can show people how to solve a problem using video.

You should also incorporate these how to and explainer video into your blog post. It's a great way to update your old blog post.

​Using video on your blogs is a way to move your ranking from a page two result to getting on the first page.

Building your brand is key for you to start gaining authority.

​Marketing Your Content Is The Best Website Traffic Source

Marketing Your Content Is The Best Website Traffic Source

You have to spend time marketing your content.

​We talked about the 3 best website traffic sources to build your brand.

There are many more ways to build your brand but we have been talking about how to get visitors to come to your website.

You spend a lot of time producing content for your website and your YouTube channel.

That content may or may not rank on one of those search engines.

You cannot afford to stay stagnant. You need to market your content. People need a way to find all of the work you spent so must time producing.

Take the time to market that content. Get involved with communities and forums. Answer those questions that you worked hard to learn.

Where do you find these communities, groups, and forums?

​Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

One thing about social media is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, and you can build your brand right from your smartphone.

Find out where your audience hangs out at. Research and dig into some of these social media communities, forums, and groups.

You've been building your brand answering questions using Quora, commenting on experts websites, and using YouTube to provide some of the answers.

​Check it out!

​You've created all of this great content with blog post, how to, and explainer videos on YouTube.

Now it's time to get more involved with social media.

Join a few of the groups or communities that pertain to your niche.

Get in their and ask questions and engage with people.

Once folks start feeling a little comfortable with your presence then it's time for you to start answering those questions and using that content to provide a more in depth answer.

Do you feel the power of this brand marketing?

​Building your brand is not an easy task. You got to get people to like and trust you. That is why you need to take your time and become an expert in your niche.

Not only will these methods build your brand but you will become an authority in your niche.

In addition, this brand marketing will provide you with the best website traffic sources that will convert more solid sales.

Marketing Your Brand Can Become A Traffic Geyser

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​Summary: Best Website Traffic Sources To Start Building Your Brand

​Brand marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic.

Sure it takes time for you to gain the knowledge you need and to produce the content that your audience desires.

But as you produce this content you can get the knowledge you need.

You can learn from the best people in your niche by reading articles and commenting on their website.

Answering questions on Quora is not the only thing you can use it for. You can find those additional experts that provide more golden nuggets for your success.

Social media will be a great springboard to get people to like you and to build that trust.

Don't forget about using videos, communities, and groups to market your brand.

YouTube is one of the best website traffic sources that you must take advantage of. How to and explainer videos are a great way to answer those questions for your audience.

​Start Marketing Your Brand

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