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January 25, 2018

Learn And Earn With The Best Website Hosting Companies

Learn And Earn With The Best Website Hosting Companies

Learn and earn with the best website hosting companies that many marketers are using today. How they compare in speed, support and what they pay to the people that sell their WordPress host plans.

Which company offers the most benefits for an online home business? Who should you go with? Which one has the best value?

We are not going to name all of the best website hosting companies here today. We will concentrate on two of the major host providers and a smaller company that will provide your online home business with many benefits.

They can even teach you how to blog for side hustle because we usually have to keep working until we start making enough money to quit our day job.

It has now become a challenge for many affiliate marketers to make a profit.

Number one reason is that they do not fully understand how to get traffic to their website. You can build the best-looking website in the world but without customers coming to your site, you are doomed. One ranking factor for your website is the speed. So it all starts with the hosting companies and the platform you are choosing.

So today we going to be discussing hosting for your WordPress website. Two companies that are very popular are HostGator and the other one that is recommended by WordPress.org is Bluehost. They are two fine companies and both offer specific plans for WordPress website hosting.

Why not shared hosting or WYSIWYG website builders? We believe if you plan on being successful in this business you must plan for long-term and are looking for a content management system. Something that can handle a heavy workload that will extend into the future. Those type of hosting plans have their place and benefits and we will just leave it at that.

3 Best WordPress Website Hosting Companies For Affiliate Marketing

The three best WordPress website hosting companies that we are reviewing are the ones that we have personally used or a close business associate has had the pleasure of using in our affiliate marketing business. We are talking about the cost, speed, support, how much they pay to their affiliate marketers and any extra benefits that you would receive with their program as of the date that this blog is published.

Anyone that has been in the affiliate marketing business has heard of Bluehost and HostGator and may be making money from their programs. They are very popular and both are great brands. Both are part of EIG (Endurance International Group). Solid hosting companies with a good reputation.

The one you may not have heard of is a smaller company named Wealthy Affiliate. This company has been around for over 12 years now. They only provide hosting for WordPress websites. The one thing that impresses me the most is that they are the biggest community of affiliate marketers in the world. In addition, all of its members are all using WordPress to build their websites and they use WordPress hosting that has the speed to match anyone.

Why Special WordPress Website Hosting?

Why do you need a special WordPress website hosting platform? The loading speed of a website can cost you big money. The number one reason is that your customer will not wait for your site to load if it takes longer than 2 seconds and some say three seconds. Once a month or even more often, we’re usually looking for ways to increase our speed.

Plus, speed is going to be a ranking factor in July 2018. That’s the latest that we have heard so far. WordPress hosting gives your website the speed that it needs and it will save you at least a whole second compared to shared hosting, if not more. Get dedicated WordPress hosting or your going to lose money.

Learn a lesson from me. I have used shared hosting and it cost me money by losing customers until I got my act together. No matter where you search, everyone will be talking about speed and how it affects your performance in you getting more customers.

How Many WordPress Websites Will You Be Hosting?

Now if you are into affiliate marketing like we are, you will need different websites depending on the number of niches that you want to get into. We are already into a few niches and they all require a different website and hosting for that site.

The reason for that is you make a little money over here and a little over there because you’re trying to chisel your way into these smaller markets with less competition. It all adds up in the long run. Now, by having more websites, you will need more hosting and more hosting will cost you more money.

In order to keep cost down so that your profits increase you have to find the best deals that are available in the marketplace. Just keep that thought in mind as we move on here and talk about each one of the best WordPress website hosting companies that we have had the pleasure of dealing with.

1. HostGator

HostGator offers great WordPress hosting. Some people jump on the shared hosting because of the pricing. Do not make that mistake. WordPress needs special hosting to make it faster so your website maintains the speed you need.

Let’s talk about HostGator’s pricing for a moment. Since we already know that we will need more that one site hosted and to get the best deal that they are offering we will look at the business package. HostGator says that the business plan gives you 3 WordPress websites hosted starting at $9.95 per month with a little asterisk symbol (*).

Let’s Check Out What You Get From HostGator WordPress Hosting

What is the little asterisk symbol saying? Let’s click on the buy now button and find out. In addition, they say you get 57% off. Here is what they say when we click on the buy button. They will list 6 steps that you must fill out in order to complete your order.

  1. Choose a Domain Name
  2. Choose A Hosting Plan

It will have a drop down under the billing cycle saying; 36 months @ $9.95 mo. – 56.64% off. Now you could go for a shorter plan but you will pay more per month.

3. Enter Your Billing Information

4. Add Additional Services

They tell you what comes with your hosting. A. Protect your site from hackers Site Lock Monitoring). This is included free. B. Backup your hard work (powered by CodeGuard). Included Free.

5. Enter A Coupon Code

One will already to listed or you can search for a coupon. It will ask you to validate the coupon. Click Validate.

6. Review Order Details

24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support – Free

Instant Account Activation – Free

Money Back Guarantee! – 45 Days

Business – 3 Sites: 36 months – 826.20 with a line thru it then $358.24

Subtotal – $826.20

Discount – $467.96

Amount Due – $358.24

Then look at the fine print which is next.

Introductory price applies to the first term. Then it will talk about the money back guarantee and the renewal term will be for the same amount of time frame. In addition a few other things along with a phone # to call.

Then the check out button.

There you go, you now have the details of there plan at the time of this posting. As you can see you get exactly what it says.

By the way, the monthly rate would have been; $27.95 per month.

Also, check out a couple of the other features they mention on the first page we checked out so we have a little clearer picture.

2.5 x’s faster with their technology, Free Migration and all the help you need, 500,000 visits per month, 3GB backups, email addresses unlimited, unmetered storage, and you get one SSL certificate for one domain only.

If you choose a lower plan, remember you will not get all the features of the business plan.

Now if you need more than one SSL certificate will have to purchase them separately. I did not look that information up but it can start to get a little more costly especially when your budget is a little tight. Let’s move on to the next hosting company and see what they offer.

They do have pretty good customer service but my personal opinion is that Blue host beats them here.

2. Bluehost

Now Blue host has been recommended by WordPress.org as we told you earlier. So they get a nice feather in their cap. Bluehost is also a fine company and have great customer service. In addition, they also offer one domain name if you need it.

Bluehost also has about 5 different WordPress hosting plans but for this exercise, we will start with the standard one. It is normally $39.99 and they have a special for $19.99 month with an asterisk (*). Here is what’s included;

100 Million Visits/month, storage 30GB, backups 30GB, Ram 2GB, Includes one domain, 30-day money back guarantee, 24/7 support, SiteLock CDN, Security SiteLock Pro, Free SSL certificate. Next to get any more information you must click on the select button.

It will ask you to select a domain name or use an existing domain name. Click on select later and you come to the sign-up page.

1. Account Information

2. Package Information

Account Plan – WP Standard Hosting 36 Month Price – $19.99 /mo.

Hosting Price – $719.64 ($19.99 for 36 months)

Set Up Fee – Free

Search Engine Jump Start – $2.99 mo billed annually

Savings – $720 (50% off)

Total – $719.64

Payment Information

Then the fine print.

Introductory applies to the first term. The money back guarantees and privacy of your domain. Then they talk about the renewal will be at the same length of time and the regular price. Plus a couple of minor details with a phone #.

Agree to term and conditions and click submit and you would be in.

One other thing here is that their monthly rate is $39.99 per month. We also had a chat session with them because we wanted everything equal to get 3 WordPress websites up and running and they told us for 3 websites hosted with WordPress hosting would be $39.99 per month.

Break Down For Comparison; HostGator and Bluehost

What we need to realize is that both hosting companies offer specials that could be different at any time. Both are favored by a lot of affiliate marketers that do business with them daily. The prices and information that we gathered are what we found today.

Everything we present today could change. We are comparing 3 WordPress websites being hosted. We only could confirm a monthly price for 3 WordPress sites being hosted at Bluehost. In addition, after the initial term rates go back to the normal rate.

Best WordPress Hosting Companies

$39.99 A Month
Visitors Per Month 1 Million
# Of Websites 3 Websites
SSL Certificate All 3 Sites
Guarantee 30 Days
Free Domain Name 1
Security Yes
Backup Capabilities Yes
Storage 30 GB
Recommended Yes (WP.org)
Rate Support Good By Us
Pay To Affiliates $65 a Sale
$27.95 Month
Visitors Per Month 500,000
# of Websites 3 Website
SSL Certificate 1 site
Guarantee 45 Days
Free Domain 0
Security Yes
Backup Capabilities Yes
Storage unmetered
Recommended Not By WP
Rate Support Good By Us
Pay To Affiliates $50 a Sale

Well if you’re looking at price. HostGator wins. Overall Bluehost Wins.

It was a hard fought race and would be a tough choice. After the specials, they go back to normal pricing. One thing we did not include in our review was the speed factor because we want to leave that up to our expert wpbeginner, that did a case study on the speed of some hosting companies.

We also felt since we have used all 3 of the companies mentioned that they were all comparable in speed for our WordPress websites. Now let’s move on and see what our small company has to offer.

 3. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not known to be a hosting company but we had to mention them because the speed of their hosting is comparable to some of the best WordPress website hosting companies in the affiliate marketing industry. Our opinion is that they can match all the benefits or even provide you with more benefits for affiliate marketers.

They are in the business of affiliate marketing training. The two owners of the company have been successful in the affiliate marketing field and now share their knowledge with its members. It is more like a community of affiliate marketers. We feel their hosting can match up with the best. It is a couple of extra dollars but well worth it. Best value by a long shot.

When you start adding up all the cost of the tools you need for your business it can start to add up quickly. They include all the tools you need to start an affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Beats Them Out In Value

Monthly Cost;

You can start for FREE or $19 the first month and $49 a month thereafter or you can get a big discount by paying yearly.

Bandwidth Included

500,000 visitors per month

Domains Hosted – Winner By A Long Shot

You can host 25 of your own personal domain names. All under one roof.

SSL Certificate – Winner By A Long Shot

All 25 of your personal domains get an SSL Certificate.

Free Website

25 free websites hosted free of charge as a premium member.


Next year pricing guarantee.


Yes, you get super security. Site Protect. & Virus and Malware protection. Site Comment protection to eliminate that nasty spam.

Backup Capabilities

Daily website backups

What Do They Pay Affiliates – Winner By a Long Shot

You get residual commissions as a premium member. You get paid every single month building yourself a monthly income instead of a one time payout like the other two.

Few More Benefits With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate can match the hosting power and speed for people into affiliate marketing. They also offer a generous commission structure when you decide to promote their product. Even as a starter member you can earn commissions.

If you’re a premium member your commissions are around 50%. You get residual commissions meaning you get paid every month for all the people you refer as a premium member. That money will start to add up quickly and that provides you with a monthly income that the other hosting companies do not provide.

They even offer you a free trip to Las Vegas when you meet the goals of selling their product online. You have to go and check it out. We highly recommend their product and services to anyone in the affiliate marketing community.

Who Offers The Best Value For WordPress Website Hosting?

Read my my Wealthy Affiliate review and find how blazing fast our hosting provider performed. You’ll also find out the best hosting provider that you can really learn to earn money online.

Who has the best bang for your buck? We are going with Wealthy Affiliate because they just offer all the tools, training, hosting and just a whole lot more. The keyword research tool alone is worth the price of admission. Add on hosting for 25 WordPress websites with super speed and you got a winner.

All 25 of your personal domains get an SSL Certificate. There is another reason that they win in value. Security, speed, and spam protection are all first class.  Did I mention you have access to over a million photos to use on your websites? They are all included.

Don’t forget about the commissions. Residual commissions building you a monthly income. We got into affiliate marketing to make money. How about you? It’s on you now.

Learn And Earn Show Wants To Thank You For Checking Us Out

Who do you plan on going with? Which WordPress website hosting companies do you feel are the best? Comment and let us know. Thanks for stopping in for the how to learn and earn show.

Become part of our community to help others succeed online. One comment just might help someone in need. We hope to see you at the top of the mountain. Sharing is caring.


Thank You,

Ken VanNortwick

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  1. You hit the nail on the head RichPersonality. Value. All of them are great hosting companies but for the price you pay for hosting Wealthy Affiliate offers the best value. You can host 25 WordPress websites and all of them get an SSL certificate. Like you said they also provide the training, tools and an awesome community to help you succeed online. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Yeah, even though there are many hosting companies, Wealthy Affiliate actually offer a lot better hosting service than many others. Plus, for the price you pay, you get some amazing value. Not only do you get to host your website here, you also have support, training, tools and community that will help you succeed online. Can it get any better than this?

  3. William we are glad you enjoyed our information about the best website hosting companies. Are you trying to earn money with an affiliate program with these hosting companies? Just go to their website and in the footer of their website you can sign up as an affiliate. If your trying to host WordPress websites we recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can also earn commissions from their affiliate program. You want value or cheap hosting?

    The coupon code was referring to part of the sign up process. If you have a code you would type it in. You can google coupon codes for host gator and that will give you results. Do you want shared hosting or WordPress hosting. You need to be specific. Right now if you want shared hosting you could type in penny. That’s the promo they are running at the moment.

  4. Thanks for sharing your detailed knowledge on Bluehost and Hostgater – it is very much appreciated. For the Hostgator – how exactly can you get the coupon? I have searched around but to date I have been unsuccessful in getting one, can you provide a link or a web address where I can finally get this coupon?

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