Affiliate Marketing Resources And Tools

Affiliate Marketing Resources and Tools To Generate Leads

​My affiliate marketing resources and tools we use everyday. It's not a big list but they are the most important things you need to get into the game so you can have the best results.

​Are you dazed and confused trying to figure out what you really need?

We were, when we first started. Starting a new online business can get a little over whelming. So here are the 5 basic things you need to help you get started.

  • Domain Name
  • Blazing Fast Hosting (so you do not lose visitors)
  • WordPress Theme (free or paid website builder)
  • Affiliate Marketing Training (unless you have experience)
  • Email Marketing Service Provider (build a list and auto-responder)

​It doesn't take a ton of cash to get started with affiliate marketing. But you will need a few things. Spend your money wisely. Don't fall for the cheap programs because it will end up costing you money down the road.

​The platform we use is WordPress. It's the best CMS (content management system).

​Not only do you need a CMS (place for your content) but you need a great theme to build your website so that it looks professional and helps you capture leads.

You'll also want a blazing fast hosting provider. Doesn't it make you mad when a website takes forever to load? Personally, if it takes longer than 2 seconds, I'm moving to the next site, how about you?

In addition, you want to build an email list. We use a product that has the best open rates. Why would you use anything else? We want the best bang for our buck. Plus the best chance for someone to read our emails,.

​Get The Best Affiliate Marketing Resources And Tools Money Can Buy

Best Affiliate Marketing Resources And Tools

Get the best affiliate marketing tools and resources that your money can buy. Why do people buy cheap stuff? They think that they are getting a bargain.

Sometimes a bargain can backfire on you, especially when it comes to internet marketing. Getting started with an online business is already tough enough.

Imagine losing 40% of the visitors that come to your website. If you have 100 visitors and 40% leave before they even look at your website, you'd be pissed, wouldn't you?

The thing is, you may not even realize it. You may not even know that 40 people visited your website and didn't even get a chance to land on your article because your upload speed sucks.

That is why you should start with a fast theme with well written code.

​You also need a hosting company that has blazing fast upload speeds to go along with the theme you choose. In addition, what happens if you cannot figure something out or have a problem?

Especially when you are a new. When I was new, I had so many problems. It wasn't all me either. Some of it was because of the cheap providers I was using. Plus it took forever to get a hold of a customer service rep. I learned my lesson, the hard way.

​WPX Hosting Rated Number One

WPX Hosting Resource

​WPX is our number one recommended resource for hosting your website. They not only have blazing fast website speed but have the fastest live customer service you will find.

Like we mentioned earlier you can lose up to 40% of people that visit your website if your website has a slow upload speed. 

That is almost half of your traffic that comes to your site. You want your website to load under 2 seconds. Naturally the faster the better.

They will even move your site for free.

The Trust Factor website has WPX hosting as the number one hosting company in the world rated by normal customers.

Thrive Themes also recommends WPX Hosting. Some of the best affiliate marketers in the world recommends them.

What about expert SEO Guys? Did you ​Read about the ruthless test that Matthew Woodward performed using 7 of the fastest hosting providers?

He performed a gruesome test and guess who came out on top.

​Yes, WPX hosting was the clear winner and the hosting provider you should choose. All hosting providers are not created equal.

Do yourself a favor. Get the best. Your potential customers deserve it.

Click on my affiliate link to WPX Hosting to see for yourself.

Next up, see who we use for keyword research tools, resources, and training.

​Training Resources And Keyword Research Tool

Affiliate Marketing Training Resources And Tools

Why do we use Wealthy Affiliate?

  • ​Blazing Fast Hosting
  • All Websites Come With SSL Certificates Included
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Community
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Affiliate Marketing Training

​They offer two main affiliate marketing training courses. One is for the money niche called the Affiliate Boot Camp with 70 lessons.

Number two is the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It has 50 lessons for all other affiliate marketing niches. They have a wide selection of training (that we did not mention) that you have to stay focused or you may get overwhelmed.

They also have a great community to answer questions (any time day or night) that you may have. Help when you need it. Actually it's that largest (over a million members) affiliate marketing community on the planet.

​In addition, their affiliate marketing keyword research tool Jaaxy, comes with the premium membership. Plus we use the images they provide and a bunch of other stuff that they offer. 

So if your paying a bunch of money for these kinds of affiliate marketing resources and tools you might want to check them out.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides hosting for 25 WordPress Websites as a premium member. They have extremely fast hosting. This website is hosted with WA.

​Do you need affiliate marketing training? Click this link to learn how to get access to 10 free training lessons from WA​ and to see how fast our website is.

​Want to learn how to build a conversion focused website?

​Resources & Tools For WordPress Website Design

​This is one of many videos that Thrive Themes publishes on YouTube to provide you a guideline to design a better website. Thrive Themes is our number one recommended resource for website design.

They have an awesome WordPress theme with most of the WP plugins you will need. The code that they write enable you to get a great performance score when checking your site for speed.

Like our score is the best you can get and that is 100. We never received that high of a score before. The theme is designed to get you the maximum upload speed as well.

Thrive Themes only recommends the best hosting. That is why they recommend WPX hosting. They want their websites using the best resources and tools available.

Do your training building a website? Thrive Themes offers many tutorials and they even have a University of training set up that is free to join. Website design from professionals.

​Website design is not the only thing that they have training for but many marketing tutorials as well. These folks are a first class organizations.

Plus they have a members only area once you purchase the product. They concentrate on you having a lead generation focused website so you can build your email list faster and easier. 

Click this affiliate link to check out Thrive Themes.

​Resource For Email Marketing Service

AWeber Email Marketing Tool

​AWeber is the email marketing tool you can get. They have the best open rates and that is what you want when you send an email out to your list.

If people do not open your emails, how do you build a relationship with them. You want to send them value. Something that will help them.

AWeber provides you with the affiliate marketing resources and tools you need. They even offer you sample emails. Do you need a template?

No problem they got you covered. They have tutorials and guidance to get you started. Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do for your online business. Have you heard the saying the money in the list.

Do not fall for the cheap providers. You will pay for it as time goes by. Take my word for it. Most email service providers hate affiliate marketers.

AWeber is the only way to go. It can make a big difference especially once you have a big list. Just a couple of higher percentage points from opening up a simple email can have a big impact on your earnings.

You can click this affiliate link and learn more ​​​​​about AWeber to get the best email service provider.

​WordPress Plugins -  Free Themes - Free Images

Here are a few favorite WordPress Plugins. Some we use and other we do not because we use Thrive Themes plugins but they still are worth mentioning.

  • All The Thrive Theme Plugins
  • Pretty Links - Keep your links looking nice
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • GA Google Analytics - must have
  • Antispam Bee - spam killer
  • Wordfence Security - Always good to have extra security
  • ​Yoast SEO - Must have for SEO
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg - Great for website design
  • Social Sharing by Danny - lightweight and works great
  • Better Click to Tweet - Good to add a click to tweet box

We also recommend these 3 free WordPress themes because they are the fastest we have found testing a 100 themes.

These are good themes to start out with especially since you can add the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin. 

  • Astra Theme - Fastest free theme we found
  • DI Business Theme
  • Generate Press Theme

Here are a few places to get Free Images

  • ​Unsplash
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels 

​Summary Of Our Affiliate Marketing Resources And Tools We Use

We will be updating this post and providing more information on different things that we use. These are just the basic tools you need to get started.

You can buy your domain name from the hosting providers we recommend. Once you get your website set up all you need to do is start writing content for your blog.

Then start driving traffic to your website. You can learn and earn by reading our other articles.

Here is what you need to get started or to have a better and faster website that will turn into a lead generation machine.

  • Thrive Themes For A Better Website Design
  • WPX Hosting For Blazing Fast Speed
  • ​AWeber To Build Your List And To Set Up An Auto-Responder
  • You Can Get Training & Hosting With Wealthy Affiliate

Are you ready to learn and earn with affiliate marketing? It's not an easy task. You'll need to work hard, have discipline, and you will need to know how to drive traffic to your site.

One other thing, you can also make money promoting the affiliate marketing resources and tools we discussed here today.

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Remember sharing is caring and it helps to build your brand.

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