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November 27, 2018

Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities To Learn And Earn

There are plenty of affiliate marketing business opportunities that you can learn and earn money online with. It will you to build a niche specific website. Nothing fancy but you will need to start posting a series of blog post. No inventory or customer service is required.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to build yourself a recurring income. It will require a lot of smart hard work. The best thing to do is concentrate on one of two affiliate marketing programs that you really like. Learn everything you can about the program and tell your audience how that particular program works.

Do not expect fast results because it will take some time to get Google to start ranking some of your blog posts. You'll want to make sure you know how to write a structured blog post using (SEO) search engine optimization. The programs we will discuss will be platforms that pay you a monthly income from selling their services.

You'll want to target a specific audience that will need these type of affiliate marketing programs. Then gear your blog covering maybe 3-5 categories that pertain to that niche. This is a great way for someone to start a home business in their spare time. It's also cost effective because you only need a few things to get started.

3 Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities To Make Your First $1000

3 Business Opportunities In Affiliate Marketing

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing business opportunities but we want to cover the 3 hottest ones that are making folks cash money today. A couple of the programs will provide the digital marketing tools you need to get started.

You just need to figure out which ones you want to promote.

Basically, you will be an online sales person for these companies. Your goal will be to drive traffic to their websites so they can help you make the sales. In order to do that you will need to get traffic to your own website and get these people on an email list.

Set yourself up some nice goals and get into it hard and heavy.

Yes, this is a business and it takes hard work to learn and earn money online by selling other peoples products. But having products that people need and want is a key factor. Learning to target a specific audience should be one of the first things you need to learn.

You can also get into DIY sales funnels to help you start building your email list. No, you don't need to sign up for Click Funnels to build sales funnels. Getting the right website building tools allows you to build your own DIY Sales Funnels.

Do you know how much it cost to build sales funnels with Click Funnels?

You get 2 options with Click Funnels. $97 or $297 a month. Save yourself some cash.

Save yourself a ton of cash and do it yourself with Thrive Themes. It's a paid WordPress theme that allows you to design a lead capture website.

They have some awesome training on how to put it all together and the only thing you need will be an email auto-responder like AWeber and WordPress Hosting. Thrive Themes recommends WPX hosting.

1. Wealthy Affiliate Provides Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

​You may want to learn what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate in the money niche and make monthly recurring income. We like this one because you can also host all of your websites with them.

That is correct. You can host 25 blazing fast WordPress websites and have the speed you need. Each website comes with an SSL Certificate and everything is secure.

Read our Wealthy Affiliate review to see the blazing fast speed we have. Under a second all around the world.

In addition, you get a keyword research tool to help you find low hanging fruit. These are small niches that you can gain some traction for your business.

Between the keyword research tool and the blazing fast website hosting, it is a great value. Have you checked the prices for some of these keyword research tools?

One of the more popular keyword research tools is called SEMRUSH. It starts at $99.95 a month and goes all the way up to $399.95 per month. These tools work great, but for what you will be trying to accomplish, you are better off paying for the Wealthy Affiliate program.

It only runs around $49 a month and you also get all the other cool tools they have. You can also get a reduced rate when you pay for an entire year.

Another Keyword research tool that many people like is KWFinder. It starts at $49 a month and goes up to $129 a month. Sometimes you can check a holiday sale to get a better rate. I'm sticking to the best value and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Like we said earlier, you get blazing fast speed hosting plus a lot more when you choose the best value.

Better Value With Wealthy Affiliate

I don't know about you but I'm into saving money when operating an online home business. Besides the hosting and the keyword research tool, you get a lot more. Like the training you need.

They show you how to learn and earn money with affiliate marketing business opportunities.

They not only teach you how to sell their product but they also provide you with the online entrepreneur certification that teaches you how to sell, any affiliate marketing product that you want to get into.

A better value equals more money in your pocket and you learn how to get results for your home business.

So you can learn, earn, and save money using this affiliate marketing platform. Did I tell you that they have a community of around a million members? You can get a question answered 24/7 from people that already know how to make money online.

Go check it out for yourself. No money and no credit card to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get in for free and check out some of the training. Build a website while you're at it for free. Once you check it out and realize the awesome value that you get with their premium membership we'll make sure you get a bonus offer if you take action within the prescribed time frame.

​Summary for Wealthy Affiliate

  • ​Learn Before You Earn
  • ​Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting
  • Get A Keyword Research Tool
  • Better Value
  • Plus Affiliate Marketing Training

​Builderall Offers Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

Builderall Offers Business Opportunities

Builderall has a 2 tier affiliate marketing program. In order to get the 2 tier commissions, you must sign up for the Builderall Business Plan. It runs $49.90 a month.

But you get 100% commissions on every sale you make. Starting the second month you would receive 30% commissions as long as that person pays their monthly bill.

You also can make money from everyone that brings on another member. That is the 2 tiered commission structure. You get paid for everyone you bring on board and everyone they bring on board. Seems like a decent commission structure with the 2 tier.

We have not joined Builderall because they do not operate on a WordPress platform. You have to use their website builder that is an adaptive site builder. But they do have some decent speed and plenty of digital marketing tools to market your online home business.

You can build sales funnels using their software and their platform comes with its own email marketing system called the Mailing Boss.

One thing that seemed pretty interesting is their ChatBot and the auto-post app that is great for social media. They have all kinds of different digital marketing tools when you sign up. You can check out a website that was built using their drag and drop pixel perfect software and see what their 90 day challenge is all about.

That site can explain the training courses that they offer and the many affiliate marketing business opportunities they teach. In addition, they have many, money making sales funnels for you to use. Sort of like Click Funnels without the heavy monthly payment.

​Sign Up with JVzoo And Get 50% Commission and Get Paid On Only One Tier

You can also sign up through JVzoo but if you do, you will not receive the 2 tier commission plan. You only get 50% instead of the full 100%. Plus you only get paid one tier. JVzoo offers many affiliate marketing business opportunities and seems to be a very legit company.

If you're looking for different affiliate marketing products they seem to stay up to date on some of the latest programs. Your best bet is to find one or two programs and start blogging. As we said, it takes time to start earning some cash online. You just need a content marketing strategy to get rolling.

It is better to get good at one thing before you move to another product. Like us for example. We only like to promote what we use.Check out the affiliate marketing resources and tools we use to generate more leads.

You can provide better information to your audience when you use a product. You will get to know the pros and cons of it. Plus you remain focused and you will get more done.

​Summary for Builderall Business Opportunities

  • ​Builderall Does Not Use The WordPress Platform
  • 2 Tier Commissions With Builderall Business Plan
  • Plenty Of Digital Marketing Tools
  • Check Out The Training Courses From The Biz Builder Site
  • Money Making Sales Funnels

3. Other Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

There are too many affiliate marketing business opportunities and some are just plain junk. Some of the ones that can offer a good monthly income would be, an email auto-responder, like AWeber or Get Response.

You can also promote WordPress themes like the best one we told you about earlier, Thrive Themes.

These are great to promote right along with your main programs. Why? Because everyone should have an email marketing system in place and if you are using WordPress you need a solid theme. It's like using cheap wood to build your house or get the best stuff that is going to last you for many years.

Once you have these type of websites set up with at least 50 blog posts, then you should have learned how to market online. Now would be the time to go into other avenues of making money online. You should have started to receive a monthly income and are ready to start paid advertising.

If you not making a $1000 a month you just need to continue working smarter. Don't quit because you will regret it later. It takes time and you need to be smart about the content you are putting out. There are plenty of affiliate marketing business opportunities but you need to find something and stick to it.

Create Your Own Lead Magnet And Sell It

To capture leads you may find yourself needing a lead magnet. When you first start out you may need to offer this for free to help you build an email list. But once you get up to that 100 blog post mark you will have all kinds of content. You can use that content to start creating an ebook that you can sell.

It's like your own story how you got started and how you made your first $1000 a month. It just gives you other avenues to fall back on and create more income. After going through all the learning and frustrations it will help other people succeed without all of the pain points.

Now instead of making 30% or 50%, you get the whole 100%. Who knows, maybe you'll start your very own affiliate network by then. Getting started is the easy part. Taking action for long periods of time is how the winners succeed. Your first year will be a learning experience. Otherwise, you are going to bounce all over the place and keep buying program after program.

Do it the right way from the beginning. Learn the skills you need so you do not lose your mind. You can have the best strategy in the world but it is useless until you take action and turn it into a plan.

​Summary for Other Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

  • ​Promote The Tools You Use
  • AWeber - Email Marketing
  • Promote WordPress Hosting & Themes
  • Not All Pay Monthly
  • ​Create A Lead Magnet - Give It Away
  • Create A Lead Magnet To Sell In More Detail Of Your Journey
  • Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Product

​Conclusion for Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

​The best way to learn affiliate marketing and turn it into a business opportunity is learn the skills of online marketing. Create a content marketing strategy that builds a solid foundation for your website.

​Target a niche audience will help you have success faster. Stick with one or two products. Write content until you start getting $1000 a month and then add on paid advertising.

  • ​Learn Before You Earn
  • ​Stick With One or Two Programs
  • Get To The $1000 A Month Goal By Working Smart & Hard
  • ​Must Have Blazing Fast Hosting & Keyword Research Tool
  • Take The Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • ​Check This Out So You Do Not Lose Your Mind
  • ​Get The Best Value

Feel free to comment below and follow us on Facebook for more affiliate marketing information that we pass on to our followers. We'll see you at the top of the mountain of success when you stop watching and start taking action.

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Believe in God. Health & Fitness Nut. Former Karate Champion. Big Sports Fan. Michigan State & Carolina Panthers. Owner of Lay The Pipe Plumbing (NC). Building a Retirement Income with Affiliate Marketing.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    It is a wonderful summary of Affiliate marketing. It is laid out really well. I like your “Learn and Earn” Part”. I am six moths here at WA. I have enjoyed learning here but have to work really hard (and smart) to add quality blog posts. My research seems endless. I enjoy it but that is making me less productive I believe. 

    I really want to be an authority blogger in my niche. Writing takes lot of time for me because English is not my mother tongue.

    Everyday is a day of gaining knowledge by reading WA posts, commenting on websites, taking Kyle’s training. I found discipline is the key to make things happen. Some days I spread so much thin and get carried away. But recently I am tracking my day and getting better at iit.

    I never heard of Builerrall and ZVZoo. I find WA platform affordable now.  After I have 100 posts! I will start spreading my head around and look at these two, you reviewed.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post.

  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself Faisal. We try to break everything down so that it is not so complicated. Learning how to run an online business comes with enough things to learn. The bottom line. You have to work smart, hard, and full steam ahead. Start out with a content marketing strategy. Create 50 blogs in 90 days. Just keep doing that for a year or even 2. Things will start to happen and you will be amazed. You’ll never know what will happen unless you try it.

  3. You got it Tucker. Learn and earn. It takes a lot of researching, studying, writing content, and working smart to get to the levels of income that really make a difference. Everything you do is a big benefit for your website and you’re online business. It doesn’t matter what niche your in, you still have to learn before you can earn. We would definitely agree with you on learning before you even consider trying to make a few bucks.

    As long as your business is growing and you are doing all you can you will have success sooner or later. Just being consistent, creating great content, and a never quit attitude will get you to some rewarding times that will get you excited.Hang in there and see shall see you at the top of the mountain of success.

  4. Well Christina looks like you got your right foot into the door. Wealthy Affiliate is not only for training but the website speed is awesome. Great to see other members researching. JVzoo is like a mirage of affiliate marketing programs you can promote and earn a nice cash flow as long as you can drive traffic.

    Builderall is an up and coming platform that has really taking off in the last year. They do have multiple ways of creating an income. The money making sales funnels seem to be the best way to promote it. The lead magnet idea is something everyone should have to Help with your lead generation.

  5. This is great! I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I’m always looking to expand my horizons. I haven’t heard of Builderall, so I’ll definitely want to check that out. I like the idea of having a 2-tiered commission structure. That’s very interesting! 

    I have heard of JVZoo, but it’s not something I’ve joined yet. Are they similar to ClickBank? They have a cariety of products to promote? 

    I love the idea of creating a lead magnet that you can later sell. I’m going to put some thought into that one! Thank you!!

  6. I really loved yor website you have some great contents.
    You just naild it on how WA is working as well as other affiliate marketing programs.

    I really appreciate your effort and wish all the best.

  7. Hey Ken! This is a great summary of affiliate marketing opportunities to, as you say, “earn and learn.” I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community for a year now and, while the financial gains haven’t been asterncomical, the knowledge I’ve been able to gain and apply to my websites (I’ve gone from one to four in the year since joining) has been of immense value. I think it’s important for digital entrepreneurs to value that ongoing learning process just as much, if not more, than the actual earning of online income. In other words, continue to learn and you will continue to improve your ability to earn! 

  8. Affiliate marketing is a growing online business around the world at the moment. So many people are doing affiliate marketing. So it makes sense to teach others how to do it. I should thank you because you have taken your time to teach others about wealthy affiliate and the marketing lessons it delivers to people.

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