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April 30, 2019

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

​Do you want to know the easiest way how to learn about affiliate marketing? Maybe you're just starting out or are struggling to make money online. 

You do not need to go and buy some expensive course that some internet guru wants you to buy for $1000.

What works for them may not work for you.

​Here are a 5 things that you need to do to get started.

  • ​Pick A Niche
  • Choose An Audience
  • Build A Website
  • ​Get Traffic To Your Blog
  • ​Start Building A List

Don't over complicate everything. All you need to do is pick a niche and an audience that you want to target.

Build a niche specific website and fill it up with content that your audience needs to solve their problems.

Next you will need to gain the skills to drive traffic to your site.

Once those people start coming to your website offer value in the form of reviews, or solve the problems that they have.

You can do that by writing blog posts that offer value to your audience and with explainer videos.

Next capture emails and build trust with your list.

That's it. So what skills do you need?

​What Skills Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing?

What Skills Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing

​One thing for sure is that you do not need to be a engineer, scientist, or some internet guru to have success in affiliate marketing.

You will need patience and determination.

80% of the people that do not make it quit way to early.

You will need to study and learn all you can about your niche.

Do you want to learn how to become a wealthy affiliate

Then you're going to need to knuckle down.

The only way to gain authority in a niche is to become an expert in the field that you have chosen.

Write about it, talk about it using videos, and hang out with people that know about it in communities and groups.

To become an expert in your niche will require you to do a lot of research. You can find the answers right on Google, YouTube, Quora, Facebook groups, and affiliate communities.

​5 Skills You Need To Become An Affiliate Marketer

5 Skills You Need To Become An Affiliate Marketer

​Here is a list of the 5 skills you need to master to become an expert in affiliate marketing in order to have success.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress
  • Writing Blogs
  • ​Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

​Why do you need to learn these specific skills?

First off, the best platform for managing all of your content is WordPress. Your going to need to know how to design a website.

You don't need anything fancy for what ever niche you plan on pursuing. You can even start out with a free WordPress theme to design your site until you got some cash coming in.

WordPress is user friendly and easy to learn.

Once you understand the basics about WordPress and know how to design your header, add in your menu, a sidebar, footer, and add in images for your content you'll be ready to rock.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

Learn Search Engine Optimization

​Learning search engine optimization (SEO) will help you get found online. Why would you build a website that cannot be found?

Knowing how to structure a blog post and using great titles, headlines, meta descriptions, and images is the place to start.

It's very important to learn these SEO skills because they can help your blog posts get found by your audience.

​Would you like some free traffic coming to your website?

We all love free traffic.

Learning these skills will help your website get ranking on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go.

In Addition, learning the basics of SEO will also provide you with the ammunition you need to get your YouTube videos ranking on that platform.

Blogging and using YouTube videos can become your two major traffic sources if you get your search engine optimization down.

​These two methods can become your 2 main traffic sources for your affiliate marketing website.

What do we like best about blogging and YouTube videos?

Both are free.

It save you from spending a bunch of money on paid traffic sources. That is why you want to gain these skills.

Speaking of free, here are 10 free affiliate marketing courses to get you started so you can start learning the skills you need.

Learn How To Write Great Blog Posts

Learn How To Write Great Blog Posts

Learning how to write great blog posts take time and plenty of practice.

You can learn these skills by reading other people blog posts. But you still need to put in the work and write your own posts.

Keep practicing and producing content you will get better.

3 ways to start off writing is by using story telling, writing reviews, and answering questions.

You audience has questions about your niche. Dig in and find out what these questions are. Then research the answers and start writing.

Try to use funny or captivating story telling when writing your blog posts. Make it interesting to keep your audience involved.

Share your personal experiences to make to real and people will be able to relate more.

When writing your blog post you want to keep SEO in mind so the search engines will provide you with a good ranking.

​You should write for your audience not the search engines.

Use plenty of bullet points, images, compelling titles, and break everything up with sub-headings or titles.

Try to stay on one particle subject.

Your post should be about one keyword phrase and use words that have the same or a similar meaning when writing your post.

​Learn How To Produce Video Content

Learn How To Produce Video Content

​Why would you want to learn how to produce video content?

YouTube videos can build your brand and can reinforce the blog posts that you have written for your site. 

Its also a great traffic source and you can build up a nice following from YouTube. Again, it takes time and patience, but its free.

​People love video. You can also share them on social media.

How to and explainer videos are a great resource for solving people's problems. They are a fantastic way to offer value for your audience.

Showing someone how to tie a fishing knot, or how to cook chicken on a camp fire is better than just a few words.

That is what we are taking about for explainer or how to videos.

Just think about your own niche.

What how to or explainer videos could you use?

The visual presentation captures the attention quicker and provides a longer lasting impression. The more value you offer the more people will start to follow you.

In addition, YouTube is it's own search engine that is owned by Google.

So you can get free traffic from YouTube and Google. So make sure you use good SEO techniques and who know you might even rank on other search engines.

Plus you do not need any expensive equipment. Start with your smartphone or use the software called, Screen-O-Matic.

​Learn Email Marketing Skills

Learn Email Marketing

The next big skill you need to learn is email marketing.

Just sign up for some experts email and check out their lead magnets in different niches. Check out how they communicate.

You can learn a lot and apply the knowledge to your emails.

Once someone lands on your site you want to exchange something of value for a persons email.

It's all about building your list.

​Have you ever heard the saying, the money is in the list?

It's true. That is why you want to gain the skill of email marketing.

So you should be thinking about some type of lead magnet. It could be a webinar, eBook, or a free training course.

But it has to be something that that person would benefit from.

Once they are on your list its time to build that trust factor. Without building trust you will never be able to sell them anything.

How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

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​Summary: How To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

​You do not have to buy $1000 training courses to learn about affiliate marketing. You can find most of the information you need by searching online.

There are 5 skills that you should master.

  • Learn WordPress Inside And Out
  •  SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Learn How To Write Effective Blog Posts
  • ​How To And Explainer Videos
  • Email Marketing

​Learning these 5 skills will take you a long way towards a successful affiliate marketing career.

You need to have determination, a burning desire to succeed, and patience. It does take a lot of hard and smart work.

So pick a micro niche, target an audience, build a WordPress website, practice good SEO techniques, produce great content (blogging and vlogging), and start building your list.

​While all of this is going on start building trust with your list with email marketing. Do not over complicate things. Keep it simple!

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