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November 9, 2018

Best Way To Get Traffic Is Lead Your Audience To The Light

The best way for you to get any traffic to your website is knuckling down and producing content that your audience is looking for. That is the magic formula for getting more people to come to your site. You can find out what they want just by visiting your competitors. Go check out Reddit and Quora and see what questions people are asking in your niche.

Gather all of that information and come up with a content marketing strategy. You should come up with at least 100 items. They should all fall into your categories you have chosen on your blogging site. Once you have everything broken down it's time to put that strategy in motion.

When you write your articles plan out 2-3 great headlines. Once you're finished with the article chose the one that matches the best. That is the H1 of your article. You'll also need an h2, h3, And an h4 at a minimum.

You can have as many h2 and the h3, and h4 as you want. Just break your article down into small segments or subjects so the readers that skim it can find something that catches their attention and will want to read your content.

Write 3 or 4 sentences per paragraph and 250 - 300 words per title (h2, h3, h4). Using this structure makes it easier for you to write your content and stay on track.

In addition, you should have an image that goes with your headline (H1) and it should be your featured image. It is like having a mini advertisement for that piece of content. It has to draw them into your content. Then a short meta description to get them more interested just in case the title and image didn't do the trick.

Best Way To Get Traffic Is To Put Your Content Marketing Plan Into Action

Best Method To Get Visitors Is Blogging

This is not the time to figure out if you're going to do guest blogging, waste your time on social media, and come up with a hundred other excuses why your not getting traffic.

You could start with some smart ways of generating traffic. But it's best to get the content on your site first.

It's time to go to work. Make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your WordPress website.

Do not let anything else distract you. You need to be on a mission to produce content for your blog. If you do not know a subject or the answer to the questions you have gathered then do what everyone else does. Google it. Find the answer. Read about it and keep searching and get different opinions.

Then write about it and then go to the next title and do the same thing until you finish your article. You do not have time to be lollygagging around. You need content. Why do you need content? Because it is the best way to get traffic to your website.

How much content do you need? You need as much content as it takes to get the traffic you need to build your list. You should also have your email capture set up so when you start getting the traffic you can start building your email list.

Why do you want to capture email? Because this is where the money is. This is when you get to build a stronger trust factor with the people you capture for your email list.

How Many Articles Does It Take To Get Traffic To Your Website?

Earlier we mentioned that you should have a strategy of producing 100 pieces of content. Now if your website is new it will take the search engines a while to give you the fuel you need to start getting some traffic.

Also, it really isn't about the numbers, it's how the content can benefit the visitor and does it offer solutions to your audience's problems. But for your first year, you should shoot to write about 50-100 blogs all pertaining to your specific niche.

They need to be very detailed, structured, mobile ready and provide the solutions to your target audience. Your website should also have a way of capturing leads as we mentioned earlier. Do not worry if your website is not the prettiest site in town.

You're trying to get established and you want visitors coming to your site period. That is the best way to get traffic to your website. Producing high-quality content that is relevant to your niche and offers value to your visitors.

Getting traffic to your website is no easy task. It takes hard and smart work. You will find all kinds of ways people drive people to their website. But after reading most everyone's suggestions, you'll realize that content is king.

There are sales funnels, guest blogging, and a whole lot more of shiny objects that people are using but in the end, content will still be the thing that lasts the longest and gets results.

If your not getting traffic it's because you do not have a solid foundation for your website or business. Build it and they will come. It just takes time. 

​Summary of Getting Traffic To My Website

  • ​Knuckle Down & Produce Content
  • Check The Competition
  • Look For Questions On Reddit & Quora
  • Use Your Post Categories
  • Put Your Strategy In Action
  • Write Great Headlines
  • Use Proper Structure
  • Set A Goal & Start Writing To Achieve It
  • ​Writing Content Is King
  • Do Not Let Distractions Stop You

Isn't Social Media or YouTube The Best Way To Get Traffic?

Is Social Media Or YouTube Better To Get Traffic

Look at the image before this last one? Did you read the caption? You will see why blogging is your long-term solution for your content marketing strategy. It builds you a solid foundation and lasts longer than any other content creation method. 

Especially on social media. Usually, within 24 hours your content is forgotten and people are moving on to the next thing. Some pieces of content will last for a few years and get shared all over the social network.

But by then people will have forgotten who it was originally from because someone else might have made some modifications to it. Is this right? No, but it happens and that is why you should spend your time as a beginner writing content that matters to your audience.

Don't get me wrong social media is a great traffic source and a fantastic way to start building your brand. But when you are first starting out social media can wait until you get that foundation build. It may be more boring and not as glamorous but writing content will pay off bigger dividends in the end game.

What about paid advertising on social media? Do not waste your money until you know what you are doing. Some folks do alright and get going a little quicker. But after their money runs out they are still in the same old boat without any visitors coming to their website.

You need to learn before you earn money online. Do not get into the shiny object syndrome. Your first year is the time to learn and writing content to build yourself a solid foundation.

Don't put the cart before the horse. Learn your skills before you tackle social media or paid advertising. You can start building your brand on social media and build a following. Just don't try selling your products quite yet. Offer value and build that trust factor first.

Is YouTube The Best Way To Get Traffic?

YouTube is a great place to build an audience and a subscriber list. Some people swear by it. Then again you still need a place to even send the visitors from YouTube. Where might that be?

You guessed it, your website. Your website should be set up to capture leads. This is where you get to explain the benefits of what you're offering. So at a minimum, you should have a home page, about page, blog page, and a contact page with all the legal pages a course.

Landing pages, sales pages, and all the other different type of pages can actually wait until you have that solid foundation of content. Some may disagree. You are just starting and need content period.

Now if your a person that sucks at writing but can explain most everything that would benefit your target audience then start the camera and produce content with your video marketing skills. There are a lot of people that do just that. But here is the deal. They still have a website with great content.

No matter what you decide to do, design a lead generation website first. Then you can venture out and find other avenues of getting traffic. Where are you going to send those visitors? You guessed it again. That is absolutely correct. That big fat content rich website.

But if you produce content with video you can always pay someone to produce the written content from that video. But if your dead broke, a plain bad writer and need some creative ways of producing some good content you might want to check out Niel Patel's article in the link above.

​Summary for Is Social Media or YouTube Better For Driving Traffic

  • ​Blogging Has The Longest Staying Power
  • Social Media Content Does Not Last Long
  • Use Social Media To Build Trust
  • ​Learn Before You Earn
  • Start Using Social Media For Brand Building
  • YouTube Is Great For Producing Content
  • YouTube Is A Great Way To Build A Following
  • ​Writing Content Is Still King

​Conclusion To Learn How To Get Traffic 

Getting traffic to your website is not an easy task when you first start. Many people plain out quit because they cannot get traffic to make any sales. They try to take the shortcut approach.

If you want to build a long lasting business online you have to write content for your website. It needs to offer value to your targeted audience. You must help people solve problems.

It take practice and time to finally get some traction. There is a lot of competition that you will have to deal with. Read there articles and look up the questions in your niche.

  • Writing Content Is King
  • There Are No Shortcuts
  • Use Structure When Writing
  • Learn SEO To Help you Gain Ranking
  • Set Goals For Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Build Your Foundation Before Trying Other Methods
  • Social Media Is Great For Brand Building
  • YouTube Is Great For Creating Content
  • Even With Video You Still Need Written Content
  • Blogging Is Still The King Of Content

​Before you leave you just might want to check out the article, affiliate marketing resources and tools we use to generate more leads.​

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  1. Staying focused is a key component Henry. I can remember wasting a lot of on Social Media. But it is also good to build your brand and to get that brand recognition. But no matter what, you still need solid content. Written content is the King. Glad that you are setting your priorities straight because it will pay off in due time. It is very rewarding helping other people and it has become part of our success. Thanks for dropping in and subscribe to our mini course that goes straight to your inbox for more great helpful ways of getting traffic.

  2. Hi Ken! Thank you very much for these useful tips to attract visitors to our sites. As a beginner in the blogging world I greatly appreciate your experience shared here.

    I agree with you that content is the most important thing on or blog. And we can easily waste time with social media and be detoured from attaining our blog’s purpose. Your suggestions have put me back on track. Cool picture about “How long does content last?” It has made me think in my strategy so far.

    Helping people is a rewarding task. Thank you for your encouragement to set this mission as our priority! And I must also say thank you because you have helped me very much with this post!

  3. Glad you found a few ideas to help you out Shannon. Yes Reddit is a great traffic source if you work it right. As far as the H1, h2, and h3 go your main headline is going to be your H1. Then you can add a couple of paragraphs. Next up would be an h2 title. after than you would go with an h3. It’s all about how to structure your content. Mainly for your reader but also for the search engines. You can subscribe to our mailing list and it is one of the many valuable areas we cover to help you get started.

    We offer a free mini course for affiliate marketing and it goes right to your inbox. Little power lessons that are 5-10 minutes long that you can learn in your spare time.

    As far as YouTube goes its a great idea and an excellent traffic source. But we would recommend that you get your website in order first. Trying to get any content ranking in the search engines will require a little knowledge on site structure, how to use titles, and search engine optimization.

  4. Glad you like it MelaniLukito. Yes blogging does last for more than a couple of years. You can find articles all over Google that are still ranking today that are 5 years or older. Sometimes I like looking for something more updated when I’m searching for information. Plus with all the changes Google makes its tough staying updated. We haven’t tried Pinterest yet. We’ve heard people are getting great results. My advice is get your foundation set before you try other traffic methods. But you can start building your brand.

  5. Yes Emmanuel Buysse, it seems that content doesn’t last that long on social media sites. There are a few exceptions a course. If you happen to get some of your content that last longer than what we posted you did an excellent job and maybe your stuff might go viral. But you cannot depend on that happening. That is why writing content is going to stay and remain king. Just like a good book. Glad you hot a couple of goods pieces of information and you can get more tips by following us on Twitter.

  6. Your right on target Sanjay. Answering those questions that people have is one of the best ways to getting traffic.It also will help you become more knowledgeable in your niche. That knowledge needs to be shared in a form of content like a new blog post. That gives you another traffic source if you can get it to rank or you can share it on social media sites. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. RJ glad you enjoyed yourself. Yes it does take time, plenty of it if I might add. YouTube is a great traffic source but you want to ensure that you have a solid foundation on you’re website first in my opinion. That traffic you get from YouTube still needs a place where they can find more valuable content and that is your website. You still want to find a way to capture that email. Thanks for the kind comments.

  8. Matthew glad you like the content. The key is providing valuable content that can help the person out. When you help enough folks out you will be rewarded. Once they are on your site and if they liked what they read you need to convince them that they need more information or you have solutions to their problems. That is why you need to have some sort of lead magnet so you can capture their email.

    The headline, meta description, and the featured image is what they see first. This is what draws them in if you did a good job. Then once they land on your site they may take a quick glance of the article. That is why your secondary titles need to be good. (h2, h3, h4).

    Feel free to stop by anytime and don’t forget to subscribe to the learn and earn mailing list for more traffic generating ideas and great SEO tips.

  9. You definitely got your data and statistics down Igor. As you understand the internet is growing faster than ever. So there is more room to get your foot in the door. That is why you have to target an audience in your particular niche. It doesn’t take masses of traffic. Just targeted traffic that needs solutions to their problems and then capturing those leads. After that they are on your list and its time to build that trust factor. Then sooner or later as you lead then down the path they purchase your product or service.

    As I mentioned in the article blogging is still king. Next I’d go with the YouTube Channel because video is exploding. You offered some great insights on the amount of competition and opportunities that are available as long as you don’t mind putting in the work. It takes time but the rewards are tremendous as long as you do not quit. Best of marketing my friend. We’ll see you at the top.

  10. Hi Ken!At the moment of my commenting on your post, right now, the internet and social media are incredibly busy. Speaking about traffic and getting traffic to your site, here is the deal!

    First, look at this data:

    Internet Users in the world: 4,068,013,2782Total number of Websites, 1,928,882,975Emails sent today, in 1 second, 233,459,111,749Google searches today, in 1 second, 5,776,955,870Blog posts written today, 5,467,482Tweets sent today, in 1 second, 676,296,923Videos viewed today on YouTube, in 1 second, 6,243,946,633Photos uploaded todayon Instagram, in 1 second, 71,990,905Tumblr posts toda yin 1 second, 118,800,636Facebook active users, 2,354,101,813Google+ active users, 651,856,602Twitter active users, 340,695,035Pinterest active users, 261,514,847Skype calls today, 283,482,780Computers sold today, 670,808Smartphones sold today, 3,937,156Tablets sold today, 431,907The numbers are summarized in billions, trillions actually! And growing!I think the words are redundant!Is there enough source of traffic? How about the competition?What channel would you use preferably? 5,5 millions of blogs poste today only! How many in a year? In two years, 5 years? Billions! Thus, creating a compelling, actually, a very compelling content is a must! Each blog post is a “drop in an ocean!” But, important tone! Make it even better and it will shine within the ocean!Thanks for great post and sharing!Stay well, market better, convert best!Best regards!

  11. You have some great knowledge on writing content to bring in visitors which I will be taking on board so thanks for that. Writing content is easy though compared to getting people to visit your website, and most of all, stay on your site and keep reading.

    Did you know the average person will look at your first few paragraphs and then decide if they want to stay? You need to capture their attention straight away and make sure your CTR (click through rate) stays high.

    I tend to have my keyword in the first 100 words in bold and follow these 3 steps.

    You first give your readers a glimpse of the problems about the topic your content is about, you then speak about your own problems with the topic to show them you understand their issues, you then tell them that the post is going to solve all their problems and how.

    And that is how I start all my posts on my website, thanks for a great read and I look forward to reading more from you

  12. Hey Ken, nice article; that’s 3 for 3. I just started using Youtube recently to get traffic to my site and the videos that I have on my youtube channel. You were so spot on about everything; it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that it takes to be a success in affiliate marketing but its that investment in the time it takes to be successful. Excellent read, good job!

  13. Thanks for sharing so many ways to get traffic. I think question answering websites like quora and other forum are good source to figure out what your audience are looking for. First of all we must of have solution in form of content then we can promote that helpful content many ways. I always try to blog on questions that people generally ask.

  14. Great post and good info!

    It is interesting to see how long content lasts in each Social media platform, never knew that.

    I’m using Social media for boosting my content/site, so I have to keep this in mind.

    Which means I will post more than I’m usually posting, to boost it even more.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  15. Hi, Ken. Thank you very much for the infographic. I believe that the contents in our blog can live for longer than 2 years, especially if we write the evergreen topics based on research facts. Pinterest is a great search engine indeed. Many bloggers have succeed by leveraging the Pinterest power. I wil try to publish 50 posts as soon as possible. Your article is very motivating.

  16. you really bought out some great ideas as I never knew about reddit,and how you can research your competition. That’s actually a great strategy to use for the sake of getting an edge. 

    Before I forget to ask what does H1,H2 etc mean? I am confused about what that pertains to. 250 words for each headline means each article or am I putting more articles on one blog?

    Learning before earning I suppose would be where the patience comes in.. this doesn’t seem like something to get rich quick from so most may be put off! I’m working on getting a YouTube channel up and running but I want to have some solid relationships built first. Is that a good idea?

    Thanks for sharing as I don’t want to take most of your time


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